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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
BIH-SHYA GAU高碧霞 Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing  School of Nursing Quality of Life in children and caregivers.; Children with Chronic Conditions.; ESP, Asthma & Cancer.; Family and Child Nursing.
CHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN陳佳慧 School of Nursing Delirium; Acute Care for the Elderly; Dysphagia; Randomized Controlled Trial; Functional Recovery
CHIA-CHUN TANG唐嘉君 Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing  School of Nursing Psycho-oncology; Palliative Care; Symptom Management; Health Communication
CHIA-YI WU吳佳儀 Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing  School of Nursing Help-seeking behavior; Psychiatric Nursing; Nursing Research; Community Mental Health; Depression and suicide risk assessment; Suicide prevention; Social support and social relationships
FEI-HSIU HSIAO蕭妃秀 School of Nursing Psycho-oncology; Psychoneuroendocrinology; Cancer care; Psychosomatic medicine; Body-Mind-Spirit with Mindfulness psychotherapy; Depression care in community
GUEY-SHIUN HUANG黃貴薰 School of Nursing Gynecology Nursing; Gastrointestinal Nursing; Medical-surgical Nursing; Orthopaedic Nursing
HAO-YUAN CHANG張皓媛 Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing  School of Nursing Pain Management; Maternal-Child Nursing; Women Health; Lactation Consultant
HSIAO-LING YANG楊曉玲 Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing  School of Nursing Transitional care; Nursing education; Care of patient with congenital heart disease; Psychometrics; Quality of life
HUNG-HUI CHEN陳竑卉 School of Nursing Women and child health; Mental health; Community health nursing; Immigrant's health
JUDITH SHU-CHU SHIAO蕭淑銖 School of Nursing Health Promotion; Occupational Health Nursing; Community Epidemiology; Community Health Nursing
JUNG-CHEN CHANG張榮珍 School of Nursing Mental diseases and comorbidity; Child and adolescent mental health; Truma and Suicide; Aborigines Health
LIAN-HUA HUANG黃璉華 School of Nursing 
MEEI-FANG LOU羅美芳 Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing  School of Nursing Neurological Nursing; Rehabilitation Nursing; Geriatric Nursing
NIEN-TZU CHANG張念慈 Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing  School of Nursing Gerontological Epidemiology; Chronic Disease Management; Long-term Care; Community Health Nursing
PIAO-YI CHIOU邱飄逸 School of Nursing Adult care; Innovation of care aid; HIV prevention and AIDS Care
PO-JUI YU于博芮 School of Nursing 
SHAO-YU TSAI蔡劭瑜 School of Nursing Sleep in Women and Children; Pediatric Nursing
SHING-CHIA CHEN陳杏佳 Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing  School of Nursing Psychiatric Nursing; Mental Health
SHIOW-RU CHANG張秀如 School of Nursing Urinary Incontinence.; Maternal-Newborn Nursing.; Women's Health .; Sexual Health.
WEI-SHAN CHIN秦唯珊 School of Nursing Environmental epidemiology; Occupational health nursing; Occupational injury; Environmental health; Community health nursing; Occupational mental health
WEI-WEN WU吳維紋 School of Nursing Assessment and management of resilience, care needs, symptom distress, physical activity, nutritional status, and body composition in children and adolescents with cancer
WEN-YU HU胡文郁 Nursing-NTUH  Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing  School of Nursing Chronic Illness Nursing; Oncology Nursing; Palliative Nursing; Health Behavior
YA-CHING WANG王雅青 Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing  School of Nursing LGBT Health; Health Promotion; Oncology Nursing; Culturally Competent Care; Health Behavior
YA-LING YANG楊雅玲 Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing  School of Nursing Perinatal Nursing; Newborn and premature baby Care; Women Health
YEN-CHUN LIN林艷君 School of Nursing 
YEUR-HUR LAI賴裕和 School of Nursing Cancer Patient Exercise; Psycho-oncology; Cognitive Behavior Therapy; Quality of Life Research; Cancer Care; Cancer Survivoship Care; Pain Control; Symptom Management; Chronic illness care
YU-TZU DAI戴玉慈 School of Nursing Neuroscience Nursing.; Long term Care.; ​Gerontological Nursing.; Rehabillitation Nursing.
YUN-HSIANG LEE李芸湘 School of Nursing Caring for Family Caregivers; Oncology Care; Psycho-Oncology; Adult Nursing