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Start DateTitleP-InvestigatorFunding Organization/經費來源
2021The Microfluidic System Integrating Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Multiplex Antibiotic Susceptibility TestYIN-YI HANNational Science and Technology Council
2020109年度台大醫院與台灣大學各學院合作研究計畫:表面增強拉曼散射-抗生素敏感性檢測整合微流道系統之應用研究YIN-YI HANNational Taiwan University Hospital
2019台大醫院108年度院內研究計畫:術前維生素D3沖激療法對一般外科手術患者圍術期預後的影響YIN-YI HANNational Taiwan University Hospital
2017Quantum Limit of Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering and Its Application to BacteriologyYIN-YI HANNational Science and Technology Council
2017Effects of high doses of liquid vitamin D supplementation on clinical outcomes in critically traumatic patientsYIN-YI HANNational Taiwan University Hospital
2013Fundamentals and bio-medical applications of surface enhanced Raman scattering/ Rapid detection of microbes in blood of patients with septicemia by surface enhanced Raman scatteringYIN-YI HANNational Science and Technology Council
2012Smart Pulse Wave Health Evaluation System (S-PULSE) Merged by Evidence-based Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Informatics TechnologyYIN-YI HANNational Taiwan University
2009Clinical Application of Autonomic System Activity Analysis in Traumatic Brain InjuryYIN-YI HANNational Science and Technology Council
2007Fetal ECG extraction as the maternal-fetal monitoring during trauma resuscitation for the pregnant womenYIN-YI HANNational Taiwan University Hospital
2007Apply Multi-Dimensional Physiological Signal Diagnosis System to Trauma ResuscitationYIN-YI HANNational Science and Technology Council
2005Web-Based Infotronics Structure of an Intelligent Maintenance Patient in Trauma Resuscitation(I)YIN-YI HANNational Science and Technology Council
1999Intelligent analysis of EEG signals and vital signs for medical automation/ An intelligent system applied in neurosurgical intensive care unit for an early alarming systemYIN-YI HANNational Science and Technology Council