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12009Exile, Cunning, Silence: Trajectory of Art of Exile from Joyce's Ulysses to Beckett's TrilogyLI-LING TSENG journal article
22008Genuine Forgeries: Linguistic and Political (De-)Mystification in ‘EumaeusTseng, Li-ling conference paper
32008《一九四七高砂百合》與《尤利西斯》的歷史想像與書寫曾麗玲 book
42008〈在我之前是誰打這兒經過?:〈遊岩〉中穩固性與流動性的辯證〉曾麗玲 journal article
52006Exile, Cunning, Silence: Trajectory of Art of Exile in Joyce’s Ulysses and Beckett’s TrilogyTseng, Li-ling conference paper
62005"尤利西斯"與"馬隆逝矣"的遷徙藝術曾麗玲 report
72005The Penman and Postman Dynamic in JoyceTseng, Li-ling journal article; journal article
82004"尤利西斯"與"莫洛伊"遷徙藝術的政治性曾麗玲 report
92004The New Irish Art of Exile in Ulysses and MolloyTseng, Li-ling conference paper
102004〈瑙西卡〉的明信片式解讀LI-LING TSENG ; 曾麗玲 journal article
112003新世紀的喬伊斯:政治,文本,倫理─尤利西斯之文本政治 (II-II)曾麗玲 report
122002新世紀的喬伊斯:政治, 文本, 倫理─尤利西斯之文本政治(II-I)曾麗玲 report
132001Textual Politics of Ulysses曾麗玲 book
142001〈尤利西斯〉─之文本政治(III-I)曾麗玲 report
152001現代性的空白-《家變》、《背海的人》前後上下之間LI-LING TSENG journal article
162001A Technological Tug of War—Telecommunication vs. Grammatology in ‘Aeolus'Tseng, Li-ling journal article; journal article
172000〈瑙西卡〉與明信片的解讀曾麗玲 report
181998《1947高砂百合》與《尤利西斯》的歷史想像與書寫LI-LING TSENG journal article
191998En-/Dis-Abling Dialogism and Irish Nationalism in "Cyclops"LI-LING TSENG journal article
201997專輯弁言LI-LING TSENG journal article
211997霧中看花花自媚-評金譯全本《尤利西斯》LI-LING TSENG journal article
221997起舞弄清影-西西的香港文本與後殖民擬像(象)LI-LING TSENG journal article
231996詭奇、邪(諧)異的思辯:漫話《卡夫卡》LI-LING TSENG journal article
241995現代性-未竟之功LI-LING TSENG journal article
251995Textualized Reading, Reading Texts: Hopkins's Natural and Theological HermeneuticsLI-LING TSENG journal article
261995悟無、悟吾、悟無吾-論貝克特五○年代戲劇風格LI-LING TSENG journal article
271994A Whore or a Whole: Conflict of Discourses in Clarissa曾麗玲 ; Tseng, L.L.journal article
281994解與結:貝克特《三部曲》的書寫寓言LI-LING TSENG journal article
291990貝克特短篇小說選LI-LING TSENG journal article
301990扼殺LI-LING TSENG journal article
311990《電梯向左轉》-觀眾荒謬處境的寓言LI-LING TSENG journal article
321990向心的追求-貝克特的小說LI-LING TSENG journal article
331990《西遊記》-一個「奇幻文類」的個案研究LI-LING TSENG journal article
341988The “Syntax of Weakness”: A Manuscript Study of Samuel Beckett’s Imagination Dead Imagine曾麗玲 ; Tseng, L.L.journal article