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12020The immediate effects of a shoulder brace on muscle activity and scapular kinematics in subjects with shoulder impingement syndrome and rounded shoulder posture: A randomized crossover designChiu Y.-C.; Tsai Y.-S.; Shen C.-L.; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; JING-LAN YANG ; JIU-JENQ LIN Gait and Posture52
22020Single-session video and electromyography feedback in overhead athletes with scapular dyskinesis and impingement syndromeDu W.-Y.; Huang T.-S.; Chiu Y.-C.; Mao S.-J.; Hung L.-W.; Liu M.-F.; JING-LAN YANG ; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal of Athletic Training119
32019Kinesiology taping with exercise does not provide additional improvement in round shoulder subjects with impingement syndrome: A single-blinded randomized controlled trialKang F.-J.; Chiu Y.-C.; Wu S.-C.; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; JING-LAN YANG ; JIU-JENQ LIN Physical Therapy in Sport96
42019Effectiveness of stretching exercise versus kinesiotaping in improving length of the pectoralis minor: A systematic review and network meta-analysisCHIH-CHIN LAI ; Chen S.-Y.; JING-LAN YANG ; JIU-JENQ LIN Physical Therapy in Sport77
52018Pain quality descriptors and sex-related differences in patients with shoulder painRau C.-L.; JING-LAN YANG ; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Wu P.-C.; Hou C.-Y.; Song C.-Y.; CHING-LIN HSIEH Journal of Pain Research54
62018Progressive conscious control of scapular orientation with video feedback has improvement in muscle balance ratio in patients with scapular dyskinesis: a randomized controlled trialHuang T.-S.; Du W.-Y.; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; Tsai Y.-S.; JING-LAN YANG ; CHENG-YA HUANG ; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery1511
72016Kinesio taping and manual pressure release: Short-term effects in subjects with myofasical trigger pointChao Y.W.; JIU-JENQ LIN ; JING-LAN YANG ; Wang W.T.-J.Journal of Hand Therapy3020
82015Reliability and Validity of Transversus Abdominis Measurement at the Posterior Muscle-Fascia Junction with Ultrasonography in Asymptomatic ParticipantsYEN-HUA CHEN ; Chai, Huei-Ming; JING-LAN YANG ; YA-JUNG LIN ; SHWU-FEN WANG Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics107
92014Shoulder physical activity, functional disability and task difficulties in patients with stiff shoulders: Interpretation from RT3 acceleratorJING-LAN YANG ; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Huang H.-Y.; Huang T.-S.; Chao Y.W.Manual Therapy22
102013Inter-session reliability of the measurement of the deep and superficial layer of lumbar multifidus in young asymptomatic people and patients with low back pain using ultrasonographyLiu I.-S.; Chai H.-M.; JING-LAN YANG ; SHWU-FEN WANG Manual Therapy97
112012Effects and predictors of shoulder muscle massage for patients with posterior shoulder tightnessJING-LAN YANG ; Chen S.-Y.; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; JIU-JENQ LIN BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders3033
122012Response letter to "Effectiveness of the End-Range Mobilization and Scapular Mobilization Approach in a Subgroup of Subjects with Frozen Shoulder Syndrome: A Randomized Control Trial"JIU-JENQ LIN ; JING-LAN YANG ; Jan M.-H.; Chang C.-W.Manual Therapy00
132012Effectiveness of the end-range mobilization and scapular mobilization approach in a subgroup of subjects with frozen shoulder syndrome: A randomized control trialJING-LAN YANG ; Jan M.-H.; Chang C.-W.; JIU-JENQ LIN Manual Therapy4944
142011Variations of methane induced pyrite formation in the accretionary wedge sediments offshore southwestern TaiwanLim, Yee Cheng; Lin, Saulwood ; Yang, Tsanyao Frank; Chen, Yue-Gau; Liu, Char-Shine; Yang, Jing-lan ; CHAR-SHINE LIU ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Chang, Chein-wei ; Lin, Jiu-jenq Marine and Petroleum Geology 7272
152010Reduced scapular muscle control and impaired shoulder joint position sense in subjects with chronic shoulder stiffnessJING-LAN YANG ; Jan M.-H.; Hung C.-J.; Yang P.-L.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology109
162009Secondary motions of the shoulder during arm elevation in patients with shoulder tightnessJING-LAN YANG ; TUNG-WU LU ; Chou F.-C.; Chang C.-W.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology1413
172009Quantification of shoulder tightness and associated shoulder kinematics and functional deficits in patients with stiff shouldersJING-LAN YANG ; Chen S.-y.; Chang C.-w.; JIU-JENQ LIN Manual Therapy1315
182009Could Kinesio tape replace the bandage in decongestive lymphatic therapy for breast-cancer-related lymphedema? A pilot studyTsai H.-J.; Hung H.-C.; JING-LAN YANG ; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; JAU-YIH TSAUO Supportive Care in Cancer149102
192008Proprioception assessment in subjects with idiopathic loss of shoulder range of motion: Joint position sense and a novel proprioceptive feedback indexJING-LAN YANG ; Chen S.; Jan M.-H.; Lin Y.-F.; JIU-JENQ LIN Journal of Orthopaedic Research2320
202008Shoulder kinematic features using arm elevation and rotation tests for classifying patients with frozen shoulder syndrome who respond to physical therapyJING-LAN YANG ; Chang C.-w.; Chen S.-y.; JIU-JENQ LIN Manual Therapy3025
212007Mobilization techniques in subjects with frozen shoulder syndrome: Randomized multiple-treatment trialJING-LAN YANG ; Chang C.-W.; Chen S.-Y.; SHWU-FEN WANG ; JIU-JENQ LIN Physical Therapy8980
222006Reliability and validity of shoulder tightness measurement in patients with stiff shouldersJIU-JENQ LIN ; JING-LAN YANG Manual Therapy3127
232006Effect of shoulder tightness on glenohumeral translation, scapular kinematics, and scapulohumeral rhythm in subjects with stiff shouldersJIU-JENQ LIN ; Lim H.K.; JING-LAN YANG Journal of Orthopaedic Research7965