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12016Effects of acute critical illnesses on the performance of interferon-gamma release assay.CHUN-TA HUANG ; Huang, Chun-Ta; Huang, Chun-Ta ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; Ruan, Sheng-Yuan; Ruan, Sheng-Yuan ; Tsai, Yi-Ju; Tsai, Yi-Ju; PING-HUNG KUO ; CHONG-JEN YU ; Kuo, Ping-Hung ; Kuo, Ping-Hung; Ku, Shih-Chi ; SHIH-CHI KU ; Ku, Shih-Chi; Lee, Pei-Lin; JANN-YUAN WANG ; Lee, Pei-Lin ; Kuo, Lu-Cheng ; YING-CHUN CHIEN ; Kuo, Lu-Cheng; CHIA-LIN HSU ; Hsu, Chia-Lin ; Hsu, Chia-Lin; Huang, Chun-Kai; Huang, Chun-Kai ; PEI-LIN LEE ; Yang, Ching-Yao; Yang, Ching-Yao ; LU-CHENG KUO ; Chien, Ying-Chun ; Chien, Ying-Chun; Wang, Jann-Yuan; Wang, Jann-Yuan ; Yu, Chong-Jen ; Yu, Chong-Jenjournal article56
22016Effects of acute critical illnesses on the performance of interferon-gamma release assayHuang, C.-T.; SHENG-YUAN RUAN ; Tsai, Y.-J.; Kuo, P.-H.; SHIH-CHI KU ; PEI-LIN LEE ; LU-CHENG KUO ; CHIA-LIN HSU ; Huang, C.-K.; Yang, C.-Y.; YING-CHUN CHIEN ; Wang, J.-Y.; Yu, C.-J.56
32015Increase in the rate of azithromycin-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates carrying the erm(B) and mef(A) genes in Taiwan, 2006-2010PO-REN HSUEH; WANG-HUEI SHENG ; LU-CHENG KUO journal article33
42014Cautious application of pleural N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide in diagnosis of congestive heart failure pleural effusions among critically ill patientsYeh, Jiann-Horng; CHING-YAO YANG ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; Huang, Chun-Ta ; CHUN-TA HUANG ; Liu, Chia-Hsiung; Ruan, Sheng-Yuan ; SHENG-YUAN RUAN ; PING-HUNG KUO ; Tsai, Yi-Ju; Chien, Ying-Chun ; SHIH-CHI KU ; CHONG-JEN YU ; Yang, Ching-Yao ; Huang, Chun-Kai ; CHIA-LIN HSU ; Hsu, Chia-Lin ; YING-CHUN CHIEN ; PEI-LIN LEE ; Kuo, Lu-Cheng ; Lee, Pei-Lin ; LU-CHENG KUO ; Ku, Shih-Chi ; Kuo, Ping-Hung ; Yu, Chong-Jen journal article54
52014Evaluation of the Bruker biotyper matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry system for identification of blood isolates of Acinetobacter speciesPO-REN HSUEH; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Kuo, Lu-Cheng ; WANG-HUEI SHENG ; Chang, Tsung-Chain; LU-CHENG KUO ; Lee, Tai-Fen; LEE-JENE TENG ; YU-CHUNG CHUANG ; Teng, Shih-Hua; Chuang, Yu-Chung ; Teng, Lee-Jene ; Sheng, Wang-Huei journal article2624
62011Estimation of quality-adjusted life expectancy in patients under prolonged mechanical ventilationCHONG-JEN YU ; LU-CHENG KUO journal article77
72011Life expectancies and incidence rates of patients under prolonged mechanical ventilation: A population-based study during 1998 to 2007 in TaiwanCHONG-JEN YU ; LU-CHENG KUO journal article2426
82010Measurement of quality of life using EQ-5D in patients on prolonged mechanical ventilation: Comparison of patients, family caregivers, and nursesCHING-LIN HSIEH ; Hung, Mei-Chuan; Yan, Yuan-Horng; CHONG-JEN YU ; Fan, Po-Sheng; LU-CHENG KUO ; KAI-PING GRACE YAO ; Lin, Ming-Shian; Chen, Cheng-Ren; Kuo, Lu-Cheng ; Yu, Chong-Jen ; Yao, Grace; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; HUNG, MEI-CHUAN; Wang, Jung-Der; YAN, YUAN-HORNG; FAN, PO-SHENG; LIN, MING-SHIAN; CHEN, CHENG-REN; KUO, LU-CHENG ; YU, CHONG-JEN ; YAO, KAI-PING GRACE ; HSIEH, CHING-LIN ; WANG, JUNG-DERjournal article1916
92009Budesonide/formoterol combination as a maintenance and rescue therapyLU-CHENG KUO journal article22
102008Antimicrobial resistance of bacterial isolates from respiratory care wards in Taiwan: a horizontal surveillance studyPO-REN HSUEH; CHONG-JEN YU ; LU-CHENG KUO journal article2525
112007Multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii bacteraemia: Clinical features, antimicrobial therapy and outcomePO-REN HSUEH; LU-CHENG KUO journal article8578
122005Trends in the mortality of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Taiwan, 1981-2002LU-CHENG KUO journal article
132004Dissemination of a Clone of Unusual Phenotype of Pandrug-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii at a University Hospital in TaiwanPO-REN HSUEH; CHONG-JEN YU ; LU-CHENG KUO ; LEE-JENE TENG journal article5938
142003Clinical features of pandrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii bacteremia at a University Hospital in TaiwanLU-CHENG KUO journal article
152003Seasonal Variation of Hospital Emergency Visits and Hospitalizations of Patients with Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseLU-CHENG KUO journal article
162003Trends in asthma mortality in Taiwan, 1981-2000LU-CHENG KUO journal article
172002Pneumothorax in the ICU: Patient outcomes and prognostic factorsJIH-SHUIN JERNG ; WEI-YU LIAO ; JANN-YUAN WANG ; LU-CHENG KUO journal article3944
182001以譫妄為表現之空蝶鞍症併發泛腦垂腺低能症:二例報告LU-CHENG KUO journal article00
192001以譫妄為表現之空蝶鞍症併發泛腦垂腺低能症:二例報告郭律成 ; 張慶忠; 胡海國 ; 郭律成 ; 張慶忠; 胡海國