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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHI-SHIN TSENG曾啟新 Urology-NTUH  Surgical Oncology-NTUCC  Urology-NTUHJS Reconstructive Urology; Pediatric Urology; Urological Oncology; Urology
CHUN-CHIEH WANG王俊傑 Surgical Oncology-NTUCC Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar degenerative diseases; Spinal endoscope; Minimally invasive spine; Spinal revision; orrection of lateral curvature
HSIEN-CHI LIAO廖先啟 Surgery  Surgery-NTUH  Surgical Oncology-NTUCC  Traumatology-NTUH Lung Cancer; Critical and Intensive Care; Thoracic Traumatology; Thoracic Surgery
HSIN-LIN CHEN陳欣琳 Surgical Oncology-NTUCC Head and Neck Ultrasound; Head and Neck Tumor,; Head and Neck Cancer,
JEN-HAO CHUANG莊仁豪 Surgery  Surgical Oncology-NTUCC Esophageal Cancer Surgery; Chest Wall Disease; Empyema; Hemopneumothorax; Thoracoscopic surgery; Lung neoplasms and lung related diseases
JIAN-HUA HONG洪健華 Urology-NTUH  Surgical Oncology-NTUCC Urolithiasis; Urologic Oncology; General Urology; Prostatic disorders; Urinary dysfunction; Laparoscopic/endoscopy surgery
KUO-HOW HUANG黃國皓 Urology-NTUH  Surgical Oncology-NTUCC  Urology Urological oncology; Pediatric urology; General Urology; Laparoscopic surgery
MING-YANG WANG王明暘 Surgery-NTUH  Surgery  Surgical Oncology-NTUCC General Surgery; Breast Surgery
PO-DA CHEN陳柏達 Surgery  Surgery-NTUH  Surgical Oncology-NTUCC Liver cancer; Mixed hepatocellular-cholangiocarcinoma; Hepatocellular carcinoma; Cholangiocarcinoma
SHIN-YIING LIN林欣穎 Surgical Oncology-NTUCC Artificial joint; Minimally Invasive Preventive Fixation for Bone Metastasis; Bone tumors; General orthopedics (osteoporosis, fractures, joint degeneration); Spinal compression fracture
TZU-CHUN CHEN陳姿君 Surgery  Surgical Oncology-NTUCC Diagnosis and treatment of anal diseases; Colorectal Surgery; Laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery
YEONG-SHIAU PU蒲永孝 Urology-NTUHBP  Urology-NTUH  Surgical Oncology-NTUCC  Urology Prostate Cancer; Urological Oncology
YI-KAI CHANG張奕凱 Urology-NTUHBP  Urology-NTUH  Surgical Oncology-NTUCC Urological Oncology; Dysuria
YU-CHUAN LU呂育全 Urology-NTUH  Surgical Oncology-NTUCC  Urology Laparoscopic Surgery; Urologic Oncology; Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery