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12019Therapeutic Potential of Plasma Proteins Derived from Umbilical Cord Blood for Acute Liver FailureHuang Y.-J.; Lee C.-Y.; Cao J.; Lee H.-S.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Chen P.-D.; Wu Y.-M.Journal Article11
22017Current strategies of antibacterial modification on medical device surfaceYU-JIA YANG; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; JING-RU TU; BING-HENG LEE; RONG-SEN YANGJournal Article0
32016Vapor-based coatings for antibacterial and osteogenic functionalization and the immunological compatibilityWu C.-Y.; Huang C.-W.; Guan Z.-Y.; Wu J.-T.; Yeh S.-Y.; Su C.-T.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Ding S.-T.; Chen H.-Y.Journal Article44
42015Osteogenic surface modification based on functionalized Poly-P-xylylene coatingCHIH-HAO CHANG ; Yeh S.-Y.; Lee B.-H.; Chen C.-J.; Su C.-T.; Lin Y.-T.; Liu C.-L.; Chen H.-Y.Journal Article69
520153D printing bioceramic porous scaffolds with good mechanical property and cell affinityCHIH-HAO CHANG ; Lin C.-Y.; Liu F.-H.; Chen M.H.-C.; Lin C.-P.; Ho H.-N.; Liao Y.-S.Journal Article2119
62015Minimally Invasive Surgery in Hand and WristCHIH-HAO CHANG Journal Article0
72014Compatibility balanced antibacterial modification based on vapor-deposited parylene coatings for biomaterialsCHIH-HAO CHANG ; Yeh S.-Y.; Lee B.-H.; Hsu C.-W.; Chen Y.-C.; Chen C.-J.; Lin T.-J.; Hung-Chih Chen M.; Huang C.-T.; Chen H.-Y.Journal Article2022
82014Vapor-based multicomponent coatings for antifouling and biofunctional synergic modificationsTsai M.-Y.; Chen Y.-C.; Lin T.-J.; Hsu Y.-C.; Lin C.-Y.; Yuan R.-H.; Yu J.; Teng M.-S.; Hirtz M.; Chen M.H.-C.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Chen H.-Y.Journal Article2628
92014A facile approach toward protein-resistant biointerfaces based on photodefinable poly-p-xylylene coatingSu C.-T.; Yuan R.-H.; Chen Y.-C.; Lin T.-J.; Chien H.-W.; Hsieh C.-C.; Tsai W.-B.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Chen H.-Y.Journal Article1111
102014Thiol-Reactive Parylenes as a Robust Coating for Biomedical MaterialsSun H.-Y.; Fang C.-Y.; Lin T.-J.; Chen Y.-C.; Lin C.-Y.; Ho H.-Y.; Chen M.H.-C.; Yu J.; Lee D.-J.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Chen H.-Y.Journal Article1612
112014Evenly distributed thin-film Ag coating on stainless plate by tricomponent Ag/silicate/PU with antimicrobial and biocompatible propertiesHuang Y.-H.; Chen M.H.-C.; Lee B.-H.; Hsieh K.-H.; Tu Y.-K.; Lin J.-J.; CHIH-HAO CHANG Journal Article1111
122013Synthesis and characterization of reinforced poly(ethylene glycol)/chitosan hydrogel as wound dressing materialsChen S.-H.; Tsao C.-T.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Lai Y.-T.; Wu M.-F.; Liu Z.-W.; Chuang C.-N.; Chou H.-C.; Wang C.-K.; Hsieh K.-H.Journal Article2526
132013Assessment of reinforced poly(ethylene glycol) chitosan hydrogels as dressings in a mouse skin wound defect modelChen S.-H.; Tsao C.-T.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Lai Y.-T.; Wu M.-F.; Chuang C.-N.; Chou H.-C.; Wang C.-K.; Hsieh K.-H.Journal Article5249
142013Synthesis of poly(lactic acid)-based polyurethanesChen S.-H.; Tsao C.-T.; Chou H.-C.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Hsu C.-T.; Chuang C.-N.; Wang C.-K.; Hsieh K.-H.Journal Article1212
152012Alendronate in the prevention of collapse of the femoral head in nontraumatic osteonecrosis: A two-year multicenter, prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studyChen C.-H.; Chang J.-K.; Lai K.-A.; Hou S.-M.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Wang G.-J.Journal Article7751
162012Synthesis and characterization of thermal-responsive chitin-based polyurethane copolymer as a smart materialChen S.-H.; Tsao C.-T.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Wu Y.-M.; Liu Z.-W.; Lin C.-P.; Wang C.-K.; Hsieh K.-H.Journal Article2424
172012Effects of types and length of soft-segments on the physical properties and blood compatibility of polyurethanesCHIH-HAO CHANG ; Tsao C.T.; Chang K.Y.; Chen S.H.; Han J.L.; Hsieh K.H.Journal Article44
182011Development of chitosan/ dicarboxylic acid hydrogels as wound dressing materialsTsao C.T.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Li Y.D.; Wu M.F.; Lin C.P.; Han J.L.; Chen S.H.; Hsieh K.H.Journal Article2021
192011Incorporating chitosan (CS) and TPP into silk fibroin (SF) in fabricating spray-dried microparticles prolongs the release of a hydrophilic drugChung T.-W.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Ho C.-W.Journal Article78
202011Effects of the surface characteristics of nano-crystalline and micro-particle calcium phosphate/chitosan composite films on the behavior of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitroLee Y.-T.; Yu B.-Y.; Shao H.-J.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Sun Y.-M.; Liu H.-C.; Hou S.-M.; Young T.-H.Journal Article1211
212011Kinetic study of acid depolymerization of chitosan and effects of low molecular weight chitosan on erythrocyte rouleaux formationTsao C.T.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Lin Y.Y.; Wu M.F.; Han J.L.; Hsieh K.H.Journal Article4338
222011Evaluation of chitosan/γ-poly(glutamic acid) polyelectrolyte complex for wound dressing materialsTsao C.T.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Lin Y.Y.; Wu M.F.; Wang J.L.; Young T.H.; Han J.L.; Hsieh K.H.Conference Paper9290
232011Tissue response to chitosan/γ-PGA polyelectrolyte complex using a rat modelTsao C.T.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Lin Y.Y.; Wu M.F.; Han J.L.; Hsieh K.H.Journal Article97
242011Shock attenuation of intervertebral disc following fatigue loadingChiang C.-K.; Yang C.-L.; Chen W.-C.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Huang S.-C.; Wang J.-L.Journal Article21
252010Late foreign-body reaction after treatment of distal radial fractures with poly-l-lactic acid bioabsorbable implants: A report of three casesChen C.-Y.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Lu Y.-C.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Tsai C.-C.; Huang C.-H.Journal Article44
262010Antibacterial activity and biocompatibility of a chitosan-γ- poly(glutamic acid) polyelectrolyte complex hydrogelTsao C.T.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Lin Y.Y.; Wu M.F.; Wang J.-L.; Han J.L.; Hsieh K.H.Journal Article9085
272010Chitosan membrane with surface-bonded growth factor in guided tissue regeneration applicationsCHIH-HAO CHANG ; Tsao C.-T.; Chang K.-Y.; Wang J.-L.; Young T.-H.; Han J.-L.; Hsieh K.-H.Journal Article1414
282009Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and Staphylococcus Aureus Surveillance of Medical Working EnvironmentCHIH-HAO CHANG Journal Article
292008Tenosynovitis caused by Mycobacterium arupense in a patient with diabetes mellitusTsai T.-F.; Lai C.-C.; Tsai I.-C.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Hsiao C.-H.; Hsueh P.-R.Letter2621
302008Tophaceous gout of the rotator cuff: A case reportCHIH-HAO CHANG ; Lu C.-H.; Yu C.-W.; Wu M.-Z.; Hsu C.-Y.; Shih T.T.-F.Journal Article98
312008Application in OrthopedicsCHIH-HAO CHANG ; HWA-CHANG LIU; CHIH-HUNG CHANG; WEN-CHIH WANG; YU-TSANG LEEJournal Article0
322007Effect of soft segment length on properties of hydrophilic/hydrophobic polyurethanesLin Y.-H.; Chou N.-K.; Chen K.-F.; Ho G.-H.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Wang S.-S.; Chu S.-H.; Hsieh K.-H.Journal Article2019
332007Blood compatibility of fluorodiol-containing polyurethanesLin Y.H.; Chou N.K.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; Wang S.S.; Chu S.H.; Hsieh K.H.Journal Article1111
342004Biological Properties of Tenocytes from Primary Culture: Isolation, Culture and ProliferationCHIH-HAO CHANG ; SHENG-MOU HOU; HWA-CHANG LIUJournal Article
352003The studies of mechanical contribution of pins of wrist external fixator using mechanical model, cadaver model and in vivo patient modelCHIH-HAO CHANG ; Hou S.-M.; Wang J.-L.; Tsai Y.-Q.Conference Paper00
362003Neuropathy in Elbow ArthroplastyCHUN-HAN HOU; CHIH-HAO CHANG Journal Article
372002The Effects of Four-Paw Warming on Perioperative Hypothermia in the RatYEONG-SHUENN CHAN; SHENG-MOU HOU; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; LIH-SENG YEHJournal Article
382000Comparison of Endoscopic and Open Release on Patients with Carpal Tunnel SyndromeCHIH-HAO CHANG ; SHENG-MOU HOUJournal Article
39-Glomus tumorCHIH-HAO CHANG Conference-Paper