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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
ANNE CHAO趙安怡 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology Intensive care; Anesthesiology Pain; Medical education
CHI-HSIANG HUANG黃啟祥 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology Cardiac Anesthesia; Pediatric Anesthesia; Medical Education; Transesophageal Echocardiography
CHIH-PENG LIN林至芃 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology Opioid induced hyperalgesia; Pain Psychology; Ultrasound guided regional anesthesia pain management and vascular access; Image guided neuroablative and neuromodulatory procedures; Cancer pain management; Mechanism of neuropathic pain and opioid tolerance; My major research interests are mechanisms and possible therapeutic approaches of neuropathic pain and morphine tolerance. Currently I am a PhD candidate of Institute of Pharmacology, National Taiwan University. In our lab, we use rat L5 spinal nerve ligation transection technique as neuropathic pain model. We use rat intrathecal catheterization to deliver morphine and induce tolerance. Recently we shift study focus to the contribution of glial activation (microglia and astroglia) on neuropathic pain and morphine tolerance. We also use primary glial culture to explore the possible signaling pathway underlying morphine or injury induced glial activation.; Pain medicine
CHUN-YU WU吳峻宇 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology 
FENG-FANG TSAI蔡奉芳 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology 
HSIAO-LIANG CHENG鄭孝良 Anesthesiology-NTUH Digital Image Processing of Cardiovascular Ultrasound; Clinical Application of Real-Time 3D Transesophageal Echocardiography
HSING-HAO HUANG黃信豪 Anesthesiology-NTUH 
HUEI-MING YEH葉惠敏 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology 
​HUI-HSUN HUANG黃慧薰 Anesthesiology-NTUH 
KUANG-CHENG CHAN詹光政 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology 
MAN-LING WANG王曼玲 Anesthesiology-NTUH 
MING-HUI HUNG洪明輝 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology-NTUHHC  Anesthesiology 
MING-JIUH WANG王明鉅 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology Cardiovascular Anesthesia; Pathophysiology of Cardiopulmonary Bypass; Patient Safety and Medical Quality Improvement; Perioperative Transesophageal Echocardiography
PEI-LIN LIN林佩玲 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology 
PO-NI HSIAO蕭柏妮 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology 
PO-YAUN SHIH石博元 Anesthesiology-NTUH 
SHOU-ZEN FAN范守仁 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology Airway Management; Anesthetic Automatic Control & Expert System; Pediatric Anesthesia & Pain Management; Anesthesia for Liver Transplantation
WEI-HAN CHOU周韋翰 Anesthesiology-NTUH 
WEI-ZEN SUN孫維仁 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Brain and Mind Sciences  Medical Device and Imaging  Oncology-NTUH  Anesthesiology  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics chronic non-malignant pain management; neuralgia; consultation for narcotic drug long term use
YA-JUNG CHENG鄭雅蓉 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology Physiology in Anesthesia; Cardiac and Thoracic Anesthesia; Anesthesia for Lung Transplantation
YI-CHIA WANG王憶嘉 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology 
YONG-PING WANG王永彬 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology 
YU-CHANG YEH葉育彰 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology Medicine; Data Science; Microcirculation; Smart Healthcare; Critical Care; Sepsis; Blood Purification; Anesthesiology
YUEH-HSUN CHUANG莊岳勳 Anesthesiology-NTUH  Anesthesiology