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12021Early Changes in DCE-MRI Biomarkers May Predict Survival Outcomes in Patients with Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Sorafenib Failure: Two Prospective Phase II TrialsBANG-BIN CHEN ; Lin, Zhong-Zhe; Shao, Yu-Yun; CHIUN HSU; Hsu, Chih-Hung; Cheng, Ann-Lii; Liang, Po-Chin; Shih, Tiffany Ting-FangCancers0
22021Metabolic Alterations in Pancreatic Cancer Detected by In Vivo 1H-MR Spectroscopy: Correlation with Normal Pancreas, PET Metabolic Activity, Clinical Stages, and Survival OutcomeChang, Chih-Kai; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang; Tien, Yu-Wen; Chang, Ming-Chu; Chang, Yu-Ting; YANG SHIH-HUNG; Cheng, Mei-Fang; BANG-BIN CHEN Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland)0
32021Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced and Intravoxel Incoherent Motion MRI Biomarkers Are Correlated to Survival Outcome in Advanced Hepatocellular CarcinomaBANG-BIN CHEN ; Shao, Yu-Yun; Lin, Zhong-Zhe; Hsu, Chih-Hung; Cheng, Ann-Lii; CHIUN HSU; Liang, Po-Chin; Shih, Tiffany Ting-FangDiagnostics (Basel, Switzerland)0
42021Preoperative sarcopenia is associated with poor overall survival in pancreatic cancer patients following pancreaticoduodenectomyPeng, Yan-Chih; Wu, Chien-Hui; Tien, Yu-Wen; Lu, Tzu-Pin; Wang, Yu-Hsin; BANG-BIN CHEN European radiology139
52021Prediction of lumbar disc bulging and protrusion by anthropometric factors and disc morphologyHung, Isabella Yu Ju; BANG-BIN CHEN ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH; YUE-LIANG GUOInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health1
62021PET/MRI in Cervical Cancer: Associations Between Imaging Biomarkers and Tumor Stage, Disease Progression, and Overall SurvivalShih, I-Lun; Yen, Rouh-Fang; Chen, Chi-An; Cheng, Wen-Fang; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Chang, Yu-Hsuan; Cheng, Mei-Fang; Shih, Tiffany Ting-FangJournal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI44
72021Lumbar Disc Herniation Automatic Detection in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based on Deep LearningTsai, Jen-Yung; Hung, Isabella Yu-Ju; YUE-LIANG GUO; Jan, Yih-Kuen; Lin, Chih-Yang; Shih, Tiffany Ting-Fang; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Lung, Chi-WenFrontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology0
82021Negative prognostic implications of splenomegaly in nivolumab-treated advanced or recurrent pancreatic adenocarcinomaYANG SHIH-HUNG; Lu, Li-Chun; Kao, Hsiang-Fong; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Kuo, Ting-Chun; Kuo, Sung-Hsin; Tien, Yu-Wen; Bai, Li-Yuan; Cheng, Ann-Lii; Yeh, Kun-HueiOncoimmunology0
92020A Multicenter Phase II Study of Second-Line Axitinib for Patients with Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma Failing First-Line Sorafenib MonotherapyLin Z.-Z.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Hung Y.-P.; Huang P.-H.; Shen Y.-C.; Shao Y.-Y.; Hsu C.-H.; Cheng A.-L.; Lee R.-C.; Chao Y.; Hsu C.Oncologist02
102020The roles of lumbar load thresholds in cumulative lifting exposure to predict disk protrusion in an Asian populationHung I.Y.-J.; Shih T.T.-F.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Liou S.-H.; Ho I.-K.; Guo Y.L.BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders01
112020S-1–associated hypertriglyceridemia in a patient with pancreatic adenocarcinomaChen H.-W.; Kuo H.-Y.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Tien Y.-W.; Kuo S.-H.; Yang S.-H.Journal of Oncology Practice00
122019Prognostic value of 18F-FDG PET/MR imaging biomarkers in oesophageal squamous cell carcinomaYu C.-W.; Chen X.-J.; Lin Y.-H.; Tseng Y.-H.; Lu C.-C.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Wei S.-Y.; Lee J.-M.; Shih T.T.-F.European Journal of Radiology13
132019Validation of Indications for Surgery of European Evidence-Based Guidelines for Patients with Pancreatic Intraductal Papillary Mucinous NeoplasmsJan I.S.; Chang M.C.; Yang C.Y.; Tien Y.W.; Jeng Y.M.; Wu C.H.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Chang Y.T.Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery110
142019Age and cystic size are associated with clinical impact of endoscopic ultrasonography-guided fine-needle aspiration on the management of pancreatic cystic neoplasmsChang Y.-T.; Tung C.-C.; Chang M.-C.; Wu C.-H.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Jan I.-S.Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology02
152018Prediction of lower extremity motor recovery in persons with severe lower extremity paresis after strokeHuang S.-L.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Hsueh I.-P.; Jeng J.-S.; Koh C.-L.; Hsieh C.-L.Brain Injury14
162018Imaging biomarkers from multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging are associated with survival outcomes in patients with brain metastases from breast cancerBANG-BIN CHEN ; Lu Y.-S.; Yu C.-W.; Lin C.-H.; Chen T.W.-W.; Wei S.-Y.; Cheng A.-L.; Shih T.T.-F.European Radiology17
172018Multiparametric PET/MR imaging biomarkers are associated with overall survival in patients with pancreatic cancerBANG-BIN CHEN ; Tien Y.-W.; Chang M.-C.; Cheng M.-F.; Chang Y.-T.; Yang S.-H.; Wu C.-H.; Kuo T.-C.; Shih I.-L.; Yen R.-F.; Shih T.T.-F.European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging1424
182017Early perfusion changes within 1 week of systemic treatment measured by dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI may predict survival in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinomaBANG-BIN CHEN ; Hsu C.-Y.; Yu C.-W.; Liang P.-C.; Hsu C.; Hsu C.-H.; Cheng A.-L.; Shih T.T.-F.European Radiology814
192017Pancreatic cancer screening in different risk individuals with family history of pancreatic cancer-a prospective cohort study in TaiwanChang M.-C.; Wu C.-H.; Yang S.-H.; Liang P.-C.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Jan I.-S.; Chang Y.-T.; Jeng Y.-M.American Journal of Cancer Research7
202017Microcirculation at the supraspinatus tendon and shoulder external rotation explosive strength and fatigue are correlatedWang H.-K.; Yu C.-W.; Hsu C.-Y.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Chen H.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Lee Y.-H.; Shih T.T.-F.Isokinetics and Exercise Science01
212017Lenalidomide as second-line therapy for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: exploration of biomarkers for treatment efficacyShao Y.-Y.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Ou D.-L.; Lin Z.-Z.; Hsu C.-H.; Wang M.-J.; Cheng A.-L.; Hsu C.Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics56
222017PET-MRI of the Pancreas and KidneysBANG-BIN CHEN Current Radiology Reports00
232016PET/MRI in pancreatic and periampullary cancer: correlating diffusion-weighted imaging, MR spectroscopy and glucose metabolic activity with clinical stage and prognosisBANG-BIN CHEN ; Tien Y.-W.; Chang M.-C.; Cheng M.-F.; Chang Y.-T.; Wu C.-H.; Chen X.-J.; Kuo T.-C.; Yang S.-H.; Shih I.-L.; Lai H.-S.; Shih T.T.-F.European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging2835
242016A pilot study to determine the timing and effect of bevacizumab on vascular normalization of metastatic brain tumors in breast cancerBANG-BIN CHEN ; Lu Y.-S.; Lin C.-H.; Chen W.-W.; Wu P.-F.; Hsu C.-Y.; Yu C.-W.; Wei S.-Y.; Cheng A.-L.; Shih T.T.-F.BMC Cancer1013
252016Dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: Comparison with the liver parenchyma and correlation with the survival of patients receiving systemic therapyBANG-BIN CHEN ; Hsu C.-Y.; Yu C.-W.; Liang P.-C.; Hsu C.; Hsu C.-H.; Cheng A.-L.; Shih T.T.-F.Radiology1417
262015Standardized uptake value and apparent diffusion coefficient of endometrial cancer evaluated with integrated whole-body PET/MR: Correlation with pathological prognostic factorsShih I.-L.; Yen R.-F.; Chen C.-A.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Wei S.-Y.; Chang W.-C.; Sheu B.-C.; Cheng W.-F.; Tseng Y.-H.; Chen X.-J.; Chen C.-H.; Wei L.-H.; Chiang Y.-C.; Torng P.-L.; Yen M.-L.; Shih T.T.-F.Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging2734
272015Novel imaging diagnosis for hepatocellular carcinoma: Consensus from the 5th Asia-pacific primary liver cancer expert meeting (APPLE 2014)BANG-BIN CHEN ; Murakami T.; Shih T.T.-F.; Sakamoto M.; Matsui O.; Choi B.-I.; Kim M.-J.; Lee J.M.; Yang R.-J.; Zeng M.-S.; Chen R.-C.; Liang J.-D.Liver Cancer1315
282015Predicting recovery of voluntary upper extremity movement in subacute stroke patients with severe upper extremity paresisKoh C.-L.; Pan S.-L.; Jeng J.-S.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Wang Y.-H.; Hsueh I.-P.; Hsieh C.-L.PLoS ONE1616
292015Consensus development from the 5th asia-pacific primary liver cancer expert meeting (APPLE 2014)Hsu C.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Chen C.-H.; Ho M.-C.; Cheng J.C.-H.; Kokudo N.; Murakami T.; Yeo W.; Seong J.; Jia J.-D.; Han K.-H.; Cheng A.-L.Liver Cancer1720
302015Bevacizumab preconditioning followed by etoposide and cisplatin is highly effective in treating brain metastases of breast cancer progressing from whole-brain radiotherapyLu Y.-S.; Chen T.W.-W.; Lin C.-H.; Yeh D.-C.; Tseng L.-M.; Wu P.-F.; Rau K.-M.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Chao T.-C.; Huang S.-M.; Huang C.-S.; Shih T.T.-F.; Cheng A.-L.; Taiwan Breast Cancer ConsortiumClinical Cancer Research3744
312014Hepatic necro-inflammation and elevated liver enzymes: Evaluation with MRI perfusion imaging with gadoxetic acid in chronic hepatitis patientsBANG-BIN CHEN ; Hsu C.-Y.; Yu C.-W.; Kao J.-H.; Lee H.-S.; Liang P.-C.; Wei S.-Y.; Hwang R.-M.; Shih T.T.-F.Clinical Radiology67
322014The dose-response relationship between cumulative lifting load and lumbar disk degeneration based on magnetic resonance imaging findingsHung Y.-J.; Shih T.T.-F.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Hwang Y.-H.; Ma L.-P.; Huang W.-C.; Liou S.-H.; Ho I.-K.; Guo Y.L.Physical Therapy811
332014DCE-MRI in hepatocellular carcinoma-clinical and therapeutic image biomarkerBANG-BIN CHEN ; Shih T.T.-F.World Journal of Gastroenterology3541
342014Vascular and hepatic enhancements at MR imaging: Comparison of Gd-EOB-DTPA and Gd-DTPA in the same subjectsLin Y.-H.; Hwang R.-M.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Hsu C.-Y.; Yu C.-W.; Kao J.-H.; Lee H.-S.; Liang P.-C.; Wei S.-Y.; Shih T.T.F.Clinical Imaging13
352014Comparison of characteristics and transarterial chemoembolization outcomes in patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma and different viral etiologiesBANG-BIN CHEN ; Shih I.-L.; Wu C.-H.; Hsu C.; Chen C.-H.; Shih T.T.-F.; Liu K.-L.; Liang P.-C.Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology87
362012Clinical and histologic implications of delayed hepatobiliary enhancement on magnetic resonance imaging with gadolinium ethoxybenzyl diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acidBANG-BIN CHEN ; Hsu C.-Y.; Yu C.-W.; Wei S.-Y.; Kao J.-H.; Lee H.-S.; Shih T.T.-F.Investigative Radiology1617
372012Correlation among DCE-MRI measurements of bone marrow angiogenesis, microvessel density, and extramedullary disease in patients with multiple myelomaHuang S.-Y.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Lu H.-Y.; Lin H.-H.; Wei S.-Y.; Hsu S.-C.; Shih T.T.-F.American Journal of Hematology1511
382012Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging with Gd-EOB-DTPA for the evaluation of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis patientsBANG-BIN CHEN ; Hsu C.-Y.; Yu C.-W.; Wei S.-Y.; Kao J.-H.; Lee H.-S.; Shih T.T.-F.European Radiology8779
392012Effect of functional status on survival in patients with stroke: Is independent ambulation a key determinant?Chiu H.-T.; Wang Y.-H.; Jeng J.-S.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Pan S.-L.Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation1413
402011Thigh muscle volume predicted by anthropometric measurements and correlated with physical function in the older adultsBANG-BIN CHEN ; Shih T.T.F.; Hsu C.-Y.; Yu C.-W.; Wei S.-Y.; Chen C.-Y.; Wu C.-H.; Chen C.-Y.Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging2528
412011Dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging measurement of vertebral bone marrow perfusion may be indicator of outcome of acute myeloid leukemia patients in remissionBANG-BIN CHEN ; Hsu C.-Y.; Yu C.-W.; Hou H.-A.; Liu C.-Y.; Wei S.-Y.; Chou W.-C.; Tien H.-F.; Shih T.T.-F.Radiology3128
422011Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging biomarkers predict survival and response in hepatocellular carcinoma patients treated with sorafenib and metronomic tegafur/uracilHsu C.-Y.; Shen Y.-C.; Yu C.-W.; Hsu C.; Hu F.-C.; Hsu C.-H.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Wei S.-Y.; Cheng A.-L.; Shih T.T.-F.Journal of Hepatology7695
432010Changes in magnetic resonance bone marrow angiogenesis on day 7 after induction chemotherapy can predict outcome of acute myeloid leukemiaHou H.-A.; Shih T.T.F.; Liu C.-Y.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Tang J.-L.; Yao M.; Huang S.-Y.; Chou W.-C.; Hsu C.-Y.; Tien H.-F.Haematologica1314
442009Cerebral infarct due to concomitant anterior cerebral artery dissection and dissecting aneurysmLin F.-Y.; BANG-BIN CHEN Acta Neurologica Taiwanica00
452009Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding Owing to Right Hepatic Artery Pseudoaneurysm After Laparoscopic CholecystectomyChen C.-C.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Wang H.-P.Gastroenterology50
462009Bone marrow angiogenesis magnetic resonance imaging in patients with acute myeloid leukemia: Peak enhancement ratio is an independent predictor for overall survivalShih T.T.-F.; Hou H.-A.; Liu C.-Y.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Tang J.-L.; Chen H.-Y.; Wei S.-Y.; Yao M.; Huang S.-Y.; Chou W.-C.; Hsu S.-C.; Tsay W.; Yu C.-W.; Hsu C.-Y.; Tien H.-F.; Yang P.-C.Blood6057
472008Crossed pulmonary arteries: Report of two cases with emphasis on three-dimensional helical computed tomographic imagingBANG-BIN CHEN ; Hsieh H.-J.; Chiu I.-S.; Chen S.-J.; Wu M.-H.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association89
482008Unusual manifestations of vertebral osteomyelitis: Intraosseous lesions mimicking metastasesHsu C.Y.; Yu C.W.; Wu M.Z.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Huang K.M.; Shih T.T.-F.American Journal of Neuroradiology1111
492008Unusual angiographic findings of lower gastrointestinal bleedingBANG-BIN CHEN ; Lee C.-W.; Tsang Y.-M.; Liu K.-L.; Wang H.-P.Gut00
502008Image of the monthBANG-BIN CHEN ; Tien Y.-W.; Lin J.-T.; Liu K.-L.Archives of Surgery10
512007Alteration of disc vacuum contents during prolonged supine positioning: Evaluation with MR imageWang H.-J.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Yu C.-W.; Hsu C.-Y.; Shih T.T.-F.Spine1314
522007Preoperative diagnosis of gastric tumors by three-dimensional multidetector row CT and double contrast barium meal study: Correlation with surgical and histologic resultsBANG-BIN CHEN ; Liang P.C.; Liu K.-L.; Hsiao J.-K.; Huang J.-C.; Wong J.-M.; Lee P.-H.; Shun C.-T.; Yuk M.-T.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1920
532007Vertebral osteonecrosis: MR imaging findings and related changes on adjacent levelsYu C.-W.; Hsu C.-Y.; Shih T.T.-F.; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Fu C.-J.American Journal of Neuroradiology6767
542007EBCT - McGoon ratio a reliable and useful method to predict pulmonary blood flow non-invasivelyBANG-BIN CHEN ; Chen S.-J.; Wu M.-H.; Li Y.-W.; Lue H.-C.Chinese Journal of Radiology3
552006Leiomyomatosis with extension to the left gluteal muscle, inferior vena cava, and right atrium.BANG-BIN CHEN ; Chen C.A.; Liu K.L.AJR. American journal of roentgenology10
562005Computed tomography diagnosis of primary thyroid teratomaBANG-BIN CHEN ; Yeh C.-C.; Chang T.-C.; Hsiao C.-H.; Chen K.-Y.; Liu K.-L.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association22