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120161,135 Genomes Reveal the Global Pattern of Polymorphism in Arabidopsis thaliana.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
220133D phenotyping and quantitative trait locus mapping identify core regions of the rice genome controlling root architecture.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
32012A gain-of-function polymorphism controlling complex traits and fitness in nature.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
42011A new case of ants nesting within branches of a fig tree: The case of ficus subpisocarpa in TaiwanLIEN-SIANG CHOU other
52006A simplified explanation for the frameshift mutation that created a novel C-terminal motif in the APETALA3 gene lineage.JER-MING HU journal article
61997Abundance and Distribution of Birds in Four, High Elevation Plant Communities in Yushan National Park, TaiwanDing, Tzung-Su ; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Lin, Yao-Sung
72003Accumulation of Butyltin Compounds in the Pantropical Spotted Dolphin, Stenella attenuate, from the Coasts of TaiwanLIU, LI-LIAN; CHEN, SHWU-JEN; CHOU, LIEN-SIANG ; DONG, CHENG-DI; CHEN, CHIU-WENjournal article
82015Alien plants invade more phylogenetically clustered community types and cause even stronger clusteringDAVID ZELENÝ journal article
92016Alternative method for subsampling annual dentin layers in small mammalian teeth for stable isotope analysisLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
102013An automatic detection algorithm for extracting the representative frequency of cetacean tonal soundsLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
112012An Extreme case of plant-insect codiversification: Figs and fig-pollinating waspsLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
122007Analyses of stomach contents and stable isotopes reveal food sources of estuarine detritivorous fish in tropical/subtropical TaiwanLin, Hsing-Juh; Kao, Wen-Yuan ; Wang, Ya-Ting
132003Assessing Avian Point-count Duration and Sample Size Using Species Accumulation FunctionsShiu, Hau-Jie; Lee, Pei-Fen 
142011Associations between water quality parameters and planktonic communities in three constructed wetlands, TaipeiCHUN-HAN KO ; Chen, Pen-Yuan; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Ko, Chie-Jen; Ko, Chun-Han ; Chou, Ta-Ching; Teng, Chia-Jijournal article
152015Automatic classification of delphinids based on the representative frequencies of whistlesLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
162013Automatic detection and classification of cetacean tonal sounds from a long-term marine observatoryLIEN-SIANG CHOU conference paper
172011BabuvirusJER-MING HU other
182013Better environmental data may reverse conclusions about niche- and dispersal-based processes in community assemblyCHING-FENG LI ; DAVID ZELENÝ journal article
192016Bias in community-weighted mean analysis of plant functional traits and species indicator valuesDAVID ZELENÝ other
201985Bibliography of Petauristinae (Rodentia, Sciuridae)Lin, Yao-Sung; Progulske, Donald R.; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Day, Yeong-Tyi
212014Bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants in stranded cetaceans from Taiwan coastal watersLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
222006Bird species richness patterns of northern Taiwan: primary productivity, human population density, and habitat heterogeneityKoh, Chao-Nien; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Lin, Ruey-Shing
231998Body size comparison of two giant flying squirrel species in TaiwanLee, Pei-Fen 
242011Boechera, a model system for ecological genomics.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
252004Breeding bird species richness in Taiwan: distribution on gradients of elevation, primary productivity and urbanizationLee, Pei-Fen ; Ding, Tzung-Su ; Hsu, Fu-Hsiung; Geng, Shu
262011Calculating total body length from rostrum-anus length in amputated bycaught dolphinsChen, Ing; Watson, Alastair; Chou, Lien-Siang journal article
272008Can Ethylene Induce Heterophyll in Marsilea quadrifolia??家弘; ?白翎; 高文媛 ; Lin, C.H.; Lin, B.L.; Kao, W.Y.journal article
282014Cat favus caused by Microsporum incurvatum comb. nov.: the clinical and histopathological features and molecular phylogeny.JER-MING HU journal article
292015Chamaecyparis montane cloud forest in Taiwan: ecology and vegetation classificationDAVID ZELENÝ ; CHING-FENG LI journal article
302013Changes in species richness and species composition of vascular plants and bryophytes along a moisture gradientDAVID ZELENÝ journal article
312007Characterization of polymorphic tetranucleotide microsatellite loci from the Siberian weasel (Mustela sibirica)HUANG, CHUAN-CHIN; LIN, RONG-CHIEN; LI, SHOU-HSIEN; LEE, LING-LING 
322013Classification of Taiwan forest vegetationCHING-FENG LI ; DAVID ZELENÝ journal article
332012Classification of the High-Mountain Coniferous Forests in TaiwanCHING-FENG LI ; DAVID ZELENÝ journal article
342011Climate changes inferred from integrated multi-site pollen data in northern TaiwanWang, Liang-Chi; Wu, Jiunn-Tzong; Lee, Teh-Quei; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Chen, Su-Hwajournal article
352009Co-occurrence based assessment of species habitat specialization is affected by the size of species pool: Reply to Fridley et al. (2007)DAVID ZELENÝ journal article
362009Comparable length at weaning in cetaceansHuang, Shiang-lin; Chou, Lien-Siang ; Ni, I-Hsunjournal article
372002Comparative Analysis of the Diets of Pygmy Sperm Whales and Dwarf Sperm Whales in Taiwanese Waters王明智; William A. Walker; 邵廣昭; 周蓮香 ; 王明智; William A. Walker; 邵廣昭; 周蓮香 
381999A Comparative Study of Neuropeptide Y-Immunoreactivity in the Retina of Dolphin and Several Other Mammalian SpeciesChen, Shur-Tzu; Shen, Ching-Liang; Wang, Jiang-Ping; Chou, Lien-Siang journal article
392009Comparison of soil CO2 efflux from a secondary forest and tea plantations in TaiwanChang, Kuo-Wei; Kao, Wen-Yuan 
402013Complete plastid genome sequence of the basal asterid Ardisia polysticta Miq. and comparative analyses of asterid plastid genomes.JER-MING HU journal article
412013Complex trait divergence contributes to environmental niche differentiation in ecological speciation of Boechera stricta.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
422017Concomitant loss of NDH complex-related genes within chloroplast and nuclear genomes in some orchidsJER-MING HU journal article
432008Confirmation of the parasitoid feeding habit in Sycoscapter, and their impact on pollinator abundance in Ficus formosanaTzeng Hsy-Yu; Tseng, Li-Jung; Ou, Chern-Hsiung; Lu, King-Cherng; Lu, Fu-Yuan; Chou, Lien-Siang 
442008Consequences of omnivory for trophic interactions on a salt marsh shrubCHUAN-KAI HO journal article
452017Contrasting patterns of fine-scale herb layer species composition in temperate forestsDAVID ZELENY ; CHING-FENG LI journal article
462008Cranial variation in the pantropical spotted dolphin, Stenella attenuata, in the Pacific OceanLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
472011Cryptic dioecy of Symplocos wikstroemiifolia Hayata (Symplocaceae) in TaiwanWang, Yu-Chen; Hu, Jer-Ming journal article
482011Cryptic Dioecy of Symplocos Wikstroemiifolia Hayata(Symplocaceae) in TaiwanJER-MING HU journal article
492012Data demonstrations on physical oceanography and underwater acoustics from the MArine Cable Hosted Observatory (MACHO)RAY-I CHANG ; LIEN-SIANG CHOU ; SEN JAN ; YIING-JANG YANG conference paper
502006The definition of Harpiola (Vespertilionidae: Murininae) and the description of a new species from TaiwanKuo, Hao-Chi; Fang, Yin-Ping; Csorba, G?bor; Lee, Ling-Ling 
511998Diet Analysis of the Gray-cheeked Fulvetta (Alcippe morrisonia) at Fushan Experimental Forest in TaiwanChou, Lien-Siang ; Chen, Chao-Chieh; Loh, ShiWui
522007The Diet of Fairy Pitta Pitta nympha Nestlings in Taiwan as Revealed by VideotapingLin, Ruey-Shing; Yao, Cheng-Te; Lee, Pei-Fen 
532008Differences in Foraging Ecology between Generalized and Specialized Frugivorous Birds in the Fushan Experimental Forest, Northeastern Taiwan陳炤杰; 周蓮香 journal article
542000Differences in the external morphology of two sympatric species of bottlenose dolphins (genus Tursiops) in the waters of ChinaLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
552008Distinctive osteology of distal flipper bones and polydactyly in mother-calf pair of tropical bottlenose whales, Indopacetus Pasificus, from TaiwanWatson, Alastair; Kuo, Tzong-Fu ; Yang, Wei-Cheng; Yao, Chiuo-Ju; Chou Lien-Siang journal article
562008Distinctive osteology of distal flipper bones of tropical bottlenose whales, Indopacetus pacificus, from Taiwan: Mother and calf, calf with polydactylyWatson, Alastair; Kuo, Tzong-Fu ; Yang, Wei-Cheng; Yao, Chiuo-Ju; Chou, Lien-Siang journal article
572005Distribution of albacore (Thunnus alalunga) in the Indian Ocean and its relation to environmental factorsCHEN, I-CHING; LEE, PEI-FEN ; TZENG, WANN-NIAN
582005Distribution of albacore (Thunnus alalunga) in the Indian Ocean and its relation to environmental factors.Chen, I-Ching; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Tzeng, Wann-Nian
592013Distribution of habitat specialists in semi-natural grasslandsDAVID ZELENÝ journal article
601998Distribution of the hairy-footed flying squirrel (Belomys pearsonii) in Taiwan, a GIS approachLee, Pei-Fen 
612013DNA萃取方式以及分離葉綠體DNA方法在非光合作用植物中的比較與應用徐馨怡; 胡哲明 journal article
622006Does the Distribution of Breeding Bird Species Richness in Taiwan Follow the Mid-Domain Effect?Koh, Chao-Nien; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Wu, Shan-Hua
632015Dynamics of soundscape in a shallow water marine environment: A study of the habitat of the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphinLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
642008Ecological patterns in cetacean life history: its implication for conservation黃祥麟; 周蓮香 ; 倪怡訓
651997Effectiveness of Live Traps and Snap Traps in Trapping Small Mammals in KinmenLee, Ling-Ling 
662007Effectiveness of Playbacks in Censusing the Fairy Pitta (Pitta nympha) during the Breeding Season in TaiwanLin, Ruey-Shing; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Ding, Tzung-Su ; Lin, Yu-Teh Kirk
672012Effects of an Omnivorous Katydid, Salinity, and Nutrients on a Planthopper-Spartina Food WebCHUAN-KAI HO journal article
682014Egg bank spatial structure and functional size of three sympatric branchiopods (Branchiopoda) in Siangtian Pond, TaiwanLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
692005Energy flux, body size and density in relation to bird species richness along an elevational gradient in TaiwanDing, Tzung-Su ; TZUNG-SU DING ; Yuan, Hsiao-Wei ; HSIAO-WEI YUAN ; Geng, Shu; Lin, Yao-Sung; Lee, Pei-Fen journal article
702012Environmental adaptation contributes to gene polymorphism across the Arabidopsis thaliana genome.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
712007Environmental control of the vegetation pattern in deep river valleys of the Bohemian MassifDAVID ZELENÝ journal article
722011Environmental factors influencing herb layer productivity in Central European oak forests: Insights from soil and biomass analyses and a phytometer experimentDAVID ZELENÝ ; CHING-FENG LI journal article
732004Environmental gradients and herbivore feeding preferences in coastal salt marshesCHUAN-KAI HO journal article
742016Epigenomic Diversity in a Global Collection of Arabidopsis thaliana Accessions.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
752000Error, bias, and long-branch attraction in data for two chloroplast photosystem genes in seed plantsJER-MING HU journal article
762012Estimation of herbaceous biomass from species composition and coverCHING-FENG LI ; DAVID ZELENÝ journal article
772014Evidence of genetic influence on the flowering pattern of Ficus microcarpaLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
781999Evidence on the monophyly of Astragalus (Fabaceae) and its major subgroups based on nuclear ribosomal DNA ITS and chloroplast DNA trnL intron dataJER-MING HU journal article
791999Evidence on the monophyly of Astragalus (Fabaceae) and its major subgroups based on nuclear ribosomal DNA ITS and chloroplast DNA trnL intron data.JER-MING HU ; Wojciechowski, MF; Sanderson, MJ; Hu, JMother
802004The Evolution of Chloroplast matK Genes, Including Identification of New Homologues from Ophioglossum petiolatum and Two LycophytesChuang, Shu-Lan; Hu, Jer-Ming journal article
812013Evolution of flux control in the glucosinolate pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
822005Evolution of the Euphrasia transmorrisonensis complex (Orobanchaceae) in alpine areas of TaiwanWu, Ming-Jou; Huang, Shing-Fan; Huang, Tseng-Chieng; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Lin, Tsan-Piao journal article
832016Evolutionary analysis of iron (Fe) acquisition system in Marchantia polymorphaJER-MING HU journal article
842016Factors governing phytoplankton biomass and production in tropical estuaries of western TaiwanLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
852003Feeding Habits of the Pantropical Spotted Dolphin, Stenella attenuata, off the Eastern Coast of TaiwanWang, Ming-Chih; Walker, William A.; Shao, Kwang-Tsao; Chou, Lien-Siang journal article
862014First record of an apparently rare fig wasp feeding strategy: Obligate seed predationLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
872009Floral Morphs, Pollen Viability, and Ploidy Level of Oxalis corymbosa DC. in TaiwanTsai, Meng-Ying; Chen, Su-Hwa; Kao, Wen-Yuan 
882010Floral morphs, pollen viability, and ploidy level of Oxalis corymbosa DC. in TaiwanTsai, Meng-Ying; Chen, Su-Hwa; Kao, Wen-Yuan journal article
892010Floristic diversity of an eastern Mediterranean dwarf shrubland: The importance of soil pHDAVID ZELENÝ ; CHING-FENG LI journal article
902003Food Availability and Food Habits of Indian Giant Flying Squirrels (Petaurista philippensis) in TaiwanKuo, Chi-Chien; Lee, Ling-Ling 
912001Food Habits of Formosan Rock Macaques (Macaca cyclopis) in Jentse, Northeastern Taiwan, Assessed by Fecal Analysis and Behavioral ObservationSu, Hsiu-Hui; Lee, Ling-Ling 
922005Food Habits of Japanese Pipistrelles Pipistrellus abramus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) in Northern TaiwanLee, Ya-Fu; Lee, Ling-Ling 
931997Food habits of three carnivore species (Viverricula indica, Herpestes urva, and Melogale moschata) in Fushan Forest, northern TaiwanChuang, Shun-An; Lee, Ling-Ling 
942012Food partitioning among three sympatric odontocetes (Grampus griseus, Lagenodelphis hosei, and Stenella attenuata)Wang, Ming-Chih; Shao, Kwang-Tsao; Huang, Shiang-Lin; Chou, Lien-Siang journal article
952013Genetic trade-offs and conditional neutrality contribute to local adaptation.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
962014Genome diversity in Brachypodium distachyon: deep sequencing of highly diverse inbred lines.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
972005GIS在濕地研究之應用-以關渡自然公園為例李培芬 ; 許嘉恩; 許皓捷; 吳姍樺
1002010Habitat selection among nesting, foraging, and singing sites of the Gray-cheeked Fulvetta Alcippe morrisonia in northeastern TaiwanLee, Pei-Yin; Wang, Lih-Jih ; Hsu, Huang-Che; Chou, Lien-Siang ; Chen, Chao-Chiehjournal article
1012005Habitat Selection of the Cooperative Breeding Taiwan Yuhina (Yuhina brunneiceps) in a Fragmented Forest HabitatLee, Pei-Fen ; Shen, Sheng-Feng; Ding, Tzung-Su ; Chiou, Chyi-Rong ; Yuan, Hsiao-Wei 
1022014High Plant Diversity of Grasslands in a Landscape Context: A Comparison of Contrasting Regions in Central EuropeDAVID ZELENÝ journal article
1032012High species richness in hemiboreal forests of the northern Russian Altai, southern SiberiaDAVID ZELENÝ journal article
1042004History of the Marine Mammal Study in Taiwan(Part One Collection Building)Chou, Lien-Siang 
1052012Home range and activity of the Indian giant flying squirrel (Petaurista philippensis) in Taiwan: influence of diet, temperature, and rainfallKuo, Chi-Chien; Lee, Ling-Ling journal article
1062007The Identification of A-, B-, C-, and E-Class MADS-box Genes and Implications for Perianth Evolution in the Basal Eudicot Trochodendron aralioides (Trochodendraceae)Wu, Hsiu-Chung; Su, Huei-Jiun; Hu, Jer-Ming 
1072009Identifying Biodiversity Hotspots by Predictive Models: A Case Study Using Taiwan’s Endemic Bird SpeciesKo, Chia-Ying ; Lin, Ruey-Shing; Ding, Tzung-Su ; Hsieh, Chih-Hao ; Lee, Pei-Fen journal article
1082006Identifying the Scale Thresholds for Field-Data Extrapolation via Spatial Analysis of Landscape GradientsChang, Chi-Ru; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Bai, Mei-Ling; Lin, Tzer-Ton
1092011Implication of life history strategies for prenatal investment in cetaceansHuang, Shiang-Lin; Chou, Lien-Siang ; Shih, Nien-Tsu; Ni, I-Hsunjournal article
1102010Imputation of environmental variables for vegetation plots based on compositional similarityDAVID ZELENÝ journal article
1122017Indigenous Wildlife Rabies in Taiwan: Ferret Badgers, a Long Term Terrestrial ReservoirLan Y.-C.; Wen T.-H. ; Chang C.-C.; Liu H.-F.; Lee P.-F. ; Huang C.-Y.; Chomel B.B.; Chen Y.-M.A.Journal Article
1132011Insights from life history traits of Risso's dolphins (Grampus griseus) in Taiwanese waters: Shorter body length characterizes northwest Pacific populationChen, Ing; Watson, Alastair; Chou, Lien-Siang journal article
1142013Invertebrates, ecosystem services and climate changeCHUAN-KAI HO journal article
1152015Investigation of trophic level and niche partitioning of 7 cetacean species by stable isotopes, and cadmium and arsenic tissue concentrations in the western Pacific OceanLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
1162008IPCC第二工作分組之第四次評估報告:影響、調適與脆弱性 第四章 生態系特質、所提供的物資和服務李玲玲 ; 李玲玲 
1172010Is diet quality an overlooked mechanism for Bergmann's rule?CHUAN-KAI HO journal article
1181998Isolation and characterization of plasmid pSW200 from Erwinia stewartii.JER-MING HU journal article
1192005Isolation and characterization of tetramicrosatellite DNA markers in the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra)HUANG, CHUAN-CHIN; HSU, YU-CHENG; LEE, LING-LING ; LI, SHOU-HSIEN
1202007Land Molluscan Fauna of the Dongsha Island with Twenty New Recorded SpeciesWu, Shu-Ping; Hwang, Chung-Chi; Huang, Hui-Ming; Chang, Hsueh-Wen; Lin, Yao-Sung; Lee, Pei-Fen 
1212014Land snail richness and abundance along a sharp ecological gradient at two sampling scales: Disentangling relationshipsDAVID ZELENÝ journal article
1222014Large-scale adaptive divergence in Boechera fecunda, an endangered wild relative of Arabidopsis.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
1232008Latitudinal gradient in the distribution of intertidal barnacles of the Tetraclita species complex in Asian watersChan, Benny Kwok Kan; Murata, Akihisa; Lee, Pei-Fen 
1242009Latitudinal variation in herbivore pressure in Atlantic Coast salt marshesCHUAN-KAI HO journal article
1252007Latitudinal variation in plant-herbivore interactions in European salt marshesCHUAN-KAI HO journal article
1262011Latitudinal variation in top-down and bottom-up control of a salt marsh food webCHUAN-KAI HO journal article
1272007Leaf Characteristics and Photosynthetic Performance of Floating, Emergent and Terrestrial Leaves of Marsilea quadrifolia?家弘; ?白翎; 高文媛 ; Lin, C.H.; Lin, B.L.; Kao, W.Y.journal article
1282011Life-history QTLS and natural selection on flowering time in Boechera stricta, a perennial relative of Arabidopsis.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
1292008LZF1, a HY5-regulated transcriptional factor, functions in Arabidopsis de-etiolationJER-MING HU journal article
1302008LZF1, a HY5-regulated transcriptional factor, functions in Arabidopsis de-etiolation.Chang, Chiung-swey Joanne; Chang, C.-S.; JER-MING HU ; Li, Y.-H.; Li, Yi-Hang; Chen, L.-T.; Chen, Li-Teh; Chen, Wan-Chieh; Chen, W.-C.; Hsieh, W.-P.; Hsieh, Wen-Ping; Shin, J.; Shin, Jieun; Jane, W.-N.; Jane, Wann-Neng; Chou, Shu-Jen; Chou, S.-J.; Choi, G.; Choi, Giltsu; Hu, J.-M.; Hu, Jer-Ming ; Somerville, S.; Somerville, Shauna; Wu, Shu-Hsing; Wu, S.-H.journal article
1312007Mapping anthropogenic nitrogen through point sources in coral reefs using δ15N in macroalgaeLin, Hsing-Juh; Wu, Chen-Yi; Kao, Shuh-Ji; Kao, Wen-Yuan ; Meng, Pei-Jie
1321994Mapping vertebrate biodiversity in TaiwanLee, Pei-Fen ; Sheu, Jai-En; Chen, Chien-Chao
1331994Maternal role in social transmission of diet preference by hooded rats, Rattus norvegicusChou, Lien-Siang 
1342005Measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence reveals mechanisms for habitat niche separation of the intertidal seagrasses Thalassia hemprichii and Halodule uninervisLan, Chiu-Yueh; Kao, Wen-Yuan ; Lin, Hsing-Juh; Shao, Kwang-Tsao
1352016Measuring ecological specialization along a natural stress gradient using a set of complementary niche breadth indicesDAVID ZELENÝ journal article
1362016Measuring size and composition of species pools: a comparison of dark diversity estimatesDAVID ZELENÝ journal article
1372002Mercury, organic-mercury and selenium in small cetaceans in Taiwanese watersChen, Meng-Hsien; Shih, Chieh-Chih; Chou, Chiu Long; Chou, Lien-Siang journal article
1382012Microhabitat partitioning of frugivorous birds: Exploration by a multiple correspondence analysisLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
1392006Middle Sized Balaenopterid Whale Specimens (Cetacea: Balaenopteridae) Preserved at Several Institutions in Taiwan, Thailand, and IndiaYamada, Tadasu K.; Chou, Lien-Siang ; Chantrapornsyl, Supot; Adulyanukoso, Kanjana; Chakravarti, Shyamal Kanti; Oishi, Masayuki; Wada Shiro; Yao, Chou-Ju; Kakuda, Tsuneo; Tajima, Yuko; Arai, Kazumi; Umetani, Ayako; Kurihara, Nozomi
1401999Mitochondrial DNA analysis of sympatric morphotypes of bottlenose dolphins (genus: Tursiops) in Chinese watersLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
1412009Modified TWINSPAN classification in which the hierarchy respects cluster heterogeneityDAVID ZELENÝ journal article
1422005Molecular characterization of expressed DQB and DRB genes in the bottlenose dolphinsYang, Wei-Cheng; Hu, Jer-Ming ; Chou, L. S.
1432007Molecular Characterization of Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II DQB and DRB Genes in Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus and T. aduncus) from the Western PacificYang, Wei-Cheng; Chou, Lien-Siang ; Hu, Jer-Ming journal article
1442009Molecular evolution and functional diversification of fatty acid desaturases after recurrent gene duplication in Drosophila.CHENG-RUEI LEE ; SHUN-CHERN TSAUR journal article
1452016Molecular, genetic and evolutionary analysis of a paracentric inversion in Arabidopsis thaliana.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
1461998Monophyletic Subgroups of the Tribe Millettieae (Leguminosae) as Revealed by Phytochrome Nucleotide Sequence DataJER-MING HU journal article
1472006Morbilliviral infection in a pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps) from Taiwanese watersYang, Wei-Cheng; Pang, Victor Fei ; Jeng, Chian-Ren ; Chou, Lien-Siang ; Chueh, Ling-Lingjournal article
1482012Morphology and phylogenetics of two holoparasitic plants, Balanophora japonica and Balanophora yakushimensis (Balanophoraceae), and their hosts in Taiwan and Japan.JER-MING HU ; Su, Huei-Jiun; Murata, Jin; Hu, Jer-Ming journal article
1502011Movement distances enhance validity of predictive modelsKo, Chia-Ying ; Root, Terry L.; Lee, Pei-Fen journal article
1511992Multiple models in social transmission of food selection by Norway rats, Rattus norvegicusLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
1522011Native and exotic submerged aquatic vegetation provide different nutritional and refuge values for macroinvertebratesCHUAN-KAI HO journal article
1532014Natural habitats matter: Determinants of spatial pattern in the composition of animal assemblages of the Czech RepublicDAVID ZELENÝ journal article
1542016Ontogenic change in phototaxis of the clam shrimp Eulimnadia braueriana Ishikawa, 1895 (Branchiopoda: Spinicaudata)LIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
1552012Origin, fate, and architecture of ecologically relevant genetic variation.CHENG-RUEI LEE journal article
1562000Osteological differences between two sympatric forms of bottlenose dolphins (genus Tursiops) in Chinese watersLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
1572014<p class="HeadingRunIn"><strong>A new hybrid from Taiwan, <em>Elatostema</em> ×<em>hybrida</em> (Urticaceae), is the first confirmed natural hybrid for Urticaceae</strong></p>JER-MING HU journal article
1582007The partition of food resources at a stable isotope landscapeLi, Cheng-Wei; Kao, Wen-Yuan ; Lin, Yu-Teh K.
1592015Passive acoustic monitoring of the temporal variability of odontocete tonal sounds from a long-term marine observatoryLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
1602014Passive acoustic monitoring on the seasonal species composition of cetaceans from the marine cable hosted observatoryLIEN-SIANG CHOU conference paper
1612010Pattern of local plant species richness along a gradient of landscape topographical heterogeneity: Result of spatial mass effect or environmental shift?DAVID ZELENÝ ; CHING-FENG LI journal article
1622013Patterns of land snail assemblages along a fine-scale moisture gradientDAVID ZELENÝ journal article
1631992PETAUEISTA ALBORUFUS AND P. PETAURISTALee, Pei-Fen ; Progulske, Donald R.; Day, Yeong-Tyi; Lin, Yao-Sung
1641992PETAURISTA PETAURISTA IN TAIWANLee, Pei-Fen ; Progulske, Donald R.; Day, Yeong-Tyi; Lin, Yao-Sung
1652013Phenology and pollinating wasp dynamics of Ficus microcarpa L.f.: Adaptation to seasonalityLIEN-SIANG CHOU journal article
1662006Photosynthesis Related Characteristics of Upper and Lower Canopy Leaves of Kandelia obovata, a Mangrove Species in Taiwan高文媛 journal article
1672010Phototropic leaf movements and photosynthetic performance in an amphibious fern, Marsilea quadrifoliaKao, Wen-Yuan ; Lin, Bai-Lingjournal article
1682010Phylogenetic Analyses of MHC Class II Genes in Bottlenose Dolphins and Their Terrestrial Relatives Reveal Pathogen-Driven Directional SelectionYang, Wei-Cheng; Hu, Jer-Ming ; Chou, Lien-Siang journal article
1692012Phylogenetic analyses suggest a hybrid origin of the figs (Moraceae: Ficus) that are endemic to the Ogasawara (Bonin) Islands, JapanKusumi, Junko; Azuma, Hiroshi; Tzeng, Hsy-Yu; Chou, Lien-Siang ; Peng, Yan-Qiong; Nakamura, Keiko; Su, Zhi-Huijournal article
1702002Phylogenetic Analysis of Nuclear Ribosomal ITS/5.8S Sequences in the Tribe Millettieae (Fabaceae): Poecilanthe-Cyclolobium, the core Millettieae, and the Callerya GroupHU, JER-MING ; LAVIN, MATT; WOJCIECHOWSKI, MARTIN F.; SANDERSON, MICHAEL J.journal article
1712002Phylogenetic analysis of nuclear ribosomal ITS/5.8S sequences in the tribe Millettieae (Fabaceae): Poecilanthe-Cyclolobium, the core Millettieae, and the Callerya group.JER-MING HU other
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3232008從植群資料庫的結構來看台灣的森林植群分類系統李靜?; 謝長富; 陳明義; 陳子英; 邱祈榮 ; 夏禹九; 劉和義; 楊勝任; 葉慶龍; 王震哲; 俞秋豐; Zeleny, David ; Chytry, Milan
3242003擁抱海洋-鯨豚之愛(2003年台灣賞鯨活動問卷調查成果報告)周蓮香 ; 黃文珊
3252008數位典藏國家型科技計畫 台灣大學典藏數位化計畫-臺灣大學動物博物館典藏數位化計畫(子計畫六) 5/5李培芬 ; 李培芬 
3262003數位典藏國家型科技計畫--臺灣大學典藏數位化計畫(子計畫六)─臺灣大學動物博物館典藏數位化計畫李培芬 text
3272003未來合作--建置海峽兩岸鳥類多樣性資料庫李培芬 ; 丁宗蘇 ; 許皓捷
3281991東亞家蝠(Pipistrellus abramus)族群生態之研究李玲玲 
3291990東亞家蝠(Pipistrellus abramus)生殖生物學之研究李玲玲 
3302007東沙島?生軟體動物相與二十種新紀?種吳書平; 黃重期; 黃惠敏; 張學文; ?曜松; ?培芬 journal article
3312006東沙環礁國家公園陸域生態解說手冊李培芬 ; 等
3322004森林生態系穩定性碳氮同位素研究(3/3)高文媛 report
3331994榕果小孔在榕果小蜂與榕果關係中之角色陳穎儒; 吳文哲; 周蓮香 conference paper
3342007檀香目植物花部器官發育基因之演化與功能研究 (新制多年期第1年)胡哲明 
3352009比較入侵植物大花咸豐草的組織水溶液萃取液對其共域植物的影響徐曉玫; 高文媛 journal article
3362008氣候變遷下生物多樣性研究的重要性及展望李玲玲 ; 李玲玲 
3372005氣候變遷對台灣地區衝擊與調適策略研析─總計畫暨子計畫一:氣候變遷對台灣地區衝擊與調適策略研析-公衛、生態、水資源、與防災面向童慶斌 ; 何興亞; 李芝珊; 李培芬 book
3382006氣候變遷對台灣淡水魚多樣性之衝擊評估白梅玲; 李培芬 ; 端木茂甯; 白梅玲; 李培芬 ; 端木茂甯
3392005氣候變遷對台灣生態之衝擊李培芬 ; 許嘉恩; 許皓捷; 吳姍樺text
3402004氣候變遷對水文環境變化、水資源管理及生物多樣性之衝擊評估及因應策略研究─子計畫:氣候變遷對陸域生物多樣性之衝擊評估及因應策略研究李培芬 text
3422007氣候變遷與台灣生態研究方向李培芬 ; 端木茂甯
3432008氣候變遷與生態衝擊李培芬 ; 李培芬 
3442006永續台北城的生態指標-公園綠地的鳥類鄭薏如; 李培芬 ; 鄭薏如; 李培芬 
3452003永續台灣向前指葉俊榮 ; 劉錦添 ; 李玲玲 ; 駱尚廉 ; 黃書禮; 王俊秀; 孫志鴻 ; 蔡慧敏; 施文真book
3462003河川情勢調查-以蘭陽溪為例李培芬 ; 吳采諭; 林曜松; 李玲玲 ; 陳建志; 陳子英; 梁世雄
3472005淡水河河系河川情勢調查計畫(1/2)許志揚; 李鴻源 ; 陳章波; 謝蕙蓮; 李玲玲 ; 呂光洋; 王一匡; 邱健介; 黃國文; 王筱雯; 施上粟 conference paper
3482007澎湖縣漁業與鯨豚類動物之關係祈偉廉; 葉信平; 周蓮香 
3492005玉葉金花花部器官決定基因之功能與蛋白質交互作用研究(1/3)胡哲明 text
3502007玉葉金花花部器官決定基因之功能與蛋白質交互作用研究(3/3)胡哲明 ; 胡哲明 
3512003環境因子在高山鳥類群聚構成所扮演的角色許嘉恩; 李培芬 ; 許皓捷
3522006環境開發與生態評估的問題-以淡海新市鎮為例柯佳吟 ; 李培芬 ; 曾萬年; 柯佳吟 ; 李培芬 ; 曾萬年
3542007生態監測面面觀李培芬 ; 李培芬 
3552007《生態篇》開路衝擊 生態圈效應李培芬 ; 徐承天; 李培芬 ; 徐承天
3562004生態系土壤二氧化碳通量研究高文媛 report
3582003生態系經營管理與櫻花鉤吻鮭之關係李培芬 ; 吳雯菁; 吳祥堅
3592007生物分布資訊之整合與應用李培芬 ; 白梅玲; 林瑞興; 柯佳吟 ; 李依紋
360-生物多樣性分布資料庫李培芬 text
3612007生物科技與遺傳教學研究網路資源丁詩同 ; 胡哲明 
3622005生物系統中的自組織現象曾威揚; 李培芬 ; 曾威揚; 李培芬 
3632004真雙子葉植物基群花部B群基因之演化研究胡哲明 text
3642004石松類和瓶爾小草葉綠體matK 基因之鑑定與matK 基因的演化胡哲明 ; 莊樹嵐; Hu, Jer-Ming ; Chuang, Shu-Lantext
3652008破碎棲地之面積、孤離度與棲地異質度對都市地景之鳥類群聚組成之影響-以台北市公園綠地為例葛兆年; 李培芬 ; 邱祈榮 ; 葛兆年; 李培芬 ; 邱祈榮 
3661997福山森林生態系研究(II)生態資料整合與模式建立研究金?硠?; 李培芬 ; 金?硠?
3671999福山試驗林森林鳥類之食性觀察陳炤傑; 周蓮香 ; 陳炤傑; 周蓮香 
3692004系統論觀點下的生態學曾威揚; 李培芬 ; 曾威揚; 李培芬 
3702003群聚變異梯度長度對排序結果的影響許皓捷; 李培芬 ; 許皓捷; 李培芬 
3712010臺灣亞熱帶高山湖泊?種水生植物 (東亞黑三?和水毛花) 穩定性碳同位素比值和氮含?變化高文媛 journal article
3722006臺灣八色鳥的分布現況與保育策略李培芬 ; 林瑞興; 白梅玲
3732012臺灣南部大冠鷲(Spilornis cheela hoya)空間利用型態周大慶; ?培芬 journal article
3742005臺灣大學動物博物館典藏數位化計劃李培芬 ; 陳韻如; 林品涵; 李玉琪; 陳欣怡
3762008臺灣氣候變遷衝動指標之研發-以蝴蝶為例李依紋; 李培芬 ; 李依紋; 李培芬 
3772008臺灣海域瓶鼻海豚 (Tursiops truncatus) 第二型主要組織相容性複合體DQB 基因之序?變?楊瑋誠 ; 胡哲明 ; 周?香 journal article
3781992臺灣海岸地區環境資源管理研究計畫朱子豪 ; 林曜松; 李培芬 book
3791994臺灣海洋生物之資源及其保育邵廣昭; 周蓮香 ; 陳天任; 柳芝蓮; Chou, Lien-Siang ; 陳天任
3802011臺灣生物多樣性胡哲明 ; 胡哲明 learning-object
3812009臺灣產薔薇科懸鉤子屬植物訂正黃俊溢; 胡哲明 journal article
3822006臺灣繁殖鳥?種豐富?的分布是否具有中間區域效應?葛兆?; ?培芬 ; 吳姍樺journal article
3832014花園裡的誘惑與機心JER-MING HU journal article
3842005花非花,葉非葉胡哲明 ; 呂佳穎
3852004蘭陽溪河川情勢調查-第二年李培芬 ; 吳采諭; 林曜松; 李玲玲 ; 陳建志; 陳子英; 梁世雄
3862007賞鯨船對宜蘭海域鯨豚生態之衝擊陳永松; 余欣怡; 謝嘉煌; 李伍鎔; 周蓮香 
3881995“長期生態研究”之通識教育李玲玲 ; 周昌弘; 李玲玲 ; 周昌弘
3892006陽明山國家公園向天池蚌蟲之分類學鑑定及溫度對其生長速率的影響周蓮香 ; 黃婉萍; 周蓮香 ; 黃婉萍
3902008陽明山國家公園向天池鰓足類動物的群聚生態研究周蓮香 ; 黃婉萍; 王俊傑 ; 周蓮香 ; 黃婉萍; 王俊傑 
3912003陽明山國家公園園區內流浪犬族群變動、棲地選擇及對生態系的影響周蓮香 ; 莊子聿; 周蓮香 ; 莊子聿
3922004陽明山國家公園湖沼枝額蟲(Branchinella kugenumaensis, Ishikawa)之生活史研究周蓮香 ; 黃祥麟; 周蓮香 ; 黃祥麟
3932005陽明山國家公園湖沼枝額蟲(Branchinella kugenumaensis, Ishikawa)族群生態研究黃祥麟; 周蓮香 ; 黃祥麟; 周蓮香 
3942004非光合作用被子椊物質體基因研究徐馨怡; 胡哲明 
3952004非光合作用被子植物質體基因研究胡哲明 text
3962008風力發電的潛在生態危機-以蝙蝠?例周政翰; 鄭錫奇; 劉建男; 楊凱傑; 張育誠; 李玲玲 ; 周政翰; 鄭錫奇; 劉建男; 楊凱傑; 張育誠; 李玲玲 
3972004體型、食物資源與棲地對食蟲目尖鼠科動物群聚結構之影響李玲玲 text
3982010鯨豚保育生物學周蓮香 ; 周蓮香 learning-object
3992005鯨豚的懷孕期投資策略黃祥麟; 倪怡訓; 周蓮香 
4002007鯨豚的生殖潛能與族群永續性黃祥麟; 倪怡訓; 周蓮香 
4012005鯨豚類生活史策略之比較研究周蓮香 text
4032004鴛鴦湖生態保護區優勢植物葉營養元素比較高文媛 ; 呂淳生; 張奕淇; Kao, Wen-Yuan ; Lu, Chun-Sheng; Chang, Yih-Chitext