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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
ANG YUAN袁昂 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Critical Care Medicine; Emergency medicine; Thoracic Medicine
CHENG-CHUNG FANG方震中 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Mass spectrometry analysis; Health care quality; Substance abuse; Acute intoxication
CHIA-MING FU伏家明 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency medicine
CHIEN-CHANG LEE李建璋 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Pharmacoepidemiology; Sepsis; Biomarker Research; Artificial Intelligence for risk prediction; Meta-analysis; Rapid molecular diagnosis of microbiology
CHIEN-HAO LIN林鍵皓 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Critical Care Medicine; Emergency medicine; Disaster Medicine; Emergency Medical Service
CHIEN-HUA HUANG黃建華 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Cardiovascular emergency; Cardiopulmonary resuscitation; Acute heart failure
CHIH-HUNG WANG王志宏 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine; Resuscitation Medicine
CHU-LIN TSAI蔡居霖 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Dr. Tsai's research interests focus on clinical epidemiology and patient outcomes in emergency medicine, particularly in-hospital cardiac arrest and respiratory emergencies. He also is interested in big-data research to predict rare but clinically important events. He has been the PI of the government-funded studies and publishes prolifically in these areas.
EDWARD PEI-CHUAN HUANG黃沛銓 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  NTU Hsin-Chu Hospital  Emergency Medicine  NTU BioMedical Park Hospital Teamwork in Resuscitation; Resuscitation Medicine; Emergency medicine
FUH-YUAN SHIH石富元 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine; General Internal Medicine; Critical Care Medicine; Disaster Medicine; Biomedical Statistics
HUI-CHIH WANG王暉智 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine; Medical Legal; Resuscitation
JR-JIUN LIN林芷君 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Critical Care Medicine; Resuscitation Medicine; Emergency medicine; Disaster Medicine; Infectious Diseases
MATTHEW HUEI-MING MA馬惠明 National Taiwan University Hospital Yun-Lin Branch  Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency Medical Services System; Cardiovascular Medicine
MIN-SHAN TSAI蔡旼珊 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine; Cardiac arrest; Internal Medicince; Hypothermia
MING-JU HSIEH謝明儒 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine; Critical Care Medicine
MING-TAI CHENG鄭銘泰 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine; Disaster Medicine; Emergency Medical Services
PATRICK CHOW-IN KO柯昭穎 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Resuscitation Medicine; Prehospital Critical Care Medicine; Disaster Medicine; Emergency Medical Services
SHEY-YING CHEN陳世英 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine; Prediction model; Infectious Diseases; Antimicrobial resistance; Bacteremia; Staphylococcus aureus; Infection control
SHYR-CHYR CHEN陳石池 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Acute Abdomen; Emergency Medicine; General Surgey; Traumatology
TSUNG-CHIEN LU呂宗謙 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine; Medical Informatics; Public Health Informatics
TZUNG-HSIN CHOU周宗欣 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency medicine; General Surgery
WAN-CHING LIEN連琬菁 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency ultrasound; Emergency medicine; Epidemiology; point-of-care ultrasound
WEI-TIEN CHANG張維典 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine; Critical Care Medicine; Resuscitation Medicine; Cardiology and Cardiovascular Emergency
WEN-CHU CHIANG江文莒 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation; Teamwork in Resuscitation; Trauma Registry Study; Clinical Trial; Prehospital Basic Life Support; Prehospital Advanced Life Support; Emergency Medical Service
WEN-JONE CHEN陳文鍾 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine; Critical Care Medicine; Internal Medicine; Cardiology
WEN-PIN TSENG曾文斌 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Critical Care Medicine; Emergency medicine
YEN-PIN CHEN陳彥斌 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine 
ZUI-SHEN YEN顏瑞昇 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine; Clinical Epidemiology; Internal Medicine; Evidence-Based Medicine; Medical Economy