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120043SATLyuu, Yuh-Dauh other
22006A Cash Flow Based Multi-Period Corporate Credit ModelHSIEN-HSING LIAO conference paper
32007A Cash Flow Based Multi-Period Credit Portfolio Model with Dynamic Default ThresholdsHSIEN-HSING LIAO conference paper
42011A closed-form formula for an option with discrete and continuous barriersYUH-DAUH LYUU ; Chen, Chun-Ying; Chou, Pei-Ju; Hsu, Jeff Yu-Shun; Liu, Wisely Po-Hong; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh ; Wang, Chuan-Jujournal article21
52001A Comparative Study of Futures Hedge Ratios: Theory and Empirical AnalysisSHENG-SYAN CHEN conference paper
61994A Convergence Result for Learning in Recurrent Neural NetworksWhite H.; Kuan, Chung-Ming ; Hornik, K.journal article026
72007A convergent quadratic-time lattice algorithm for pricing European-style Asian optionsHsu, William Wei-Yuan; YUH-DAUH LYUU ; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh journal article119
82004A convergent quadratic-time lattice algorithm for pricing European-style Asian optionsYUH-DAUH LYUU conference paper
92005A Cyclicality Linked Corporate Short-term Credit Model--- Solvency Ratio ApproachHSIEN-HSING LIAO conference paper
102009A Dynamic Optimal Capital Structure Model with Costly Adjustment Mechanisms---A Real Option PerspectiveHSIEN-HSING LIAO conference paper
112014A Factor-dependent Interest Rate Model---A Combination of GARCH(1,1) and Varying Coefficient Model ApproachHSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article00
122014A Flexible Franchise Fee Scheme in a BOT ProjectYAO-MIN CHIANG journal article
132011A flow-based corporate credit modelHSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article
142012A multi-phase, flexible, and accurate lattice for pricing complex derivatives with multiple market variablesYUH-DAUH LYUU conference paper10
152013A multiphase, flexible, and accurate lattice for pricing complex derivatives with multiple market variablesYUH-DAUH LYUU journal article22
162017A new robust Kalman filter for filtering the microstructure noiseYUH-DAUH LYUU journal article11
172004A new test for the martingale difference hypothesisCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article210
182014A noise-robust estimator of volatility based on interquantile rangesCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article00
191999A note on tests for partial parameter instability in the trend stationary modelCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article11
201999A Numerically Efficient Valuation Method for American Currency Options with Stochastic Interest RatesSAN-LIN CHUNG conference paper
212003A Numerically Efficient Valuation Method for American Currency Options with Stochastic Interest RatesSAN-LIN CHUNG journal article00
222007A Positive Theory of Private Labels: Signalling, Channel Miscoordination and Product DiscriminationCHYI-MEI CHEN conference paper
232007A Study of the Effect of Market Imperfection on the Sensitivity between Investment and Cash FlowWEN-I CHUANG journal article00
242004A Study on the Relationship between Relative Bargaining Power and Market’s Expected Synergy in Equity Exchange M&A CasesHSIEN-HSING LIAO conference paper
252007A Theory of Financial Leverage and Price Competition for a Retailing IndustryCHYI-MEI CHEN conference paper
261999A Unified Approach for No-arbitrage Gaussian Term Structure ModelsSAN-LIN CHUNG conference paper
272015Accelerating the least-square Monte Carlo method with parallel computingYUH-DAUH LYUU journal article11
282002The Accuracy and Efficiency of Alternative Option Pricing Approaches Relative to a Log-Transformed Trinomial ModelChen H.-C.; Chen D.M.; Chung S.-L. journal article00
292006Accurate and Efficient Algorithms for Barrier OptionsTian-Shyr Dai; Yuh-Dauh Lyuu conference paper
302009Accurate and efficient lattice algorithms for American-style Asian options with range boundsDai, Tian-Shyr; YUH-DAUH LYUU ; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh journal article66
312006Accurate Approximate Analytical Formula for Stock Options with Known DividendsTian-Shyr Dai; Yuh-Dauh Lyuu conference paper
322009Accurate approximation formulas for stock options with discrete dividendsDai, Tian-Shyr; YUH-DAUH LYUU ; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh journal article77
332007Accurate pricing formulas for Asian optionsYUH-DAUH LYUU ; Chen, Kuan-Wen ; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh journal article2315
342013Actuarial applications of the linear hazard transform in mortality immunizationTsai C.C.L.; Chung S.-L. journal article1011
351994Adaptive Learning with Nonlinear Dynamics Driven by Dependent ProcessesWhite H.; Kuan, Chung-Ming journal article026
362010An additive stochastic model of mortality rates: An application to longevity risk in reserve evaluationLin T.; Tzeng L.Y. journal article87
372017Advantageous Selection in Insurance Markets with Compound RiskHuang R.J.; Snow A.; Tzeng L.Y. journal article10
382010Agency Hazards, Corporate Governance, and Alliance OutcomesSHENG-SYAN CHEN conference paper
392015Almost expectation and excess dependence notionsDenuit M.M.; Huang R.J.; Tzeng L.Y. journal article55
402014Almost marginal conditional stochastic dominanceDenuit M.M.; Huang R.J.; Tzeng L.Y. ; Wang C.W.journal article85
411999Alternative measures of liquidity in asset pricing modelsSHING-YANG HU conference paper
421997American Option Valuation under stochastic Interest RatesSAN-LIN CHUNG conference paper
432000American option valuation under stochastic interest ratesChung S.-L. journal article130
442009An efficient and accurate lattice for pricing derivatives under a jump-diffusion processYUH-DAUH LYUU conference paper10
452010An efficient and accurate lattice for pricing derivatives under a jump-diffusion processYUH-DAUH LYUU ; Dai, Tian-Shyr; Tian-Shyr Dai; Yuh-Dauh Lyuu ; Wang, Chuan-Ju; Chuan-Ju Wang; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh ; Yen-Chun Liu; Liu, Yen-Chunjournal article65
462007An efficient, and fast convergent algorithm for barrier optionsYUH-DAUH LYUU book
472001An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between the Hedge Ratio and Hedging HorizonSHENG-SYAN CHEN conference paper
482004An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between the Hedge Ratio and Hedging Horizon: A Simultaneous Estimation of the Short- and Long-run Hedge RatiosSHENG-SYAN CHEN ; Chen, Sheng-Syan ; Lee, Cheng-few; Keshab Shresthajournal article3843
492010An encompassing test for non-nested quantile regression modelsCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article21
502007An exact subexponential-time lattice algorithm for Asian optionsDai, Tian-Shyr; YUH-DAUH LYUU ; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh journal article44
512009An expanded model for the valuation of employee stock optionsLiao, Feng-Yu; YUH-DAUH LYUU ; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh journal article62
522005An unobserved-component model with switching permanent and transitory innovationsCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article1011
532008The Analysis of Loan Guarantee with Contingent Liability王耀輝 journal article
542018An analysis on the intraday trading activity of VIX derivativesKao D.-X.; Tsai W.-C.; Wang Y.-H. ; Yen K.-C.journal article11
552018Analytical Approximations for American Options: The Binary Power Option ApproachMi-Hsiu Chiang; Hsin-Hao Fu; Yi-Ta Huang; Chien-Ling Lo; PAI-TA SHIH journal article00
562003Analytics and algorithms for geometric average trigger reset optionsYUH-DAUH LYUU ; Dai, Tian-Shyr; Tian-Shyr Dai; I-Yuan Chen; Chen, I-Yuan; Fang, Yuh-Yuan; Yuh-Yuan Fang; Yuh-Dauh Lyuu ; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh conference paper00
572003Analytics and algorithms for geometric average trigger reset options.Dai, Tian-Shyr; Chen, I-Yuan; Fang, Yuh-Yuan; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh; YUH-DAUH LYUU conference paper00
582005Analytics for geometric average trigger reset optionsDai, Tian-Shyr; YUH-DAUH LYUU ; Fang, Yuh-Yuan; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh journal article43
592005Another look at the relationship between cross-market correlation and volatilityBartram S.M.; Wang Y.-H. journal article240
602011Applying Control Variate Technique to the Monte Carlo Simulation of Option Prices張森林 ; 屈誠銘; 李漢興; 葉宗穎journal article
612012Applying recurrent event analysis to understand the causes of changes in firm credit ratingsChen Y.-S. ; Ho P.-H.; Lin C.-Y.; Tsai W.-C.journal article00
632002Are Expected Inflation and Expected Real Rates Negatively Correlated? A Long-Run Test of the Mundell-Tobin HypothesisKeshab Shrestha; SHENG-SYAN CHEN ; Chen, Sheng-Syan ; Lee, Cheng-fewjournal article90
642005Are more alternatives better for decision-makers? A note on the role of decision costLu H.-C.; Chen M.-S. ; Chang J.-J.journal article20
652005Are Taiwanese individual investors reluctant to realize their losses?Shu, Pei Gi; Yeh, Yin Hua; SHEAN-BII CHIU ; Chen, Hsuan Chijournal article350
662008Artificial neural networksCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article
671994Artificial neural networks: An econometric perspectiveC.-M. Kuan ; H. Whitejournal article
682009Assessing value at risk with CARE, the conditional autoregressive expectile modelsKuan, Chung-Ming ; Yeh, Jin-Huei; Hsu, Yu-Chinjournal article6660
692016Asset allocation and monetary policy: Evidence from the eurozoneHau, Harald; Sandy LAI journal article1411
702005An Asset Allocation Perspective of Real Estate: the Case of Real Estate Investment TrustsChen, Hsuan-Chi; Keng-Yu Ho ; Chiuling Lu; Cheng-Huan Wuconference paper
712017The Asymmetric Relation between Time-Varying Risk Aversion and VIX IndexYen-Ming Chen; WANG YAW-HUEI journal article
722008Asymmetry and Long Memory in the Dynamics of Interest Rate VolatilityYAW-HUEI WANG ; Pei-Shih Wengjournal article
732004Attacks on a Threshold Proxy Signature Scheme Based on the RSA CryptosystemLyuu, Yuh-Dauh ; Wu, Ming-Luenjournal article
742004Attacks on a Threshold Proxy Signature Scheme Based on the RSA CryptosystemYuh-Dauh Lyuu ; Ming-Luen Wuconference paper
752016Bank capital and credit market competition: Will competitive pressure lead to higher capital levels?YEH-NING CHEN journal article31
762009Bank credit risk and structural credit models: Agency and information asymmetry perspectives廖咸興; HSIEN-HSING LIAO ; Chang, Ming-Chu; Chen,Tsung-Kang; Jan, I-Shiow; Liang, Po-Chin; Lu, Chia-Wu; Jeng, Yung-Ming; Yang, Ching-Yao; Tien, Yu-Wen; Wong, Jau-Min; Chang, Yu-Ting; 鄭永銘; 詹一秀; 翁昭旼; 章明珠; 田郁文; 楊卿堯; 張毓廷journal article3324
772018Bank liquidity creation and CEO optimismHuang, Shu Chun; Chen, Wei Da; YEH-NING CHEN journal article63
782019Banking Crises and Market Timing: Evidence from M&As in the Banking Sector (In Press)Shen, Chung Hua; YEH-NING CHEN ; Hsu, Hsing Hua; Lin, Chih Yungjournal article00
791999Banking panics: The role of the first-come, first-served rule and information externalitiesYEH-NING CHEN journal article1130
802004Barrier OptionsLyuu, Yuh-Dauh journal article
812014The Benefits of Political Connection: Evidence from Individual Bank-Loan ContractsChen Y.-S. ; Shen C.-H.; Lin C.-Y.journal article3026
822002Bequest division and population growth: A lineal extinction probability approachLu H.-C.; Chen M.-S. ; Chu C.Y.C.journal article00
832010Bidders’ Strategic Timing of Acquisition Announcements and the Effects of Payment Method on Target Returns and Competing BidsSHENG-SYAN CHEN conference paper
842008The Bino-Trinomial Tree: A Simple Model for Efficient and Accurate Option PricingTian-Shyr Dai; Yuh-Dauh Lyuu conference paper
852002The Binomial Black - Scholes Model and the GreeksChung S.-L. ; Shackleton M.journal article98
862008Binomial Option Pricing Models with Monotonic and Smooth Convergence PropertySan-Lin Chung ; Pai-Ta Shih ; Chung-Ying Yehjournal article
872014Bivariate almost stochastic dominanceDenuit M.M.; Huang R.J.; Tzeng L.Y. journal article22
882012The bivariate GARCH approach to investigating the relation between stock returns, trading volume, and return volatilityWEN-I CHUANG ; Liu, Hsiang Hsi; Susmel, Raulijournal article310
892015Board external connectedness and earnings managementShu, Pei Gi; Yeh, Yin Hua; SHEAN-BII CHIU ; Yang, Ya Weijournal article119
902003Bond Price VolatilityLyuu, Yuh-Dauh other
912004Bond Price VolatilityLyuu, Yuh-Dauh other
921992Book Review on the Maze of Urban Housing Markets:Theory, Evidence, and Policy (by Rothenberg, Galster, Bulter, and Pitkin)廖咸興; HSIEN-HSING LIAO ; Liao, Hsien-Hsing journal article
932005BOT案附屬事業放棄選擇權的價值黃劉乾; 姜堯民 journal article00
942010Bounding the number of tolerable faults in majority-based systemsYUH-DAUH LYUU book160
952010Bounding the number of tolerable faults in majority-based systemsChang, C.-L.; Lyuu, Y.-D.; YUH-DAUH LYUU conference paper160
962010Bounding the Number of Tolerable Faults in Majority-Based Systems.Chang, Ching-Lueh; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh; YUH-DAUH LYUU conference paper160
972013Bounding the sizes of dynamic monopolies and convergent sets for threshold-based cascadesYUH-DAUH LYUU journal article65
982008Bounds and prices of currency cross-rate optionsSAN-LIN CHUNG ; YAW-HUEI WANG journal article77
992008Bounds and Prices of Currency Cross-Rate OptionsChung, San-Lin ; Wang, Yaw-Huei journal article77
1002015Business Counterparties’ Information Asymmetry and the Acquirer’s Bondholders’ Wealth in MergersChen, Tsungkang; LIAO HSIEN-HSING ; Chen, Weilunjournal article
1012013Buyback behavior of initial public offering firmsChen S.-S.; Ho K.W.; Huang C.-W.; Wang Y. journal article44
1022018Can lenders discern managerial ability from luck? Evidence from bank loan contractsBui D.G.; Chen Y.-S. ; Hasan I.; Lin C.-Y.journal article119
1032014Can political and business connections alleviate financial constraints?Yen J.-F.; Chen Y.-S. ; Lin C.-Y.; Tsai C.-H.journal article54
1042006capital market theory ⅡChen, Chyi-Mei learning object
1052013Capital mobility in east Asian countries is not so high: Examining the impact of sterilization on capital flowsYing, Y.-H.; C.-M. Kuan ; C. Y. Tung; K. Changjournal article
1062018The catalytic effect of internationalization on innovation (In Press)Chang, Ching Hsing; CHING-HUNG CHANG ; Hsu, Pi Kun; Yang, Sheng Yungjournal article10
1072010Catastrophe risk management with counterparty risk using alternative instrumentsYang-Che Wu; SAN-LIN CHUNG journal article1712
1082010Catastrophe risk management with counterparty risk using alternative instrumentsWu Y.-C.; Chung S.-L. journal article1712
1092009Causality in quantiles and dynamic stock return-volume relationsKuan, Chung-Ming ; Chuang, Chia-Chang; Lin, Hsin-Yi journal article131121
1102004CB Asset Swaps and CB Options: Structure and PricingSAN-LIN CHUNG journal article00
1112017CEO ability heterogeneity, board’s recruiting ability and credit riskChen, Tsung Kang; HSIEN-HSING LIAO ; Chen, Wen Hsuanjournal article34
1122014CEO Overconfidence and the Long-Term Performance following R&D IncreasesKENG-YU HO journal article2119
1132009CEO Turnover and the Wealth Effects of Competitors, Suppliers, and CustomersSHENG-SYAN CHEN conference paper
1141998Change-point estimation of fractionally integrated processesCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article450
1152011A Close-up of Individual Repurchase of StocksPei-Gi Shu; SHEAN-BII CHIU ; Yin-Hua Yeh; Min-Hua Kuojournal article00
1162007Cointegration of House Price and Land Prices - An Inter-area Comparison in ChinaYAO-MIN CHIANG conference paper
1172006Collateral, loan guarantees, and the lenders' incentives to resolve financial distressYEH-NING CHEN journal article130
1182019Commitment to build trust by socially responsible firms: Evidence from cash holdingsChang C.-H; Chen S.-S; Chen Y.-S ; Peng S.-C.journal article31
1192015Comparative ambiguity aversion and downside ambiguity aversionHuang Y.-C.; Tzeng L.Y. ; Zhao L.journal article55
1201999Complaint Management and Cross-Customer Interference in Service Process When Quality Depends on Server’ s CompetencySHAN-YU CHOU ; CHEN CHYI-MEI conference paper
1212003Complexity of the ritchken-trevor-cakici-topyan GARCH option pricing algorithmLyuu, Yuh-Dauh ; Wu, Chi-Ningconference paper
1222005complexity Page106~Page186Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh learning object
1232006complexity Page339~Page395Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh learning object
1242002complexity Page378~Page416Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh learning object
1252005complexity Page40~Page105Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh learning object
1262002complexity Page417~Page506Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh learning object
1272004complexity Page424~Page463Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh learning object
1282003complexity Page553~Page593Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh learning object
1292004complexity Page667~Page721Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh learning object
1302004complexity Page782~Page853Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh learning object
1312006complexity Page79~Page123Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh learning object
1322000Computational Techniques in Dreicatives PricingLyuu, Yuh-Dauh other
1332014Constructing smooth tests without estimating the eigenpairs of the limiting processHsu, S.-H.; C.-M. Kuan journal article
1342008Consumption externality and equilibrium underinsuranceHuang R.J.; Tzeng L.Y. journal article43
1352013Contractor financial prequalification using simulation method based on cash flow modelHSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article107
1362001The Controlling Shareholder's Personal Stock Loan and Firm PerformanceChen, Yehning; Hu, Shing-Yang report
1371992Convergence analysis of Local Feature Extraction AlgorithmsHornik, K.; Kuan, Chung-Ming journal article6765
1381991Convergence of Learning Algorithms with Constant Learning RatesKuan, Chung-Ming ; Hornik, K.journal article8975
1392007Convergent Quadratic-Time Lattice Algorithm for Pricing European-Style Asian Options.William Wei-Yuan Hsu; Lyuu, Yuh Dauh journal article
1402002Convertible Group Undeniable SignaturesYuh-Dauh Lyuu ; Ming-Luen Wuconference paper
1412003Convertible Group Undeniable SignaturesLyuu, Yuh-Dauh ; Wu, Ming-Luenother
1422002Convertible Group Undeniable Signatures.Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh; Wu, Ming-Luen; YUH-DAUH LYUU conference paper100
1432009Corporate Diversification and Credit RiskHSIEN-HSING LIAO conference paper
1442000Corporate Diversification, Ownership Structure, and Firm Value: The Singapore EvidenceChen, Sheng-Syan ; Ho, Kim Waijournal article
1452012Corporate financing decisions on research and development increasesChiu Y.-C.; Liang C.-W.; Wang Y. conference paper66
1462010Corporate Governance and the Efficiency of Internal Capital MarketsSHENG-SYAN CHEN conference paper
1472002Corporate Ownership Structure and the Informativeness of EarningsYeo, Gillian H.H.; SHENG-SYAN CHEN ; Tan, Patricia M.S.; Ho, Kim Wai; Chen, Sheng-Syan journal article1180
1482007Corporate valuation around the world: The effects of governance, growth, and opennessChua, Choong Tze; Eun, Cheol S.; Sandy LAI journal article3527
1491996Corrigendum to“Line Digraph Iterations and Connectivity Analysis of de Bruijn and Kautz Graphs”Du, Ding-Zhu; Hsu, D. Frank; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh journal article20
1502015Counterparty credit risk in the municipal bond marketChung S.-L. ; Kao C.-W.; Wu C.; Yeh C.-Y.journal article20
1512006Credit Analysis of Corporate Credit Portfolios---A Cash Flow Based Conditional Independent Default ApproachHSIEN-HSING LIAO conference paper
1522018Credit Analysis of Corporate Credit Portfolios: A Cash Flow Based Conditional Independent Default ApproachLIAO HSIEN-HSING ; Tsung-Kang Chen; Chia-Wu Lu; Yu-Hui Su; Wei-Hung Linjournal article
1532004Cryptanalysis of an ElGamal-like Cryptosystem for Enciphering Large MessagesYuh-Dauh Lyuu ; Ming-Luen Wuconference paper
1542004Cryptanalysis of an ElGamal-like Cryptosystem for Enciphering Large MessagesLyuu, Yuh-Dauh ; Wu, Ming-Luenjournal article
1552005Cryptanalysis of and improvement on the Hwang–Chen multi-proxy multi-signature schemesLyuu, Yuh-Dauh ; Wu, Ming-Luenjournal article65
1562004Cryptanalysis of and improvement on the Hwang–Chen multi-proxy multi-signature schemesLyuu, Yuh-Dauh ; Wu, Ming-Luenreport
1571995Dedicated Bond Portfolios:Construction and Rebalancing with R.O.C. Government Bonds李賢源 ; SHYAN-YUAN LEE ; Lee, Shyan-Yuan journal article
1582008Demutualization and demand for reinsuranceWang J.L.; Chang V.Y.; Lai G.C.; Tzeng L.Y. journal article69
1592018Derivatives usage for banking industry: evidence from the European marketsChang, Chuang Chang; KENG-YU HO ; Hsiao, Yu Jenjournal article11
1602006The design of an optimal insurance contract for irreplaceable commoditiesHuang R.J.; Tzeng L.Y. journal article11
1612006Developing Efficient Option Pricing Algorithms by Combinatorial TechniquesTian-Shyr Dai; Yuh-Dauh Lyuu ; L.M. Liuconference paper
1622017Directors’ education and corporate liquidity: evidence from boards in TaiwanWang M.-J.; Su X.-Q.; Wang H.-D.; Chen Y.-S. journal article43
1632012Disappointment and the optimal insurance contractHuang R.J.; Shih P.-T. ; Tzeng L.Y. journal article23
1642001Distinguishing between trend break models: Method and empirical evidenceCHUNG-MING KUAN journal article00
1652011The diversification effects of volatility-related assetsChen H.-C.; Chung S.-L. ; Ho K.-Y.journal article2222
1662017Diversification Versus StratePeng J.L.; Chen L.R.; Wang J.L.; Tzeng L.Y. journal article11
1672019Do institutional investors still encourage patent-based innovation after the tech bubble period?Chang H.-Y.; Liang W.-L.; Wang Y. journal article10
1682011Do investors learn from experience? Evidence from frequent IPO investorsYAO-MIN CHIANG ; Hirshleifer, David; Qian, Yiming; Sherman, Ann E.journal article5653
1692007Do the Pure Martingale and Joint Normality Hypotheses Hold for Futures Contracts? Implications for the Optimal Hedge RatiosChen, Sheng-Syan ; Lee, Cheng-few; Keshab Shresthajournal article120
1702016Does an asset management firm’s stock holding made in response to buy-side analysts’ prior recommendations induce subsequent forecast optimism?Tan, Hun Tong; RONG-RUEY DUH ; SHEAN-BII CHIU ; SHU-HSING LI journal article11
1712015Does Diversity Lead to Diverse Opinions? Evidence from Languages and Stock MarketsYEN CHENG CHANG ; Harrison G. Hong; Larissa Tiedens; Na Wang; Bin Zhaoconference paper
1722015Does Labor Power Affect the Likelihood of a Share Repurchase?Chen S.-S.; Chen Y.-S.; Wang Y. journal article1516
1732015Does Labor Power Affect the Likelihood of a Share Repurchase?Chen S.-S.; Chen Y.-S. ; Wang Y.journal article1516
1742013Does mortality improvement increase equity risk premiums? A risk perception perspectiveHuang R.J.; Miao J.C.Y.; Tzeng L.Y. journal article01
1752014Does PIN affect equity prices around the world?Sandy LAI ; Ng, Lilian; Zhang, Bohuijournal article4341
1762010Does Prior Record Matter in the Wealth Effect of Open-Market Share Repurchase AnnouncementsSHENG-SYAN CHEN journal article87
1772004Does trading improve individual investor performance?Shu, Pei Gi; SHEAN-BII CHIU ; Chen, Hsuan Chi; Yeh, Yin Huajournal article100
1782002Does Yearend Sweep Ameliorate the Disposition Effect of Mutual Fund Investors?Chiu, Shean-Bii ; Chen, Hsuan-Chi; Yeh, Yin-Hua; Shu, Pei-Gireport
1792006Double Couponing as Commitment to Gain Bargaining Power within a Distribution ChannelChen, Chyi-Mei ; SHAN-YU CHOU ; Shan-Yu Chou ; Chi-Cheng Wuconference paper
1802008Dynamic hedging with futures: A copula-based GARCH modelHsu C.-C.; Tseng C.-P.; Wang Y.-H. journal article6957
1812009Dynamic Models of Portfolio Credit Risk with Linear Growth Jump and Birth ProcessSHYAN-YUAN LEE conference paper
1822001Dynamics of Trading Volume, Price, & Duration of Contractual RelationshipChen, Chyi-Mei ; Chen, Ying-Ju; Wu, Ping-Chaoreport
1832009Earnings Management and the Long-Run Underperformance of Firms FollowingSHENG-SYAN CHEN ; 陳聖賢 journal article129
1842010Earnings Restatements and Relationship-specific Investments by Supply Chain PartnersSHENG-SYAN CHEN conference paper
1852006The Economic Impact of Corporate Capital Expenditures: Focused Firms versus Diversified FirmsChen, Sheng-Syan journal article
1862004The Economy and Demand for Finance Ph.D.s: 1989-2001Ding, David K.; Chen, Sheng-Syan journal article
1872007The Effect of Alliance Experience and Intellectual Capital on the Value Creation of International Strategic AlliancesChang, Shao-Chi; Chen, Sheng-Syan ; Lai, Jung-Hojournal article
1882016The effect of overvaluation on investment and accruals: The role of informationSHING-YANG HU ; Lin, Yueh Hsiang; Lai, Christine W.journal article11
1892008Effective fair pricing of international mutual fundsChua, Choong Tze; Sandy LAI ; Wu, Yangrujournal article77
1902000The Effects of Bank MergesJang, Show-Ling ; Wang, Yan-Zhi journal article
1911999Effects of Executive Share Option Plans on Shareholder Wealth and Firm Performance: The Singapore EvidenceSHENG-SYAN CHEN journal article90
1922013Effects of national health insurance on precautionary saving: New evidence from TaiwanKuan, C.-M. ; C.-L. Chenjournal article
1931998The effects of the stock transaction tax on the stock market - Experiences from Asian marketsSHING-YANG HU journal article360
1942006An efficient algorithm for finding long conserved regions between genesMa, Tak-Man; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh; Ti, Yen-Wu; YUH-DAUH LYUU book chapter
1952006An Efficient Algorithm for Finding Long Conserved Regions between GenesYuh-Dauh Lyuu ; Tak-Man Ma; Yen-Wu Ticonference paper
1962006An Efficient Algorithm for Finding Long Conserved Regions Between Genes.Ma, Tak-Man; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh; Ti, Yen-Wu; YUH-DAUH LYUU conference paper00
1972006Efficient Algorithms for PV & FVLyuu, Yuh-Dauh other
1982009An efficient and accurate lattice for pricing derivatives under a jump-diffusion process.Wang, Chuan-Ju; Dai, Tian-Shyr; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh; Liu, Yen-Chun; YUH-DAUH LYUU conference paper10
1992008Efficient and Unbiased Greeks of Rainbow and Path-Dependent Options Using Importance SamplingYuh-Dauh Lyuu ; Huei-Wen Tengconference paper
2002008Efficient and Unbiased Greeks of Rainbow Options with Importance SamplingYuh-Dauh Lyuu ; Huei-Wen Tengconference paper
2012005An efficient convergent lattice algorithm for european asian optionsDai, Tian-Shyr; Huang, Guan-Shieng; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh journal article
2022011Efficient pricing of discrete Asian optionsYUH-DAUH LYUU journal article84
2032006Efficient Pricing of Discrete Asian OptionsYuh-Dauh Lyuu ; William Wei-Yuan Hsuconference paper
2042003Efficient Quadratic Approximation of Floating Strike Asian Option ValuesSAN-LIN CHUNG journal article
2052001Efficient Quadratic Approximation of Floating Strike Asian Option ValuesSAN-LIN CHUNG conference paper
2062010Efficient quadrature and node positioning for exotic option valuationChung S.-L. ; Ko K.; Shackleton M.B.; Yeh C.-Y.journal article66
2072010Efficient testing of forecastsYUH-DAUH LYUU journal article10
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8432008公司理財整合型研究-子計畫十:公司資本支出決策相關研究議題 (新制多年期第1年)陳聖賢 report
8442007公司理財整合型研究-子計畫十:公司資本支出決策相關研究議題 (新制多年期第2年)陳聖賢 report
8452007公司理財整合型研究-總計畫:公司理財整合型研究 (新制多年期第1年)陳聖賢 report
8462008公司理財整合型研究-總計畫:公司理財整合型研究 (新制多年期第1年)陳聖賢 report
8472007公司理財整合型研究-總計畫:公司理財整合型研究 (新制多年期第2年)陳聖賢 report
8482009公司策略對談判力及罷工後公司營運績效之影響陳彥行 ; Chen, Yan-Shingthesis
8491986公司重整與股東財富 : 台灣上市公司硏究胡星陽 thesis
8501998共同基金分類與基金績效持續性之研究邱顯比 report
8511999共同基金分類與基金績效持續性之研究林清珮; 邱顯比 journal article00
8522013共同零售通路下,雙佔製造商之均衡產業廣告與品牌廣告策略周善瑜; 陳其美 ; 潘巧文journal article00
8532006利率交換之利差期間結構模型—吻合殖利率曲線與分析解SHYAN-YUAN LEE journal article
8542006利率交換之利差期間結構模型-吻合殖利率曲線與分析解李賢源 ; 朱香蕙; 許嘉玲journal article
8552003利率可調整之不動產抵押貸款證券之風險評估─風險值之應用廖咸興; 廖咸興 report
8561997利益輸送代理問題和股權結構之理論與實證研究葉銀華; 邱顯比 ; 何憲章journal article00
8572005勞工退休金條例草案的財務分析-實質選擇權應用(3/3)張森林 report
8581995參數固定性的新檢定方法和綜合極限理論管中閔 report
8592001台灣上市公司高階經理薪資之決定因素胡星陽 report
8602004台灣企業財務危機之預測:信用評分法與選擇權評價法孰優?陳業寧 ; 王衍智 ; 許鴻英journal article00
8612006台灣各大學院校在國際財金期刊之著作表現張森林 ; 洪茂蔚 journal article
8622008台灣地區勞工退休金制度的性別分析張森林 ; SAN-LIN CHUNG journal article00
8631994台灣封閉型基金擇時能力之探討:持股比率分析楊朝成; HSIEN-HSING LIAO ; 廖咸興conference paper
8641998台灣封閉型基金擇時能力之研究-- 持股比率分析HSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article00
8652007台灣封閉型基金擇時能力之研究-持股比率分析HSIEN-HSING LIAO conference paper
8662006台灣工資函數與工資性別歧視的分量迴歸分析管中閔 ; 陳建良journal article00
8671995台灣市場不動產因子存在之研究HSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article
8682008台灣投資人之人格特質與行為之研究陳明賢 report
8692013台灣新股上市穩定價格操作的效果YAO-MIN CHIANG journal article00
8702011台灣海外可轉債發行後轉換價格重設對股東價值之影響李存修 ; 胡星陽 ; 王瑪如journal article00
8712002台灣短期利率的動態行為:狀態轉換模型的應用林常青; 洪茂蔚; 管中閔 journal article
8721996台灣票券市場報酬率特性之研究李賢源 ; 林玫吟journal article00
8732002台灣股市投資人下單積極性之研究SHING-YANG HU conference paper
8742016台灣股票初次上市櫃相關研究文獻回顧姜堯民 ; 戴維芯journal article00
8752016台灣股票初次上市櫃相關研究文獻回顧姜堯民 ; 戴維芯journal article00
8762005台灣與美國股市價量關係的分量迴歸分析管中閔 ; 莊家彰journal article00
8772008台灣證券市場委託單失衡方向之推導及實證SHING-YANG HU ; 胡星陽 ; 詹場journal article00
8782003台灣證券市場揭示狀態之資訊涵量SHING-YANG HU journal article
8792005台灣證券市場日內交易資料之揭露及特性分析詹場; 胡星陽 journal article00
8802005台灣證券市場日內資料之揭露及特性分析SHING-YANG HU journal article00
8812002台灣證券市場日內資料揭露特性及正確使用方法SHING-YANG HU conference paper
8822006台灣車體損失保險不對稱訊息的實證研究曾郁仁 ; LARRY YU-REN TZENG ; 蔡英哲; 鄭安峰journal article00
8832000台灣退休基金國際資產配置程序之研究邱顯比 report
8842012台灣高科技公司市場擇時之實證研究張邦茹; 詹英汝; 姜堯民 journal article00
8852014向量自我迴歸模型:計量方法與 R 程式CHUNG-MING KUAN book
8862008回教國家金融體系之研究以及回教資金投資亞洲國家之可行性研究陳明賢 report
8872002固定提撥費率下退休基金動態資產配置之探討繆震宇; 邱顯比 journal article00
8881998國際網路主從式金融計算系統設計與實作呂育道 report
8892008在參考點跳躍的錯置行為邱顯比 report
8902005在網絡規模坡動下以實質選擇權分析網絡外部性產業之廠商投資行為石百達 journal article
8912005在網絡規模波動下以實質選擇權分析網絡外部性產業之廠商投資行為石百達 ; 陳怡豪; 潘金谷journal article00
8922000基金經理人裁量性投資行為之研究葉銀華; 陳志瑋; 邱顯比 journal article00
8932005多期企業短期信用風險評估模型HSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article
8942005多期企業短期信用風險評估模型廖咸興 ; 陳宗岡journal article
8952003多決策下的風險優越理論曾郁仁 report
8962002委託單驅動連續競價市場的交易成本胡星陽 report
8972015《學者觀點》群眾募資應更開放胡星陽 other
8982013實施造市機制對台灣權證市場品質之影響詹場; 胡星陽 ; 池祥麟; 葉鴻志; 徐崇閔journal article00
8992007市場不完美對投資與現金流量敏感度影響之研究詹家昌; 莊文議 ; 游志成journal article00
9002011市場狀態與投資人對盈餘訊息之反應詹場; 胡星陽 ; 呂朝元; 徐崇閔journal article00
9012003平均利率買權之評價、避險及應用李賢源 ; 謝承熹; 陳其財journal article00
9021996平行結構設計,MICA系統呂育道 report
9032019廣告媒體與消費者資訊結構對製造商均衡價格及廣告策略之影響陳其美 ; 周善瑜 ; 黃仕宗; 曾慧玟journal article00
9042011建構台灣投資等級信用組合與其基礎相關性之研究李賢源 ; 鍾懿芳; 陶亞蘭journal article00
9052007從公司治理角度探討海外可轉債發行對公司價值之影響李存修 ; 胡星陽 ; 王瑪如journal article00
9061999微分樹與模型校正呂育道 report
9071999我國第八波景氣循環谷底之認定及形成原因之探索周濟; 管中閔 journal article
9082007房貸基礎證券評價與風險值---風險中立訂價法與均衡訂價法之比較廖咸興 ; 張森林 ; 陳仁遶; 楊太樂; 廖堃宇journal article
9092007房貸基礎證券評價與風險值---風險中立訂價法與均衡訂價法之比較HSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article
9101989投資學TSUN-SIOU LEE ; 廖咸興 ; 何憲章; 李存修 ; 李存修 book
9112012折價券轉售市場對製造商最適訂價、促銷與產品策略之影響陳其美 ; 周善瑜; 張奕虹; 蔡依琳journal article00
9121996折現率變動下之收益還原法模型-台北市住宅性不動產估價之實證研究HSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article
9131995抵押貸款訂價模型之效率性:數值分析模型與封閉型解模型之比較廖咸興 ; 陳仁遶; 楊太樂journal article
9142004抵押貸款證券之評價– Implied Prepayment之應用HSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article
9152004提升債券組合凸性之研究:考慮時間經過效果與殖利率非平行移動李賢源 report
9162004政府是否應允許商業銀行持有非金融業企業之股票?(1/2)陳業寧 report
9172005日本、澳洲不動產投資信託之發展HSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article
9182002日本不動產證券化之發展YAO-MIN CHIANG journal article
9192003日本經驗對台灣發展不動產證券化市場的啟示游千慧; 姜堯民 journal article00
9201998時間數列同期性的新檢定方法管中閔 report
9211999時間數列模型設定的一些問題管中閔 journal article
9222004時間相依之隨機現金流量模型下之多期企業評價HSIEN-HSING LIAO conference paper
9231996時間趨勢模型安定性的新檢定方法管中閔 report
9241998景氣循環轉折點認定與經濟成長率預測林向愷; 黃裕烈; 管中閔 journal article
9251998最大平滑度遠期利率曲線配適模型之再探討李賢源 ; 林慧貞journal article00
9262017槓桿型與反向型ETF追蹤績效分析與模擬張森林 ; 徐宇薇journal article
9272002歐式保本型選擇權之設計與定價潘璟靜; 李賢源 ; 吳土城journal article00
9282000正常提撥成本之估計-針對薪資相關、雇主提撥之確定給付退休金計劃陳炤良; 俞明德; 張傳章; 張森林 journal article
9291992泡沫與共同基金溢價研究邱顯比 journal article
9301998流動性對台灣股票報酬率的影響SHING-YANG HU conference paper
9311998流動性對台灣股票報酬率的影響胡星陽 journal article00
9322001流動性衡量方法之綜合評論SHING-YANG HU journal article
9332011流動性餘額之多期企業短期信用風險模型—台灣市場之應用HSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article00
9341995漲跌幅限制與台灣股票市場波動胡星陽 ; 梁敏芳journal article
9351995漲跌幅限制與期貨市場SHING-YANG HU conference paper
9361997漲跌限幅措施對股票報酬率影響之研究SHING-YANG HU conference paper
9372007熟悉度與投資行為偏誤:探索本地偏誤、錯置效果及過度自信之交互效果邱顯比 report
9381997特徵價格法與逼近調整法估價模式之比較HSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article
9392004獨立董事與公司治理:政府應該要求所有上市上櫃公司聘任獨立董事嗎?陳業寧 ; 邱顯比 ; 洪雲萍journal article
9402010玩遊戲學理財YAO-MIN CHIANG book
9412007現代財務管理 第十一版YAO-MIN CHIANG book
9422008現金流量基礎之多期信用風險模型—台灣市場之應用HSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article
9432005產品市場價格競爭與多產品廠商資本結構關聯性之研究陳其美 report
9442006產婦個人特質與妊娠狀況對新生兒體重的影響管中閔 ; 王心妙; 羅紀琼journal article00
9452010目標廣告下獨佔廠商之最適垂直產品線與媒體策略陳其美 ; 周善瑜; 吳奕慧; 林怡 伶journal article00
9462002真品平行輸入之經濟分析陳業寧 report
9472005租稅減讓或定額補貼-實質選擇權之探究石百達 journal article00
9482005租稅減讓或定額補貼-實質選擇權之探究石百達 ; 李娓瑋journal article00
9492005管理一學門財務領域國際期刊分級排序專案計畫陳聖賢 report
9501997結構改變次數及改變點的估計管中閔 report
9512004統計學:觀念與方法CHUNG-MING KUAN book
9522005經理人財務預測及企業投資行為關係之研究陳明賢 report
9532009網路興起對雙占廠商產品差異化決策、定價策略與社會福利之影響陳其美 journal article00
9542012網際網路與消費者結構對廠商通路策略之影響周善瑜; 陳其美 ; 陳恰如journal article00
9552000線上演算法之分析與搏奕論(1/2)呂育道 report
9562001線上演算法之分析與搏奕論(2/2)呂育道 report
9572019美國分期分級董事會與公司創新之間的探討陳一如; 王衍智 ; 吳政祐journal article00
9582007考慮市場價格波動下承受或墊償供應鏈契約設計之研究蔣明晃 ; 郭瑞祥 ; 陳明賢 ; 白凡芸journal article00
9592009考慮或有負債下貸款保證之研究:障礙選擇權分析法張傳章; 何瑞鎮; 廖子翔; 王耀輝 journal article00
9602019股東常會開會時間長度之資訊內涵沈信漢; 何旻瑾; 張景宏 journal article00
9611994股權結構與利益輸送之理論模型何憲章; SHEAN-BII CHIU ; 邱顯比 ; 葉銀萍; Chiu, Shean-Bii ; 葉銀萍journal article
9621999股酬交換之定價:評論張森林 ; SAN-LIN CHUNG journal article00
9631997臺灣公債OSRS式保証金交易之最適契約李賢源; 陳業寧 journal article00
9641997臺灣公債OSRS式保証金交易之最適契約李賢源 ; 陳業寧journal article00
9652018臺灣權證券商的損益分析柯文乾; 陳業寧 ; 詹場journal article00
9661996臺灣股票市場交易機制之研究陳其美 report
9672008臺灣資訊電子業供應網絡之垂直資訊移轉王耀輝 ; Wang, Yao-Hui
9682009臺股指數期貨係證金估計模型及結構比之研究張森林 ; 石百達 ; 李存修 ; 施宗佐journal article
9692005與信評歷史相關之信用價差期間結構模型李賢源 report
9702007興櫃交易對初次上櫃績效的影響YAO-MIN CHIANG journal article
9712002蒙地卡羅模擬法在美式選擇權評價之應用張森林 ; SAN-LIN CHUNG ; 何振文journal article00
9722004行為財務學與行為會計學整合型計畫─子計畫四:除權日的下單行為和下單原因胡星陽 report
9732008衍生性金融商品的資訊內涵整合型研究-子計畫七:隨機波動率與跳躍選擇權評價模型之實證研究 (新制多年期第1年)王耀輝 report
9742007衍生性金融商品的資訊內涵整合型研究-子計畫七:隨機波動率與跳躍選擇權評價模型之實證研究 (新制多年期第2年)王耀輝 report
9752007衍生性金融商品的資訊內涵整合型研究-總計畫暨子計畫一:衍生性商品市場實證的研究方法及模型問題探討 (新制多年期第1年)張森林 report
9762008衍生性金融商品的資訊內涵整合型研究-總計畫暨子計畫一:衍生性商品市場實證的研究方法及模型問題探討 (新制多年期第2年)張森林 report
9772002複雜金融衍生性商品之計價演算法研究(I)呂育道 report
9782002認知歧異下的最適保險契約曾郁仁 report
9792005證券交易稅對股市的影響胡星陽 report
9801999證券化與不動產市場效率廖咸興; 廖咸興 report
9812018證券商資產管理的未來展望胡星陽 ; 何耕宇 ; 陳嬿如journal article
9822002證券所得稅制與交易稅制對市場效率性與流動性的影響陳其美 report
9831998讓外人當董事 從內部防資產掏空胡星陽 other
9841998財務危機下固定資產流動性之研究徐銘傑; 陳業寧 ; 何憲章journal article00
9852007財務管理原理 第二版YAO-MIN CHIANG book
9862007財務管理概要YAO-MIN CHIANG book
9872008財務計算機教學光碟YAO-MIN CHIANG book
9882009財務軟體應用 第四版YAO-MIN CHIANG book
9892005財務金融個案II何耕宇 book
9902006財務金融個案III何耕宇 book
9912010財金數量方法張森林 ; 石百達 book
9922015財金資訊的整合與應用張邦茹; 姜堯民 journal article00
9932009資本結構決策與BOT專案特許公司財務風險探討-以台北市平價旅館BOT案為例HSIEN-HSING LIAO journal article
9942002資產證券化---理論與實務HSIEN-HSING LIAO book
9951992購買海外基金決策因素之實證研究邱顯比 report
9962007路徑相關型與彩虹型衍生性金商品之效率計價演算法(2/3)呂育道 report
9972008路徑相關型與彩虹型衍生性金商品之效率計價演算法(3/3)呂育道 report
9982008逆選擇與優勢選擇 (新制多年期第1年)曾郁仁 report
9991997選擇權定價模型 開拓財務工程胡星陽 other
10002006部屬與主管的性別配對與部屬效能:家長式領導與共事時間的調節效果林姿葶; Lin, Tzu-Ting other