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12019Computed tomography-guided dual localization with microcoil and patent blue vital dye for deep-seated pulmonary nodules in thoracoscopic surgerySHUN-MAO YANG ; WEI-CHUN KO ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG journal article11
22019Clinical outcomes and secondary epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) T790M mutation among first-line gefitinib, erlotinib and afatinib-treated non-small cell lung cancer patients with activating EGFR mutationsLin, Yen Ting; JIN-SHING CHEN ; WEI-YU LIAO ; CHAO-CHI HO ; CHIA-LIN HSU ; Yang, Ching Yao; Chen, Kuan-Yu; Lee, Jih Hsiang; Lin, Zhong Zhe; JIN-YUAN SHIH ; Yang, James Chih Hsin; CHONG-JEN YU journal article40
32018Receipt of Vasopressors Is Positively Associated With the Length of the Actively Dying Process in HospitalizationCHIN-CHUNG SHU ; NIN-CHIEH HSU ; YU-FENG LIN ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article00
42018FAM198B is associated with prolonged survival and inhibits metastasis in lung adenocarcinoma via blockage of ERK-Mediated MMP-1 expressionSUNG-LIANG YU ; KANG-YI SU ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article33
52018Effects of Dexmedetomidine Infusion on Inflammatory Responses and Injury of Lung Tidal Volume Changes during One-Lung Ventilation in Thoracoscopic Surgery: A Randomized Controlled TrialCHUN-YU WU ; Lu, Yi-Fan; MAN-LING WANG ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; YEN-CHUN HSU ; Yang, Fu-Sui; YA-JUNG CHENG journal article44
62017Comparable Clinical Outcomes in Patients with HER2-mutant and EGFR-mutant Lung AdenocarcinomasJIN-YUAN SHIH ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article89
72017The size of spontaneous pneumothorax is a predictor of unsuccessful catheter drainageHSAO-HSUN HSU ; HSIEN-CHI LIAO ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article48
82017Non-intubated single-incision video-assisted thoracic surgery: A two-center cohort of 188 patientsMAN-LING WANG ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article39
92017Spontaneous ventilation thoracoscopic thymectomy without muscle relaxant for myasthenia gravis: Comparison with "standard" thoracoscopic thymectomyJIN-SHING CHEN journal article68
102017The Society for Translational Medicine: Clinical practice guidelines for mechanical ventilation management for patients undergoing lobectomyJIN-SHING CHEN journal article57
112017Lung adenocarcinoma with intraoperatively diagnosed pleural seeding: Is main tumor resection beneficial for prognosis?SHUENN-WEN KUO ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article65
122017Diagnostic and prognostic implications of exercise treadmill and rest first-pass radionuclide angiography in patients with pulmonary hypertensionMEI-FANG CHENG ; YEN-HUNG LIN ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; YEN-WEN WU journal article22
132017The Society for Translational Medicine: Clinical practice guidelines for the postoperative management of chest tube for patients undergoing lobectomyJIN-SHING CHEN journal article1415
142017EGFR mutation, smoking, and gender in advanced lung adenocarcinomaSUNG-LIANG YU ; CHONG-JEN YU ; KANG-YI SU ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article170
152017KSRP suppresses cell invasion and metastasis through miR-23a-mediated EGR3 mRNA degradation in non-small cell lung cancerTSU-YAO CHENG ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article77
162017Adaptation of influenza A (H7N9) virus in primary human airway epithelial cellsWEN-MING HSU ; LUAN-YIN CHANG ; LI-MIN HUANG ; CHUN-YI LU ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article21
172017Recent advances in surgical management of early lung cancerHSAO-HSUN HSU ; Shun-Mao Yang ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article67
182017Modified single-port non-intubated video-assisted thoracoscopic decortication in high-risk parapneumonic empyema patientsJIN-SHING CHEN journal article56
192017Resection of pulmonary nodule in a patient with subglottic stenosis under modified spontaneous ventilation anesthesiaJIN-SHING CHEN journal article00
202017Tubeless Uniportal Thoracoscopic Wedge Resection for Peripheral Lung NodulesMAN-LING WANG ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; Shun-Mao Yang ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article1321
212017Real-world data on prognostic factors for overall survival in EGFR mutation-positive advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with first-line gefitinibCHONG-JEN YU ; WEI-YU LIAO ; JIN-YUAN SHIH ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article99
222016Computed tomography-guided patent blue vital dye localization of pulmonary nodules in uniportal thoracoscopy.MIN-SHU HSIEH ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; YEE-FAN LEE ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; WEI-CHUN KO ; YAO-HUI TSENG ; JO-YU CHEN ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article3841
232016Epithelial-Myoepithelial Carcinoma of the Salivary Gland Harboring HRAS Codon 61 Mutations With Lung Metastasis.MIN-SHU HSIEH ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article22
242016Thoracoscopic Mesh Repair of Diaphragmatic Defects in Hepatic Hydrothorax: A 10-Year ExperienceSHUENN-WEN KUO ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; PEI-MING HUANG journal article108
252016Image-guided thoracoscopic surgery with dye localization in a hybrid operating roomYEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; Yang, Shun-Mao ; Ko, Wei-Chun ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; CHIH-YANG CHAN ; Lin, Mong-Wei; WEI-CHUN KO ; Hsu, Hsao-Hsun; Shun-Mao Yang ; Chan, Chih-Yang ; Wu, I-Hui ; I-Hui Wu ; Chang, Yeun-Chung; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chen, Jin-Shingjournal article2125
262016Risk of tuberculosis among patients on dialysisShu, Chin-Chung ; Lin, Kuan-Yin; Shu, Chin-Chung; CHIN-CHUNG SHU ; Hsu, Chia-Lin ; VIN-CENT WU ; Hsu, Chia-Lin; Shun, Shiow-Ching ; Wei, Yu-Feng; LI-NA LEE ; Lai, Yeur-Hur ; Liang, Jin-Tung; CHONG-JEN YU ; Lee, Chih-Yuan; Lee, Chih-Yuan; Tsauo, Jau-Yih ; JANN-YUAN WANG ; Liou, Hung-Hsiang; 曹昭懿 ; Wu, Vin-Cent; Wu, Vin-Cent ; CHIA-LIN HSU ; Yang, Feng-Jung; HSIEN-HO LIN ; 孫秀卿 ; Yang, Feng-Jung; 賴裕和 ; Lin, Hsien-Ho; Lin, Hsien-Ho ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Wang, Jann-Yuan; 梁金銅 ; Wang, Jann-Yuan ; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Yu, Chong-Jen; Yu, Chong-Jen ; Lee, Li-Na; Lee, Li-Na journal article66
272016Preoperative computed tomography-guided dye injection to localize multiple lung nodules for video-assisted thoracoscopic surgeryMIN-SHU HSIEH ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; YEE-FAN LEE ; NING CHIEN ; WEI-CHUN KO ; YAO-HUI TSENG ; JO-YU CHEN ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; PEI-MING HUANG journal article39
282016Pulmonary Truncal Fistula Presenting with Cervical Pneumatocele: Late Complication of Vesicant ExtravasationJIN-SHING CHEN journal article
292016Abuse-related trauma forward medical care in a randomly sampled nationwide populationJANN-YUAN WANG ; Ho, Cheng-Maw; Lee, Chih-Hsin; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; REY-HENG HU ; Wang, Jann-Yuan; CHENG-MAW HO ; Lee, Po-Huang; Lai, Hong-Shiee; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Hu, Rey-Heng; Chen, Jin-Shingjournal article12
302016CT-guided percutaneous microwave ablation of pulmonary malignant tumorsYEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; YEE-FAN LEE ; NING CHIEN ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; WEI-CHUN KO ; YAO-HUI TSENG ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article86
312016An incidental pulmonary part-solid ground-glass nodule in a patient under anticoagulant therapyYEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; Chen, Jo-Yu ; JO-YU CHEN ; Lien, Huang-Chun; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chen, Jin-Shing; Chang, Yeun-Chung; HUANG-CHUN LIEN journal article00
322016Factors associated with emergency department visit within 30 days after dischargeCHIN-CHUNG SHU ; Wang, Chuan-Lan; Ding, Shih-Tan; Chen, Hsin-Fu ; MING-JU HSIEH ; NIN-CHIEH HSU ; Hsieh, Ming-Ju ; YU-FENG LIN ; Shu, Chin-Chung ; Hsu, Nin-Chieh ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Lin, Yu-Feng ; Chen, Jin-Shing journal article56
332016Molecular gene signature and prognosis of non-small cell lung cancerHuang, Poyin; SUNG-LIANG YU ; KANG-YI SU ; Cheng, Chiou-Ling; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chang, Ya-Hsuan; Liu, Chia-Hsin; Hsu, Yi-Chiung; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Chang, Gee-Chen; Ho, Bing-Ching; Su, Kang-Yi ; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; Yu, Sung-Liang journal article1212
342016SPANXA suppresses EMT by inhibiting c-JUN/SNAI2 signaling in lung adenocarcinomaHsiao, Yi-Jing; SUNG-LIANG YU ; Su, Kang-Yi ; KANG-YI SU ; Su, Kang-Yi; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Hsu, Yi-Chiung; Chang, Gee-Chen; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Chen, Jin-Shing; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; Hong, Qi-Sheng; Hong, Qi-Sheng; Hsu, Shih-Chun; Kang, Po-Hsiang; Kang, Po-Hsiang; Hsu, Chia-Ying; Hsu, Chia-Ying; Ho, Bing-Ching; Yang, Tsung-Hui; Wang, Chia-Yu; Wang, Chia-Yu; Jou, Yuh-Shan; Jou, Yuh-Shan; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Yang, Pan-Chyr; Yu, Sung-Liang ; Yu, Sung-Liang; 楊泮池 journal article1011
352016Characteristics of young lung cancer: Analysis of Taiwan's nationwide lung cancer registry focusing on epidermal growth factor receptor mutation and smoking statusHsu, Chia-Hung; Hsu, Chia-Hung; CHONG-JEN YU ; Tseng, Chien-Hua; WEN-CHUNG LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chiang, Chun-Ju; Chiang, Chun-Ju ; Hsu, Kuo-Hsuan; Tseng, Jeng-Sen; Chen, Kun-Chieh; Wang, Chih-Liang; Chen, Chih-Yi; Chen, Chih-Yi; Yen, Sang-Hue; Yen, Sang-Hue; Chiu, Chao-Hua; Chiu, Chao-Hua; Huang, Ming-Shyan; Yu, Chong-Jen ; Yu, Chong-Jen; Tsai, Ying-Huang; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Chen, Jin-Shing; Tsai, Chun-Ming; Tsai, Chun-Ming; Chou, Teh-Ying; Chou, Teh-Ying; Lin, Kuei-Chih; Lin, Kuei-Chih; Tsai, Ming-Hsun; Tsai, Ming-Hsun; Lee, Wen-Chung; Lee, Wen-Chung ; Ku, Hsiu-Ying; Liu, Tsang-Wu; Liu, Tsang-Wu; Yang, Tsung-Ying; Chang, Gee-Chenjournal article1714
362016Intraoperative multiple intercostal nerve blocks exert anesthetic-sparing effect: A retrospective study on the effect-site concentration of propofol infusion in nonintubated thoracoscopic surgeryMAN-LING WANG ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article50
372016PrefaceYEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; Chen, Jin-Shing; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chang, Yeun-Chungjournal article00
382016JAG1 is associated with poor survival through inducing metastasis in lung cancerChang, Wen-Hsin; SUNG-LIANG YU ; KANG-YI SU ; Ho, Bing-Ching; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Hsiao, Yi-Jing; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Yeh, Chien-Hung; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; Chang, Gee-Chen; Su, Kang-Yi ; Yu, Sung-Liang journal article1615
392016The influence of a caveolin-1 mutant on the function of P-glycoproteinMENG-KUN TSAI; Lee, Chih-Yuan; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Lai, Ting-Yu; Ou-Yang, Pu; Tsai, Ching-Yi; Wu, Shu-Wei; Hsu, Li-Chung ; Chen, Jin-Shing journal article98
402016Nonintubated Thoracoscopic Pneumonectomy for Bullous EmphysemaHSIEN-CHI LIAO ; Hung, Wan-Ting; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Liao, Hsien-Chi ; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; Chen, Jin-Shing journal article47
412016Image-guided techniques for localizing pulmonary nodules in thoracoscopic surgeryJIN-SHING CHEN journal article2725
422016Study of poly-e(open)-caprolactone membranes for pleurodesisHONG-SHIEE LAI ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article11
432016Nonintubated uniportal thoracoscopic surgery for resection of lung lesionsHung, Wan-Ting; YA-JUNG CHENG ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; Hsu, Hsao-Hsun ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Hung, Ming-Hui ; Hsieh, Pei-Yin; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; Chen, Jin-Shing journal article1415
442016Pulmonary sequestration: An unusual cause of Elevated CA 19-9Liu, Kao-Lang; KAO-LANG LIU ; TSU-YAO CHENG ; Chen, Jin-Shing; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Cheng, Tsu-Yao journal article11
452015The severity of initial acute kidney injury at admission of geriatric patients significantly correlates with subsequent in-hospital complications.NIN-CHIEH HSU ; Chao, Chia-Ter; YU-FENG LIN ; Tsai, Hung-Bin; HUNG-BIN TSAI ; Wu, Chia-Yi; CHIA-TER CHAO ; Lin, Yu-Feng; Hsu, Nin-Chieh; CHIA-YI WU ; Chen, Jin-Shing; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Hung, Kuan-Yu; KUAN-YU HUNG ; Chen, Shih-Yuan journal article2118
462015Cross-sectional study of the association between functional status and acute kidney injury in geriatric patientsNIN-CHIEH HSU ; YU-FENG LIN ; HUNG-BIN TSAI ; CHIA-TER CHAO ; CHIA-YI WU ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; KUAN-YU HUNG journal article1011
472015The etiology and therapy of primary spontaneous pneumothoracesHSAO-HSUN HSU ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article33
482015Partial anomalous pulmonary venous return to the azygos vein: A case reportSHYH-JYE CHEN ; Lee, Bo-Ching; MING-TAI LIN ; Chen, Shyh-Jye ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Lin, Ming-Tai journal article11
492015Prognostic factors of survival from intractable oronasal bleeding after successful transarterial embolizationYIN-YI HAN ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chen-Hsiang Kuan journal article11
502015Mixed mucoepidermoid carcinoma and adenocarcinoma of the lung: Two cases with unusual histologic featuresMIN-SHU HSIEH ; YIH-LEONG CHANG ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article00
512015Nonintubated video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for management of indeterminate pulmonary nodulesHSAO-HSUN HSU ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article34
522015Treatment and long-term follow-up of oral cancer postoperative sialorrhea with dermal sling operationNAI-CHEN CHENG ; JUNG-HSIEN HSIEH ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article00
532015Postoperative Showering for Clean and Clean-contaminated Wounds: A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled TrialKuen-Yuan Chen ; Hsieh, Pei-Yin; HAO-CHIH TAI ; Chen, Kuen-Yuan ; Chen, Kuen-Yuan; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; Sheng, Wang-Huei ; Sheng, Wang-Huei; BEEN-REN LIN ; Chang, Chin-Hao; PO-CHU LEE ; Chang, Chin-Hao; Wang, Chiou-Ling; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Wang, Chiou-Ling; Chiag, Pin-Yi; Chen, Hsiao-Ping; Chen, Hsiao-Ping; Shiao, Chin-Wen; Shiao, Chin-Wen; Lee, Po-Chu; Lee, Po-Chu ; Tai, Hao-Chih ; Tai, Hao-Chih; Chien, Hsiung-Fei; Chien, Hsiung-Fei ; Yu, Po-Jui; Yu, Po-Jui ; Lin, Been-Ren; Lin, Been-Ren ; Lai, Yeur-Hur; Lai, Yeur-Hur ; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Chen, Jin-Shing; Lai, Hong-Shiee; Lai, Hong-Shiee journal article54
542015Effects on respiration of nonintubated anesthesia in thoracoscopic surgery under spontaneous ventilationHSAO-HSUN HSU ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article812
552015Keap1-Nrf2 interaction suppresses cell motility in lung adenocarcinomas by targeting the S100P proteinTSU-YAO CHENG ; Chien, Ming-Hsien; KUO-TAI HUA ; Lee, Wei-Jiunn; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Hsieh, Feng-Koo; Li, Chia-Feng; Cheng, Tsu-Yao ; Wang, Ming-Yang; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Chow, Jyh-Ming; Jan, Yi-Hua; Hsiao, Michael; Hua, Kuo-Tai ; Kuo, Min-Liangjournal article2017
562015Nonintubated thoracoscopic lobectomy for lung cancer using epidural anesthesia and intercostal blockadeHung, Ming-Hui ; Hung, Ming-Hui ; MING-HUI HUNG ; YA-JUNG CHENG ; Chan, Kuang-Cheng; Liu, Ying-Ju; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Hsu, Hsao-Hsun ; Chen, Ke-Cheng; Chen, Ke-Cheng; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; Chen, Jin-Shing ; 詹光政 journal article2434
572015周全性老年評估個案報告:腹部手術及併發症後的功能衰退JIN-SHING CHEN journal article
582014Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgical thymectomy to treat early thymoma: a comparison with the conventional transsternal approach.MIN-SHU HSIEH ; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; PEI-MING HUANG journal article2629
592014Anesthetic consideration for nonintubated VATSYA-JUNG CHENG ; Yang, Jen-Ting; Hung, Ming-Hui ; MING-HUI HUNG ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Cheng, Ya-Jung journal article2425
602014ReplyYA-JUNG CHENG ; MING-HUI HUNG ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article00
612014Robot-assisted Thoracic Surgery-Initial Experience at National Taiwan University HospitalJIN-SHING CHEN journal article
622014探討管灌餵食對於重度失智症老年人照護上之利與弊JIN-SHING CHEN journal article00
632014Diffuse Idiopathic Pulmonary Neuroendocrine Cell Hyperplasia (DIPNECH)-A Case ReportJIN-SHING CHEN journal article
642014Cryorecanalization in Airway Obstruction: Initial Experience in a Medical CenterJIN-SHING CHEN journal article
652014Patient-centered wound teleconsultation for cutaneous wounds: A feasibility studyNAI-CHEN CHENG ; Huang, W. C.; Chen, Chih-Hsuan; Yi-Ywan, M.; Young, Tai-Horng ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chen-Teng, L. J.; Huang, Chieh-Huei; Chang, Hui-Hsiu; Lien, H. T.; Chen, Chien-Liang; Chen, J. Y.; Chien, Hsiung-Fei ; Chia, J. S.*; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Lai, Hong-Shiee ; Cheng, Nai-Chen journal article55
662014Awake thoracoscopic surgery: Safety issues in difficult airway and use of thoracic epidural anesthesiaHung, Ming-Hui ; YA-JUNG CHENG ; MING-HUI HUNG ; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chen, Jin-Shing journal article33
672014Nonintubated uniportal thoracoscopic surgery for peripheral lung nodulesHung, Ming-Hui ; MING-HUI HUNG ; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; YA-JUNG CHENG ; KUANG-CHEGN CHAN ; Chan, Kuang-Cheng; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; Han, Su-Chuan; Chen, Ke-Cheng; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Hsu, Hsao-Hsun ; Chen, Jin-Shing journal article2628
682014Nonintubated thoracoscopic surgery: State of the art and future directionsHung, Ming-Hui ; YA-JUNG CHENG ; Hsu, Hsao-Hsun ; MING-HUI HUNG ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; Chen, Jin-Shing ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article3238
692014Association of miRNA-related Genetic Polymorphisms and Prognosis in Patients with Esophageal Squamous Cell CarcinomaSHUENN-WEN KUO ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; KUO-TAI HUA ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; PEI-MING HUANG journal article2119
702014New directions and technologies for minimal invasive thoracic surgeryJIN-SHING CHEN journal article11
712014Non-intubated thoracoscopic surgery using internal intercostal nerve block, vagal block and targeted sedationHung, Ming-Hui ; YA-JUNG CHENG ; Hsu, Hsao-Hsun ; MING-HUI HUNG ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; Chan, Kuang-Cheng; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chen, Ke-Cheng; Yie, Jr-Chi; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; Chen, Jin-Shing ; 詹光政 journal article3336
722014Intrapleural minocycline pleurodesis for the treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothoraxChen, Jin-Shing; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chan, Wing-Kai; Yang, Pan-Chyrjournal article68
732014Prognostic significance of histologic differentiation, carcinoembryonic antigen value, and lymphovascular invasion in stage i non-small cell lung cancerSHUENN-WEN KUO ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; PEI-MING HUANG journal article1712
742014Nonintubated video-assisted thoracoscopic pulmonary resectionsMING-HUI HUNG ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article00
752014Nonintubated uniportal thoracoscopic segmentectomy for lung cancerYA-JUNG CHENG ; Hung, Ming-Hui ; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; MING-HUI HUNG ; Hsu, Hsao-Hsun ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chen, Jin-Shing journal article1015
762014Nonintubated thoracoscopic surgery using regional anesthesia and vagal block and targeted sedationChen, Ke-Cheng; YA-JUNG CHENG ; MING-HUI HUNG ; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; Hung, Ming-Hui ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Tseng, Yu-Ding; Chen, Jin-Shing journal article3943
772014Can composite performance measures predict survival of patients with colorectal cancer?Yang, Jen-Ting; KUO-PIAO CHUNG ; Chung, Kuo-Piao ; Chen, Li-Ju; Hung, Ming-Hui ; Chang, Yao-Jen; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; Chang, Yun-Jau; 陳晉興 ; 鄭雅蓉 ; 洪明輝 journal article00
782014Handmade guiding tip using a Nélaton tube for endostapler application to pulmonary vesselsShun-Mao Yang ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article10
792014Chemical pleurodesis for prolonged postoperative air leak in primary spontaneous pneumothoraxSHUENN-WEN KUO ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; PEI-MING HUANG journal article2124
802014Acute thoracic empyema: Clinical characteristics and outcome analysis of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgerySHUENN-WEN KUO ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; PEI-MING HUANG journal article69
812014Poor clinical outcomes among pneumonia patients with depressive disorderSHIH-PING LIU ; Kao, Li-Ting; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Lin, Herng-Ching; Lee, Hsin-Chien; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Tsai, Ming-Chieh; Chung, Shiu-Dongjournal article66
822014Role of computed tomographic scanning prior to thoracoscopic surgery for primary spontaneous pneumothoraxYEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; PEI-MING HUANG journal article33
832013Erratum: Atypical Thymic Carcinoid Associated with Coronary Artery Spasm: Incidental Finding of Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (International Journal of Cardiology (2012) 161:2 (e31-e33))MEI-FANG CHENG ; JUEY-JEN HWANG ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; KAI-YUAN TZEN ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; YEN-WEN WU journal article00
842013Acute transverse myelitis after thoracic epidural anesthesia and analgesia: Should anesthesia and analgesia be blamed?MING-HUI HUNG ; YA-JUNG CHENG ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article40
852013Simple aspiration and drainage and intrapleural minocycline pleurodesis versus simple aspiration and drainage for the initial treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothorax: An open-label, parallel-group, prospective, randomised, controlled trialPAN-CHYR YANG ; Chen, Jin-Shing; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; Chan, Wing-Kai; Tsai, Kung-Tsao; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; ANG YUAN ; Hsu, Hsao-Hsun; Lin, Chien-Yu; JIN-SHING CHEN ; WEN-JONE CHEN ; Yuan, Ang; Chen, Wen-Jone; Lai, Hong-Shiee; Yang, Pan-Chyrjournal article5149
862013The survival impact of XPA and XPC genetic polymorphisms on patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinomaSHUENN-WEN KUO ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; PEI-MING HUANG journal article1616
872013Isolated familial pneumothorax in a Taiwanese family with Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndromeCHING-YAO YANG ; CHONG-JEN YU ; HAO-CHIEN WANG ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article55
882013Nonintubated thoracoscopic anatomical segmentectomy for lung tumorsHung, Ming-Hui ; MING-HUI HUNG ; Hsu, Hsao-Hsun ; YA-JUNG CHENG ; KUANG-CHEGN CHAN ; Chen, Ke-Cheng; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; Chan, Kuang-Cheng; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Pompeo, Eugeniojournal article4250
892013Pleurodesis for primary spontaneous pneumothorax - Authors' replyJIN-SHING CHEN journal article23
902013Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for recurrent pneumothorax in pulmonary lymphangioleimyomatosis with tuberous sclerosis complexHONG-SHIEE LAI ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article00
912013Radiotherapy for lung tumors arising after a prior pneumonectomyradiotherapy for lung tumors arising after a prior pneumonectomyJIN-SHING CHEN journal article00
922013Chemical pleurodesis for spontaneous pneumothoraxHSAO-HSUN HSU ; JIN-SHING CHEN journal article1619
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