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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHING-YING KUO郭靜穎Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyCancer biology; Cellular metabolism; Molecular Diagnostics; DNA damage response; Clinical Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based genetic testing; Protein post-translational modification
CHUAN-LIANG KAO高全良Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyViral Pathogensis; Clinical Virology; Molecular Epidemiology Rapid viral Diagnosis
CHUNG-YI HU胡忠怡Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyMolecular Biology; Clinical Molecular Diagnostics; Clinical Hematology
HAO-CHIEH CHIU邱浩傑Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyNew Drug Discovery; Clinical Bacteriology
HSIN-CHIH LAI賴信志Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyClinical Microbiology; Biosensors Development
JAU-TSUEN KAO高照村Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical Biotechnologylipoprotein; lipoprotein lipase; Apolipoprotein; Lipid
JUI-CHING WU吳瑞菁Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyMolecular Biology; Clinical Biochemistry; Cell Biology
KANG-YI SU蘇剛毅Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyClinical Chemistry; Molecular Diagnostics; Industrial Management; Biochip; Quality Certification; Cancer Biology
LEE-JENE TENG鄧麗珍Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyClinical Bacteriology; Bacterial genetics; Antibiotic resistance in bacteria
LIANG-IN LIN林亮音Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyMy major research interests are acute myeloid leukemias regarding to genetic, epigenetic and proteomic approaches, including detecting somatic mutation and analyzing the methylation pattern of specific genes associated with myeloid malignancies, as well as determining the specific factors associated with angiogenesis. These studies can not only be of diagnostic values, but can also predict the treatment outcome. Furthermore, some of them might be useful for designation of target therapy in the near future.
SHU-WHA LIN林淑華Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyTransgenic; Hemostasis and Thrombosis; Clinical Hematology
SHWU-JEN LIAW廖淑貞Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyDetection and investigation of bacterial drug resistance; Studies of bacterial signal transduction, swarming behavior and pathogenesis; Molecular bacteriology and laboratory diagnosis; Rapid diagnosis of bacterial and fungal infections
SUI-YUAN CHANG張淑媛Laboratory Medicine-NTUH; Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyDevelopment and mechanistic study of novel antiviral compounds; Antiretroviral genetic resistance analysis of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) and its therapeutic implications; Pharmacogenetics study of efficacy and adverse effects of antiretroviral drugs; Study of Influenza virus replication in lung-derived stem cells
SUNG-LIANG YU俞松良Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyMicrobiology; Genomics; Oncology; Biotechnology Management
WOEI-HORNG FANG方偉宏Laboratory Medicine-NTUH; Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyMolecular Biology; DNA Mismatch Repair; Clinical Biochemistry
YA-CHIEN YANG楊雅倩Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyImmunology; Cancer Biology; Molecular Oncology
YA-HUI CHUANG莊雅惠Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical BiotechnologyBiotechnology; Immunology