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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHAU-CHUNG WU吳造中 Internal Medicine-NTUH  Medical Education and Bioethics Cardiac Ultrasound; Medical Engineering; Medical Education; Cardiology; Nanomedicine
CHIH-WEI YANG楊志偉 Medical Education-NTUH  Medical Education and Bioethics Medical Simulation; Emergency Medicine; Inter-Professional Education; Medical Education
DANIEL FU-CHANG TSAI蔡甫昌 Medical Device and Imaging  Clinical Medicine  Family Medicine  Medical Education and Bioethics  Medical Research Community Medicine; Research Ethics; Clinical Ethics; Bioethics; Family Medicine
HONG-YUAN HSU許宏遠 Pediatrics-NTUH  Medical Education and Bioethics Pediatric Gastroenterology; Pediatric Hepatobiliary; Medical Education
HUEY-LING CHEN陳慧玲 Pediatrics  Pediatrics-NTUH  Medical Education and Bioethics Pediatrics; Treatment and Prevention of Hepatitis; Medical Education
KEVIN CHIEN-CHANG WU吳建昌 Interdisciplinary Legal Studies  Brain and Mind Sciences  Psychiatry-NTUH  Medical Education and Bioethics  Health Policy and Management Pharmaceutical policy; Neuroethics and neurolaw; Bioethics (including medical ethics); Public health ethics and law; Science and technology ethics; Health care law and policy
SHAN-CHWEN CHANG張上淳 Internal Medicine-NTUH  Medical Education and Bioethics  Internal Medicine  Office of the Vice President  Clinical Pharmacy Antibiotic usage and Antimicrobial Resistance; Molecular Epidemiology; Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology; New Emerging Infectious Diseases
TSUNG-FU CHEN陳聰富 Law  Medical Education and Bioethics Anglo-American Tort; Comparative Contract Law; Medical Law; General Principles of Taiwan Civil Code, Law of Obligations (including contract law, tort law, and unjust enrichment) of Taiwan Civil Code
TZONG-SHINN CHU朱宗信 Internal Medicine-NTUH  Medical Education and Bioethics  Internal Medicine Nephrology; Medical education
YEN-LIN CHIU邱晏麟 Medical Education and Bioethics Digital Learning; Epistemology; Medical Education; Training and Development
YEN-YUAN CHEN陳彥元 Medical Education-NTUH  Medical Education and Bioethics Medicine and Media; Ethics in Critical Care; Educational Assessment; Do-not-resuscitate/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation; End-of-life Decision-making
YU-CHUN CHIU邱郁淳 Pediatrics  Medical Education-NTUH  Pediatrics-NTUH  Medical Education and Bioethics Faculty Development; Medical Education; Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition