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12022Psychometric properties of the Little Developmental Coordination Disorder QuestionnaireChung-Pei Fu; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Sharon Cermak; Tzu-Han Chung; Yu-Lan Chen; Lu Lu; Jeng-Yi ShiehAmerican Journal of Occupational Therapy 
22021The impact of caregiver stigma on real-life social experience of Taiwanese adolescents with autism spectrum disorderLim, Valerie Hwee Taur; Chen, Yu-Wei Ryan; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Bundy, Anita; Cordier, ReinieAutism0
32020Reliability and Validity of the Chinese Version of the Infant/Toddler Sensory Profile.Yang CY; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Cermak SA; Lu L; Shieh JYAmerican Journal of Occupational Therapy0
42020Collaborative Home-Visit Program for Young Children With Motor Delays in Rural Taiwan: A Pilot Randomized Controlled TrialHsieh, Yu-Hsin; Liao, Hua-Fang; Jeng, Suh-Fang; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Schiariti, Veronica; Tsai, Mei-Yan; Sun, Sheh-ChiaPhysical therapy1
52019Exploring sensory processing dysfunction, parenting stress, and problem behaviors in childrenwith autism spectrum disorderChiang W.-C.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Fu C.-P.; Chuang I.-C.; Lu L.; Shieh J.-Y.American Journal of Occupational Therapy12
62018The influence of pre-exercise glucose versus fructose ingestion on subsequent postprandial lipemiaYang T.-J.; Chiu C.-H.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Chang C.-K.; Wu C.-L.Nutrients11
72016Child characteristics, caregiver characteristics, and environmental factors affecting the quality of life of caregivers of children with cerebral palsyMEI-HUI TSENG ; Chen K.-L.; Shieh J.-Y.; Lu L.; Huang C.-Y.; Simeonsson R.J.Disability and Rehabilitation1825
82015以家庭為中心之兒童復健服務:家長感受之初探廖研蒲; 鄭守夏; 曾美惠 身心障礙研究季刊
92015自閉症類群障礙症孩童休閒活動參與和社會化能力之關係蔣瑋齊; 曾美惠 ; 蕭稑錡職能治療學會雜誌00
102014Impacts of autistic behaviors, emotional and behavioral problems on parenting stress in caregivers of children with autismHuang C.-Y.; Yen H.-C.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Tung L.-C.; Chen Y.-D.; Chen K.-L.Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders5062
112014Cloud computing-based smart home-based rehabilitation nursing system for early interventionChen H.-T.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Lu L.; Sie J.-Y.; Chen Y.-J.; Chung Y.; Lai F.Advanced Science Letters40
122014Developing kinect games integrated with virtual reality on activities of daily living for children with developmental delayChung I.-C.; Huang C.-Y.; Yeh S.-C.; Chiang W.-C.; MEI-HUI TSENG Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering110
132014Determinants of quality of life in children with cerebral palsy: A comprehensive biopsychosocial approachChen K.-L.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Shieh J.-Y.; Lu L.; Huang C.-Y.Research in Developmental Disabilities2224
142014Predictors of the health-related quality of life in preschool children with Autism spectrum disordersChuang I.-C.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Lu L.; Shieh J.-Y.; Cermak S.A.Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders25
152014Correlates of health-related quality of life and the perception of its importance in caregivers of children with autismTung L.-C.; Huang C.-Y.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Yen H.-C.; Tsai Y.-P.; Lin Y.-C.; Chen K.-L.Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders1217
162013Determinants of school activity performance in children with cerebral palsy: A multidimensional approach using the ICF-CY as a frameworkHuang C.-Y.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Chen K.-L.; Shieh J.-Y.; Lu L.Research in Developmental Disabilities46
172013腦性麻痺學童家長對福利補助與服務利用率和滿意度之初探研究黃千瑀; 曾美惠 ; 陳官琳; 謝正宜; 盧璐職能治療學會雜誌00
182013Age as a factor in sensory integration function in taiwanese childrenLin C.-K.; Wu H.-M.; Wang H.-Y.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Lin C.-H.Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment32
192013The Cerebral Palsy Quality of Life for Children (CP QOL-Child): Evidence of construct validityChen K.-L.; Wang H.-Y.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Shieh J.-Y.; Lu L.; Yao K.P.G.; Huang C.-Y.Research in Developmental Disabilities1415
202012Reliability and validity of the Psychoeducational Profile-third edition Caregiver Report in children with Autism Spectrum DisordersFu C.-P.; Chen K.-L.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Chiang F.-M.; Hsieh C.-L.Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders65
212012Sensory correlates of difficult temperament characteristics in preschool children with autismChuang I.-C.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Lu L.; Shieh J.-Y.Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders1417
222011Evidence-based practice and research utilisation: Perceived research knowledge, attitudes, practices and barriers among Australian paediatric occupational therapistsLyons C.; Brown T.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Casey J.; Mcdonald R.Australian Occupational Therapy Journal4141
232011Emotional and behavioral problems in preschool children with autism: Relationship with sensory processing dysfunctionMEI-HUI TSENG ; Fu C.-P.; Cermak S.A.; Lu L.; Shieh J.-Y.Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders3440
242011The determinants of daily function in children with cerebral palsyMEI-HUI TSENG ; Chen K.-L.; Shieh J.-Y.; Lu L.; Huang C.-Y.Research in Developmental Disabilities1314
252011Responsiveness of the psychoeducational profile-third edition for children with Autism Spectrum DisordersChen K.-L.; Chiang F.-M.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Fu C.-P.; Hsieh C.-L.Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders1313
262010Pediatric evaluation of disability inventory: A cross-cultural comparison of daily function between Taiwanese and American childrenChen K.-L.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Hu F.-C.; Koh C.-L.Research in Developmental Disabilities2930
272010Research knowledge, attitudes, and practices of pediatric occupational therapists in Australia, the United Kingdom, and TaiwanBrown T.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Casey J.; McDonald R.; Lyons C.Journal of Allied Health140
282010Research knowledge, attitudes, practices and barriers among paediatric occupational therapists in the United KingdomLyons C.; Casey J.; Brown T.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; McDonald R.British Journal of Occupational Therapy1716
292010Psychometric properties of a Chinese version of the Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire in community-based childrenMEI-HUI TSENG ; Fu C.-P.; Wilson B.N.; Hu F.-C.Research in Developmental Disabilities3935
302010Predictors of research utilization among pediatric occupational therapistsBrown T.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Casey J.; McDonald R.; Lyons C.OTJR Occupation, Participation and Health58
312010Barriers to pediatric occupational therapists' research Utilization in Australia, the United Kingdom, and TaiwanBrown T.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Casey J.; Mcdonald R.; Lyons C.Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools, and Early Intervention10
322010Inter-rater reliability and smallest real difference of the Chinese Psychoeducational Profile-third edition for children with Autism Spectrum DisorderFu C.-P.; Hsieh C.-L.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Chen Y.-L.; Huang W.-T.; Wu P.-C.; Chiang F.-M.Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders910
332009Psychosocial adjustment and attention in children with developmental coordination disorder using different motor testsChen Y.-W.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Hu F.-C.; Cermak S.A.Research in Developmental Disabilities5253
342009職能治療人員的母乳哺餵態度及知識葉蘭蓀; 高美玲; 周映慧; 曾美惠 ; 李守謙; 紀昕妤臺灣職能治療研究與實務雜誌00
352009Functional performance of children with developmental coordination disorder at home and at schoolWang T.-N.; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Wilson B.N.; Hu F.-C.Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology6859
362009Reliability and validity of a Chinese version of the pediatric evaluation of disability inventory in children with cerebral palsyChen K.-L.; Hsieh C.-L.; Sheu C.-F.; Hu F.-C.; MEI-HUI TSENG Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine3234
372007台灣地區推行實證職能治療之障礙因子初探莊宜靜; 曾美惠 ; 陳威勝; 楊國德; 梁文隆醫學教育00
382007各國推動職災勞工重返職場之成效及檢討張彧; 曾美惠 ; 林洺秀; 陳秋蓉勞工安全衛生研究季刊00
392007職能治療專業人員對實證治療之知識、態度及執行能力之初探莊宜靜; 曾美惠 ; 陳威勝; 楊國德; 黃曼聰; 梁文隆醫學教育00
402007Cooccurrence of problems in activity level, attention, psychosocial adjustment, reading and writing in children with developmental coordination disorderMEI-HUI TSENG ; Howe T.-H.; Chuang I.-C.; Hsieh C.-L.International Journal of Rehabilitation Research4947
412007台灣職能治療師之研究導向初探傅中珮; 曾美惠 ; 陳威勝; 陳昱瑋; 楊國德; 黃曼聰; 梁文隆醫學教育00
422006Diapause in aquatic invertebrates: What's known and what's next in research and medical application?Alekseev V.R.; Hwang J.-S.; MEI-HUI TSENG Journal of Marine Science and Technology13
432004Relationship between motor proficiency, attention, impulse, and activity in children with ADHDMEI-HUI TSENG ; Henderson A.; Chow S.M.K.; Yao G.Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology8691
442002台灣小兒職能治療與自覺執業能力之評量張韶霞; 曾美惠 台灣醫學00
452001復健功能量表之發展與效度研究潘璦琬; 鍾麗英; 曾美惠 台灣醫學00
462001小兒職能治療評估工具之調查林巾凱; 曾美惠 台灣醫學00
472001台灣地區之小兒職能治療人力現況調查陳葦長; 潘璦琬; 曾美惠 醫學教育00
482000應用問題導向教學模式於職能治療課程之效果潘璦琬; 陳詞章; 曾美惠 ; 鐘麗英; 陳美津; 江愛華醫學教育00
492000Perceptual-motor function of school-age children with slow handwriting speedMEI-HUI TSENG ; Chow S.M.K.American Journal of Occupational Therapy172146
502000自閉症兒童之感覺處理功能:先驅研究曾美惠 ; 林巾凱; 蕭舜友台灣醫學00
511998Development of pencil grip position in preschool childrenMEI-HUI TSENG Occupational Therapy Journal of Research2221
521994Construct validity of the tseng teacher handwriting checklistMEI-HUI TSENG Occupational Therapy International20
531993Concurrent Validity of the Tseng Handwriting Problem Checklist曾美惠 職能治療學會雜誌00
541993The influence of ergonomic factors and perceptual-motor abilities on handwriting performance.MEI-HUI TSENG ; Cermak S.A.The American journal of occupational therapy. : official publication of the American Occupational Therapy Association11495
551993Factorial Validity of the Tseng Handwriting Problem Checklist曾美惠 職能治療學會雜誌00
561992Is an Early Brain Lesion Prognostically More Advantageous Than a Late Brain Lesion?曾美惠 職能治療學會雜誌00