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12021Impact of genetic tests on survivors of paediatric sudden cardiac arrestChiu, Shuenn-Nan; Juang, Jyh-Ming Jimmy; WEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Chen, Wen-Pin; Lee, Ni-Chung; Wu, Mei-HwanArchives of disease in childhood0
22021Twin atrioventricular nodes, arrhythmias, and survival in pediatric and adult patients with heterotaxy syndromeWu, Mei-Hwan; Wang, Jou-Kou; Chiu, Sheunn-Nan; WEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Lu, Chun-Wei; Lin, Hsin-Chia; Lin, Ming-Tai; Chen, Chun-AnHeart rhythm1
32021The postnatal risk, resuscitation success rate and outcomes of pediatric sudden death in TaiwanLiu, Hsin Ming; MEI-HWAN WU; WEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Chiu, Sheunn Nan; Chen, Hui Chi; Kao, Feng Yu; Huang, San KueiActa Cardiologica Sinica0
42021Long-term outcomes of arrhythmia and distinct electrophysiological features in congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries in an Asian cohort: Arrhythmia in ccTGAWEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Huang C.-N.; Chiu S.-N.; Lu C.-W.; Wang J.-K.; Lin M.-T.; Chen C.-A.; Wu M.-H.American Heart Journal20
52020Cumulative postnatal risk of pediatric sudden death and all-cause mortality in nationwide birth cohorts of Taiwan and the United StatesWEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Wu M.-H.; Chiu S.-N.; Chen H.-C.; Kao F.-Y.; Huang S.-K.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association10
62019Zero fluoroscopy during ablation of right-sided supraventricular tachycardia substrates in a pediatric population – Initial experience in TaiwanWEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Wu M.-H.; Lu C.-W.; Wu K.-L.; Wang J.-K.; Lin M.-T.; Chen C.-A.; Chiu S.-N.Acta Cardiologica Sinica4
72019Acute outcomes for cryoablation in pediatric patients with perinodal tachyarrhythmia: Single center reportWu K.-L.; Chiu S.-N.; Lu C.-W.; WEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Wu M.-H.Acta Cardiologica Sinica3
82018Study on ECG in the AdolescentLue H.-C.; Wu M.-H.; Wang J.-K.; Lin M.-T.; Lu C.-W.; Chiu S.-N.; Chen C.-A.; Wu E.-T.; Wang C.-C.; Fu C.-M.; WEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Chang W.-H.; Lee M.-C.Pediatric Cardiology22
92018Late restored cardiac function after successful resynchronization by right posterior accessory pathway ablation in Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome associated dilated cardiomyopathyWu K.-L.; Chiu S.-N.; Chen C.-A.; Lu C.-W.; WEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Wang J.-K.; Wu M.-H.Journal of Electrocardiology23
102017Special electrophysiological characteristics of pediatric idiopathic ventricular tachycardiaChiu S.-N.; Wu W.-L.; Lu C.-W.; Wu K.-L.; WEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Lin M.-T.; Chang C.-C.; Wang J.-K.; Wu M.-H.International Journal of Cardiology33
112017Primary ventricular tachycardia in paediatric population in a tertiary centreChiu S.-N.; Wu W.-L.; Lu C.-W.; WEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Wu K.-L.; Wang J.-K.; Wu M.-H.Archives of Disease in Childhood12
122016Ventricular fibrillation in a general population – A national database studyMEI-HWAN WU; Wu, Mei-Hwan; WEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Chen, Hui-Chi; Kao, Feng-Yu; Huang, San-KueiCirculation Journal 38
132016Electrophysiology study for complex supraventricular tachycardia in congenital heart disease patients with single-ventricle physiologyChiu S.-N.; Wang J.-K.; Lu C.-W.; Wu K.-L.; WEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Wu M.-H.Journal of the American Heart Association88
142014Changing spectrum of infective endocarditis in children: A 30 years experiences from a tertiary care center in TaiwanWEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Chiu S.-N.; Shao P.-L.; Wang J.-K.; Chen C.-A.; Lin M.-T.; Lu C.-W.; Wu M.-H.Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal68
152010Coronary artery fistula as major source of right lung circulation in a patient with isolated right pulmonary artery agenesisWEI-CHIEH TSENG ; Chen Y.-S.; Chiu S.-N.European Heart Journal57