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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
ANNIE CHI-AN CHENG程吉安 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Single Molecule Array Technology; Nanomedicine; Disease Diagnostics
CHAO-WU YU余兆武 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Medicinal Chemistry; New drug development; Organic Chemistry
CHI-CHUAN WANG王繼娟 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Pharmacoepidemiology; Database Research; Pharmaceutical Policy Evaluation; Pharmacoeconomics; Outcomes Research
CHIA-CHUAN CHANG張嘉銓 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Development of Natural and Synthetic Drugs; Metabolism of Carbohydrates by Gut Microbiota; Pharmacognosy; Sequencing of Carbohydrates
CHIA-RON YANG楊家榮 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Signal transduction study; Neurodegenerative disease/anti-cancer/anti-inflammatory disease drug development
CHIEN-CHIH WU吳建志 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy  Pharmacy-NTUH Adverse Drug Reaction; Critical care; Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
CHIH-FEN HUANG黃織芬 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy  Pharmacy-NTUH Pharmacy Administration; Clinical Pharmacy; Molecular Biology of the Cancer
CHIH-HSUN TAI戴志勳 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy  Pharmacy-NTUH Antimicrobial Stewardship; Critical Care
CHING-HUA KUO郭錦樺 Pharmacy  Drug Research Center  School of Pharmacy Metabolomics; Pharmaceutical Analysis
CHUN-JUNG LIN林君榮 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics; Neurodegenerative diseases; Membrane Transporters
FAN-LU KUNG孔繁璐 Pharmacy  Brain and Mind Sciences  School of Pharmacy Protein Chemistry; Biochemistry
FANG-JU LIN林芳如 Clinical Pharmacy  Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Pharmacoepidemiology; Patient-reported Outcomes Research; Health Service Research; Pharmacoeconomics
FE-LIN LIN WU林慧玲 Clinical Pharmacy  Pharmacy Drug Safety; Pharmaceutical Care; Transplantation Pharmacotherapy; Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
FEI-YUAN HSIAO蕭斐元 Clinical Pharmacy  Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Pharmacoepidemiology; Pharmacoeconomics; Health services research
JIH-HWA GUH顧記華 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Pharmacological evaluation of anticancer activity of chemically synthetic compounds and natural products; Development of anticancer drugs
LI-JIUAN SHEN沈麗娟 Clinical Pharmacy  Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy; Health medical database analysis; Protein drug delivery; Pharmacogenomics
LIH-CHING HSU許麗卿 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Cancer biology; Molecular and cell biology; Molecular pharmacology; Biopharmaceutical sciences
LIN-CHAU CHANG張琳巧 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Pharmaceutics; Regulatory science; Pharmaceutical analysis
LING-WEI HSIN忻凌偉 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Organic synthesis; Medicinal chemistry; Drug design; Drug discovery; Pharmaceutical analysis
PI-HUI LIANG梁碧惠 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Medicinal Chemistry; Adjuvant and Vaccines; Organic chemistry; Synthetic chemistry; Design and Synthesis New Drugs; Biological assay development
SHIN-YI LIN林欣儀 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy  Pharmacy-NTUH Clinical Pharmacy
SHOEI-SHENG LEE李水盛 Pharmacy Diabetes and the complication.; Alzheimer disease.; Arrhythnia and myocardia infarction.; Cancers.; Serum pharmaceutical of natural products.
SHU-WEN LIN林淑文 Clinical Pharmacy  Pharmacy  Pharmacy-NTUCC  School of Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy; Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Antibiotics
WAN-TSENG HSU徐莞曾 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Immunology; Clinical pharmacy; Stem cell translational research; Cardiology
WEI-REN KE柯威任 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Pulmonary Drug Delivery; Inhaler Devices; Aerosol Formulations
WEN-JEN LIN林文貞 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical dosage form design; Stability; Pharmacokinetics; Nanomedicine
YEN-HUI CHEN陳燕惠 Clinical Pharmacy  Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Pharmaogenomics; Pharmacotherapy; Molecular pharmacology
YU-JU TSENG曾郁茹 Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy  Pharmacy-NTUH Clinical Pharmacy; Critical Care
YUFENG JANE TSENG曾宇鳳 Pharmacy  Neurobiology and Cognitive Science Center  Genome and Systems Biology Degree Program  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics Toxicology; Cheminformatics; Health Informatics; Bioinformatics; Computational Chemistry
YUNN-FANG HO何藴芳 Clinical Pharmacy  Pharmacy  School of Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy; Pharmacy Education; Pharmacometrics (PBPK, PPK); Pharmacy Practice