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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12015The expression of modality in KanakanavuCheng, Y.-Y.; Sung, L.-M.; LI-MAY SUNG Oceanic Linguistics22
22015Preface: Body experience and language processingSung, L.-M.; Lee, C.-Y.; LI-MAY SUNG Language and Linguistics00
32010On the Syntax of Amis Comparative Constructions郭政淳(Cheng-Chuen Kuo); 宋麗梅(Li-May Sung); LI-MAY SUNG Concentric:Studies in Linguistics
42008NTU Corpus of Formosan Languages: A State-of-the-art Report.Su, Lily I-wen; Sung, Li-May ; Huang, Shuping; Hsieh, Fuhui; Lin, ZheminCorpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory 23
52008The Use of yau in KavalanSung, Li-May ; Sung, LihsinNew Reflections on Grammaticalization 4 
62008Intransitivity in KavalanSung, Li-May 18th International Congress of Linguists
72008NTU corpus of Formosan languages: A state-of-the-art reportSu, L.I-W.; Sung, L.-M.; Huang, S.; Hsieh, F.; Lin, Z.; LI-MAY SUNG Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory23
82008The undergoer focus ma- in KavalanHuang, S.; Sung, L.-M.; LI-MAY SUNG Oceanic Linguistics10
102007Comparative Constructions in AmisSung, Li-May ; Kuo, Cheng-chuenThird Conference on Austronesian Languages and Linguistics
112007Comparative Constructions in SaisiyatSung, Li-May ; Sung, LihsinThird Conference on Austronesian Languages and Linguistics
122006Reciprocals in Kavalan and a Typological ComparisonSung, Li-May ; Shen, Chia-chiStreams Converging into an Ocean: Festschrift in Honor of Professor Paul Jen-kuei Li on His 70th Birthday 
132006The Existential Predicate yau in KavalanSung, Li-May ; Sung, Lihsin; Yeh, Yu-ting10th International Symposium on Chinese Languages and Linguistics
142006Split Intransitivity in KavalanSung, Li-May ; Huang, ShupingThirteen Annual Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association
152006Verbal Reflexives/Reciprocals in (Some) Formosan LanguagesSung, Li-May Tenth International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics
162005Automatic Processing of Languages with Small-Scaled Corpus: Part-of-Speech Tagging and Partial Parsing SaiSiyat and ApplicationsLin, Zhe-Min; 宋麗梅 
182005Interrogatives as Polarity Items in Kucapungan RukaiChen, Cheng-fu; Sung, Li-May Concentric: Studies in Linguistics 
192004賽夏語語法與認知整合型研究─賽夏語語法研究 (III)宋麗梅 
202004賽夏語語法與認知整合型研究─賽夏語語法研究 2/2宋麗梅 
212004Discourse Function of Saisiyat Syntax (3/3)Huang, Shuan-fan; Su, I-wen ; Sung, Li-may 
222004Raising to Object in Saisiyat(Nankai University, Tianjin, China)Sung, Li-May Twelfth Annual Meeting of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics
232004Raising to Object in SaisiyatSung, Li-May First Workshop on Discourse and Cognition 
242003賽夏語語法與認知整合型研究─賽夏語語法研究 1/2宋麗梅 
252003A Discourse Basis of Saisiyat Grammar (2/3)黃宣範; 蘇以文 ; 宋麗梅 
262002A Discourse Basis of Saisiyat Grammar (1/3)黃宣範; 蘇以文 ; 宋麗梅 
301997Long-Distance Reflexives and Islandhood in Chinese: Head Movement versus Adjunction to IPSung, Li-May ; Cole, PeterJournal of Chinese Linguistics 
321994Head Movement and Long-Distance ReflexivesSung, Li-May ; Cole, Peter; 宋麗梅 Linguistic Inquiry 
331993The Effect of Morphology on Long-Distance ReflexivesSung, Li-May ; Peter Cole; 宋麗梅 ; Peter ColeJournal of Chinese Linguistics 
341993Feature PercolationCole, P.; Hermon, G.; Sung, L.-M.; LI-MAY SUNG Journal of East Asian Linguistics1014
351990Feature PercolationSung, Li-May ; Peter Cole; Gabrilla Hermon; 宋麗梅 ; Peter Cole; Gabrilla HermonJournal of East Asian Linguistics 
361990Long-Distance Reflexives in ChineseSung, Li-May The 3rd Ohio State University Conference on Chinese Linguistics 
371990Non-C-Commanding the Antecedents of Bound Anaphora and Feature Percolation in Government and Binding TheorySung, Li-May Ninth West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 
381989The Effect of Morphology on Long-Distance ReflexivesSung, Li-May The First Northeast Conference on Chinese Linguistics