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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHENG-RUEI LEE李承叡Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
CHUAN-KAI HO何傳愷Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyTrophic interactions and their geographic variations; The impact of climate change on trophic interactions; Applying ecology to conservation or agriculture
DAVID ZELENÝ澤大衛Ecology and Evolutionary Biologydiversity patterns; vegetation classification; vegetation ecology; numerical analysis of community ecology data
JER-MING HU胡哲明Ecology and Evolutionary Biologyplant developmental evolutionary biology; Plant systematics
LIEN-SIANG CHOU周蓮香Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyAnimal Behavior; Animal Ecology; Evolutionary Biology; Cetaceans
LING-LING LEE李玲玲Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyAnimal Behavior; Mammalogy; Animal Ecology; Biodiversity; Conservation Biology
PEI-FEN LEE李培芬Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyLandscape ecology; Remote sensing; GIS and Data analysis
WEN-YUAN KAO高文媛Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyPlant Physiological Ecology; Ecosystem Functions; Biodiversity