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12019The Differences in Clinicopathologic and Prognostic Characteristics Between Surgically Resected Peripheral and Central Lung Squamous Cell CarcinomaLin M.-W.; Huang Y.-L.; Yang C.-Y.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Wu C.-T.; Chang Y.-L.Annals of Surgical Oncology24
22019Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy Localization versus Percutaneous CT-Guided Localization for Lung Resection via Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery: A Propensity-Matched StudySHUENN-WEN KUO ; Ying-Fan Tseng; Kuan-Yu Dai; Yeun-Chung Chang; Ke-Cheng Chen; Jang-Ming LeeJournal of Clinical Medicine020
32018Lung adenocarcinoma with intraoperatively diagnosed pleural seeding: Is main tumor resection beneficial for prognosis?Li C.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Hsu H.-H.; Lin M.-W.; Chen J.-S.Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery918
42018Outcome of untreated lung nodules with histological but no microbiological evidence of tuberculosis 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1103 Clinical SciencesChung C.-L.; Chen Y.-F.; Lin Y.-T.; Wang J.-Y.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Chen J.-S.BMC Infectious Diseases23
52017Early measurement of IL-10 predicts the outcomes of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation /631/250/127 /692/53/2422 /13 /13/21 /13/31 /45/23 articleLiu C.-H.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Ko W.-J.; Tsai P.-R.; Wu S.-W.; Lai C.-H.; Wang C.-H.; Chen Y.-S.; Chen P.-L.; Liu T.-T.; Huang S.-C.; Jou T.-S.Scientific Reports612
62017Robot-assisted thoracic surgery for complex proceduresSHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang P.-M.; Lin M.-W.; Chen K.-C.; Lee J.-M.Journal of Thoracic Disease13
72017Twenty-years of lung transplantation in Taiwan: Effects of cumulative institutional experience on early outcomesYang S.-M.; Huang S.-C.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang P.-M.; Hsiao P.-N.; Chen K.-C.; Lin M.-W.; Pan S.-C.; Lin J.-H.; Cheng Y.-J.; Lee J.-M.; Hsu H.-H.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association14
82017Histologic Transformation in a Patient with Lung Cancer Treated with Chemotherapy and PembrolizumabHsu C.-L.; Chen K.-Y.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Chang Y.-L.Journal of Thoracic Oncology80
92016The Prognostic Significance of pSTAT1 and CD163 Expressions in Surgically Resected Stage 1 Pulmonary Squamous Cell CarcinomasLin M.-W.; Yang C.-Y.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Wu C.-T.; Chang Y.-L.; Yang P.-C.Annals of Surgical Oncology33
102016Incision for Uniportal VATS: Above the Rib or Intercostal Space?Yang S.-M.; SHUENN-WEN KUO Annals of Thoracic Surgery33
112016Desquamative Interstitial Pneumonia Presenting with Consolidation and HemoptysisZONG-HAN YAO; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; CHIA-LIN HSU; JIN-YUAN SHIH; CHONG-JEN YUThoracic Medicine
122016Thoracoscopic Mesh Repair of Diaphragmatic Defects in Hepatic Hydrothorax: A 10-Year ExperienceHuang P.-M.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Chen J.-S.; Lee J.-M.Annals of Thoracic Surgery1113
132016Robotic-assisted thoracoscopic sleeve lobectomy for locally advanced lung cancerLin M.-W.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Yang S.-M.; Lee J.-M.Journal of Thoracic Disease1316
142016Peroxiredoxin 1 induces inflammatory cytokine response and predicts outcome of cardiogenic shock patients necessitating extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: An observational cohort study and translational approachLiu C.-H.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Hsu L.-M.; Huang S.-C.; Wang C.-H.; Tsai P.-R.; Chen Y.-S.; Jou T.-S.; Ko W.-J.Journal of Translational Medicine1624
152016Predictors of Survival in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma with Pathologic Major Response after Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation Therapy and Surgery: The Impact of Chemotherapy ProtocolsLi C.-Y.; Huang P.-M.; Chu P.-Y.; Chen P.-M.; Lin M.-W.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee J.-M.BioMed Research International32
162015Efficacy of ventilator-associated pneumonia care bundle for prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia in the surgical intensive care units of a medical centerLim K.-P.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Ko W.-J.; Sheng W.-H.; Chang Y.-Y.; Hong M.-C.; Sun C.-C.; Chen Y.-C.; Chang S.-C.Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection2224
172015Pulmonary endarterectomy for chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension-A single-center experience in TaiwanLuo W.-C.; Huang S.-C.; Lin Y.-H.; Lai H.-S.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Pan S.-C.; Hsu H.-H.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association611
182015Long-term outcome after bilateral lung transplantation - A retrospective study from a low-volume center experience Vascular and thoracic surgeryYang S.-M.; Huang S.-C.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang P.-M.; Pan S.-C.; Lee J.-M.; Lai H.-S.; Hsu H.-H.BMC Surgery21
192015Predicting outcome in patients under extracorporeal membrane oxygenation due to cardiogenic shock through dynamic change of lymphocytes and interleukinsHong T.-H.; Hu F.-C.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Ko W.-J.; Chow L.-P.; Hsu L.-M.; Huang S.-C.; Yu S.-L.; Chen Y.-S.IJC Metabolic and Endocrine20
202014Robot-assisted Thoracic Surgery-Initial Experience at National Taiwan University HospitalSHUENN-WEN KUO ; PEI-MING HUANG; HSAO-HSUN HSU; JIN-SHING CHEN; JANG-MING LEEThoracic Medicine
212014Cryorecanalization in Airway Obstruction: Initial Experience in a Medical CenterKE-CHENG CHEN; YING-CHUN CHIN; TUNG-MING TSAI; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; PEI-MING HUANG; HSAO-HSUN HSU; JIN-SHING CHEN; JANG-MING LEE; HONG-SHIEE LAIThoracic Medicine
222014Chemical pleurodesis for prolonged postoperative air leak in primary spontaneous pneumothoraxHow C.-H.; Tsai T.-M.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang P.-M.; Hsu H.-H.; Lee J.-M.; Chen J.-S.; Lai H.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association2328
232014Do interleukin-10 and superoxide ions predict outcomes of cardiac extracorporeal membrane oxygenation patients?Hong T.-H.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Hu F.-C.; Ko W.-J.; Hsu L.-M.; Huang S.-C.; Yang Y.-W.; Yu S.-L.; Chen Y.-S.Antioxidants and Redox Signaling89
242014Prognostic significance of histologic differentiation, carcinoembryonic antigen value, and lymphovascular invasion in stage i non-small cell lung cancerSHUENN-WEN KUO ; Chen J.-S.; Huang P.-M.; Hsu H.-H.; Lai H.-S.; Lee J.-M.Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery1923
252014Acute thoracic empyema: Clinical characteristics and outcome analysis of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgeryChen K.-C.; Chen H.-Y.; Lin J.-W.; Tseng Y.-T.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang P.-M.; Hsu H.-H.; Lee J.-M.; Chen J.-S.; Lai H.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association611
262014Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgical thymectomy to treat early thymoma: A comparison with the conventional transsternal approachLiu T.J.; Lin M.-W.; Hsieh M.-S.; Kao M.-W.; Chen K.-C.; Chang C.-C.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang P.-M.; Hsu H.-H.; Chen J.-S.; Lai H.-S.; Lee J.-M.Annals of Surgical Oncology2939
272014Virological, serological, and antiviral studies in an imported human case of avian influenza A(H7N9) virus in TaiwanLin P.-H.; Chao T.-L.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Wang J.-T.; Hung C.-C.; Lin H.-C.; Yang Z.-Y.; Ho S.-Y.; Chang C.-K.; Huang M.-S.; Chen H.-H.; Chen Y.-C.; Lai H.-S.; Chang S.-Y.; Chang S.-C.; Yang P.-C.Clinical Infectious Diseases3537
282014Clinicopathology and genetic profile of synchronous multiple small adenocarcinomas: Implication for surgical treatment of an uncommon lung malignancyLin M.-W.; Wu C.-T.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Chang Y.-L.; Yang P.-C.Annals of Surgical Oncology1014
292014Association of miRNA-related Genetic Polymorphisms and Prognosis in Patients with Esophageal Squamous Cell CarcinomaYang P.-W.; Huang Y.-C.; Hsieh C.-Y.; Hua K.-T.; Huang Y.-T.; Chiang T.-H.; Chen J.-S.; Huang P.-M.; Hsu H.-H.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Kuo M.-L.; Lee J.-M.Annals of Surgical Oncology2221
302014Role of computed tomographic scanning prior to thoracoscopic surgery for primary spontaneous pneumothoraxTsou K.-C.; Huang P.-M.; Hsu H.-H.; Chen K.-C.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee J.-M.; Chang Y.-C.; Chen J.-S.; Lai H.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association35
312014New aspects of the clinicopathology and genetic profile of metachronous multiple lung cancersWu C.-T.; Lin M.-W.; Hsieh M.-S.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Chang Y.-L.Annals of Surgery1817
322013Lobar torsion after lung transplantationLin M.-W.; Huang S.-C.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang P.-M.; Hsu H.-H.; Lee Y.-C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association56
332013Concomitant Treatment with Recombinant Human Activated Protein C and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Sepsis-related Acute Respiratory Distress SyndromeCHIN-CHIH CHANG; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; JANG-MING LEE; WEN-JE KOThoracic Medicine
342013The survival impact of XPA and XPC genetic polymorphisms on patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinomaYang P.-W.; Hsieh C.-Y.; Kuo F.-T.; Huang P.-M.; Hsu H.-H.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Chen J.-S.; Lee J.-M.Annals of Surgical Oncology1718
352012Thoracic empyema in patients with liver cirrhosis: Clinical characteristics and outcome analysis of thoracoscopic managementChen K.-C.; Lin J.-W.; Tseng Y.-T.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang P.-M.; Hsu H.-H.; Lee J.-M.; Chen J.-S.Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery86
362012Thoracoscopic pleurodesis for primary spontaneous pneumothorax with high recurrence risk: A prospective randomized trialChen J.-S.; Hsu H.-H.; Huang P.-M.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lin M.-W.; Chang C.-C.; Lee J.-M.Annals of Surgery3747
372012Noncontact respiratory measurement of volume change using depth cameraYu M.-C.; Liou J.-L.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee M.-S.; Hung Y.-P.Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS330
382012Aggressive management of massive hemothorax in patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenationHuang P.-M.; Ko W.-J.; Tsai P.-R.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Hsu H.-H.; Chen J.-S.; Lee J.-M.; Lee Y.-C.Asian Journal of Surgery98
392011Life-threatening complications related to minocycline pleurodesisLi C.-Y.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee J.-M.Annals of Thoracic Surgery32
402011Disseminated microvascular pulmonary tumor embolism from non-small cell lung cancer leading to pulmonary hypertension followed by sudden cardiac arrestLiang Y.-H.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lin Y.-L.; Chang Y.-L.Lung Cancer57
412011Low molecular weight (LMW) heparin inhibits injury-induced femoral artery remodeling in mouse via upregulating CD44 expressionZhao G.; Shaik R.S.; Zhao H.; Beagle J.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Hales C.A.Journal of Vascular Surgery78
422011Polymorphism in epidermal growth factor receptor intron 1 predicts prognosis of patients with esophageal cancer after chemoradiation and surgeryLee J.-M.; Yang S.-Y.; Yang P.-W.; Shun C.-T.; Wu M.-T.; Hsu C.-H.; Lin C.-C.; Cheng J.-C.-H.; Wang Y.-H.; Chuang T.-H.; Chen J.-S.; Hsu H.-H.; Huang P.-M.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee Y.-C.Annals of Surgical Oncology2119
432009Pediatric empyema: Outcome analysis of thoracoscopic managementChen J.-S.; Huang K.-C.; Chen Y.-C.; Hsu H.-H.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang P.-M.; Lee J.-M.; Lee Y.-C.Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery1921
442009Short-term outcomes of cadaveric lung transplantation in ventilator-dependent patientsHsu H.-H.; Chen J.-S.; Ko W.-J.; Huang S.-C.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang P.-M.; Chi N.-H.; Chang C.-C.; Chen R.J.; Lee Y.-C.Critical Care56
452009Lung transplantation from a deceased donor into an Asian cystic fibrosis patientHsu H.-H.; Chen J.-S.; Huang S.-C.; Ko W.-J.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee Y.-C.Respirology11
462009Management of recurrent primary spontaneous pneumothorax after thoracoscopic surgery: should observation, drainage, redo thoracoscopy, or thoracotomy be used?Chen J.S.; Hsu H.H.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang P.M.; Lee J.M.; Lee Y.C.Surgical endoscopy1216
472009Halos and CrescentsHsu N.-C.; Lee W.-J.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Jerng J.-S.American Journal of Medicine00
482009Color Doppler ultrasonography in detecting transdiaphragmatic flow of hepatic hydrothorax: Correlation with thoracoscopic findingsHuang P.-M.; Han Y.-Y.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee Y.-C.Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery56
492008Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in Pulmonary Crisis and Primary Graft DysfunctionHsu H.-H.; Ko W.-J.; Chen J.-S.; Lin C.-H.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang S.-C.; Lee Y.-C.Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation1614
502008Neglected esophageal injury presenting with spontaneously shrunken retroesophageal pocketChang C.-C.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Hsu H.-H.; Han Y.-Y.; Lee Y.-C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association00
512008Evaluation of intraoperative cardiovascular responses to closed repair for pectus excavatumHuang P.-M.; Liu C.-M.; Cheng Y.-J.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Wu E.-T.; Lee Y.-C.Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon97
522008Descending necrotizing mediastinitis: A 10-year surgical experience in a single institutionChen K.-C.; Chen J.-S.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang P.-M.; Hsu H.-H.; Lee J.-M.; Lee Y.-C.Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery5043
532008Multimedia feedback for improving breathing habitYu M.-C.; Ko J.-C.; Lin C.-Y.; Chang C.-H.; Yang Y.-H.; Lin S.-C.; Chen J.-S.; Chang K.-J.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Hsu S.-C.; Hung Y.-P.Proceedings - 2008 the 1st IEEE International Conference on Ubi-Media Computing and Workshops, U-Media200860
542007Bronchoscopic gluing for post-lung-transplant bronchopleural fistulaChang C.-C.; Hsu H.-H.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee Y.-C.European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery1616
552007Significance of extranodal extension of regional lymph nodes in surgically resected non-small cell lung cancerLee Y.-C.; Wu C.-T.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Tseng Y.-T.; Chang Y.-L.Chest2834
562007Add-on sildenafil therapy for chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertensionLin W.-C.; Lee Y.-C.; Chen J.-S.; Ko W.-J.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Hsu H.-H.Respiratory Medicine Extra00
572007Long-term outcome and effects of oral bosentan therapy in Taiwanese patients with advanced idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertensionHsu H.-H.; Chen J.-S.; Chen R.J.; Ko W.-J.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Wu E.-T.; Wu M.-H.; Wang J.-K.; Lee Y.-C.Respiratory Medicine34
582007Short-term intravenous iloprost for treatment of reperfusion lung oedema after pulmonary thromboendarterectomyHsu H.-H.; Chen J.-S.; Chen Y.-S.; Ko W.-J.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee Y.-C.Thorax67
592007Prognostic factors for pulmonary metastasectomy in hepatocellular carcinomaSHUENN-WEN KUO ; Chang Y.-L.; Huang P.-M.; Hsu H.-H.; Chen J.-S.; Lee J.-M.; Lee P.-H.; Lee Y.-C.Annals of Surgical Oncology2729
602006The associations of p53 overexpression with p53 codon 72 genetic polymorphism in esophageal cancerLee J.-M.; Shun C.-T.; Wu M.-T.; Chen Y.-Y.; Yang S.-Y.; Hung H.-I.; Chen J.-S.; Hsu H.-H.; Huang P.-M.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee Y.-C.Mutation Research - Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis2222
612006Thoracoscopic diaphragmatic repair for refractory hepatic hydrothorax: Application of pleural flap and mesh onlay reinforcementHuang P.-M.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee J.-M.Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon1715
622006Modified Nuss operation for pectus excavatum: Design for decreasing cardiopulmonary complicationsHuang P.-M.; Wu E.-T.; Tseng Y.-T.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee Y.-C.Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon1512
632006Additional minocycline pleurodesis after thoracoscopic surgery for primary spontaneous pneumothoraxChen J.-S.; Hsu H.-H.; Chen R.J.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang P.-M.; Tsai P.-R.; Lee J.-M.; Lee Y.-C.American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine4653
642005Effects of continuous intravenous epoprostenol therapy on advanced primary pulmonary hypertension in Taiwanese patientsHsu H.-N.; Chen J.-S.; Kuo S.-H.; Chiang F.-T.; Ko W.-J.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Huang S.-C.; Lee Y.-C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association21
652005Association of GSTP1 polymorphism and survival for esophageal cancerLee J.-M.; Wu M.-T.; Lee Y.-C.; Yang S.-Y.; Chen J.-S.; Hsu H.-H.; Huang P.-M.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee C.-J.; Chen C.-J.Clinical Cancer Research4545
662005Multifocal Liposarcomas of the Chest Wall-A Case ReportSHUENN-WEN KUO ; YIH-LEONG CHANG; YUNG-CHIE LEEThoracic Medicine
672004Surgical treatment of tracheoesophageal fistula in a patient with severe acute respiratory syndrome complicated with extensive pulmonary fibrosis.Lee J.M.; Lee P.L.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Hwang J.J.; Lee Y.C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association = Taiwan yi zhi00
682004Effects of Additional Minocycline Pleurodesis after Thoracoscopic Procedures for Primary Spontaneous PneumothoraxChen J.-S.; Hsu H.-H.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Tsai P.-R.; Chen R.J.; Lee J.-M.; Lee Y.-C.Chest4146
692003Needlescopic versus conventional video-assisted thoracic surgery for primary spontaneous pneumothorax: A comparative studyChen J.-S.; Hsu H.-H.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Tsai P.-R.; Chen R.J.; Lee J.-M.; Lee Y.-C.Annals of Thoracic Surgery4140