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12021Risk of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest among sepsis survivors in Taiwan: analysis of a nationwide population-based cohortHsu, Wan-Ting; Sherrod, Charles Fox; Tehrani, Babak; Papaila, Alexa; Porta, Lorenzo; Hsu, Tzu-Chun; Sheng, Wang-Huei; CHIEN-CHANG LEE BMJ open0
22021Validation of a Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder Risk Prediction Score and Derivation of a New Prediction Score Using a National Bone Marrow Transplant Registry DatabaseCHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Hsu, Tzu-Chun; Kuo, Chia-Chih; Liu, Michael A; Abdelfattah, Ahmed M; Chang, Chia-Na; MING YAO; Li, Chi-Cheng; Wu, Kang-Hsi; Chen, Tsung-Chih; Gau, Jyh-Pyng; Wang, Po-Nan; Liu, Yi-Chang; Chiou, Lun-Wei; Lee, Ming-Yang; Li, Sin-Syue; Chao, Tsu-Yi; Jou, Shiann-Tarng; Chang, Hsiu-HaoThe oncologist0
32021Associations between high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and non-communicable diseases in an Asian population: findings from the IFLS studyJuber, Nirmin; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Liu, Jason JBiomarkers : biochemical indicators of exposure, response, and susceptibility to chemicals0
42021Bedtime routines and objectively assessed sleep in infantsTsai, Shao-Yu; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Tsai, Han-Yi; Tung, Yi-ChingJournal of advanced nursing0
52021Performance and limitation of machine learning algorithms for diabetic retinopathy screening: Meta-analysisWu, Jo Hsuan; Liu, T. Y.Alvin; Hsu, Wan Ting; Ho, Jennifer Hui Chun; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Journal of Medical Internet Research1
62021Temporal Trends in Sepsis Incidence and Mortality in Patients With Cancer in the US PopulationLiu, Michael A; Bakow, Brianna R; Hsu, Tzu-Chun; Chen, Jia-Yu; Su, Ke-Ying; Asiedu, Emmanuel K; Hsu, Wan-Ting; CHIEN-CHANG LEE American journal of critical care : an official publication, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses1
72021The authors replyWu, Yi-Luen; Hsu, Wan-Ting; Qian, Frank; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Critical care medicine0
82021Morbid obesity but not obesity is associated with increased mortality in patients undergoing endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: A national cohort studyChen, Bing; Yo, Chia-Hung; Patel, Ramya; Liu, Bolun; Su, Ke-Ying; Hsu, Wan-Ting; CHIEN-CHANG LEE United European gastroenterology journal0
92021Impact of obesity on influenza compared to pneumonia hospitalization outcomesWEI JAMES CHEN; Liu, Ye; Maione, Luigi; Hsu, Huei-Ching; Hsu, Wan-Ting; Qian, Frank; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Obesity research & clinical practice0
102021Clinical Features of Emergency Department Patients from Early COVID-19 Pandemic that Predict SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Machine-learning ApproachChou, Eric H.; Wang, Chih Hung; Hsieh, Yu Lin; Namazi, Babak; Wolfshohl, Jon; Bhakta, Toral; Sankaranarayanan, Ganesh; CHU-LIN TSAI; WAN-CHING LIEN; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; TSUNG-CHIEN LUWestern Journal of Emergency Medicine2
112021Critical appraisal of the 2020 ESC guideline recommendations on diagnosis and risk assessment in patients with suspected non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromeGiannitsis, Evangelos; Blankenberg, Stefan; Christenson, Robert H; Frey, Norbert; von Haehling, Stephan; Hamm, Christian W; Inoue, Kenji; Katus, Hugo A; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; McCord, James; Möckel, Martin; Chieh, Jack Tan Wei; Tubaro, Marco; Wollert, Kai C; Huber, KurtClinical research in cardiology : official journal of the German Cardiac Society2
122021Comparing mortality between positive and negative blood culture results: an inverse probability of treatment weighting analysis of a multicenter cohortLiu, Aibo; Yo, Chia-Hung; Nie, Lu; Yu, Hua; Wu, Kuihai; Tong, Hoi Sin; Hsu, Tzu-Chun; Hsu, Wan-Ting; CHIEN-CHANG LEE BMC infectious diseases0
132021Accuracy and comparison of two rapid multiplex PCR tests for gastroenteritis pathogens: a systematic review and meta-analysisChang, Li-Jun; Hsiao, Chun-Jen; Chen, Bing; Liu, Tzu-Yu; Ding, Julia; Hsu, Wan-Ting; Su-Ortiz, Victor; Chen, Szu-Ta; Su, Ke-Ying; Wu, Han-Ping; CHIEN-CHANG LEE BMJ open gastroenterology2
142021Use of Calcium Channel Blockers and Risk of Active Tuberculosis Disease: A Population-Based AnalysisCHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Lee, Meng-Tse Gabriel; Hsu, Wan-Ting; Park, James Yeongjun; Porta, Lorenzo; Liu, Michael A; Chen, Shyr-Chyr; Chang, Shan-ChwenHypertension (Dallas, Tex. : 1979)1
152021Accuracy of Heparin-Binding Protein in Diagnosing Sepsis: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisWu, Yi-Luen; Yo, Chia-Hung; Hsu, Wan-Ting; Qian, Frank; Wu, Bo-Sheng; Dou, Qing-Li; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Critical care medicine4
162021Survival Impact and Clinical Predictors of Acute Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Patients With Bloodstream InfectionHuang A.H.; Liu Y.; Hsien Y.-C.; Hsu T.-C.; Yen D.; Hsu W.-T.; Lin H.-Y.; Chen S.-C.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; NTUH Health Data Science Research GroupJournal of Intensive Care Medicine00
172021Chest CT Images for COVID-19: Radiologists and Computer-Based DetectionDou, Qingli; Liu, Jiangping; Zhang, Wenwu; Gu, Yanan; Hsu, Wan-Ting; Ho, Kuan-Ching; Tong, Hoi Sin; Yu, Wing Yan; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Frontiers in molecular biosciences0
182021Clinical Evaluation of a New High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I Assay for Diagnosis and Risk Assessment of Patients with Suspected Acute Myocardial InfarctionShiozaki, Masayuki; Inoue, Kenji; Suwa, Satoru; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Chiang, Shuo-Ju; Sato, Akihiro; Fukuda, Kentaro; Kubota, Naozumi; Tamura, Hiroshi; Fujiwara, Yasumasa; Yamaguchi, Kentaro; Sato, Tomoaki; Sumiyoshi, Masataka; Daida, HiroyukiCardiology0
192021Optimal initial antibiotic regimen for the treatment of acute appendicitis: a systematic review and network meta-analysis with surgical intervention as the common comparatorWang, Chih-Hung; Yang, Chi-Chun; Hsu, Wan-Ting; Qian, Frank; Ding, Julia; Wu, Han-Ping; Tsai, Jih-Jin; Yang, Chia-Jui; Su, Ming Yang; Chen, Shyr-Chyr; CHIEN-CHANG LEE The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy0
202021Neuroprognostic Accuracy of Quantitative Versus Standard Pupillary Light Reflex for Adult Postcardiac Arrest Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisWang, Chih-Hung; Wu, Cheng-Yi; Liu, Carolyn Chia-Yu; Hsu, Tzu-Chun; Liu, Michael A; Wu, Meng-Che; Tsai, Min-Shan; Chang, Wei-Tien; Huang, Chien-Hua; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Chen, Shyr-Chyr; Chen, Wen-JoneCritical care medicine1
212020Combining Procalcitonin and Rapid Multiplex Respiratory Virus Testing for Antibiotic Stewardship in Older Adult Patients With Severe Acute Respiratory InfectionCHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Chang J.C.-Y.; Mao X.-W.; Hsu W.-T.; Chen S.-Y.; Chen Y.-C.; How C.-K.Journal of the American Medical Directors Association811
222020Behavioral-educational sleep interventions for pediatric epilepsy: A randomized controlled trialTsai S.-Y.; Lee W.-T.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Jeng S.-F.; Weng W.-C.Sleep22
232020Effect of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System Inhibitors on Short-Term Mortality after Sepsis: A Population-Based Cohort StudyHsu W.-T.; Galm B.P.; Schrank G.; Hsu T.-C.; Lee S.-H.; Park J.Y.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Hypertension1735
242020Risk Factors for Myocardial Infarction and Stroke Among Sepsis Survivors: A Competing Risks AnalysisHsieh Y.-C.; Tsou P.-Y.; Wang Y.-H.; Chao C.C.-T.; Lee W.-C.; Lee M.-T.G.; Wu J.-Y.; Chang S.-S.; Chen P.-Y.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Journal of Intensive Care Medicine14
252020High-sensitivity-cardiac troponin for accelerated diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction: A systematic review and meta-analysisCHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Huang S.-S.; Yeo Y.H.; Hou Y.-T.; Park J.Y.; Inoue K.; Hsu W.-T.American Journal of Emergency Medicine14
262020Correlation of population mortality of COVID-19 and testing coverage: a comparison among 36 OECD countriesWei, C; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Hsu, T C; Hsu, W T; Chan, C C; Chen, S C; Chen, C JEpidemiology and infection8
272020Time to Implement the European Society of Cardiology 0/1-Hour AlgorithmChiang C.-H.; Lee G.H.; Chiang C.-H.; Qian F.; Chen S.-C.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Annals of Emergency Medicine10
282020Associations between pediatric asthma and adult non-communicable diseasesJuber N.F.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Pan W.-C.; Liu J.J.Pediatric Allergy and Immunology22
292020The Asia-Pacific Society of Cardiology (APSC) expert committee consensus recommendations for assessment of suspected acute coronary syndrome using high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T in the emergency departmentJack Tan W.C.; Inoue K.; AbdelWareth L.; Giannitsis E.; Kasim S.; Shiozaki M.; Aw T.C.; Cheng F.; Dung H.T.; Li Y.-H.; Lim S.H.; Lukito A.A.; Than M.; Chu F.-Y.; Devasia T.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Phrommintikul A.; Youn J.-C.; Chew D.P.Circulation Journal53
302020Web-Based Dashboard for the Interactive Visualization and Analysis of National Risk-Standardized Mortality Rates of Sepsis in the USLee M.-T.; Lin F.-C.; Chen S.-T.; Hsu W.-T.; Lin S.; Chen T.-S.; Lai F.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Journal of Medical Systems22
312020Comparison of influenza hospitalization outcomes among adults, older adults, and octogenarians: a US national population-based studyCHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Liu Y.; Lu K.-T.; Wei C.; Su K.; Hsu W.-T.; Chen S.-C.Clinical Microbiology and Infection00
322020Implementing the European Society of Cardiology 0-h/1-h algorithm in patients presenting very early after chest painShiozaki M.; Inoue K.; Suwa S.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Chiang S.-J.; Sato A.; Shimizu M.; Fukuda K.; Hiki M.; Kubota N.; Tamura H.; Fujiwara Y.; Ouchi S.; Miyazaki T.; Hirano Y.; Tanaka H.; Sugita M.; Nakazato Y.; Sumiyoshi M.; Daida H.International Journal of Cardiology12
332020How to Quantify and Interpret Treatment Effects in Comparative Clinical Studies of COVID-19McCaw Z.R.; Tian L.; Vassy J.L.; Ritchie C.S.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Kim D.H.; Wei L.-J.Annals of internal medicine515
342020Screen Time Exposure and Altered Sleep in Young Children With EpilepsyLin Y.-Y.; Lee W.-T.; Yang H.-L.; Weng W.-C.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Jeng S.-F.; Tsai S.-Y.Journal of Nursing Scholarship00
352020Neuroprognostic accuracy of blood biomarkers for post-cardiac arrest patients: A systematic review and meta-analysisWang C.-H.; Chang W.-T.; Su K.-I.; Huang C.-H.; Tsai M.-S.; Chou E.; Lu T.-C.; Chen W.-J.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Chen S.-C.Resuscitation49
362020Incidence, trends, and outcomes of infection sites among hospitalizations of sepsis: A nationwide studyChou E.H.; Mann S.; Hsu T.-C.; Hsu W.-T.; Liu C.C.-Y.; Bhakta T.; Hassani D.M.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE PLoS ONE411
372020Comparing Effectiveness of Initial Airway Interventions for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis of Clinical Controlled TrialsWang C.-H.; Lee A.-F.; Chang W.-T.; Huang C.-H.; Tsai M.-S.; Chou E.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Chen S.-C.; Chen W.-J.Annals of Emergency Medicine44
382020Procalcitonin (PCT)-guided antibiotic stewardship in Asia-Pacific countries: Adaptation based on an expert consensus meetingCHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Kwa A.L.H.; Apisarnthanarak A.; Feng J.-Y.; Gluck E.H.; Ito A.; Karuniawati A.; Periyasamy P.; Pratumvinit B.; Sharma J.; Solante R.; Swaminathan S.; Tyagi N.; Vu D.M.; Zirpe K.; Schuetz P.Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine69
392020Sleep in mothers of children with epilepsy and its relation to their children's sleepTsai S.-Y.; Lee W.-T.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Jeng S.-F.; Weng W.-C.Research in Nursing and Health01
402020Mortality association between obesity and pneumonia using a dual restricted cohort modelWang H.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Chou E.H.; Hsu W.-T.; Robinson R.D.; Su K.-Y.; Kirby J.J.; Hassani D.Obesity Research and Clinical Practice00
412020Temporal trend and survival impact of infection source among patients with sepsis: a nationwide studyChen Y.-S.; Liao T.-Y.; Hsu T.-C.; Hsu W.-T.; Lee M.-T.G.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; National Taiwan University Hospital Biomedical Data Science Research GroupCritical care and resuscitation : journal of the Australasian Academy of Critical Care Medicine1
422020Safety and efficacy of the European Society of Cardiology 0/1-hour algorithm for diagnosis of myocardial infarction: Systematic review and meta-analysisChiang C.-H.; Chiang C.-H.; Lee G.H.; Gi W.-T.; Wu Y.-K.; Huang S.-S.; Yeo Y.H.; Giannitsis E.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Heart710
432020The clinical relevance of oliguria in the critically ill patient: analysis of a large observational databaseVincent, Jean-Louis; Ferguson, Andrew; Pickkers, Peter; Jakob, Stephan M; Jaschinski, Ulrich; Almekhlafi, Ghaleb A; Leone, Marc; Mokhtari, Majid; Fontes, Luis E; Bauer, Philippe R; Sakr, Yasser; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Critical care (London, England)9
442020How to Quantify and Interpret Treatment Effects in Comparative Clinical Studies of COVID-19McCaw, Zachary R; Tian, Lu; Vassy, Jason L; Ritchie, Christine Seel; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Kim, Dae Hyun; Wei, Lee-JenAnnals of internal medicine15
452019National trends of organ dysfunctions in sepsis: An 11-year longitudinal population-based cohort studyYo C.-H.; Lai C.-C.; Hsu T.-C.; Wang C.-Y.; Galvis A.E.; Yen D.; Hsu W.; Wang J.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Journal of Acute Medicine2
462019Physical activity and objectively assessed sleep in 6-month-old infants in TaiwanWang Y.-C.; Chen L.-C.; Tung Y.-C.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Tsai S.-Y.Research in Nursing and Health89
472019Clinical predictors and outcome impact of community-onset polymicrobial bloodstream infectionYo C.-H.; Hsein Y.-C.; Wu Y.-L.; Hsu W.-T.; Ma M.H.-M.; Tsai C.-H.; Chen S.-C.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents38
482019The incidence and risk factors of hepatic veno-occlusive disease after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in TaiwanCHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Chang H.-H.; Lu M.-Y.; Yang Y.-L.; Chou S.-W.; Lin D.-T.; Jou S.-T.; Yao M.; Li C.-C.; Yeh S.-P.; Chen M.-H.; Gau J.-P.; Li S.-S.; Wang P.-N.; Liu Y.-C.; Wang T.-F.; Tan T.-D.; Lee M.-Y.; Yu M.-S.; Wang C.-C.; Lin S.-C.; Chen Y.-C.; Su Y.-C.; Su K.-Y.; Lin K.-H.Annals of Hematology65
492019Epidemiology of Emergency Department Sepsis: A National Cohort Study Between 2001 and 2012Yu C.-W.; Chang S.-S.; Lai C.-C.; Wu J.-Y.; Yen D.W.; Lee M.-T.G.; Yeh C.-C.; Chung J.-Y.; Lin Y.-J.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Shock (Augusta, Ga.)57
502019Fluoroquinolone use and serious arrhythmias: A nationwide case-crossover studyPorta L.; Lee M.-T.G.; Hsu W.-T.; Hsu T.-C.; Tsai T.-Y.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Resuscitation32
512019Short- versus long-course antibiotics in osteomyelitis: A systematic review and meta-analysisHuang C.-Y.; Hsieh R.W.; Yen H.-T.; Hsu T.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Chen Y.-C.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents910
522019Short-course versus long-course antibiotics in prosthetic joint infections: A systematic review and meta-analysis of one randomized controlled trial plus nine observational studiesYen H.-T.; Hsieh R.W.; Huang C.-Y.; Hsu T.-C.; Yeh T.; Chen Y.-C.; Chen W.-S.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy33
532019Diagnostic Accuracy of Lung Ultrasound Performed by Novice Versus Advanced Sonographers for Pneumonia in Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisTsou P.-Y.; Chen K.P.; Wang Y.-H.; Fishe J.; Gillon J.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Deanehan J.K.; Kuo P.-L.; Yu D.T.Y.Academic Emergency Medicine1117
542019Comparison of outcome and cost between the open, laparoscopic, and robotic surgical treatments for colon cancer: a propensity score-matched analysis using nationwide hospital record databaseChiu C.-C.; Hsu W.-T.; Choi J.J.; Galm B.; Lee M.-T.G.; Chang C.-N.; Liu C.-Y.C.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Surgical Endoscopy44
552019Accuracy of point-of-care ultrasound and radiology-performed ultrasound for intussusception: A systematic review and meta-analysisTsou P.-Y.; Wang Y.-H.; Ma Y.-K.; Deanehan J.K.; Gillon J.; Chou E.H.; Hsu T.-C.; Huang Y.-C.; Lin J.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE American Journal of Emergency Medicine817
562019Impact of post-sepsis cardiovascular complications on mortality in sepsis survivors: A population-based studyWu M.-H.; Tsou P.-Y.; Wang Y.-H.; Lee M.-T.G.; Chao C.C.T.; Lee W.-C.; Lee S.-H.; Hu J.-R.; Wu J.-Y.; Chang S.-S.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Critical Care47
572019Integrative Genome-Wide Association Studies of eQTL and GWAS Data for Gout Disease SusceptibilityLee M.-T.G.; Hsu T.-C.; Chen S.-C.; Lee Y.-C.; Kuo P.-H.; Yang J.-H.; Chang H.-H.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Scientific Reports810
582019Combining procalcitonin with the qSOFA and sepsis mortality predictionYu H.; Nie L.; Liu A.; Wu K.; Hsein Y.-C.; Yen D.W.; Lee M.-T.G.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Bakir M.Medicine (United States)818
592019Mortality association between obesity and pneumonia using a dual restricted cohort modelWang H.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Chou E.H.; Hsu W.-T.; Robinson R.D.; Su K.-Y.; Kirby J.J.; Hassani D.Obesity Research and Clinical Practice33
602019Comparison of type B dissection by open, endovascular, and medical treatmentsHsieh R.W.; Hsu T.-C.; Lee M.; Hsu W.-T.; Chen S.-T.; Huang A.H.; Hsieh A.L.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Journal of Vascular Surgery24
612019Effect of chlorhexidine bathing on colonization or infection with Acinetobacter baumannii: a systematic review and meta-analysisFan C.-Y.; Lee W.-T.; Hsu T.-C.; Lee C.-H.; Wang S.-P.; Chen W.-S.; Huang C.-H.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Journal of Hospital Infection57
622019Proton pump inhibitors therapy and the risk of pneumonia: a systematic review and meta?analysis of randomized controlled trials and observational studiesWang C.-H.; Li C.-H.; Hsieh R.; Fan C.-Y.; Hsu T.-C.; Chang W.-C.; Hsu W.-T.; Lin Y.-Y.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Expert Opinion on Drug Safety2023
632019Reply: Oral Fluoroquinolone and the Risk of Aortic DissectionLee M.-T.G.; Porta L.; Hsu W.-T.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Journal of the American College of Cardiology00
642019Sleep and Behavior Problems in Children With EpilepsyTsai S.-Y.; Lee W.-T.; Jeng S.-F.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Weng W.-C.Journal of Pediatric Health Care44
652018Oral Fluoroquinolone and the Risk of Aortic DissectionCHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Lee M.-T.G.; Hsieh R.; Porta L.; Lee W.-C.; Lee S.-H.; Chang S.-S.Journal of the American College of Cardiology4647
662018Nationwide trend of sepsis: A comparison among octogenarians, elderly, and young adultsLee S.-H.; Hsu T.-C.; Lee M.-T.G.; Chao C.C.-T.; Lee W.-C.; Lai C.-C.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Critical Care Medicine1517
672018Defining sepsis on the wards: results of a multi-centre point-prevalence study comparing two sepsis definitionsSzakmany T.; Pugh R.; Kopczynska M.; Lundin R.M.; Sharif B.; Morgan P.; Ellis G.; Abreu J.; Kulikouskaya S.; Bashir K.; Galloway L.; Al-Hassan H.; Grother T.; McNulty P.; Seal S.T.; Cains A.; Vreugdenhil M.; Abdimalik M.; Dennehey N.; Evans G.; Whitaker J.; Beasant E.; Hall C.; Lazarou M.; Vanderpump C.V.; Harding K.; Duffy L.; Guerrier Sadler A.; Keeling R.; Banks C.; Ng S.W.Y.; Heng S.Y.; Thomas D.; Puw E.W.; Otahal I.; Battle C.; Minik O.; Lyons R.A.; Hall J.E.; the Welsh Digital Data Collection Platform collaborators, Walters E.; Durie C.; Sinnerton H.; Tanner B.; Cunningham-Walker B.; Spooner C.; Kiran A.; Nadeem N.; Unadkat V.; Poacher A.; Ganesananthan S.; Hui J.N.C.; Sparey E.; Li D.C.; Smith J.; Corrin I.; Kurani A.; Waring H.; Khan A.; Smith C.; Doyle N.; Baker E.; Shipley A.; Amjad M.Y.; Cynan M.; Azis N.N.; Hay I.; Russell C.; Davies J.; Parsonson R.; Joseph-Gubral J.; Arunthavarajah A.; Nicholas J.; Harris A.; Hale J.; Atkinson H.; Webster J.; Burnett T.; Gowar J.R.; DeFriend S.; Lawson D.; Maden C.; Jones H.; Preston H.; Maliki N.A.B.; Zimmerman M.; Webber J.; Jones L.; Phillips R.; McCarthy L.; Wirt L.; Hubbard E.; Evans E.; Davis L.J.; Atkins B.; Davies L.W.; Sanders-Crook L.; Vadivale N.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Dhadda A.; Cleaver S.; Logue G.; Inns J.; Jones I.; Howcroft R.; Gilbert C.; Bradley M.; Pike L.; Urazbayeva A.; Hanif N.H.A.; Ying Y.K.; Coleclough A.; Higgins E.; Morgan L.; Spencer N.; Ng T.G.; Booth S.; Vignarajah N.; Chamberlain T.; Zhao D.; Tantirige N.N.; Watts J.; Walford R.; Prideaux A.; Tee A.; Hook A.; Mounce A.; Eccles E.; Edwards R.; Ramesh K.; Bausor L.; Lambrinudi C.; Sharma A.; Handley A.; Gordon A.; Allen L.; Paddock R.; Penney H.; Banerjee L.; D'Souza L.; Thomas K.; Havalda P.; Littler C.; West N.; Subbe C.; Hobrok M.; Self R.; Hamlyn V.Anaesthesia2735
682018Calcium Channel Blockers and Sepsis Outcomes: The authors replyLee M.-T.G.; Chao C.C.-T.; Hsu T.-C.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Critical Care Medicine00
692018A Population-Based Cohort Study on the Drug-Specific Effect of Statins on Sepsis OutcomeCHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Lee M.-T.G.; Hsu T.-C.; Porta L.; Chang S.-S.; Yo C.-H.; Tsai K.-C.; Lee M.Chest1826
702018ResponseLee M.-T.G.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Hsu T.-C.; Porta L.Chest00
712018Pentoxifylline decreases post-operative intra-abdominal adhesion formation in an animal modelYang Y.-L.; Lee M.G.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Su P.-I.; Chi C.-Y.; Liu C.-H.; Wu M.-C.; Yen Z.-S.; Chen S.-C.PeerJ4
722018The Small Molecule Inhibitor QLT-0267 Decreases the Production of Fibrin-Induced Inflammatory Cytokines and Prevents Post-Surgical Peritoneal AdhesionsFang C.-C.; Chou T.-H.; Huang J.-W.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Chen S.-C.Scientific reports45
732018Multiplex PCR system for the rapid diagnosis of respiratory virus infection: systematic review and meta-analysisHuang H.-S.; Tsai C.-L.; Chang J.; Hsu T.-C.; Lin S.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Clinical Microbiology and Infection4364
742018Infant sleep problems: The sleep characteristics of the “Don't Know” responseTsai S.-Y.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Chen L.-C.; Tung Y.-C.Journal of Advanced Nursing44
752018Sleep in children with epilepsy: The role of maternal knowledge of childhood sleepTsai S.-Y.; Lee W.-T.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Jeng S.-F.; Weng W.-C.Sleep79
762018Comparison of outcome and cost among open, laparoscopic, and robotic surgical treatments for rectal cancer: A propensity score matched analysis of nationwide inpatient sample dataChen S.-T.; Wu M.-C.; Hsu T.-C.; Yen D.W.; Chang C.-N.; Hsu W.-T.; Wang C.-C.; Lee M.; Liu S.-H.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Health Economics and Outcome Research Group, National Taiwan University HospitalJournal of Surgical Oncology1214
772018Trend and outcome of sepsis in children: A nationwide cohort studyYo C.-H.; Hsu T.-C.; Gabriel Lee M.-T.; Porta L.; Tsou P.-Y.; Wang Y.-H.; Lee W.-C.; Chen S.-T.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; on behalf of National Taiwan University Hospital Health Economics and Outcome Research GroupJournal of Paediatrics and Child Health34
782018Agreement Between Actigraphy and Diary-Recorded Measures of Sleep in Children With EpilepsyTsai S.-Y.; Lee W.-T.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Jeng S.-F.; Weng W.-C.Journal of Nursing Scholarship45
792018Susceptible period for cardiovascular complications in patients recovering from sepsisLai C.-C.; Lee M.-T.G.; Lee W.-C.; Chao C.C.-T.; Hsu T.-C.; Lee S.-H.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; National Taiwan University Hospital Health Data Science Research GroupCMAJ27
802017Preadmission Use of Calcium Channel Blocking Agents Is Associated with Improved Outcomes in Patients with Sepsis: A Population-Based Propensity Score-Matched Cohort StudyCHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Lee M.-T.G.; Lee W.-C.; Lai C.-C.; Chao C.C.-T.; Hsu W.-T.H.; Chang S.-S.; Lee M.Critical Care Medicine1518
812017Administration of Hypertonic Solutions for Hemorrhagic Shock: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Clinical TrialsWu M.-C.; Liao T.-Y.; Lee E.M.; Chen Y.-S.; Hsu W.-T.; Lee M.-T.G.; Tsou P.-Y.; Chen S.-C.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Anesthesia and Analgesia1013
822017Antipsychotics and the Risk of Cerebrovascular Accident: A?Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational StudiesHsu W.-T.; Esmaily-Fard A.; Lai C.-C.; Zala D.; Lee S.-H.; Chang S.-S.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Journal of the American Medical Directors Association1827
832017Utility of the 0-hour/1-hour high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T algorithm in Asian patients with suspected non-ST elevation myocardial infarctionShiozaki M.; Inoue K.; Suwa S.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Chikata Y.; Ishiura J.; Kimura Y.; Fukuda K.; Tamura H.; Fujiwara Y.; Sumiyoshi M.; Daida H.International Journal of Cardiology1719
842017Adult sepsis – A nationwide study of trends and outcomes in a population of 23 million peopleCHIEN-CHANG LEE ; Yo C.-H.; Lee M.-T.G.; Tsai K.-C.; Lee S.-H.; Chen Y.-S.; Lee W.-C.; Hsu T.-C.; Lee S.-H.; Chang S.-S.Journal of Infection1619
852017Use of antipsychotics increases the risk of fracture: a systematic review and meta-analysisLee S.-H.; Hsu W.-T.; Lai C.-C.; Esmaily-Fard A.; Tsai Y.-W.; Chiu C.-C.; Wang J.; Chang S.-S.; CHIEN-CHANG LEE Osteoporosis International2328
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