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12020The immediate effects of a shoulder brace on muscle activity and scapular kinematics in subjects with shoulder impingement syndrome and rounded shoulder posture: A randomized crossover designChiu Y.-C.; Tsai Y.-S.; Shen C.-L.; Wang T.-G.; Yang J.-L.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article00
22020Measurement of scapular prominence in symptomatic dyskinesis using a novel scapulometer: reliability and the relationship to shoulder dysfunctionHuang T.-S.; Chen W.-J.; Du W.-Y.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article00
32020Single-session video and electromyography feedback in overhead athletes with scapular dyskinesis and impingement syndromeDu W.-Y.; Huang T.-S.; Chiu Y.-C.; Mao S.-J.; Hung L.-W.; Liu M.-F.; Yang J.L.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article00
42019Kinesiology taping with exercise does not provide additional improvement in round shoulder subjects with impingement syndrome: A single-blinded randomized controlled trialKang F.-J.; Chiu Y.-C.; Wu S.-C.; Wang T.-G.; Yang J.-L.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article00
52019Effects of trapezius kinesio taping on scapular kinematics and associated muscular activation in subjects with scapular dyskinesisHuang T.-S.; Ou H.-L.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article22
62019Serratus anterior and upper trapezius electromyographic analysis of the push-up plus exercise: A systematic review and meta-analysisKang F.-J.; Ou H.-L.; Lin K.-Y.; JIU-JENQ LIN Review10
72019Effectiveness of stretching exercise versus kinesiotaping in improving length of the pectoralis minor: A systematic review and network meta-analysisLai C.-C.; Chen S.-Y.; Yang J.-L.; JIU-JENQ LIN Review00
82018Acute effects of different dynamic exercises on hamstring strain risk factorsChen C.H.; Xin Y.; Lee K.W.; Lin M.J.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article22
92018Pain quality descriptors and sex-related differences in patients with shoulder painRau C.-L.; Yang J.-L.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Wu P.-C.; Hou C.-Y.; Song C.-Y.; Hsieh C.-L.Journal Article00
102018Practice variability combined with task-oriented electromyographic biofeedback enhances strength and balance in people with chronic strokeTsaih P.-L.; Chiu M.-J.; Luh J.-J.; Yang Y.-R.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Hu M.-H.Journal Article00
112018Progressive conscious control of scapular orientation with video feedback has improvement in muscle balance ratio in patients with scapular dyskinesis: a randomized controlled trialHuang T.-S.; Du W.-Y.; Wang T.-G.; Tsai Y.-S.; Yang J.-L.; Huang C.-Y.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article22
122017Effects of Femoral Rotational Taping on Dynamic Postural Stability in Female Patients with Patellofemoral PainSong C.-Y.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Chang A.H.Journal Article44
132017Movement Pattern of Scapular Dyskinesis in Symptomatic Overhead AthletesHuang T.-S.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Ou H.-L.; Chen Y.-T.Journal Article43
142017Measurement of scapular medial border and inferior angle prominence using a novel scapulometer: A reliability and validity studyDu W.-Y.; Huang T.-S.; Hsu K.-C.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article65
152016Alterations of scapular kinematics and associated muscle activation specific to symptomatic dyskinesis type after conscious controlOu H.-L.; Huang T.-S.; Chen Y.-T.; Chen W.-Y.; Chang Y.-L.; Lu T.-W.; Chen T.-H.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article44
162016Kinesio taping and manual pressure release: Short-term effects in subjects with myofasical trigger pointChao Y.W.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Yang J.L.; Wang W.T.-J.Journal Article1310
172016Scapular dyskinesis: Patterns, functional disability and associated factors in people with shoulder disordersHuang T.-S.; Huang C.-Y.; Ou H.-L.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article98
182015Effects of femoral rotational taping on pain, lower extremity kinematics, and muscle activation in female patients with patellofemoral painSong C.-Y.; Huang H.-Y.; Chen S.-C.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Chang A.H.Journal Article2116
192015Acute effects of static active or dynamic active stretching on eccentric-exercise-induced hamstring muscle damageChen C.-H.; Chen T.C.; Jan M.-H.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article59
202015Comprehensive classification test of scapular dyskinesis: A reliability studyHuang T.-S.; Huang H.-Y.; Wang T.-G.; Tsai Y.-S.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article2116
212015Specific kinematics and associated muscle activation in individuals with scapular dyskinesisHuang T.-S.; Ou H.-L.; Huang C.-Y.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article3331
222014Shoulder physical activity, functional disability and task difficulties in patients with stiff shoulders: Interpretation from RT3 acceleratorYang J.-L.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Huang H.-Y.; Huang T.-S.; Chao Y.W.Journal Article11
232013Two stretching treatments for the hamstrings: Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation versus kinesio tapingChen C.-H.; Huang T.-S.; Chai H.-M.; Jan M.-H.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article1516
242013EMG biofeedback effectiveness to alter muscle activity pattern and scapular kinematics in subjects with and without shoulder impingementHuang H.-Y.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Guo Y.L.; Wang W.T.J.; Chen Y.-J.Journal Article3728
252012Effectiveness of the end-range mobilization and scapular mobilization approach in a subgroup of subjects with frozen shoulder syndrome: A randomized control trialYang J.-L.; Jan M.-H.; Chang C.-W.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article3229
262012Effects and predictors of shoulder muscle massage for patients with posterior shoulder tightnessYang J.-L.; Chen S.-Y.; Hsieh C.-L.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article2123
272012The Correlations of the Six-minute Walk Test and Respiratory Functions in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients with Chronic HypercapniaChen S.; Wu Y.-T.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Lee C.-N.; Huang C.-Y.; Chiang L.-L.Journal Article40
282012Response letter to "Effectiveness of the End-Range Mobilization and Scapular Mobilization Approach in a Subgroup of Subjects with Frozen Shoulder Syndrome: A Randomized Control Trial"JIU-JENQ LIN ; Yang J.-L.; Jan M.-H.; Chang C.-W.Letter00
292012Relationship between trapezius muscle activity and typing speed: Taping effectHuang T.-S.; Cheng W.-C.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article54
302011The effects of scapular taping on electromyographic muscle activity and proprioception feedback in healthy shouldersJIU-JENQ LIN ; Hung C.-J.; Yang P.-L.Journal Article7370
312011RT3 accelerometer shoulder activity: Discrimination of activity levels by the RT3 accelerometer for the assessment of shoulder physical activity (SPA)Huang H.-Y.; Chen W.-C.; Cheng W.-C.; Lai Y.-T.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article32
322011The role of patellar alignment and tracking in vivo: The potential mechanism of patellofemoral pain syndromeSong C.-Y.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Jan M.-H.; Lin Y.-F.Review3327
332011Adaptive patterns of movement during arm elevation test in patients with shoulder impingement syndromeJIU-JENQ LIN ; Hsieh S.-C.; Cheng W.-C.; Chen W.C.; Lai Y.Journal Article5448
342010Relationship between posterior shoulder muscle stiffness and rotation in patients with stiff shoulderHung C.-J.; Hsieh C.-L.; Yang P.-L.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article2225
352010Reduced scapular muscle control and impaired shoulder joint position sense in subjects with chronic shoulder stiffnessYang J.-l.; Jan M.-H.; Hung C.-J.; Yang P.-L.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article65
362010Effects of weight resistance on the temporal parameters and electromyography of sit-to-stand movements in children with and without cerebral palsyLiao H.-F.; Gan S.-M.; Lin K.-H.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article99
372010Activation and tremor of the shoulder muscles to the demands of an archery taskJIU-JENQ LIN ; Hung C.-J.; Yang C.-C.; Chen H.-Y.; Chou F.-C.; Lu T.-W.Journal Article1211
382010Position accuracy and electromyographic responses during head reposition in young adults with chronic neck painCheng C.-H.; Wang J.-L.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Wang S.-F.; Lin K.-H.Journal Article2927
392010Scapular kinematics and impairment features for classifying patients with subacromial impingement syndromeHung C.-J.; Jan M.-H.; Lin Y.-F.; Wang T.-Q.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article2523
402010Alteration in shoulder kinematics and associated muscle activity in people with idiopathic scoliosisJIU-JENQ LIN ; Chen W.-H.; Chen P.-Q.; Tsauo J.-Y.Journal Article1412
412009Comparison of kinematic and electromyographic patterns during cyclic neck motions in asymptomatic young and middle-age adultsWang S.-F.; Tang P.-F.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Lin K.-H.Journal Article00
422009Secondary motions of the shoulder during arm elevation in patients with shoulder tightnessYang J.-L.; Lu T.-W.; Chou F.-C.; Chang C.-w.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article1311
432009Effects of Weight-Bearing Versus Nonweight-Bearing Exercise on Function, Walking Speed, and Position Sense in Participants With Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Controlled TrialJan M.-H.; Lin C.-H.; Lin Y.-F.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Lin D.-H.Journal Article9177
442009Quantification of shoulder tightness and associated shoulder kinematics and functional deficits in patients with stiff shouldersYang J.-l.; Chen S.-y.; Chang C.-w.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article1114
452009Differences in sonographic characteristics of the vastus medialis obliquus between patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome and healthy adultsJan M.-H.; Lin D.-H.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Lin C.-H.J.; Cheng C.-K.; Lin Y.-F.Journal Article3832
462008Investigation of clinical effects of high- and low-resistance training for patients with knee osteoarthritis: A randomized controlled trialJan M.-H.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Liau J.-J.; Lin Y.-F.; Lin D.-H.Journal Article134122
472008Role of the vastus medialis obliquus in repositioning the patella: A dynamic computed tomography studyLin Y.-F.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Jan M.-H.; Wei T.-C.; Shih H.-Y.; Cheng C.-K.Journal Article3526
482008Efficacy of a target-matching foot-stepping exercise on proprioception and function in patients with knee osteoarthritisJan M.-H.; Tang P.-F.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Tseng S.-C.; Lin Y.-F.; Lin D.-H.Journal Article2924
492008Proprioception assessment in subjects with idiopathic loss of shoulder range of motion: Joint position sense and a novel proprioceptive feedback indexYang J.-L.; Chen S.; Jan M.-H.; Lin Y.-F.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article1613
502008Association between sonographic morphology of vastus medialis obliquus and patellar alignment in patients with patellofemoral pain syndromeLin Y.-F.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Cheng C.-K.; Lin D.-H.; Jan M.-H.Journal Article2821
512008Shoulder kinematic features using arm elevation and rotation tests for classifying patients with frozen shoulder syndrome who respond to physical therapyYang J.-l.; Chang C.-w.; Chen S.-y.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article2321
522007Cervical electromyographic activities during neck movements at different speeds in healthy subjects: Voluntary response index analysisCheng C.-H.; Lin K.-H.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Wang J.-L.Journal Article11
532007Mobilization techniques in subjects with frozen shoulder syndrome: Randomized multiple-treatment trialYang J.-L.; Chang C.-W.; Chen S.-Y.; Wang S.-F.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article6459
542006Shoulder dysfunction assessment: Self-report and impaired scapular movementsJIU-JENQ LIN ; Hanten W.P.; Olson S.L.; Roddey T.S.; Soto-Quijano D.A.; Lim H.K.; Sherwood A.M.Journal Article3131
552006Reliability and validity of shoulder tightness measurement in patients with stiff shouldersJIU-JENQ LIN ; Yang J.-L.Journal Article2523
562006Reliability of function-related tests in patients with shoulder pathologiesYang J.-J.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal Article1716
572006Effect of shoulder tightness on glenohumeral translation, scapular kinematics, and scapulohumeral rhythm in subjects with stiff shouldersJIU-JENQ LIN ; Lim H.K.; Yang J.-L.Journal Article5855
582006Altered patterns of muscle activation during performance of four functional tasks in patients with shoulder disorders: Interpretation from voluntary response indexJIU-JENQ LIN ; Lim H.K.; Soto-quijano D.A.; Hanten W.P.; Olson S.L.; Roddey T.S.; Sherwood A.M.Journal Article4242
592005Trapezius muscle imbalance in individuals suffering from frozen shoulder syndromeJIU-JENQ LIN ; Wu Y.-T.; Wang S.-F.; Chen S.-Y.Journal Article3733
602005Functional activity characteristics of individuals with shoulder dysfunctionsJIU-JENQ LIN ; Hanten W.P.; Olson S.L.; Roddey T.S.; Soto-Quijano D.A.; Lim H.K.; Sherwood A.M.Journal Article113110
612005Functional activities characteristics of shoulder complex movements: Exploration with a 3-D electromagnetic measurement systemJIU-JENQ LIN ; Hanten W.P.; Olson S.L.; Roddey T.S.; Soto-Quijano D.A.; Lim H.K.; Sherwood A.M.Journal Article3531
621995Analysis of the lower trapezius electromyographic activityJIU-JENQ LIN ; Irrgang James J.; Burdett Ray G.; Stone David A.Journal Article0