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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHIA-TER CHAO趙家德 Internal Medicine-NTUHBH  Internal Medicine  Internal Medicine-NTUH Major field:Geriatrics and Gerontology, Acute kidney injury, Vascular Calcification, Hemodialysis; Minor field:Acute kidney injury, Geriatric syndrome, Frailty, Epidemiology
CHIH-HUNG LIN林志弘 Internal Medicine-NTUHBH  Internal Medicine-NTUH Infectious Diseases; Diabetes
CHIUNG-YING HUANG黃瓊瑩 Internal Medicine  Internal Medicine-NTUHBH Nephrology; Internal Medicine
HUEY-PEIR WU吳惠培 Internal Medicine-NTUHBH  Internal Medicine-NTUH Infectious Diseases; Diabetes
HUNG-JU LIN林鴻儒 Internal Medicine  Internal Medicine-NTUHBH Cardiac ultrasound; Cardiovascular epidemiology; Carotid Duplex Ultrasound
MING-CHIH HO何明志 Surgery-NTUHBH  Surgery-NTUH  Surgery Liver functional image and Medical Ultrasound; Surgical Oncology; Liver transplantation; Hepatobiliary Surgery
PO-CHENG HSU徐伯誠 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation-NTUHBH 
SHOA-YU CHI紀劭禹 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation-NTUHBH 
SHUO-MENG WANG王碩盟 Urology  Urology-NTUHHC  Urology-NTUH  Urology-NTUHBH General urology; Urologic laparoscopic surgery; Renal transplantation
TZY-HAW WU吳茲皓 Internal Medicine-NTUHBH  Internal Medicine-NTUH Neurology; Internal Medicine
WEI-TING WU吳威廷 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation-NTUHBH 
WEN-CHUN CHANG張文君 Obstetrics & Gynecology-NTUH  Obstetrics&Gynecology-NTUHBH  Obstetrics & Gynecology Laparoscopic Surgery; Gynecologic Oncology
YUAN-JU LEE李苑如 Urology-NTUH  Urology-NTUHBH Laparoscopy; Lithangiuria; Urology