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12019The application of p2PSA% and prostate health index in prostate cancer detection: A prospective cohort in a Tertiary Medical CenterCheng, Yung-Ting; Chiang, Chih Hung; YEONG-SHIAU PU ; SHIH-PING LIU ; Lu, Yu-Chuang; Chang, Yi-Kai; HONG-CHIANG CHANG ; KUO-HOW HUANG ; Lee, Yuan-Ju; Chow, Po-Ming; Hung, Shih-Chun; CHAO-YUAN HUANG 10
22017Prevalence of overactive bladder in China, Taiwan and South Korea: Results from a cross-sectional, population-based studySHIH-PING LIU journal article1312
32017Association of lower urinary tract symptoms and OAB severity with quality of life and mental health in China, Taiwan and South Korea: Results from a cross-sectional, population-based studySHIH-PING LIU journal article78
42017Testosterone suppresses uropathogenic Escherichia coli invasion and colonization within prostate cells and inhibits inflammatory responses through JAK/STAT-1 signaling pathwayHONG-JENG YU ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article43
52017Enantiomerically pure �]-dipeptide derivative induces anticancer activity against human hormone-refractory prostate cancer through both PI3K/Akt-dependent and -independent pathwaysJIH-HWA GUH ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article33
62017Prevalence of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in China, Taiwan, and South Korea: Results from a Cross-Sectional, Population-Based StudySHIH-PING LIU journal article2826
72016Non-immunosuppressive triazole-based small molecule induces anticancer activity against human hormone-refractory prostate cancers: The role in inhibition of PI3K/AKT/mTOR and c-Myc signaling pathwaysJIH-HWA GUH ; Leu, Wohn-Jenn; SHIH-PING LIU ; Swain, Sharada Prasanna; Chan, She-Hung; Hsu, Jui-Ling; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Chan, Mei-Ling; Yu, Chia-Chun; Hsu, Lih-Ching ; Chou, Yen-Lin; Chang, Wei-Ling; Hou, Duen-Ren; Guh, Jih-Hwa journal article99
82016Applying machine learning techniques to the identification of late-onset hypogonadism in elderly menSHIH-PING LIU ; Lu, Ti; Hu, Ya-Han; Tsai, Chih-Fong; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Chen, Pei-Lingjournal article31
92016Testosterone Threshold for Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Middle-Aged and Elderly Men: A Locally Weighted Regression AnalysisHONG-JENG YU ; Liao, Pin-Wen; Liao, Pin-Wen; Wu, Chia-Chang; SHIH-PING LIU ; Wu, Chia-Chang; Chen, Kuan-Chou; Chen, Zoe Tzu-Yi; Jaw, Fu-Shan ; Yu, Hong-Jeng ; Yu, Hong-Jeng ; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Ho, Chen-Hsunjournal article66
102016Erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and low sexual frequency increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in men with low testosteroneHONG-JENG YU ; Ho, Chen-Hsun; SHIH-PING LIU ; Wu, Chia-Chang; Wu, Chia-Chang; Chen, Kuan-Chou; Jaw, Fu-Shan ; Jaw, Fu-Shan ; Yu, Hong-Jeng ; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Liu, Shih-Ping journal article1811
112016Impact of androgen-deprivation therapy on the outcome of dose-escalation prostate cancer radiotherapy without elective pelvic irradiationCHUNG-HSIN CHEN ; CHAO-YUAN HUANG ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article31
122016Clinical and Imaging Outcomes up to 1 Year Following Balloon Angioplasty for Isolated Penile Artery Stenoses in Patients with Erectile Dysfunction: The PERFECT-2 StudyHUAI-CHING TAI ; Wang, Tzung-Dau; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Lee, Wen-Jeng; Yang, Shao-Chi; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; SHIH-PING LIU ; Lin, Po-Chih; WEN-JONE CHEN ; Tai, Huai-Ching; WEN-JENG LEE ; Liu, Shih-Ping; Huang, Chien-Hua; Chen, Wen-Jone; Chen, Ming-Fong; Hsieh, Ju-Tonjournal article99
132015Necrotizing fasciitis in patients with diabetes mellitus: Clinical characteristics and risk factors for mortalityWang, Yu-Jen; NAI-CHEN CHENG ; Cheng, Nai-Chen; Huang, Chao-Yuan ; Tai, Hao-Chih; HAO-CHIH TAI ; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; Hou, Wei-Hsien; Chang, Shan-Chwen; Wang, Chia-Chun; Chang, Chin-Hao; SHAN-CHWEN CHANG ; Lai, Hong-Shiee; Lan, Keng-Hsueh ; Chen, Chung-Hsin ; Yu, Hong-Jen; Lai, Ming-Kuen; Cheng, Ann-Lii ; Liu, Shihh-Ping; Pu, Yeong-Shiau ; Cheng, Jason Chia-Hsien; 蒲永孝 ; 余宏政 ; 鄭安理 ; 陳忠信 ; 成佳憲 ; 賴明坤; 黃昭淵 ; 劉詩彬 journal article2417
142015Benign prostatic enlargement is not associated with diabetes: A population-based studyChiu, Y. L.; Chang, Ya-Ling; SHIH-PING LIU ; Ho, Bing-Ching; Kao, S.; Sher, Singh; Lin, H. C.; Yu, Sung-Liang ; Liu, S. P.; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Huang, C. Y.; 黃昭淵 ; 何炳慶; 俞松良 ; 楊泮池 journal article55
152015Effect of Ginkgo biloba Extract (EGb-761) on Recovery of Erectile Dysfunction in Bilateral Cavernous Nerve Injury Rat ModelSHIH-PING LIU ; Wu, Yi-No; Liao, Chun-Hou; Chen, Kuo-Chiang; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Chiang, Han-Sunjournal article66
162015The Prevalence and the Risk Factors of Testosterone Deficiency in Newly Diagnosed and Previously Known Type 2 Diabetic MenCHIH-YUAN WANG ; Lo, S-C.; Ho, Chen-Hsun; Jaw, Fu-Shan ; Lin, K-H.; Jaw, Fu-Shan; JU-TON HSIEH ; HONG-JENG YU ; Hsieh, H-H.; Wu, Chia-Chang; Chen, Kuan-Chou; SHIH-PING LIU ; Lin, D-T.; Wang, Chih-Yuan ; Hu, C-Y.; Wang, Chih-Yuan; Hsieh, Ju-Ton ; Hsieh, Ju-Ton; 林東燦; Yu, Hong-Jeng ; Yu, Hong-Jeng; 胡忠怡; 羅仕錡; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Liu, Shih-Pingjournal article1714
172015Restoration of erectile function with intracavernous injections of endothelial progenitor cells after bilateral cavernous nerve injury in ratsSHIH-PING LIU ; Liao, C. -H.; Wu, Y. -N.; Lin, Y. -H.; Huang, R. -F. Syu; Liu, S. -P.; Chiang, H. -S.journal article66
182015Repurposing of phentolamine as a potential anticancer agent against human castration-resistant prostate cancer: A central role on microtubule stabilization and mitochondrial apoptosis pathwayHo, Chen-Hsun; JIH-HWA GUH ; Hsu, Jui-Ling; Hsu, Jui-Ling; SHIH-PING LIU ; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Hsu, Lih-Ching ; Hsu, Lih-Ching ; Chang, Wei-Ling; Chao, Chuck C. -K.; Chao, Chuck C. -K.; Guh, Jih-Hwa ; Guh, Jih-Hwa journal article1111
192015KUD773, a phenylthiazole derivative, displays anticancer activity in human hormone-refractory prostate cancers through inhibition of tubulin polymerization and anti-Aurora a activityJIH-HWA GUH ; Yu, Chia-Chun; Liu, Shih-Ping ; SHIH-PING LIU ; Hsu, Jui-Ling; Hsu, John T. A.; Kudryavtsev, Konstantin V.; Guh, Jih-Hwa journal article11
202014A unique amidoanthraquinone derivative displays antiproliferative activity against human hormone-refractory metastatic prostate cancers through activation of LKB1-AMPK-mTOR signaling pathwayHsu, Jui-Ling; JIH-HWA GUH ; Liu, Shih-Ping ; LIH-CHING HSU ; SHIH-PING LIU ; Lee, Chia-Chung; Hsu, Lih-Ching ; YUNN-FANG HO ; Ho, Yunn-Fang ; Huang, Hsu-Shan; Guh, Jih-Hwa journal article109
212014A novel small molecule hybrid of vorinostat and DACA displays anticancer activity against human hormone-refractory metastatic prostate cancer through dual inhibition of histone deacetylase and topoisomerase iYu, Chia-Chun; JIH-HWA GUH ; TSAI-KUN LI ; Pan, Shiow-Lin; Chao, Shi-Wei; SHIH-PING LIU ; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Hsu, Jui-Ling; Yang, Yu-Chen; Li, Tsia-Kun; Huang, Wei-Jan; Guh, Jih-Hwa journal article1716
222014Safety and six-month durability of angioplasty for isolated penile artery stenoses in patients with erectile dysfunction: A first-in-man studyHUAI-CHING TAI ; Wang, Tzung-Dau; Lee, Wen-Jeng; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Yang, Shao-Chi; JU-TON HSIEH ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; Lin, Po-Chih; SHIH-PING LIU ; Tai, Huai-Ching; Hsieh, Ju-Ton; WEN-JONE CHEN ; WEN-JENG LEE ; Liu, Shih-Ping; Huang, Chien-Hua; Chen, Wen-Jone; Chen, Ming-Fongjournal article1715
232014Laparoendoscopic single-site (LESS) retroperitoneal partial adrenalectomy using a custom-made single-access platform and standard laparoscopic instruments: Technical considerations and surgical outcomesHONG-JENG YU ; Ho, Chen-Hsun; Liao, Pin-Wen; SHIH-PING LIU ; Lin, Victor C.; Jaw, Fu-Shan ; Chueh, Shih-Chieh Jeff; Chung, Shiu-Dong; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Tsai, Yao-Chou; Yu, Hong-Jeng journal article85
242014Concurrent and convergent validity of the mobility- and multidimensional-hierarchical disability categorization models with physical performance in community older adultsHu, Ming-Hsia ; MING-HSIA HU ; Ho, Chen-Hsun; Hu, Ming-Hsia ; Yeh, Chih-Jun; Yeh, Chih-Jun; Liao, Pin-Wen; Chen, Tou-Rong; Lin, Victor C.; Jaw, Fu-Shan ; Wang, Ching-Yi; Chueh, Shih-Chieh Jeff; Chung, Shiu-Dong; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Tsai, Yao-Chou; Yu, Hong-Jeng ; 何承勳; 余宏政 ; 劉詩彬 ; 趙福杉 journal article00
252014Herpes zoster is associated with prior statin use: A population-based case-control studySHIH-PING LIU ; Chung, Shiu-Dong; Tsai, Ming-Chieh; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Lin, Herng-Ching; Kang, Jiunn-Horngjournal article1110
262014Increased healthcare service utilizations for patients with dementia: A population-based studySHIH-PING LIU ; Chung, Shiu-Dong; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Sheu, Jau-Jiuan; Lin, Ching-Chun; Lin, Herng-Ching; Chen, Chao-Hungjournal article2019
272014Increased risk of pneumonia in patients receiving gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists for prostate cancerChung, Shiu-Dong; SHIH-PING LIU ; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Lin, Herng-Ching; Chang, Li-Yun; Wang, Li-Hsuanjournal article910
282014Venous ligation: A novel strategy for glans enhancement in penile prosthesis implantationSHIH-PING LIU ; Hsu, Geng-Long; Hill, James W.; Hsieh, Cheng-Hsing; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Hsu, Chih-Yuanjournal article33
292014Weekly and Holiday-Related Patterns of Panic Attacks in Panic Disorder: A Population-Based StudyKao, Li-Ting; SHIH-PING LIU ; Xirasagar, Sudha; Chung, Kuo-Hsuan; Lin, Herng-Ching; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Chung, Shiu-Dongjournal article22
302014Poor clinical outcomes among pneumonia patients with depressive disorderSHIH-PING LIU ; Kao, Li-Ting; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Lin, Herng-Ching; Lee, Hsin-Chien; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Tsai, Ming-Chieh; Chung, Shiu-Dongjournal article66
312014Obstructive sleep apnea increases the risk of bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis: A population-based matched-cohort studySHIH-PING LIU ; Chung, Shiu-Dong; Lin, Ching-Chun; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Lin, Herng-Chingjournal article66
322014The role of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve systems on the smooth muscle of rat seminal vesicles - experimental results and speculation for physiological implication on ejaculationJU-TON HSIEH ; Hsieh, J-T.; SHIH-PING LIU ; Kuo, Y-C.; HONG-CHIANG CHANG ; Chang, H-C.; Liu, S-P.; Chan, Wah Kheong; Chen, J-H.; Tsai, V. F. S.journal article75
332014Psoriasis and the risk of pneumonia: A population-based studyKao, Li-Ting; SHIH-PING LIU ; Lee, Cha-Ze; Liu, Shih-Ping; Tsai, Ming-Chieh; Lin, Herng-Chingjournal article1616
342014Association of dysmenorrhea with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome: A case-control studySHIH-PING LIU ; Chen, Chia-Ling; Chung, Shiu-Dong; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Wu, Katie P H; Liu, Wen-Yu; Lin, Herng-Ching; Kang, Jiunn-Horng; Cheng, Hsin-Yi Kathy; Shen, I-Hsuan; Lin, Keh-Chungjournal article55
352014Bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis is associated with anxiety disorderChung, Kuo-Hsuan; SHIH-PING LIU ; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Lin, Herng-Ching; Chung, Shiu-Dongjournal article1715
362014Health care service utilization among patients with bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis in a single payer healthcare systemSHIH-PING LIU ; Chung, Shiu-Dong; Liu, Shih-Ping ; Li, Hsien-Chang; Lin, Herng-Chingjournal article32
372013Bladder Pain Syndrome/Interstitial Cystitis Is Associated with HyperthyroidismSHIH-PING LIU journal article42
382013Quinolone prophylaxis in transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy: An eight-year single center experienceCHAO-YUAN HUANG ; HONG-JENG YU ; SHIH-PING LIU ; HONG-CHIANG CHANG ; SHUO-MENG WANG ; YEONG-SHIAU PU journal article99
392013Association between Prostate Cancer and Urinary Calculi: A Population-Based StudySHIH-PING LIU journal article94
402013A population-based study on the association between urinary calculi and kidney cancerSHIH-PING LIU journal article129
412013Association between ED in ankylosing spondylitis: A population-based studySHIH-PING LIU ; Chung, S-D; Chen, Y-K; Liu, S-P; Lin, H-Cjournal article33
422013Increased risk of depressive disorder following diagnosis with bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitisSHIH-PING LIU journal article76
432013Reconstructive surgery for idealising penile shape and restoring erectile function in patients with penile dysmorphology and erectile dysfunctionSHIH-PING LIU ; HONG-CHIANG CHANG journal article30
442013A case-control study on the association between rheumatoid arthritis and bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitisSHIH-PING LIU journal article1211
452013Testosterone replacement therapy can increase circulating endothelial progenitor cell number in men with late onset hypogonadismSHIH-PING LIU journal article2418
462013Traumatic brain injury increases the risk of female urinary incontinenceSHIH-PING LIU journal article23
472013Oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy might provide longer progression-free survival in KRAS mutant metastatic colorectal cancerLin, Yu-Lin; LI-HUI TSENG ; Wang, Yu-Jen; YIH-LEONG CHANG ; Huang, Chao-Yuan ; Liau, Jau-Yu ; Jin-Tung Liang ; Hou, Wei-Hsien; Yu, Shan-Chi; Tseng, Li-Hui ; JAU-YU LIAU ; Wang, Chia-Chun; Lin, Liang-In; Lan, Keng-Hsueh ; LIANG-IN LIN ; Liang, Jin-Tung; Yu, Hong-Jen; KUN-HUEI YEH ; Ji-Shiang Hung ; Lin, Ben-Ren; Lai, Ming-Kuen; Hung, Ji-Shiang ; YU-LIN LIN ; Liu, Shihh-Ping; Pu, Yeong-Shau; Chang, Yih-Leong; ANN-LII CHENG ; Cheng, Jason Chia-Hsien; Yeh, Kun-Huei; Cheng, Ann-Lii; 蒲永孝 ; 余宏政 ; 成佳憲 ; 王嘉檇; 賴明坤; 黃昭淵 ; 劉詩彬 ; 藍耿學 journal article56
482013Prediabetes Is Associated with an Increased Risk of Testosterone Deficiency, Independent of Obesity and Metabolic SyndromeCHIH-YUAN WANG ; JU-TON HSIEH ; HONG-JENG YU ; SHIH-PING LIU ; YEONG-SHIAU PU journal article2825
492013Association between Schizophrenia and Urinary Calculi: A Population-Based Case-Control StudyHONG-JENG YU ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article00
502012Urinary calculi and an increased risk of stroke: A population-based follow-up studySHIH-PING LIU journal article810
512012Advances in understanding of mammalian penile evolution, human penile anatomy and human erection physiology: Clinical implications for physicians and surgeonsSHIH-PING LIU journal article
522012Volume-Outcome Relation for Acute Appendicitis: Evidence from a Nationwide Population-Based StudySHIH-PING LIU journal article1211
532011The activation of peripheral 5-HT1A receptors can inhibit seminal vesicle contraction: An in vivo animal studyJU-TON HSIEH ; HONG-JENG YU ; HONG-CHIANG CHANG ; SHIH-PING LIU ; HSIEH, JU-TON ; LIU, SHIH-PING ; CHANG, HONG-CHIANG ; TSAI, VINCENT FANG-SHENG; CHIEN, CHIANG-TING; YU, HONG-JENG ; HO, CHEN-HSUNjournal article33
542011Associations of endogenous testosterone and lipid profiles in middle-aged to older Taiwanese menSHIH-PING LIU ; JIANN, BANG-PING; HSIEH, JU-TON ; LIU, SHIH-PING ; WU, HSI-CHINjournal article77
562010Determination of human penile electrical resistance and implication on safety for electrosurgery of penisJU-TON HSIEH ; SHIH-PING LIU ; HONG-CHIANG CHANG journal article55
572010Penile rehabilitation following radical prostatectomySHIH-PING LIU journal article10
582010Feasability of a novel audio-video sexual stimulation system: An adjunct to the use of penile duplex doppler ultrasonography for the investigation of erectile dysfunctionHu, Kuang-Chun; JU-TON HSIEH ; SHIH-PING LIU ; Wang, Horng-Yuan; HONG-CHIANG CHANG ; Chang, Wen-Hsiung; Chu, Cheng-Hsin; Lin, Shee-Chan; Liu, Chun-Jen ; KUO, YUH-CHEN; Wu, Ming-Shiang ; LIU, SHIH-PING ; Shih, Shou-Chuan; CHEN, JYH-HORNG ; 劉俊人 ; 吳明賢 ; CHANG, HONG-CHIANG ; TSAI, VINCENT FANG-SHENG; HSIEH, JU-TON journal article107
592010Solifenacin and tolterodine are equally effective in the treatment of overactive bladder symptomsHO-HSIUNG LIN ; HONG-JENG YU ; KUO-HOW HUANG ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article2019
602010A simple Bayesian mixture model with a hybrid procedure for genome-wide association studiesChung, S-D; CHUHSING KATE HSIAO ; Chen, Y-K; Liu, S-P; Lin, H-C; 劉詩彬 ; WEI, YU-CHUNG; WEN, SHU-HUI; CHEN, PEI-CHUN; WANG, CHIH-HAO; HSIAO, CHUHSING K.journal article99
612009Extrication of penile constriction device with corpora aspirationJU-TON HSIEH ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article75
622009The role of chloride channels in rat corpus cavernosum: In vivo studyJU-TON HSIEH ; Chang, Ming-Chu; HONG-JENG YU ; HONG-CHIANG CHANG ; SHIH-PING LIU ; KUO, YUH-CHEN; CHUNG, SHIU-DONG; LIU, SHIH-PING ; CHANG, HONG-CHIANG ; YU, HONG-JENG ; HSIEH, JU-TON journal article99
632009Choosing the ideal length of a double-pigtail ureteral stent according to body height: Study based on a chinese populationHONG-JENG YU ; KUO-HOW HUANG ; SHIH-PING LIU ; YEONG-SHIAU PU journal article1516
642008Correcting penoscrotal web with the V-Y advancement technique [2]JU-TON HSIEH ; SHIH-PING LIU ; CHANG, SHANG-JEN; Chen, Chi-Ling ; LIU, SHIH-PING ; HSIEH, JU-TON journal article95
652008Management of Ischemic Penile Gangrene: Prompt Partial Penectomy and Other Treatment OptionsJU-TON HSIEH ; HONG-JENG YU ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article107
662007Leiomyoma of the corpus cavernosum of the penisJU-TON HSIEH ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article75
672007Elevated plasma factor VIII coagulant activity presenting with thrombophlebitis of the deep dorsal vein of the penisJU-TON HSIEH ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article54
682007Correction of Congenital Penile Curvature Using Modified Tunical Plication with Absorbable Sutures: The Long-Term Outcome and Patient SatisfactionHsieh, JT; CHUNG-HSIN CHEN ; JU-TON HSIEH ; Liu, SP; Chen, Y; HONG-JENG YU ; HONG-CHIANG CHANG ; Chang, HC; SHIH-PING LIU ; Yu, HJ; Chen, CHjournal article2625
692004Effects of diabetes on female voiding behaviorHONG-JENG YU ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article6050
702004Unrecognized Voiding Difficulty in Female Type 2 Diabetic Patients in the Diabetes Clinic: A prospective case-control studyHONG-JENG YU ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article3129
712003Effect of the Bowman-Birk inhibitor (a soy protein) on in vitro bladder neck/urethral and penile corporal smooth muscle activitySHIH-PING LIU journal article88
722002Congenital isolated penile torsion in adults: Untwist with plicationJU-TON HSIEH ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article1514
732002One-stage correction of congenital complex penile curvature by tunica albuginea plicationsSHIH-PING LIU journal article
742002Hydrodissection technique to preserve the thin distal urethra when correcting chordee without hypospadiasSHIH-PING LIU journal article21
752001Modified plication of the tunica albuginea in treating congenital penile curvatureJU-TON HSIEH ; HONG-CHIANG CHANG ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article1915
762001Effect of percent free prostate-specific antigen measurement on improving the specificity of serum prostate-specific antigen testing in Taiwanese patientsSHIH-PING LIU journal article
772001Ruptured cystic teratoma of the testis in a neonateSHIH-PING LIU journal article
781999Correlation of calcium-activated ATPase activity, lipid peroxidation, and the contractile response of rabbit corporal smooth muscle treated with in vitro ischemiaSHIH-PING LIU journal article55
791999Fertilization capability of frozen epididymal sperm for intracytoplasmic sperm injectionSHIH-PING LIU journal article
801999Metabolic aspects of urinary bladder fillingSHIH-PING LIU journal article
811998Effect of repetitive stimulation on the contractile response of rabbit urinary bladder subjected to in vitro hypoxia or in vitro ischemia followed by reoxygenationSHIH-PING LIU journal article4445
821998Digital analysis of the pharmacological effects of in vitro ischemia on rabbit corpus cavernosumSHIH-PING LIU journal article32
831998Metastatic yolk sac tumor of the corpus cavernosum of the penisJU-TON HSIEH ; SHIH-PING LIU ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article32
841998Effects of hypoxia, calcium, carbachol, atropine and tetrodotoxin on the filling of the in-vitro rabbit whole bladderSHIH-PING LIU journal article1210
851998Physiological effects of macrocycle 1 on the rabbit corpus cavernosumSHIH-PING LIU journal article00
861998An ex vivo evaluation of regulatory role of biogenic amines in rat seminal vesicle after pharmacological manipulationSHIH-PING LIU journal article
871998Effects of atropine, isoproterenol and propranolol on the rabbit bladder contraction induced by intra-arterial administration of acetylcholine and ATPSHIH-PING LIU journal article77
881996An experimental model to evaluate the in vivo response of rat seminal vesicle to electrical stimulationJU-TON HSIEH ; SHIH-PING LIU journal article1112