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12023SERS-based rapid susceptibility testing of commonly administered antibiotics on clinically important bacteria species directly from blood culture of bacteremia patientsYIN-YI HAN ; JANN-TAY WANG ; Cheng, Wei-Chih; Chen, Ko-Lun; Chi, Yi; Teng, Lee-Jene; Wang, Juen-Kai; Wang, Yuh-LinWorld journal of microbiology & biotechnology
22023Deep Learning-Assisted Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering for Rapid Bacterial IdentificationTseng, Yi Ming; Chen, Ko Lun; Chao, Po Hsuan; YIN-YI HAN ; NIEN-TSU HUANG ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces00
32023Dynamics of immune responses are inconsistent when trauma patients are grouped by injury severity score and clinical outcomesYA-WEN YANG ; Wu, Che-Hsiung; Tsai, Huei-Ting; Chen, Ying-Ru; Chang, Yu-Ping; YIN-YI HAN ; Wu, Tiffany E; Hu, Ray-HengScientific reports11
42022Functional mobility effects of progressive early mobilization protocol on people with moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury: A pre-post intervention studyHSIAO-CHING YEN ; YIN-YI HAN ; Hsiao, Wei-Ling; Hsu, Po-Min; Pan, Guan-Shuo; Li, Min-Hao; Chen, Wen-Shiang; HUNG-JUI CHUANG NeuroRehabilitation10
52022An antibiotic concentration gradient microfluidic device integrating surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for multiplex antimicrobial susceptibility testingLin, Shang-Jyun; Chao, Po-Hsuan; Cheng, Ho-Wen; Wang, Juen-Kai; Wang, Yuh-Lin; YIN-YI HAN ; NIEN-TSU HUANG Lab on a chip1110
62021A microfluidic microwell device operated by the automated microfluidic control system for surface-enhanced Raman scattering-based antimicrobial susceptibility testingLiao, Cheng-Chieh; Chen, Yi-Zih; Lin, Shang-Jyun; Cheng, Ho-Wen; Wang, Juen-Kai; Wang, Yuh-Lin; YIN-YI HAN ; NIEN-TSU HUANG Biosensors & bioelectronics1512
72021Enhancement of the anticoagulant capacity of polyvinyl chloride tubing for cardiopulmonary bypass circuit using aluminum oxide nanoscale coating applied through atomic layer depositionWang, Chen-Chie; Wang, Li-Chun; Yang, Kai-Chiang; MIIN-JANG CHEN ; HSIN-CHIH LIN ; YIN-YI HAN Journal of biomedical materials research. Part B, Applied biomaterials33
82021COVID-19重症患者的營養治療: 當前的臨床處置考量韓吟宜 ; 施耀明Resuscitation & Intensive Care Med
92021維生素D:輔助治療 COVID-19及其併發症韓吟宜 Resuscitation & Intensive Care Med.
102021Association between Vitamin D Deficiency and High Serum Levels of Small Dense LDL in Middle-Aged AdultsYIN-YI HAN ; SANDY HUEY-JEN HSU ; TA-CHEN SU Biomedicines86
112021Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency and Associated Factors in Critically Ill Patients: A Multicenter Observational StudyKUO-WEI CHEN ; Chen, Chung-Wei; Yuan, Kuo-Ching; Wang, I-Ting; Hung, Fang-Ming; Wang, An-Yi; Wang, Yin-Chin; Kuo, Yu-Ting; Lin, Yi-Che; Shih, Ming-Chieh; Kung, Yu-Chung; SHENG-YUAN RUAN ; Chiu, Ching-Tang; ANNE CHAO ; YIN-YI HAN ; Kuo, Li-Kuo; Yeh, Yu-ChangFrontiers in nutrition64
122020營養治療:對抗冠狀病毒及流感病毒的戰役曙光韓吟宜 Resusciation & Intensive Care Med
132020Rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing of bacteria from patients’ blood via assaying bacterial metabolic response with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopyYIN-YI HAN ; Lin, Yi-Chun; Cheng, Wei-Chih; Lin, Yu-Tzu; LEE-JENE TENG ; Wang, Juen-Kai; JUEN-KAI WANG Scientific Reports3129
142019Atomic layer deposited Al2O3 films on NiTi shape memory alloys for biomedical applicationsLin, H.-C.; Chang, Y.-L.; YIN-YI HAN ; Yang, K.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LIN Procedia Manufacturing130
152018醫用營養學:Ch1 營養照護常見併發症;Ch2 腸道營養支持療法的理論與應用;Ch13 重症、創傷、燒燙傷病人的營養照護YIN-YI HAN 醫用營養學
172017ICU急戰手冊 (Pocket ICU譯書):Ch15 一般創傷 IYIN-YI HAN Translation book of Pocket ICU 
182017The clinical and economic impact of the use of diabetes-specific enteral formula on ICU patients with type 2 diabetesYIN-YI HAN ; Lai S.-R.; Partridge J.S.; Wang M.Y.; Sulo S.; Tsao F.-W.; Hegazi R.A.Clinical Nutrition137
192016創傷醫學新知:Ch23外傷重症鎮靜止痛的新處置,Ch24外傷重症營養照護的新觀念YIN-YI HAN 創傷醫學新知 
202016Hydrophilic/hydrophobic surface of Al2O3 thin films grown by thermal and plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition on plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC)Wang, L.-C.; YIN-YI HAN ; Yang, K.-C.; Chen, M.-J.; Lin, H.-C.; Lin, C.-K.; HSIN-CHIH LIN ; MIIN-JANG CHEN Surface and Coatings Technology3431
212016Rapid bacterial antibiotic susceptibility test based on simple surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopic biomarkersLiu, C.-Y.; YIN-YI HAN ; Shih, P.-H.; Lian, W.-N.; Wang, H.-H.; Lin, C.-H.; PO-REN HSUEH ; Wang, J.-K. ; Wang, Y.-L.Scientific Reports95114
222015Atomic-layer-deposited silver and dielectric nanostructures for plasmonic enhancement of Raman scattering from nanoscale ultrathin filmsKo, C.-T.; Yang, P.-S.; YIN-YI HAN ; Wang, W.-C.; Huang, J.-J.; Lee, Y.-H.; Tsai, Y.-J.; Shieh, J.; TZONG-LIN JAY SHIEH ; MIIN-JANG CHEN Nanotechnology1212
232015Prognostic factors of survival from intractable oronasal bleeding after successful transarterial embolizationCHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Lin C.-Y.; Hsaio J.-K.; JIN-SHING CHEN ; YIN-YI HAN Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery54
242014Enhancement of light emission from silicon by precisely tuning coupled localized surface plasmon resonance of a nanostructured platinum layer prepared by atomic layer depositionKo, C.-T.; YIN-YI HAN ; Wang, W.-C.; Shieh, J.; TZONG-LIN JAY SHIEH ; MIIN-JANG CHEN ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces77
252014中華創傷醫學:Ch36外傷營養學-台灣地區專家經驗YIN-YI HAN 中華創傷醫學 
262014全人醫學教案:一波未平一波又起(外傷討論)YIN-YI HAN 全人醫學教案
272013Enormous plasmonic enhancement and suppressed quenching of luminescence from nanoscale ZnO films by uniformly dispersed atomic-layer-deposited platinum with optimized spacer thicknessKo, C.-T.; YIN-YI HAN ; Chen, C.-H.; Shieh, J.; TZONG-LIN JAY SHIEH ; MIIN-JANG CHEN Journal of Physical Chemistry C1312
282012創傷急救手冊 2nd ed:Ch8 輸液療法;Ch9 創傷營養;Ch11創傷患者的止痛與鎮定YIN-YI HAN Handbook of trauma resuscitation 
292012Effect of diuretic use on 30-day postdialysis mortality in critically ill patients receiving acute dialysisVIN-CENT WU ; CHUN-FU LAI ; Shiao C.-C.; YU-FENG LIN ; Wu P.-C.; CHIA-TER CHAO ; Huang T.-M.; TAO-MIN HUANG ; Hu F.-C.; I-JUNG TSAI ; Kao T.-W.; YIN-YI HAN ; Wu W.-C.; Hou C.-C.; Young G.-H.; Ko W.-J.; TUN-JUN TSAI ; KWAN-DUN WU PLoS ONE2522
302012Effects of fish oil on inflammatory modulation in surgical intensive care unit patientsYIN-YI HAN ; SHUO-LUN LAI ; Ko W.-J.; Chou C.-H.; HONG-SHIEE LAI Nutrition in Clinical Practice5553
312012Preoperative proteinuria is associated with long-term progression to chronic dialysis and mortality after coronary artery bypass grafting surgeryVIN-CENT WU ; TAO-MIN HUANG ; Wang W.-J.; Wang W.-J.; CHIA-TER CHAO ; SHAO-YU YANG ; Shiao C.-C.; Lai C.-F.; CHUN-FU LAI ; YU-FENG LIN ; YIN-YI HAN ; YIH-SHARNG CHEN ; RON-BIN HSU ; Young G.-H.; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; Tsai P.-R.; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Chao T.-T.; Ko W.-J.; KWAN-DUN WU PLoS ONE2325
322012Kidney function decline after a non-dialysis-requiring acute kidney injury is associated with higher long-term mortality in critically ill survivorsCHUN-FU LAI ; VIN-CENT WU ; TAO-MIN HUANG ; Yeh. Y.-C.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; YIN-YI HAN ; YU-FENG LIN ; Jhuang Y.-J.; CHIA-TER CHAO ; Shiao C.-C.; Tsai P.-R.; Hu F.-C.; NAI-KUAN CHOU ; Ko W.-J.; KWAN-DUN WU Critical Care6159
332011Rescue of Systemic Reperfusion Injury during Arm Replantation by Extracorporeal Membrane OxygenationShy-Hong Chen; Wen-Je Ko; JUNG-HSIEN HSIEH ; SHOU-ZEN FAN ; YIN-YI HAN Taiwan Crit. Care Med0
342011Recombinant activated factor VII as a promising adjuvant therapy for postpartum hemorrhage in the practice of obstetric anesthesia: Experience from a university hospital in TaiwanJan J.-Y.; SHIN-YU LIN ; Lin C.-H.; CHIEN-NAN LEE ; SHOU-ZEN FAN ; YIN-YI HAN Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research54
352011Ensembled neural networks for brain death prediction for patients with severe head injuryAbbod M.F.; Cheng K.-Y.; Cui X.-R.; Huang S.-J.; YIN-YI HAN ; Shieh J.-S.Biomedical Signal Processing and Control1111
362011Recent advances in theories and practice of chinese medicine : Chapter 10 A Comparison study on arterial blood pressure and pulse data of condenser microphone (author :Han, Y.Y. and Jeng, Y.N. and Lee, S.C. and Hung, H.J.)YIN-YI HAN Recent advances in theories and practice of chinese medicine (Edited by Haixue Kuang) 
372011Brain death prediction based on ensembled artificial neural networks in neurosurgical intensive care unitLiu Q.; Cui X.; Abbod M.F.; Huang S.-J.; YIN-YI HAN ; Shieh J.-S.Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers2115
382011Impact of timing of renal replacement therapy initiation on outcome of septic acute kidney injuryYU-HSIANG CHOU ; TAO-MIN HUANG ; VIN-CENT WU ; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Shiao, Chih-Chung; CHUN-FU LAI ; HUNG-BIN TSAI; CHIA-TER CHAO ; Young, Guang-Huar; Wang, Wei-Jei; Kao, Tze-Wah; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; YIN-YI HAN ; Chou, Anne; TZU-HSIN LIN ; YA-WEN YANG ; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Tsai, Pi-Ru; YU-FENG LIN ; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; WEN-CHIH CHIANG ; NAI-KUAN CHOU ; Ko, Wen-Je; KWAN-DUN WU ; TUN-JUN TSAI Critical Care8975
392010Investigation of the effects of continuous low- dose epidural analgesia on the autonomic nervous system using Hilbert Huang transformChuang W.-R.; Yeh J.-R.; Chen L.-K.; YIN-YI HAN ; Shieh J.-S.Journal of Healthcare Engineering01
402010Patients supported by extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and acute dialysis: Acute physiology and chronic health evaluation score in predicting hospital mortalityVIN-CENT WU ; Tsai H.-B.; Yeh Y.-C.; TAO-MIN HUANG ; YU-FENG LIN ; NAI-KUAN CHOU ; YIH-SHARNG CHEN ; YIN-YI HAN ; Chou A.; YEN-HUNG LIN ; Wu M.-S.; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Tsai P.-R.; Ko W.-J.; KWAN-DUN WU Artificial Organs1919
412010Successful treatment of traumatic coronary artery dissection with angiographic stentingChang Y.-C.; CHIH-HSIEN WANG ; YIN-YI HAN ; Ko W.-J.; Lee Y.-C.American Journal of Emergency Medicine20
422009Fuzzy systems in bioinformatics and computational biology (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, Volume 242):Ch 14 Monitoring and control of anesthesia using multivariable self-organizing fuzzy logic structure.JS Shieh; MF Abbod; CY Hsu; SJ Huang; YIN-YI HAN ; SZ FanFuzzy systems in bioinformatics and computational biology
432009Color Doppler ultrasonography in detecting transdiaphragmatic flow of hepatic hydrothorax: Correlation with thoracoscopic findingsPEI-MING HUANG ; YIN-YI HAN ; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; Lee Y.-C.Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery56
442008Neglected esophageal injury presenting with spontaneously shrunken retroesophageal pocketChang C.-C.; SHUENN-WEN KUO ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; YIN-YI HAN ; Lee Y.-C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association11
452008Artificial Intelligence:New Research-- Hard and soft computing applied to prediction of brain-death patients categories in neurosurgical intensive care units (Author: Shieh, J.S. and Abbod, M.F. and Yeh, J.R. and Cheng, K.Y. and Huang, S.J. and Han, Y.Y.)YIN-YI HAN 
462008Intelligent systems for the prediction of Brain Death IndexAbbod M.F.; Shieh J.; Yeh J.; Cheng K.; Huang S.J.; YIN-YI HAN 2008 IEEE-BIOCAS Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference, BIOCAS 200830
472007Nonrandomness index applied for heart rate variability in surgical intensive care units using frequency and rank order statisticsYeh R.-G.; YIN-YI HAN ; Shieh J.-S.; Wang Y.-J.; Tseng S.-C.; Fu Y.-C.Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications40
482007A new approach of spontaneous baroreflex sensitivity based on detrended fluctuation analysis: methodology and an application.YIN-YI HAN ; JR Yeh; YW Liu; SJ ShiehInternational Journal of Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 
492007Clinical outcome of severe head injury in different protocol-driven therapiesHuang S.-J.; Hong W.-C.; YIN-YI HAN ; Chen Y.-S.; Wen C.-S.; Tsan Y.-S.; YONG-KWANG TU Journal of Clinical Neuroscience1817
502006Mechanical circulatory support for profound cardiac circulatory shock status due to postoperative pulmonary artery bleedingSHU-CHIEN HUANG ; Ko W.-J.; YIN-YI HAN ; YIH-SHARNG CHEN ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; Lee Y.-C.Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon11
512006Clinical experience of hydroxyethyl starch (10% HES 200/0.5) in cerebral perfusion pressure protocol for severe head injuryHuang S.-J.; Chen Y.-S.; Hong W.-C.; Chang L.; YIN-YI HAN ; Kao M.-C.; Lien L.-M.; YONG-KWANG TU Surgical Neurology85
522006台大外科重症加護醫療手冊(2nd ed.):Ch50 腎臟衰竭與腎臟取代療法YIN-YI HAN Handbook of Surgical Critical Care 
532006Detrended fluctuation analyses of short-term heart rate variability in surgical intensive care unitsYeh R.-G.; Shieh J.-S.; YIN-YI HAN ; Wang Y.-J.; Tseng S.-C.Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications2521
542006Efficacy and safety of hypertonic saline solutions in the treatment of severe head injuryHuang S.-J.; Chang L.; YIN-YI HAN ; Lee Y.-C.; YONG-KWANG TU Surgical Neurology4641
552006Clinical outcome of severe head injury using three different ICP and CPP protocol-driven therapiesHuang S.-J.; Hong W.-C.; YIN-YI HAN ; Chen Y.-S.; Wen C.-S.; Tsai Y.-S.; YONG-KWANG TU Journal of Clinical Neuroscience2926
562005台大醫院外科一般醫學訓練手冊:Ch13 麻醉簡介YIN-YI HAN Handbook of General Surgical Training 
572003Supplementing transesophageal echocardiography with transthoracic echocardiography for monitoring transcatheter closure of atrial septal defects with attenuated anterior rim: a case series.YU-CHANG YEH ; Tsai S.-K.; JOU-KOU WANG ; YIN-YI HAN ; Jean W.-H.; Yeh Y.-C.2112
582003The analgesic effect of oral morphine or pentrazocine of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsyYIN-YI HAN ; Lu H.-C.; Tsai H.-J.; Hseu S.-S.; Chan K.-H.; Tsai S.-K.Acta Anaesthesiologica Sinica60
592003Delayed diagnosis of esophageal perforation following intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography during valvular replacement - A case reportYIN-YI HAN ; YA-JUNG CHENG ; Liao W.-W.; Ko W.-J.; Tsai S.-K.Acta Anaesthesiologica Sinica60
602002An evidence-based review on the use of corticosteroids in peri-operative and critical careYIN-YI HAN ; Sun W.-Z.Acta Anaesthesiologica Sinica190
612001Successful resuscitation of acute massive pulmonary embolism with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and open embolectomyHsieh P.C.-H.; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; Ko W.-J.; YIN-YI HAN ; Chu S.-H.Annals of Thoracic Surgery5642
622000Use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation to rescue a child with acute respiratory distress syndromeJUNG-HSIEN HSIEH ; YIH-SHARNG CHEN ; YIN-YI HAN ; Hsieh C.-H.; CHUNG-I CHANG ; Ko W.J.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association31
631999Rescue for acute myocarditis with shock by extracorporeal membrane oxygenationYIH-SHARNG CHEN ; MING-JIUH WANG ; NAI-KUAN CHOU ; YIN-YI HAN ; ING-SH CHIU ; Lin, Fang Yue; Chu, Shu Hsun; Ko, Wen JeAnnals of Thoracic Surgery6051
641999台大醫院外科重症加護醫療手冊(1st ed.):Ch30 : Acute renal failure;Ch31 : Renal replacement therapy;Ch 32 : Chronic renal failure in the surgical patientYIN-YI HAN Handbook of Surgical Critical Care 
651999Pulmonary hemorrhage as a complication of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support for post-cardiotomy heart failure - A case reportYIN-YI HAN ; CHUNG-I CHANG ; Ko W.-J.Formosan Journal of Surgery0
661999Rescue for Acute Myocarditis with Shock by Extracorporeal Membrane OxygenationCHEN, YIH-SHARNG ; WANG, MING-JIUH ; CHOU, NAI-KUAN ; HAN, YIN-YI ; CHIU, ING-SH; LIN, FANG-YUE; CHU, SHU-HSUNANNALS OF THORACIC SURGERY 
671996Laparoscopic wedge resection of gastric leiomyomaWei C.-K.; YIN-YI HAN ; Yu S.-C.; Lee W.-J.Journal of Surgical Association Republic of China1