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22020Prediction Model for Audiological Outcomes in Patients With GJB2 MutationsChen P.-Y.; Lin Y.-H.; Liu T.-C.; Lin Y.-H.; Tseng L.-H.; Yang T.-H.; Chen P.-L.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Hsu C.-J.journal article
32019醫療民事訴訟之舉證責任分配-我國近年實務見解評析吳振吉 book chapter
42019與談稿:醫療調解模式之實證研究。載:姜世明編,民事程序法焦點論壇第六卷:醫師民事責任之實體與程序法上問題之研究CHEN-CHI WU book chapter
52019Generation of a human iPS cell line (CGMH.SLC26A4919-2) from a Pendred syndrome patient carrying SLC26A4 c.919-2A>G splice-site mutationCheng Y.-F.; Chan Y.-H.; Hu C.-J.; Lu Y.-C.; Saeki T.; Hosoya M.; Saegusa C.; Fujioka M.; Okano H.; Weng S.-M.; Hsu C.-J.; Chang K.-H.; Chen-Chi Wu journal article
62019Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing Facilitates Genetic Diagnosis and Provides Novel Pathogenetic Insights into Deafness with Enlarged Vestibular AqueductLin Y.-H.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Lin Y.-H.; Lu Y.-C.; Chen C.-S.; Liu T.-C.; Chen P.-L.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
72019Positive perilymph fistula test with semicircular canal dehiscence from cholesteatomaHsieh M.-C.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Wang S.-H.journal article
82019Consumption of betel quid contributes to sensorineural hearing impairment through arecoline-induced oxidative stressChan Y.-H.; Liu T.-C.; Liao C.-K.; Cheng Y.-F.; Tsai C.-H.; Lu Y.-C.; Hu C.-J.; Lin H.-J.; Lee Y.L.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Hsu C.-J.journal article
92019Genetic epidemiology and clinical features of hereditary hearing impairment in the Taiwanese populationChen-Chi Wu ; Tsai C.-Y.; Lin Y.-H.; Chen P.-Y.; Lin P.-H.; Cheng Y.-F.; Wu C.-M.; Lin Y.-H.; Lee C.-Y.; Erdenechuluun J.; Liu T.-C.; Chen P.-L.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
102019Can nutritional intervention for obesity and comorbidities slow down age-related hearing impairment?Tang T.-H.; Hwang J.-H.; Yang T.-H.; Hsu C.-J.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Liu T.-C.journal article
112018美容醫學之舉證責任吳振吉 journal article
122018醫療事故損害賠償請求權之消滅時效-從兩件以消滅時效為核心爭點的實務案例談起吳振吉 journal article
132018Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from a patient with hearing loss carrying GJB2 p.V37I mutationChan Y.-H.; Cheng Y.-F.; Chen Y.-T.; Huang C.-Y.; Lin C.-H.; Hu C.-J.; Lu Y.-C.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Hsu C.-J.journal article
142018Unique spectra of deafness-associated mutations in Mongolians provide insights into the genetic relationships among Eurasian populationsErdenechuluun J.; Lin Y.-H.; Ganbat K.; Bataakhuu D.; Makhbal Z.; Tsai C.-Y.; Lin Y.-H.; Chan Y.-H.; Hsu C.-J.; Hsu W.-C.; Chen P.-L.; Chen-Chi Wu journal article
152018Using endoscopy to locate the round window membrane during cochlear implantation: Our experience with 25 patientsChen Y.H.; Liu T.C.; Yang T.H.; Lin K.N.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Hsu C.J.letter
162018Timing of cochlear implantation in auditory neuropathy patients with OTOF mutations: Our experience with 10 patientsChen-Chi Wu ; Hsu C.J.; Huang F.L.; Lin Y.H.; Lin Y.H.; Liu T.C.; Wu C.M.letter
172018Concurrent Hearing, Genetic, and Cytomegalovirus Screening in Newborns, TaiwanLu C.-Y.; Tsao P.-N.; Ke Y.-Y.; Lin Y.-H.; Lin Y.-H.; Hung C.-C.; Su Y.-N.; Hsu W.-C.; Hsieh W.-S.; Huang L.-M.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Hsu C.-J.journal article
182017論交通事故與醫療過失競合理論:以日本法為借鑑吳振吉 journal article
192017醫療行為之過失認定─簡評最高法院106年度台上字第227號民事判決之「醫療常規」與「醫療水準」吳振吉 journal article
202017再論醫療糾紛處理及醫療事故補償法草案之疑義吳振吉 ; 劉宜廉; 王志嘉journal article
212017Newborn genetic screening for hearing impairment: a population-based longitudinal studyChen-Chi Wu ; Tsai C.-H.; Hung C.-C.; Lin Y.-H.; Lin Y.-H.; Huang F.-L.; Tsao P.-N.; Su Y.-N.; Lee Y.L.; Hsieh W.-S.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
222017A novel missense variant in the nuclear localization signal of POU4F3 causes autosomal dominant non-syndromic hearing lossLin Y.-H.; Lin Y.-H.; Lu Y.-C.; Liu T.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Hsu C.-J.; Chen P.-L.; Chen-Chi Wu journal article
232017Etiologic and audiologic characteristics of patients with pediatric-onset unilateral and asymmetric sensorineural hearing lossLin P.-H.; Hsu C.-J.; Lin Y.-H.; Lin Y.-H.; Lee H.-Y.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Liu T.-C.journal article
242017Endoscopic versus microscopic management of congenital ossicular chain anomalies: our experiences with 29 patientsChen-Chi Wu ; Chen Y.H.; Yang T.H.; Lin K.N.; Lee S.Y.; Liu T.C.; Hsu C.J.letter
252016美容醫學植入材質不同案:美容醫學之說明義務廖建瑜; 吳振吉 journal article
262016簡評「病人自主權利法」及其影響吳振吉 ; 蔡甫昌 journal article
272015醫療糾紛處理及醫療事故補償法對於醫院管理之可能影響-兼論臺大醫院之實務經驗吳振吉 ; 洪冠予 journal article
282015Identifying children with poor cochlear implantation outcomes using massively parallel sequencingChen-Chi Wu ; Lin Y.-H.; Liu T.-C.; Lin K.-N.; Yang W.-S.; Hsu C.-J.; Chen P.-L.; Wu C.-M.journal article
292015Long-term cochlear implant outcomes in children with GJB2 and SLC26A4 mutationsWu C.-M.; Ko H.-C.; Tsou Y.-T.; Lin Y.-H.; Lin J.-L.; Chen C.-K.; Chen P.-L.; Chen-Chi Wu journal article
302015Contribution of adiponectin and its type 1 receptor to age-related hearing impairmentChen-Chi Wu ; Tsai C.-H.; Lu Y.-C.; Lin H.-C.; Hwang J.-H.; Lin Y.-H.; Yang W.-S.; Chen P.-J.; Liao W.-C.; Lee Y.L.; Liu T.-C.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
312015Identification of a novel GATA3 mutation in a deaf Taiwanese family by massively parallel sequencingLin Y.-H.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Hsu T.-Y.; Chiu W.-Y.; Hsu C.-J.; Chen P.-L.journal article
322014Aspirin intake correlates with halted growth of sporadic vestibular schwannoma in vivoKandathil C.K.; Dilwali S.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Ibrahimov M.; McKenna M.J.; Lee H.; Stankovic K.M.journal article
332014Gradenigo syndrome caused by nontuberculous mycobacteriaChen P.-Y.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Yang T.-L.; Hsu C.-J.; Lin Y.-T.; Lin K.-N.journal article
342013醫師及醫療機構就債務不履行責任之法律關係—兼評最高法院99年度台上字第1055號民事判決、臺灣高等法院99年度醫上更(一)字第3號民事判決吳振吉 ; 姜世明journal article
352013Differences in the Pathogenicity of the p.H723R Mutation of the Common Deafness-Associated SLC26A4 Gene in Humans and MiceLu Y.-C.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Yang T.-H.; Lin Y.-H.; Yu I.-S.; Lin S.-W.; Chang Q.; Lin X.; Wong J.-M.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
362013Application of Massively Parallel Sequencing to Genetic Diagnosis in Multiplex Families with Idiopathic Sensorineural Hearing ImpairmentChen-Chi Wu ; Lin Y.-H.; Lu Y.-C.; Chen P.-J.; Yang W.-S.; Hsu C.-J.; Chen P.-L.journal article
372013Determinants of bilateral audiometric notches in noise-induced hearing lossHsu T.-Y.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Chang J.-G.; Lee S.-Y.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
382013In response to determinants of bilateral audiometric notches in noise-induced hearing lossHsu T.-Y.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Hsu C.-J.; Chang J.-G.; Lee S.-Y.letter
392012論醫療契約不完全給付可歸責性要件之舉證責任—兼評最高法院97年台上第1000號民事判決吳振吉 ; 姜世明journal article
402012Mutation screening of the EYA1, SIX1, and SIX5 genes in an East Asian cohort with branchio-oto-renal syndromeWang S.-H.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Lu Y.-C.; Lin Y.-H.; Su Y.-N.; Hwu W.-L.; Yu I.-S.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
412012Common genetic mutations in the start codon of the SDH subunit D gene among Chinese families with familial head and neck paragangliomasWang C.-P.; Chen T.-C.; Chang Y.-L.; Ko J.-Y.; Yang T.-L.; Lo F.-Y.; Hu Y.-L.; Chen P.-L.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Lou P.-J.journal article
422011Newborn genetic screening for hearing impairment: A preliminary study at a tertiary centerChen-Chi Wu ; Hung C.-C.; Lin S.-Y.; Hsieh W.-S.; Tsao P.-N.; Lee C.-N.; Su Y.-N.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
432011The grainyhead-like 2 gene (GRHL2) single nucleotide polymorphism is not associated with age-related hearing impairment in Han ChineseLin Y.-H.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Hsu C.-J.; Hwang J.-H.; Liu T.-C.journal article
442011Genetic characteristics in children with cochlear implants and the corresponding auditory performanceChen-Chi Wu ; Liu T.-C.; Wang S.-H.; Hsu C.-J.; Wu C.-M.journal article
452011Establishment of a knock-in mouse model with the SLC26A4 c.919-2a>G mutation and characterization of its pathologyLu Y.-C.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Shen W.-S.; Yang T.-H.; Yeh T.-H.; Chen P.-J.; Yu I.-S.; Lin S.-W.; Wong J.-M.; Chang Q.; Lin X.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
462010Mutations in the OTOF gene in Taiwanese patients with auditory neuropathyChiu Y.-H.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Lu Y.-C.; Chen P.-J.; Lee W.-Y.; Liu A.Y.-Z.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
472010Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (embryo screening) for enlarged vestibular aqueduct due to SLC26A4 mutationChen-Chi Wu ; Lin S.-Y.; Su Y.-N.; Fang M.-Y.; Chen S.-U.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
482010Phenotypic analyses and mutation screening of the SLC26A4 and FOXI1 genes in 101 Taiwanese families with bilateral nonsyndromic enlarged vestibular aqueduct (DFNB4) or pendred syndromeChen-Chi Wu ; Lu Y.-C.; Chen P.-J.; Yeh P.-L.; Su Y.-N.; Hwu W.-L.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
492009Association of central obesity with the severity and audiometric configurations of age-related hearing impairmentHwang J.-H.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Hsu C.-J.; Liu T.-C.; Yang W.-S.journal article
502009Application of SNaPshot multiplex assays for simultaneous multigene mutation screening in patients with idiopathic sensorineural hearing impairmentChen-Chi Wu ; Lu Y.-C.; Chen P.-J.; Liu A.Y.-Z.; Hwu W.-L.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
512008Predominance of genetic diagnosis and imaging results as predictors in determining the speech perception performance outcome after cochlear implantation in childrenChen-Chi Wu ; Lee Y.-C.; Chen P.-J.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
522008Patients with positive allergen test have less favorable outcome after endoscopic microdebrider-assisted inferior turbinoplastyChen-Chi Wu ; Lee S.-Y.; Hsu C.-J.; Yeh T.-H.journal article
532008Prospective mutation screening of three common deafness genes in a large Taiwanese cohort with idiopathic bilateral sensorineural hearing impairment reveals a difference in the results between families from hospitals and those from rehabilitation facilitiesChen-Chi Wu ; Chen P.-J.; Chiu Y.-H.; Lu Y.-C.; Wu M.-C.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
542007Potential ototoxicity of aluminum in hemodialysis patientsChu P.-L.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Hsu C.-J.; Wang Y.-T.; Wu K.-D.journal article84
552007Prevalence and clinical features of the mitochondrial m.1555A>G mutation in Taiwanese patients with idiopathic sensorineural hearing loss and association of haplogroup F with low penetrance in three familiesChen-Chi Wu ; Chiu Y.-H.; Chen P.-J.; Hsu C.-J.journal article2621
562005Common clinical features of children with enlarged vestibular aqueduct and mondini dysplasiaChen-Chi Wu ; Chen Y.-S.; Chen P.-J.; Hsu C.-J.journal article5149
572005Specificity of SLC26A4 mutations in the pathogenesis of inner ear malformationsChen-Chi Wu ; Chen P.-J.; Hsu C.-J.journal article
582005Prevalent SLC26A4 mutations in patients with enlarged vestibular aqueduct and/or Mondini dysplasia: A unique spectrum of mutations in Taiwan, including a frequent founder mutationChen-Chi Wu ; Yeh T.-H.; Chen P.-J.; Hsu C.-J.journal article127
592003Effect of irradiation on vestibular evoked myogenic potentials in nasopharyngeal carcinoma survivorsChen-Chi Wu ; Young Y.-H.; Ko J.-Y.journal article1110
602002Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials are intact after sudden deafnessChen-Chi Wu ; Young Y.-H.journal article
612002Augmentation of vestibular evoked myogenic potentials: An indication for distended saccular hydropsYoung Y.-H.; Chen-Chi Wu ; Wu C.-H.journal article
622000Vestibular evoked myogenic potential in patients with sudden deafnessChen-Chi Wu ; Young Y.-H.journal article