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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHIA-YING KO柯佳吟Life Science; Fisheries Science; Biochemical Science and Technology全球變邊生物學; 生態模式與資料分析; 生物地理學; 巨觀生態學; 地理資訊系統; 生物統計; 生態系統動態與服務
SHAN-HUA YANG楊姍樺Life Science; Fisheries Sciencemetagenomics; microbiology; aquatic microbial diversity; coral microbial ecology
TZONG-HUEI LEE李宗徽Life Science; Fisheries Science水產天然抗生素研發; 藥用真菌活性物質開發
YING-CHOU LEE李英周Life Science; Fisheries ScienceOverall fishing village community construction; Fishery resources assessment and management
YU-SAN HAN韓玉山Life Science; Fisheries ScienceFish molecular endocrinology; Fish physiology and ecology; Cell signaling transduction; Molecular biology; Aquaculture; Anti-virus drug discovery
YUNG-SONG WANG王永松Life Science; Fisheries Science水產養殖; 魚類生理及生態