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1201210′(Z),13′(E)-Heptadecadienylhydroquinone Inhibits Swarming and Virulence Factors and Increases Polymyxin B Susceptibility in Proteus mirabilisPO-REN HSUEH; Liu, Ming-Che; Lin, Shwu-Bin; SHWU-JEN LIAW ; Chien, Hsiung-Fei ; Wang, Won-Bo ; Yuan, Yu-Han; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Liaw, Shwu-Jen journal article86
220143,4-Dihydroxytoluene, a metabolite of rutin, inhibits inflammatory responses in lipopolysaccharide-activated macrophages by reducing the activation of NF-κB signalingKANG-YI SU ; Su, Kang-Yi ; Yu, Chao Yuan; Chen, Ya-Ping; Hua, Kuo-Feng; Chen, Yi-Lin Sophiajournal article2525
32010A 5-year longitudinal follow-up study of serological responses to 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccination among patients with HIV infection who received highly active antiretroviral therapySUI-YUAN CHANG ; SHAN-CHWEN CHANG ; CHING-YAO YANG ; CHIEN-CHING HUNG journal article3533
42002A cell line that secretes inducibly a reporter protein for monitoring herpes simplex virus infection and drug susceptibilityWang, YC; CHUAN-LIANG KAO ; Kao, CL; Liu, WT; Sun, JR; Tai, YE; Kung, SH.journal article87
52016A cinnamon-derived procyanidin compound displays anti-HIV-1 activity by blocking heparan sulfate- and co-receptor- binding sites on gp120 and reverses T cell exhaustion via impeding Tim-3 and PD-1 upregulationSUI-YUAN CHANG ; Connell, Bridgette Janine; Chang, Sui-Yuan ; Prakash, Ekambaranellore; Yousfi, Rahima; Mohan, Viswaraman; Posch, Wilfried; Wilflingseder, Doris; Moog, Christiane; Kodama, Eiichi N.; Clayette, Pascal; Lortat-Jacob, Hugues; Wu, Yuntaojournal article78
62015A clinical algorithm to identify HIV patients at high risk for incident active tuberculosis: A prospective 5-year cohort studyHSIN-YUN SUN ; Tseng, Ping-Huei; Sun, Hsin-Yun; Sun, Hsin-Yun ; Yang, Wei-Shiung; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Hsueh, Po-Ren; CHIEN-CHING HUNG ; Liu, Wen-Chun; Liu, Wen-Chun; Liou, Jyh-Ming; Lee, Yi-Chia; Su, Yi-Ching; Chang, Sui-Yuan ; Wang, Hsiu-Po; Chang, Sui-Yuan; Lin, Jaw-Town; Hung, Chien-Ching; Hung, Chien-Ching ; Wu, Ming-Shiang; Chang, Shan-Chwen; �L�F��; ���y�a; ������; ���q�B; �B�ӻ�; �d����; ���̽�journal article44
72008A community-derived outbreak of adenovirus type 3 in children in Taiwan between 2004 and 2005Chang, SY; PING-ING LEE ; SUI-YUAN CHANG ; LeeCN; Lin, PH; LUAN-YIN CHANG ; LI-MIN HUANG ; Huang, HH; CHUAN-LIANG KAO ; Chang, LY; Ko, W; Chang, SF; Lee, PI; CHANG, SUI-YUAN ; .Huang, LM; LEE, CHUN-NAN; Kao, CL; HUANG, HSUEH-HUANG; CHANG, LUAN-YIN ; CHANG, SHU- FANG; LEE, PING-ING ; HUANG, LI-MIN ; KAO, CHUAN-LIANG journal article4246
82012A cysteine-reactive alkyl hydroquinone modifies topoisomerase IIα, enhances DNA breakage, and induces apoptosis in cancer cellsYA-WEN CHANG ; CHUNG-YI HU journal article43
92015A double negative loop comprising ETV6/RUNX1 and MIR181A1 contributes to differentiation block in t(12;21)-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemiaYang, Yung-Li ; Yang, Yung-Li ; SUNG-LIANG YU ; Yen, Ching-Tzu; SHIANN-TARNG JOU ; YUNG-LI YANG ; Pai, Chen-Hsueh; CHUNG-YI HU ; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; SHU-WHA LIN ; Yu, Sung-Liang ; Lin, Chien-Yu; Hu, Chung-Yi; Jou, Shiann-Tarng ; Jou, Shiann-Tarng ; Lin, Dong-Tsamn ; Lin, Shu-Rung; Lin, Shu-Wha journal article42
101990A fatal case of viral pneumonia in a child infected with adenovirus type 3.CHUAN-LIANG KAO journal article
112010A feeder-free culture using autogeneic conditioned medium for undifferentiated growth of human embryonic stem cells: Comparative expression profiles of mRNAs, microRNAs and proteins among different feeders and conditioned mediaSUNG-LIANG YU journal article136
122007A five-gene signature and clinical outcome in non-small-cell lung cancerSUNG-LIANG YU journal article
132009A four-gene signature from NCI-60 cell line for survival prediction in non-small cell lung cancerHsu YC; SUNG-LIANG YU ; Yuan S; Chen HY; Yu SL; Liu CH; Hsu PY; Wu G; Lin CH; Chang GC; Li KC; Yang PCjournal article4039
142007A kinetic-dynamic model for regulatory RNA processingSUNG-LIANG YU journal article54
152012A Knock-In Npm1 Mutation in Mice Results in Myeloproliferation and Implies a Perturbation in Hematopoietic MicroenvironmentChou, Shiu-Huey; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; HWEI-FANG TIEN ; Ko, Bor-Sheng ; WEN-CHIEN CHOU; Chiou, Ji-Shain; Hsu, Yueh-Chwen; HSIN-AN HOU ; BOR-SHENG KO ; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; Chiu, Yu-Chiao; SHU-WHA LIN ; Yu, I-Shing; Lin, Shu-Wha ; Hou, Hsin-An ; Kuo, Yi-Yi; Lin, Hsiu-Mei; Wu, Ming-Fang; Chou, Wen-Chien; Tien, Hwei-Fang journal article1312
162018A multi-omic analysis reveals the role of fumarate in regulating the virulence of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coliHAO-CHIEH CHIU journal article14
172005A nationwide survey on epidemiological characteristics of childhood Henoch-Schönlein purpura in TaiwanBOR-LUEN CHIANG ; YU-TSAN LIN ; LI-CHIEH WANG ; YAO-HSU YANG ; YA-HUI CHUANG journal article10394
181992A new codon 31 (-C) mutant resulting in beta zero-thalassemia.LIANG-IN LIN journal article
191995A new fungal immunomodulatory protein, FIP-fve isolated from the edible mushroom, Flammulina velutipes and its complete amino acid sequenceCHUAN-LIANG KAO journal article1590
201992A novel -32 (C-A) mutant identified in amplified genomic DNA of a Chinese β-thalassemic patient [2]LIANG-IN LIN journal article
212006A novel fluorescence-based multiplex PCR assay for rapid simultaneous detection of CEBPA mutations and NPM mutations in patients with acute myeloid leukemias [8]DONG-TSAMN LIN ; HWEI-FANG TIEN ; WEN-CHIEN CHOU; JIH-LUH TANG ; LIANG-IN LIN journal article2932
222012A novel function of YWHAZ/β-catenin axis in promoting epithelial-mesenchymal transition and lung cancer metastasisSUNG-LIANG YU journal article4549
232015A novel fusidic acid resistance determinant, fusF, in Staphylococcus cohniiChen, Hsiao-Jan; PO-REN HSUEH; HAO-CHIEH CHIU ; Hung, Wei-Chun; JUI-CHANG TSAI; Lin, Yu-Tzu; Tsai, Jui-Chang; LEE-JENE TENG ; Tsai, Jui-Chang; Chiu, Hao-Chieh ; Chiu, Hao-Chieh; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Teng, Lee-Jene; Teng, Lee-Jene journal article1010
242003A novel genetic variant in the apolipoprotein A5 gene is associated with hypertriglyceridemiaJAU-TSUEN KAO ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; SHU-WHA LIN journal article139136
252004A novel mutation with Ins C (882-883) of the factor X gene in a Taiwanese Chinese factor X-deficient familySHU-WHA LIN journal article
262014A novel staphylococcal cassette chromosomal element, SCCfusC, carrying fusC and speG in fusidic acid-resistant methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureusPO-REN HSUEH; Liu, Chen-Hua ; Lin, Yu-Tzu; Lin, Yu-Tzu; Tsai, Jui-Chang; Tsai, Jui-Chang ; Liang, Cheng-Chao; JUI-CHANG TSAI ; Liu, Chun-Jen ; Chen, Hsiao-Jan; LEE-JENE TENG ; Lin, Chih-Lin; Hung, Wei-Chun; Hung, Wei-Chun; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Su, Tung-Hung ; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Teng, Lee-Jene; Yang, Hung-Chih ; Teng, Lee-Jene ; Chen, Pei-Jer ; Chen, Ding-Shinn ; Kao, Jia-Horng ; Lin, Y.-T.; Tsai, J.-C.; Chen, H.-J.; Hung, W.-C.; Hsueh, P.-R.; Teng, L.-J.; PO-REN HSUEH ; Liu, Chen-Hua ; Lin, Yu-Tzu; Lin, Yu-Tzu; Tsai, Jui-Chang; Tsai, Jui-Chang ; Liang, Cheng-Chao; JUI-CHANG TSAI ; Liu, Chun-Jen ; Chen, Hsiao-Jan; LEE-JENE TENG ; Lin, Chih-Lin; Hung, Wei-Chun; Hung, Wei-Chun; Hsueh, Po-Ren ; Su, Tung-Hung ; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Teng, Lee-Jene; Yang, Hung-Chih ; Teng, Lee-Jene ; Chen, Pei-Jer ; Chen, Ding-Shinn ; Kao, Jia-Horng; 劉振驊 ; 高嘉宏 ; 楊宏志 ; 蘇東弘 ; 劉俊人 ; 陳培哲 journal article1513
272016A novel thromboxane receptor antagonist, nstpbp5185, inhibits platelet aggregation and thrombus formation in animal modelsYUFENG JANE TSENG ; SHU-WHA LIN journal article87
281994A rapid method for determination of susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to isoniazid, using acridinium-ester-labeled DNA probe.LEE-JENE TENG journal article
292015A Single Mirna-Mrna Interaction Affects The Immune Response In A Context- And Cell-Type-Specific MannerSHU-WHA LIN ; Lu, Li-Fan; Gasteiger, Georg; Yu, I-Shing; Chaudhry, Ashutosh; Hsin, Jing-Ping; Lu, Yuheng; Bos, Paula D.; Lin, Ling-Li; Lin, Ling-Li; Zawislak, Carolyn L.; Zawislak, Carolyn L.; Cho, Sunglim; Sun, Joseph C.; Leslie, Christina S.; Lin, Shu-Wha ; Lin, Shu-Wha ; Rudensky, Alexander Y.journal article7982
302006A two-stage design for multiple testing in large-scale association studiesJAU-TSUEN KAO ; CHUHSING KATE HSIAO journal article78
312016AAV-IL-22 modifies liver chemokine activity and ameliorates portal inflammation in murine autoimmune cholangitisYA-HUI CHUANG ; Hsueh, Yu-Hsin; Chang, Yun-Ning; Loh, Chia -En; Gershwin, M. Eric; Chuang, Ya-Hui journal article2221
322015Aberrant expression of annexin A10 is closely related to gastric phenotype in serrated pathway to colorectal carcinomaTsai, Jia-Huei; LI-HUI TSENG ; Tsai, Jia-Huei; YUNG-MING JENG; Lin, Yu-Lin ; Lin, Yu-Lin; Chen, Yi-Chen; LIANG-IN LIN ; Chen, Yi-Chen; JAU-YU LIAU; Chen, Chien-Chuan; Lin, Liang-In ; YU-LIN LIN ; Lin, Liang-In; Tseng, Li-Hui ; Tseng, Li-Hui; Cheng, Mei-Ling; Liau, Jau-Yu; Liau, Jau-Yu; Jeng, Yung-Ming; Jeng, Yung-Ming; ���إ� journal article1715
332012Absence of biallelic TCRγ deletion predicts induction failure and poorer outcomes in childhood T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemiaDONG-TSAMN LIN ; SHIANN-TARNG JOU ; SUNG-LIANG YU ; HSIU-HAO CHANG ; YUNG-LI YANG ; KAI-HSIN LIN ; MENG-YAO LU ; SHU-WHA LIN journal article98
342018Accurate differentiation of novel Staphylococcus argenteus from Staphylococcus aureus using MALDI-TOF MSSHEY-YING CHEN; Lee, Hao; Teng, Shih Hua; Wang, Xiao Mei; Lee, Tai Fen; Huang, Yu Chung; Liao, Chun Hsing; LEE-JENE TENG ; PO-REN HSUEHjournal article43
352006Acquisition of JAK2, PTPN11, and RAS mutations during disease progression in primary myelodysplastic syndrome [1]Weng, Meng-Tzu; Chen, CY; DONG-TSAMN LIN ; Lin, LI; Tung, Tzu-Hsun; HWEI-FANG TIEN ; Tang, JL; HSIU-HAO CHANG ; Lee, Jih-Hsiang; Wei, Shu-Chen; Tsay, W; KAI-HSIN LIN ; JIH-LUH TANG ; Chang, HH; Lin, Hang-Li; Huang, Yu-Jung; Yeh, YC; BOR-SHENG KO ; Huang, CF; Wong, Jau-Min; LIANG-IN LIN ; Luo, Ji; MING YAO ; Chiou, RJ; Sheu, Jin-Chuan; Yao, M; Ko, BS; 翁昭旼; Chen, YC; 魏淑?; 李日翔; Lin, KH; Lin, DT; 許金川; Tien, HF.journal article3131
361988Acute lymphoblastic leukemia with expression of myeloid antigensYA-CHIEN YANG journal article
372009Acute myeloid leukemia bearing t(7;11)(p15;p15) is a distinct cytogenetic entity with poor outcome and a distinct mutation profile: Comparative analysis of 493 adult patientsLee, Jen-Chieh; HWEI-FANG TIEN ; WEN-CHIEN CHOU; Lu, Tzu-Pin ; Changou, Chun A.; HSIN-AN HOU ; JIH-LUH TANG ; Liang, Cher-Wei; BOR-SHENG KO ; Huang, Hsien-Neng; Lauria, Alexandra; LIANG-IN LIN ; SHANG-YI HUANG ; Huang, Hsuan-Ying; Lin, Chin-Yao; MING YAO ; Chiang, Ying-Cheng; Davidson, Ben; Lin, Ming-Chieh; Kuo, Kuan-Ting; CHOU, WEN-CHIEN; CHEN, CHIEN-YUAN; HOU, HSIN-AN; LIN, LIANG-IN; TANG, JIH-LUH; YAO, MING; TSAY, WOEI; KO, BO-SHENG; WU, SHANG-JU; HUANG, SHANG-YI; HSU, SZU-CHUN; CHEN, YAO-CHANG; TIEN, HWEI-FANG; ?c?l?l ; ???a??; ?L???N; ?????; ??????; ?????; ?d?|?? journal article4037
382004Adenovirus expressing Fas ligand gene decreases airway hyper-responsiveness and eosinophilia in a murine model of asthmaBOR-LUEN CHIANG ; YA-HUI CHUANG journal article2526
392006Adenovirus expressing interleukin-1 receptor antagonist alleviates allergic airway inflammation in a murine model of asthmaBOR-LUEN CHIANG ; LI-CHIEH WANG ; YAO-HSU YANG ; YA-HUI CHUANG journal article4442
402008Adoptive transfer of CD8+ T cells from transforming growth factor beta receptor type II (dominant negative form) induces autoimmune cholangitis in miceYA-HUI CHUANG ; Yang, Guo-Xiang; Lian, Zhe-Xiong; Chuang, Ya-Hui ; Moritoki, Yuki; Lan, Ruth Y.; Wakabayashi, Kanji; Ansari, Aftab A.; Flavell, Richard A.; Ridgway, William M.; Coppel, Ross L.; Tsuneyama, Koichi; Mackay, Ian R.; Gershwin, M. Ericjournal article7873
411996Adult primary IgA nephropathy and common viral infectionsCHUAN-LIANG KAO ; KUAN-YU HUNG ; WAN-YU CHEN journal article54
422017Adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma presenting as multiple necrotic ulcersYA-CHIEN YANG ; CHIA-YU CHU; MING YAO journal article00
431994Allelotype and loss of heterozygosity of p53 in primary and recurrent hepatocellular carcinomas. A study of 150 patientsLIANG-IN LIN ; DING-SHINN CHEN journal article00
441994Allelotype and loss of heterozygosity of p53 in primary and recurrent hepatocellular carcinomas: A study of 150 patientsJIN-CHUAN SHEU ; LIANG-IN LIN journal article0
452016Alteration of colonic epithelial cell differentiation in mice deficient for glucosaminyl N-deacetylase/N-sulfotransferase 4YA-CHIEN YANG ; Jao, Tzu-Ming; SHU-WHA LIN ; Li, Ya-Lin; Lin, Shu-Wha ; Tzeng, Sheng-Tai; Yu, I-Shing; Yen, Sou-Jhy; Tsai, Ming-Hong; Yang, Ya-Chienjournal article44
462007AMA production in primary biliary cirrhosis is promoted by the TLR9 ligand CpG and suppressed by potassium channel blockersYA-HUI CHUANG journal article6256
472011Amebiasis among persons who sought voluntary counseling and testing for human immunodeficiency virus infection: A case-control studySUI-YUAN CHANG ; SHAN-CHWEN CHANG ; HSIN-YUN SUN ; CHIEN-CHING HUNG journal article1917
482012Amebiasis deaths in the United StatesSUI-YUAN CHANG ; CHIEN-CHING HUNG journal article00
492009AML1/RUNX1 mutations in 470 adult patients with de novo acute myeloid leukemia: Prognostic implication and interaction with other gene alterationsHWEI-FANG TIEN ; WEN-CHIEN CHOU; HSIN-AN HOU ; BOR-SHENG KO ; JIH-LUH TANG ; LIANG-IN LIN ; SHANG-YI HUANG ; MING YAO journal article208200
501993An alkylation-tolerant, mutator human cell line is deficient in strand-specific mismatch repairWOEI-HORNG FANG journal article
512014An arginine-rich motif of ring finger protein 4 (RNF4) oversees the recruitment and degradation of the phosphorylated and SUMOylated Krüppel-associated box domain-associated protein 1 (KAP1)/TRIM28 protein during genotoxic stressCHING-YING KUO journal article2523
522012An efficient, mild and scalable synthesis of bioactive compounds containing the angelicin scaffoldSUI-YUAN CHANG journal article34
532015An exploratory analysis of the relationship between cardiometabolic risk factors and cognitive/academic performance among adolescentsCHUNG-YI HU ; Chen, Chi-Ling; Yeh, Ting-Kuang; Yang, Wei-Shiung; Cho, Ying-Chun; Yeh, Ting-Chi; Yang, Hwai-I; Chen, Chuen-Fei; Hu, Chung-Yi; Lee, Li-Ching; You, San-Lin; Wang, Li-Yu; Chang, Chun-Yen ; Lu, Sheng-Nan; Liu, Chun-Jen; Kao, Jia-Horng; Chen, Pei-Jer; Chen, Ding-Shinn; Chen, Chien-Jen; 陳定信; 陳建仁; 高嘉宏; 劉俊人; 楊偉勛; 陳培哲; 陳祈玲journal article32
542004An External Loop Region of Domain III of Dengue Virus Type 2 Envelope Protein Is Involved in Serotype-Specific Binding to Mosquito but Not Mammalian CellsHung, Jan-Jong; CHUAN-LIANG KAO ; Yuan, Quan; Hung, JJ; Hsieh, MT; Hsieh, Meng-Ti; Song, Liu-Wei; Young, Ming-Jer; Liu, Chun-Jen; Young, MJ; Li, Zhuo; Kao, Chuan-Liang ; Kao, CL; King, CC; King, Chwan-Chuen; Liu, Ping-Guo; Chang, Wen; Huang, Cheng-Hao; Chang, W.; Yan, Yan; Ge, Sheng-Xiang; Wang, Ying-Bin; Peng, Cheng-Yuan; Zhang, Jun; Kao, Jia-Horng; Chen, Ding-Shinn; Chen, Pei-Jer; Xia, Ning-Shao; 陳定信; 高嘉宏; 劉俊人; 陳培哲journal article167164
552010An Outbreak of Coxsackievirus A16 Infection: Comparison With Other Enteroviruses in a Preschool in TaipeiLUAN-YIN CHANG ; LI-MIN HUANG ; CHUAN-LIANG KAO journal article2821
562011An uncommon case of HIV-1 transmission due to a knife fightSUI-YUAN CHANG journal article11
571993Analysis of a DNA polymorphic region in the gtfB and gtfC genes of Streptococcus mutansSHU-WHA LIN journal article
581992Analysis of hemoglobin gamma chain in patients with Cooley's anemia in Taiwan.LIANG-IN LIN journal article
591999Analysis of the steps involved in dengue virus entry into host cellsCHUAN-LIANG KAO journal article151153
602008Animal Models of Primary Biliary CirrhosisYA-HUI CHUANG journal article3332
612013Anti-Francisella agents(US patent: US8580827 )HAO-CHIEH CHIU patent
622013Anti-Francisella agents(US patent: US8580827) Hao-Chieh Chiu, Ching-Shih Chen, Samuel Kulp, John S. Gunn, Larry S. SchlesingerHAO-CHIEH CHIU patent
632008Anti-HSV activity of digitoxin and its possible mechanismsSUI-YUAN CHANG ; Su, CT; Hsu, JT; CHUAN-LIANG KAO ; Hsieh, HP; Lin, PH; Chen, TC; Kao, CL; Lee, CN; Chang, SY; SU, CHUN-TING; HSU, JOHN TSU-AN; HSIEH, HSING-PANG; CHEN, TING-CHI; KAO, CHUAN-LIANG ; LEE, CHUN-NAN; CHANG, SUI-YUAN journal article4238
642011Anti-infective agents against intracellular pathogens(US patent: US8039502)HAO-CHIEH CHIU patent
652011Anti-infective agents against intracellular pathogens(US patent: US8039502) Hao-Chieh Chiu, Ching-Shih Chen, Dasheng Wang, John S. Gunn, Larry S. SchlesingerHAO-CHIEH CHIU patent
662004Anti-Invasive Gene Expression Profile of Curcumin in Lung Adenocarcinoma Based on a High Throughput Microarray AnalysisChen, HW; SUNG-LIANG YU ; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yu, SL; WEN-JONE CHEN; Chen, JJW; Li, HN; Lin, YC; Yao, PL; Chou, HY; Chien, CT; Chen, WJ; Lee, YT; Yang, PC.journal article9593
672006Anti-mitochondrial antibodies and primary biliary cirrhosis in TGF-βreceptor II dominant-negative miceYA-HUI CHUANG journal article
682008Anti-SSB/La antibody is negatively associated with HLA-DR2 in chronic hepatitis C infectionWu, Chien-Sheng; CHUNG-YI HU ; PING-NING HSU journal article77
692015Anti-staphylococcal celecoxib derivatives(US patent: US9079899)HAO-CHIEH CHIU patent
702015Anti-staphylococcal celecoxib derivatives(US patent: US9079899) Hao-Chieh Chiu, Ching-Shih Chen, Samuel Kulp, Dasheng WangHAO-CHIEH CHIU patent
711988Antibiogram, biotyping and plasmid profile analysis of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus var. anitratusLEE-JENE TENG journal article
722008Antibodies to envelope glycoprotein of dengue virus during the natural course of infection are predominantly cross-reactive and recognize epitopes containing highly conserved residues at the fusion loop of domain IILai, Chih-Yun; CHUAN-LIANG KAO ; Lai, CY; Tsai, WY; Tsai, Wen-Yang; Lin, SR; Lin, Su-Ru; Kao, CL; Kao, Chuan-Liang ; Hu, HP; Hu, Hsien-Ping; King, Chwan-Chuen; King, CC; Wu, Han-Chung; Wu, HC; Chang, Gwong-Jen; Chang, GJ; Wang, Wei-Kung; Wang, WK.; LAI, CHIH-YUN; TSAI, WEN-YANG; LIN, SU-RU; KAO, CHUAN-LIANG ; HU, HSIEN-PING; KING, CHWAN-CHUEN; WU, HAN-CHUNG; CHANG, GWONG-JEN; WANG, WEI-KUNGjournal article178176
731986Antibody responses of rubella virus vaccine (RA 27/3) in young womenCHUAN-LIANG KAO journal article
742008Anticancer activity of botanical alkyl hydroquinones attributed to topoisomerase II poisoningLiao, Hua-Yang; WOEI-HORNG FANG ; Huang, Cheng-Po; LIANG-IN LIN ; Chen, Jung-Hsuan; Fang, Woei-Horng ; Lin, Liang-In ; Shyue, Jing-Jong; Chiou, Robin Y; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Chen, Huei-Wen ; Kan, Lou-Sing; Liao, Su-Wei; Chi, Nai-Hui; Hong, Chih-Kang; Chen, Yun-Ru; Lin, Tin-Yu; Chen, Pai-Shan ; HUANG, CHENG-PO; Lin, Shwu-Bin; 陳惠文 ; 陳珮珊 ; FANG, WOEI-HORNG ; 孫家棟 ; LIN, LIANG-IN ; CHIOU, ROBIN Y. Y.; KAN, LOU-SING; CHI, NAI-HUI; CHEN, YUN-RU; LIN, SHWU-BINjournal article1311
752005Antifungal susceptibilities of clinical isolates of Candida species, Cryptococcus neoformans, and Aspergillus species from Taiwan: Surveillance of Multicenter Antimicrobial Resistance in Taiwan program data from 2003PO-REN HSUEH; LEE-JENE TENG journal article8170
761997Antigenicity of a synthetic peptide from glucosyltransferases of Streptococcus mutans in humansSHU-WHA LIN journal article
772002Antimicrobial susceptibilities among clinical isolates of extended-spectrum cephalosporin-resistant Gram-negative bacteria in a Taiwanese university hospitalLEE-JENE TENG journal article
781999Antimicrobial susceptibilities of clinical isolates of vancomycin- resistant enterococci in TaiwanLEE-JENE TENG journal article
792011Antimicrobial susceptibilities of commonly encountered bacterial isolates to fosfomycin determined by agar dilution and disk diffusion methodsCheng, Wern-Cherng; PO-REN HSUEH; LEE-JENE TENG ; LU, CHING-LAN; LIU, CHIA-YING; HUANG, YU-TSUNG; LIAO, CHUN-HSIN; TENG, LEE-JENE ; HSUEH, PO-RENjournal article5653
801998Antimicrobial susceptibility of viridans group streptococci in Taiwan with an emphasis on the high rates of resistance to penicillin and macrolides in Streptococcus oralisPO-REN HSUEH; LEE-JENE TENG journal article9994
811998Antimicrobial susceptibility testing for Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates resistant to extended-spectrum β-lactam antibioticsLEE-JENE TENG journal article
822011Antitumor agents 283. Further elaboration of Desmosdumotin C analogs as potent antitumor agents: Activation of spindle assembly checkpoint as possible mode of actionSUNG-LIANG YU ; 楊泮池 ; Nakagawa-Goto, Kyoko; Wu, Pei-Chi; Bastow, Kenneth F.; Yang, Shuenn-Chen; Yu, Sung-Liang ; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; Lin, Jau-Chen; Goto, Masuo; Morris-Natschke, Susan L.; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Lee, Kuo-Hsiungjournal article1815
832016Antiviral activities of niclosamide and nitazoxanide against chikungunya virus entry and transmissionLIANG-IN LIN journal article2827
842008APOA1/C3/A5 haplotype and risk of hypertriglyceridemia in TaiwaneseWOEI-HORNG FANG ; Chien, Kuo-Liong ; Fang, Woei-Horng ; JAU-TSUEN KAO ; Fang, Woei-Horng ; Wen, Hui-Chin; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; Wen, Hui-Chin; Lin, Hsing-Pei; SHU-WHA LIN ; Lin, Yen-Lin; Lin, Yen-Lin; Lin, Shu-Wha ; Lin, Shu-Wha ; Wu, June-Hsieh; Wu, June-Hsieh; Kao, Jau-Tsuen journal article3129
851996Apolipoprotein B 3′ hypervariable repeat genotype: Association with plasma lipid concentration, coronary artery disease, and other restriction fragment polymorphismsJAU-TSUEN KAO journal article
862003Apolipoprotein ε2/3 genotype and type III hyperlipoproteinemia among TaiwaneseJAU-TSUEN KAO journal article65
872016Applicability of an in-house saponin-based extraction method in bruker biotyper matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry system for identification of bacterial and fungal species in positively flagged blood culturesPO-REN HSUEH; Chien, Jung-Yien ; JUNG-YIEN CHIEN ; Lee, Tai-Fen; Lee, Tai-Fen; LEE-JENE TENG ; Du, Shin-Hei; Du, Shin-Hei; Teng, Shih-Hua; Liao, Chun-Hsing; Liao, Chun-Hsing; Sheng, Wang-Hui; Sheng, Wang-Hui; Teng, Lee-Jene; Teng, Lee-Jene ; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Hsueh, Po-Ren; ������ journal article46
882018Application of single nucleotide extension and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry in proofreading and DNA repair assayYA-CHIEN YANG ; WOEI-HORNG FANG ; KANG-YI SU ; LIANG-IN LIN journal article33
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