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12023The effect of e-learning on point-of-care ultrasound education in novicesWAN-CHING LIEN ; Phone Lin; Chang, Chih-Heng; MENG-CHE WU ; CHENG-YI WU Medical education online10
22023End-tidal Carbon Dioxide + Return of Spontaneous Circulation After Cardiac Arrest (RACA) Score to Predict Outcomes After Out-of-hospital Cardiac ArrestCHENG-YI WU ; TSUNG-CHIEN LU ; Su, Pei-I; CHU-LIN TSAI ; Tay, Joyce; MENG-CHE WU ; Yen, Yi-Hsuan; Chou, Eric H; CHIH-HUNG WANG ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; WEN-JONE CHEN The western journal of emergency medicine11
32022Clinical utilization of point-of-care ultrasound by junior emergency medicine residentsWAN-CHING LIEN ; Chang, Chih-Heng; Chong, Kah-Meng; MENG-CHE WU ; CHENG-YI WU ; HSIU-PO WANG Medical ultrasonography10
42022Association between trajectories of end-tidal carbon dioxide and return of spontaneous circulation among emergency department patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrestCHIH-HUNG WANG ; TSUNG-CHIEN LU ; Tay, Joyce; CHENG-YI WU ; MENG-CHE WU ; Chong, Kah-Meng; Chou, Eric H; CHU-LIN TSAI ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; MATTHEW HUEI-MING MA ; WEN-JONE CHEN Resuscitation44
52022Pain trajectories in the emergency department: Patient characteristics and clinical outcomesMENG-CHE WU ; TSUNG-CHIEN LU ; MING-TAI CHENG ; Chen, Yun-Chang; Liao, Edward Che-Wei; CHIH-WEI SUNG ; Tay, Joyce; Ko, Chia-Hsin; CHENG-CHUNG FANG ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; CHU-LIN TSAI The American journal of emergency medicine00
62021A retrospective study on the therapeutic effects of sodium bicarbonate for adult in-hospital cardiac arrestCHIH-HUNG WANG ; CHENG-YI WU ; MENG-CHE WU ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; MIN-SHAN TSAI ; TSUNG-CHIEN LU ; Chou, Eric; Hsieh, Yu-Lin; WEN-JONE CHEN Scientific reports22
72021Blood gas phenotyping and tracheal intubation timing in adult in-hospital cardiac arrest: a retrospective cohort studyCHIH-HUNG WANG ; MENG-CHE WU ; CHENG-YI WU ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; MIN-SHAN TSAI ; TSUNG-CHIEN LU ; Chou, Eric; YEN-WEN WU ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; WEN-JONE CHEN Scientific reports00
82021Intraosseous versus intravenous vascular access during cardiopulmonary resuscitation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studiesHsieh, Yu-Lin; MENG-CHE WU ; Wolfshohl, Jon; d'Etienne, James; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; TSUNG-CHIEN LU ; EDWARD PEI-CHUAN HUANG ; Chou, Eric H; CHIH-HUNG WANG ; WEN-JONE CHEN Scandinavian journal of trauma, resuscitation and emergency medicine1213
92021Neuroprognostic Accuracy of Quantitative Versus Standard Pupillary Light Reflex for Adult Postcardiac Arrest Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisCHIH-HUNG WANG ; CHENG-YI WU ; Liu, Carolyn Chia-Yu; Hsu, Tzu-Chun; Liu, Michael A; MENG-CHE WU ; MIN-SHAN TSAI ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; SHYR-CHYR CHEN ; WEN-JONE CHEN Critical care medicine76
102018Data on evaluation of proficiency for the US-CAB curriculumWAN-CHING LIEN ; Hsu S.-H.; Chong K.-M.; Sim S.-S.; MENG-CHE WU ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; CHENG-CHUNG FANG ; MATTHEW HUEI-MING MA ; SHYR-CHYR CHEN ; WEN-JONE CHEN Data in Brief22
112018Comparison of outcome and cost among open, laparoscopic, and robotic surgical treatments for rectal cancer: A propensity score matched analysis of nationwide inpatient sample dataChen S.-T.; MENG-CHE WU ; Hsu T.-C.; Yen D.W.; Chang C.-N.; Hsu W.-T.; CHIA-CHUN WANG ; Lee M.; SHING-HWA LIU ; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Health Economics and Outcome Research Group, National Taiwan University Hospital; Outcome Research Group, National Taiwan University HospitalJournal of Surgical Oncology2021
122018US-CAB protocol for ultrasonographic evaluation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Validation and potential impactWAN-CHING LIEN ; Hsu S.-H.; Chong K.-M.; Sim S.-S.; MENG-CHE WU ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; CHENG-CHUNG FANG ; MATTHEW HUEI-MING MA ; SHYR-CHYR CHEN ; WEN-JONE CHEN Resuscitation3734
132018Pentoxifylline decreases post-operative intra-abdominal adhesion formation in an animal modelYang Y.-L.; Lee M.G.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Su P.-I.; Chi C.-Y.; Liu C.-H.; MENG-CHE WU ; ZUI-SHEN YEN ; SHYR-CHYR CHEN PeerJ109
142017Administration of Hypertonic Solutions for Hemorrhagic Shock: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Clinical TrialsMENG-CHE WU ; Liao T.-Y.; Lee E.M.; Chen Y.-S.; Hsu W.-T.; Lee M.-T.G.; Tsou P.-Y.; SHYR-CHYR CHEN ; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Anesthesia and Analgesia1819
152017A novel US-CAB protocol for ultrasonographic evaluation during cardiopulmonary resuscitationWAN-CHING LIEN ; Liu Y.-P.; Chong K.-M.; Sim S.-S.; Wu S.-H.; CHENG-YI WU ; MENG-CHE WU ; WEI-TIEN CHANG Resuscitation1010
162016Hypothermia increases tissue plasminogen activator expression and decreases post-operative intra-abdominal adhesionLee M.-T.G.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Wang H.-M.; TZUNG-HSIN CHOU ; MENG-CHE WU ; Hsueh K.-L.; SHYR-CHYR CHEN PLoS ONE76
172015Poster: Design and implementation of IoT-enable mobile E-learning platform for medical educationChang, Chia Wei; PHONE LIN ; Tseng, Chi Wei; Kong, Yi Kai; WAN-CHING LIEN ; MENG-CHE WU ; CHENG-YI WU Proceedings of the International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing (MobiHoc)40
182015Laparoscopy decreases the laparotomy rate for hemodynamically stable patients with blunt hollow viscus and mesenteric injuriesLin H.-F.; Chen Y.-D.; Lin K.-L.; MENG-CHE WU ; CHENG-YI WU ; SHYR-CHYR CHEN American Journal of Surgery2624
192014Hypothermia decreases postoperative intra-abdominal adhesion formationLin H.-F.; CHENG-YI WU ; MENG-CHE WU ; TZUNG-HSIN CHOU ; Lin G.-S.; ZUI-SHEN YEN ; SHYR-CHYR CHEN American Journal of Surgery98
202013Real-time tracheal ultrasonography for confirmation of endotracheal tube placement during cardiopulmonary resuscitationChou H.-C.; Chong K.-M.; Sim S.-S.; MATTHEW HUEI-MING MA ; Liu S.-H.; Chen N.-C.; MENG-CHE WU ; CHIA-MING FU ; CHIH-HUNG WANG ; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; WAN-CHING LIEN ; SHYR-CHYR CHEN Resuscitation8378
212013Target blood pressure for hypotensive resuscitationLin G.-S.; TZUNG-HSIN CHOU ; CHENG-YI WU ; MENG-CHE WU ; CHENG-CHUNG FANG ; ZUI-SHEN YEN ; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; SHYR-CHYR CHEN Injury109
222012Primary gastric synovial sarcomaWang C.-C.; MENG-CHE WU ; MING-TSAN LIN ; JEN-CHIEH LEE Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1514