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12014Behavioral and neurochemical changes induced by repetitive combined treatments of ketamine and amphetamine in miceLai C.-C.; LI-JEN LEE ; HSIANG-SHU YIN Neurochemical Research33
22013Combinational effects of ketamine and amphetamine on behaviors and neurotransmitter systems of miceLai C.-C.; LI-JEN LEE ; HSIANG-SHU YIN NeuroToxicology88
32012Amphetamine differentially modifies the expression of monoaminergic and GABAergic synaptic boutons and processes in lateral habenula, dorsal and ventral hippocampal formationHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Tien T.-W.; Li L.; Yang Y.-H.; Lai C.-C.NeuroToxicology66
42011Mechanical testing and osteointegration of titanium implant with calcium phosphate bone cement and autograft alternativesLin D.-J.; Ju C.-P.; Huang S.-H.; Tien Y.-C.; HSIANG-SHU YIN ; Chen W.-C.; Chern Lin J.-H.Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials108
52010Differential changes in cerebellar transmitter content and expression of calcium binding proteins and transcription factors in mouse administered with amphetamineHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Lai C.-C.; Tien T.-W.; Han S.-K.; Pu X.-L.Neurochemistry International88
62010Down-regulated GABAergic expression in the olfactory bulb layers of the mouse deficient in monoamine oxidase B and administered with amphetamineHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Chen K.; Shih J.C.; Tien T.-W.Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology43
72010Corrigendum to "Differential alterations in the relations among GABAergic, catecholaminergic and calcium binding protein expression in the olfactory bulb of amphetamine-administered mouse" [NeuroToxicology 30 (2009) 103-113] (DOI:10.1016/j.neuro.2008.11.003)HSIANG-SHU YIN ; Cheng P.-R.; Chen C.-S.NeuroToxicology00
82009Change in P-glycoprotein and caveolin protein expression in brain striatum capillaries in New Zealand Obese mice with type 2 diabetesWu, Kuo-Chen; Pan H.-J.; HSIANG-SHU YIN ; MEI-RU CHEN ; SHAO-CHUN LU ; CHUN-JUNG LIN Life Sciences2924
92009In-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of a new Ti-15Mo-1Bi alloyLee J.-W.; Lin D.-J.; Ju C.-P.; HSIANG-SHU YIN ; Chuang C.-C.; Lin J.-H.C.Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials1311
102009Differential alterations in the relations among GABAergic, catecholaminergic and calcium binding protein expression in the olfactory bulb of amphetamine-administered mouseHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Cheng P.-R.; Chen C.-S.NeuroToxicology45
112007Bone formation at the surface of low modulus Ti-7.5Mo implants in rabbit femurLin D.-J.; Chuang C.-C.; Chern Lin J.-H.; Lee J.-W.; Ju C.-P.; HSIANG-SHU YIN Biomaterials10091
122007Effects of amphetamine on serotoninergic and GABAergic expression of developing brainHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Tan H.-W.Neurotoxicology and Teratology1010
132006Differential effects of chronic amphetamine and baclofen administration on cAMP levels and phosphorylation of CREB in distinct brain regions of wild type and monoamine oxidase B-deficient miceHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Chen K.; Kalpana S.; Shih J.C.Synapse1314
142006In-vitro effects of dexamethasone on cellular proliferation, apoptosis, and Na+-K+-ATPase activity of bovine corneal endothelial cellsWEI-LI CHEN ; Lin C.-T.; JANE CHUNG-CHEN YAO ; Huang Y.-H.; Chou Y.-B.; HSIANG-SHU YIN ; CHUNG-TIEN LIN ; FUNG-RONG HU Ocular Immunology and Inflammation4742
152005Effects of acute amphetamine administration on AMPA-mediated synaptic activity and expression of AMPA receptor subunit 2 of brain neuronsYu M.-F.; CHUNG-LIANG CHIEN ; WANG-TSO LEE ; HSIANG-SHU YIN Journal of Molecular Neuroscience66
162004護理學系學生修習解剖學課程之成效評估王霈; 尹相姝 ; 呂俊宏 ; 吳建春; 謝松蒼 ; 錢宗良 醫學教育
172004Age- and region-dependent alterations in the GABAergic innervation in the brain of rats treated with amphetamineHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Chen C.-T.; Lin T.-Y.International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology1110
182003Activation of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 5 is Associated with Effect of Amphetamine on Brain NeuronsYu M.-F.; WAN-WAN LIN ; Li L.-T.; HSIANG-SHU YIN Synapse1413
192002The mechanisms of neuronal death produced by mitochondrial toxin 3-nitropropionic acid: The roles of N-methyl-D-aspartate glutamate receptors and mitochondrial calcium overloadWANG-TSO LEE ; HSIANG-SHU YIN ; Shen Y.Z.Neuroscience4542
202002Acrylamide disturbs the subcellular distribution of GABAA receptor in brain neuronsHo, W.-H.; Wang, S.-M.; HSIANG-SHU YIN Journal of Cellular Biochemistry118
212001Amphetamine induces differential changes in the gene expression of metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 in cultured cortical and hippocampal neuronsYu M.-F.; Lin T.-Y.; Ho W.-H.; HSIANG-SHU YIN Journal of Molecular Neuroscience1114
222001Changes in the gene expression of GABAA receptor α1 and α2 subunits and metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 in the basal ganglia of the rats with unilateral 6-hydroxydopamine lesion and embryonic mesencephalic graftsYu T.-S.; Wang S.-D.; Liu J.-C.; HSIANG-SHU YIN Experimental Neurology2120
232001醫學相關科系學生修習解剖學課程之意見調查錢宗良 ; 王霈; 尹相姝 ; 呂俊宏 ; 吳建春; 謝松蒼 ; 盧國賢 醫學教育
242001Regulation of the subcellular distribution and gene expression of GABAA receptor by microtubules and microfilaments in cultured brain neuronsHo W.-H.; Wang S.-M.; HSIANG-SHU YIN Journal of Cellular Biochemistry99
252000Effect of amphetamine on the expression of the metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 mRNA in developing rat brainYu M.-F.; WEN-MEI FU ; HSIANG-SHU YIN Journal of Molecular Neuroscience84
261999Toxicity of tunicamycin to cultured brain neurons: Ultrastructure of the degenerating neuronsLin T.-Y.; Wang S.-M.; WEN-MEI FU ; Chen Y.-H.; HSIANG-SHU YIN Journal of Cellular Biochemistry27
271998Downregulation and subcellular redistribution of the γ-aminobutyric acid(A) receptor induced by tunicamycin in cultured brain neuronsLin T.-Y.; Wang S.-M.; HSIANG-SHU YIN Journal of Cellular Biochemistry9
281998Effects of pentobarbital on the expression of GABA(A) receptor β1 mRNA in the hippocampus: Differential responses of CA1 and CA3HSIANG-SHU YIN ; Lee Y.-P.Synapse3
291997Differential expression of the GABA(A) receptor α1 subunit in developing chicken brainFan S.-S.; Chang N.-C.; Chang A.; HSIANG-SHU YIN NeuroReport33
301996Extrinsic inhibitory innervation to rubral neurons in rat brain-stem slicesFu Y.S.; Tseng G.F.; HSIANG-SHU YIN Experimental Neurology1717
311995Distribution of non-phosphorylated and phosphorylated neurofilament proteins in the spinal cord of an anuran amphibian during development and regenerationHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Mim M.Y.Experimental Brain Research22
321995Relations between development and regeneration of tadpole spinal cordHSIANG-SHU YIN Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology11
331995Changes in the microtubule proteins in the developing and transected spinal cords of the bullforg tadpole: Induction of microtubule-associated protein 2c and enhanced levels of Tau and tubulin in regenerating central axonsHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Chou H.C.; Chiu M.M.Neuroscience1112
341994Heterogeneity and differential expression of the γ-aminobutyric acidA (GABAA)/benzodiazepine receptor in the avian brain during developmentHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Lee Y.-J.Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology87
351994The postnatal development of the gabaa/benzodiazepine receptor in the rat red nucleusFu Y.S.; Tseng G.F.; HSIANG-SHU YIN Journal of Receptors and Signal Transduction45
361992Effect of monensin on the neuronal ultrastructure and endocytic pathway of macromolecules in cultured brain neuronsHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Yang M.F.Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology77
371992Monensin inhibits the binding of 3H‐flunitrazepam to and reveals the intracellular passage of GABAA/benzodiazepine receptorHSIANG-SHU YIN Journal of Cellular Biochemistry33
381990Monoclonal antibodies recognizing the benzodiazepine receptor of chick embryo brainHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Fan S.S.Journal of Receptors and Signal Transduction99
391987The axon reaction of lamprey spinal interneuronsHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Mackler S.A.; Selzer M.E.Brain Research78
401986Determinants of directional specificity in the regeneration of lamprey spinal axonsMackler S.A.; HSIANG-SHU YIN ; Selzer M.E.Journal of Neuroscience4243
411986Molecular cloning and expression of neuroleukin, a neurotrophic factor for spinal and sensory neuronsGurney M.E.; Heinrich S.P.; Lee M.R.; HSIANG-SHU YIN Science269308
421984Electrophysiologic evidence of regeneration of lamprey spinal neuronsHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Selzer M.E.Experimental Neurology1417
431984Directional specificity in the regeneration of lamprey spinal axonsHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Mackler S.A.; Selzer M.E.Science3136
441983Axonal regeneration in lamprey spinal cordHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Selzer M.E.Journal of Neuroscience115118
451981Effects of axotomy on lamprey spinal neuronsHSIANG-SHU YIN ; Wellerstein K.K.; Selzer M.E.Experimental Neurology1621