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12023Adiponectin-leptin ratio for the early detection of lean non-alcoholic fatty liver disease independent of insulin resistanceCHIA-WEN LU ; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; Chi, Yu-Chiao; Wu, Tsan-Yu; CHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG Annals of medicine11
22023One-Year Medical Utilization and Mortality in Home Health and Nursing Home Care Recipients from Northern TaiwanLi, Chia-Ming; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; YI-HSUAN LEE ; Chen, Yu-Hsin; Lin, I-Wen; KUO-CHIN HUANG Journal of the American Medical Directors Association11
32023Sex Differences and Positive Dose-Response Relationships between Serum Osteocalcin Levels and Low Muscle StrengthChen, Pei-Yun; YI-HSUAN LEE ; CHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; CHIA-WEN LU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Gerontology00
42023Reduced risk of pneumonia and influenza infection after bariatric surgery: a retrospective cohort study among patients with nondiabetic obesity in TaiwanChen, Pei-Yun; CHIA-WEN LU ; YI-HSUAN LEE ; Huang, Chi-Ting; Hsu, Chih-Cheng; KUO-CHIN HUANG Surgery for obesity and related diseases : official journal of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery00
52023Efficacy of Dietary Intervention with Group Activities on Dietary Intakes, Frailty Status, and Working Memory: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial in Community StrongholdsWu, Szu-Yun; Cheng, Yu-Yao; Chang, Hsing-Yi; Wang, Pei-Hsuan; Hsieh, I-Ching; Yeh, Nai-Hua; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Pan, Wen-HarnNutrients11
62023Proteomic Analysis of Skeletal Muscle and White Adipose Tissue after Aerobic Exercise Training in High Fat Diet Induced Obese MiceChou, Tzu-Jung; CHIA-WEN LU ; Lin, Li-Yu; Hsu, Yi-Ju; Huang, Chi-Chang; KUO-CHIN HUANG International journal of molecular sciences00
72023Dose-Dependent Association between Sarcopenia and Moderate-To-Severe Thoracic Vertebral Fragility Fracture in Older AdultsChiu, Ching-Ming; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; CHIA-WEN LU ; CHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Gerontology00
82023Traveler's knowledge, attitude, and practice about travel health insurance: A community-based questionnaire studyYang, Chia-Jung; CHIA-WEN LU ; CHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; CHIEN-AN YAO ; KUO-CHIN HUANG PloS one01
92022A Randomized Controlled Trial of R-Form Verapamil Added to Ongoing Metformin Therapy in Patients with Type 2 DiabetesCHIH-YUAN WANG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; CHIA-WEN LU ; Chu, Chih-Hsun; Huang, Chien-Ning; Chen, Harn-Shen; Lee, I-Te; Chen, Jung-Fu; Chen, Ching-Chu; Chen, Chung-Sen; Hsieh, Chang-Hsun; Tien, Kai-Jen; Chien, Hung-Yu; Huang, Yu-Yao; Hsu, Jui-Pao; Shane, Guang-Tzuu; Chang, Ai-Ching; Wu, Yen-Chieh; Sheu, Wayne Huey-HerngThe Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism34
102022Ovariectomy Interferes with Proteomes of Brown Adipose Tissue in RatsChou, Tzu-Jung; CHIA-WEN LU ; Liao, Chen-Chung; CHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; Huang, Chi-Chang; KUO-CHIN HUANG International journal of medical sciences43
112022Community-based multiple screening for metabolic syndrome by innovative theory: A longitudinal studyLien A.S.-Y.; Chiu S.Y.-H.; Chen S.L.-S.; Fann J.C.-Y.; Yen A.M.-F.; Yeh M.C.; MEEI-FANG LOU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Sheu W.H.-H.; Chen Tony Hsiu Hsi ; BIH-SHYA GAU Public Health Nursing00
122022Effects of Vitality Acupunch exercise on functional fitness and activities of daily living among probable sarcopenic older adults in residential facilitiesTung H.-T.; Chen K.-M.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Hsu H.-F.; Chou C.-P.; Kuo C.-F.Journal of Nursing Scholarship22
132022Impact of Coronavirus Infectious Disease (COVID-19) pandemic on willingness of immunization-A community-based questionnaire studyChen, Pei-Yun; Chuang, Pei-Ni; CHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; CHIA-WEN LU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG PLoS ONE45
142022P2X7 Activation Enhances Lipid Accumulation During Adipocytes Differentiation Through Suppressing the Expression of Sirtuin-3, Sirtuin-5, and Browning GenesCHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; Cheng, Ching-Yuan; Lien, Yi-Ting; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; WAN-WAN LIN Frontiers in Pharmacology10
152021Incorporating Post-Cessation Weight-Control Coaching into Smoking Cessation Therapy to Reduce Type 2 Diabetes RiskCHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; Sheu, Yi-Han; FEI-RAN GUO ; WAN-WAN LIN ; Chen, Guan-Ru; KUO-CHIN HUANG Nutrients00
162021Independent dose–response associations between fetuin-a and lean nonalcoholic fatty liver diseaseCHIA-WEN LU ; Lee, Yi Chen; CHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Nutrients63
172021Grip Strength and Demographic Variables Estimate Appendicular Muscle Mass Better Than Bioelectrical Impedance in Taiwanese Older PersonsMING-YEN HSIAO ; KE-VIN CHANG ; WEI-TING WU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; DER-SHENG HAN Journal of the American Medical Directors Association1110
182021Effectiveness of early versus delayed exercise and nutritional intervention on segmental body composition of sarcopenic elders - A randomized controlled trialKE-VIN CHANG ; WEI-TING WU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; DER-SHENG HAN Clinical Nutrition1613
192021Elevated serum S14 levels are associated with more severe liver steatosis by ultrasonographyLin W.-T.; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; Chen Y.-T.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG Scientific Reports00
202021Metabolically healthy obesity and risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease severity independent of visceral fatChen T.-P.; Lin W.-Y.; CHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; Shen T.-H.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; KUEN-CHEH YANG Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Australia)107
212021The relationship between anthropometric factors and hyperuricemia in adolescent athletesKuo K.-L.; Chen H.-M.; Hsiao S.-H.; Chu D.; Huang S.-J.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Huang C.-Y.Obesity Research and Clinical Practice70
222021Sarcopenia Is Associated With Increased Risks of Rotator Cuff Tendon Diseases Among Community-Dwelling Elders: A Cross-Sectional Quantitative Ultrasound StudyDER-SHENG HAN ; WEI-TING WU ; PO-CHENG HSU ; Chang H.-C.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; KE-VIN CHANG Frontiers in Medicine4949
232021Household transmission but without the community-acquired outbreak of COVID-19 in TaiwanHsu C.-Y.; JANN-TAY WANG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Fan A.C.-H.; Yeh Y.-P.; Chen S.L.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1612
242020Diabetes and hepatocellular carcinoma risks in patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis related cirrhosisCHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Hepatobiliary surgery and nutrition0
252020Increasing risk of diabetes mellitus in postmenopausal women with newly diagnosed primary breast cancerCHIH-YUAN WANG ; SHYANG-RONG SHIH ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Journal of diabetes investigation1110
262020Metabolic profiles and fibrosis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in the elderly: A community-based studyChen T.-P.; Lai M.; Lin W.-Y.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; KUEN-CHEH YANG Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Australia)1211
272020Measles immunity gaps in an era of high vaccination coverage: A serology study from TaiwanLee Y.-C.; YI-HSUAN LEE ; CHIA-WEN LU ; SHAO-YI CHENG ; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease65
282020Expression of telomeric repeat–containing RNA decreases in sarcopenia and increases after exercise and nutrition interventionKE-VIN CHANG ; Chen Y.-C.; WEI-TING WU ; Shen H.-J.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; HSUEH-PING CHU ; DER-SHENG HAN Nutrients1110
292020Elevated Red Cell Distribution Width Is Independently Associated With a Higher Frailty Risk Among 2,932 Community-Dwelling Older AdultsLi C.-M.; CHIA-TER CHAO ; Chen S.-I.; DER-SHENG HAN ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; COhort of GEriatric Nephrology in NTUH (COGENT) study groupFrontiers in Medicine1313
302020Doses of hepatitis B revaccination needed for the seronegative youths to be seropositive to antibody against hepatitis B surface antigenCHYI-FENG JAN ; Liu T.-H.; Ho C.-H.; Chien Y.-C.; CHE-JUI CHANG ; FEI-RAN GUO ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Family Practice11
312020The quantitative skeletal muscle ultrasonography in elderly with dynapenia but not sarcopenia using texture analysisKUEN-CHEH YANG ; Liao Y.-Y.; KE-VIN CHANG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; DER-SHENG HAN Diagnostics1011
322020Segmental body composition transitions in stroke patients: Trunks are different from extremities and strokes are as important as hemiparesisKE-VIN CHANG ; WEI-TING WU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; DER-SHENG HAN Clinical Nutrition1613
332020Vascular Calcification as an Underrecognized Risk Factor for Frailty in 1783 Community-Dwelling Elderly IndividualsSZU-YING LEE ; CHIA-TER CHAO ; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Journal of the American Heart Association2019
342019Association of loss of muscle mass with mortality in liver cirrhosis without or before liver transplantation: A systematic review and meta-analysisKE-VIN CHANG ; Chen J.-D.; WEI-TING WU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; DER-SHENG HAN Medicine1213
352019Exploring the requirements of home medical carers and carees for a technological information platformYA-MEI CHEN ; Wang Y.-C.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Huang S.-K.; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; Chiang Y.-P.; Chung K.-P.Taiwan Journal of Public Health10
362019Is sarcopenia associated with hepatic encephalopathy in liver cirrhosis? A systematic review and meta-analysisKE-VIN CHANG ; Chen J.-D.; WEI-TING WU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Lin H.-Y.; DER-SHENG HAN Journal of the Formosan Medical Association4336
372019Chronic viral hepatitis signifies the association of premixed insulin analogues with liver cancer risks: A nationwide population-based studyCHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Kuo C.-S.; WAN-WAN LIN ; Su J.-H.; Chen J.-D.International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health21
382019Gender differences with dose-response relationship between serum selenium levels and metabolic syndrome-a case-control studyCHIA-WEN LU ; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; CHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; CHIEN-AN YAO ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Nutrients2424
392019Association between metabolic syndrome and limb muscle quantity and quality in older adults: A pilot ultrasound studyKE-VIN CHANG ; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; WEI-TING WU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; DER-SHENG HAN Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy2020
402019Tuberculosis among migrant workers in TaiwanCHIA-WEN LU ; YI-HSUAN LEE ; Pan Y.-H.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Wu Y.-C.; WANG-HUEI SHENG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Globalization and Health88
412019Lactobacillus paracasei PS23 decelerated age-related muscle loss by ensuring mitochondrial function in SAMP8 miceChen, L.-H.; Huang, S.-Y.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Hsu, C.-C.; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; Li, L.-A.; Chan, C.-H.; LI-HAN CHEN Aging4645
422019Blood sugar control among type 2 diabetic patients who travel abroad: A cross sectional studyLin I.-W.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; YI-HSUAN LEE ; Wu Y.-C.; CHIA-WEN LU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Medicine78
432019Impact of a home health care program for disabled patients in Taiwan: A nationwide population-based cohort studyYI-HSUAN LEE ; CHIA-WEN LU ; Huang C.-T.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; Kuo C.-S.; Chang Y.-K.; Hsu C.-C.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Medicine (United States)65
442019Metabolic Characteristics of a Novel Ultrasound Quantitative Diagnostic Index for Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver DiseaseLiao Y.-Y.; Yeh C.-K.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Tsui P.-H.; KUEN-CHEH YANG Scientific Reports42
452018Low total and free triiodothyronine levels are associated with insulin resistance in non-diabetic individualsCHIH-YUAN WANG ; Yu T.-Y.; SHYANG-RONG SHIH ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; TIEN-CHUN CHANG Scientific Reports1515
462018Increased risk for major depressive disorder in severely obese patients after bariatric surgery — a 12-year nationwide cohort studyCHIA-WEN LU ; Chang Y.-K.; YI-HSUAN LEE ; Kuo C.-S.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Huang C.-T.; Hsu C.-C.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Annals of Medicine812
472018Role of adiponectin gene variants, adipokines and hydrometry-based percent body fat in metabolically healthy and abnormal obesityChang C.-S.; Lu Y.-J.; HSIU-HAO CHANG ; Hsu S.-H.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Shieh C.-C.; Yao W.-J.; Hsu M.-C.; Young K.-C.; Lin W.-Y.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Wu C.-H.; HSIU-PO KUO Obesity Research and Clinical Practice108
482018Tour leaders with detailed knowledge of travel-related diseases play a key role in disease preventionHsu S.-H.; HSIEN-LIANG HUANG ; CHIA-WEN LU ; SHAO-YI CHENG ; Lee L.-T.; TAI-YUAN CHIU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Medicine (United States)12
492018Attitudes and awareness of medical assistance while traveling abroadYI-HSUAN LEE ; CHIA-WEN LU ; Wu P.-Z.; HSIEN-LIANG HUANG ; Wu Y.-C.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Globalization and Health43
502018Association between Loss of Skeletal Muscle Mass and Mortality and Tumor Recurrence in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisKE-VIN CHANG ; Chen J.-D.; WEI-TING WU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Hsu C.-T.; DER-SHENG HAN Liver Cancer118118
512018Limb muscle quality and quantity in elderly adults with dynapenia but not sarcopenia: An ultrasound imaging studyKE-VIN CHANG ; WEI-TING WU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Jan W.H.; DER-SHENG HAN Experimental Gerontology8891
522018Over-under topsy-turvy — what's the deal with “healthy obesity”?Wittert G.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Obesity Research and Clinical Practice01
532018Factors affecting compliance with confirmatory colonoscopy after a positive fecal immunochemical test in a national colorectal screening programSHAO-YI CHENG ; Li M.-C.; Chia S.-L.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; TAI-YUAN CHIU ; DING-CHENG CHAN ; HAN-MO CHIU Cancer1712
542018Anti-obesity action of INDUS810, a natural compound from Trigonella foenum-graecum: AMPK-dependent lipolysis effect in adipocytesCheng C.-Y.; Yang A.-J.; Ekambaranellore P.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; WAN-WAN LIN Obesity Research and Clinical Practice1310
552018Multicentre, placebo-controlled trial of lorcaserin for weight management in Chinese populationCHIA-WEN LU ; Chang C.-J.; Yang Y.-C.; Lin W.-Y.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Obesity Research and Clinical Practice67
562018Addition of one session with a specialist counselor did not increase efficacy of a family physician-led smoking cessation programChung Y.-H.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; CHIA-WEN LU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; FEI-RAN GUO Journal of International Medical Research22
572018Cost-effectiveness analysis of universal influenza vaccination: Application of the susceptible–infectious–complication–recovery modelKUEN-CHEH YANG ; Hung H.-F.; MENG KAN CHEN ; Chen S.L.-S.; Fann J.C.-Y.; Chiu S.Y.-H.; Yen A.M.-F.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Chen, Tony Hsiu Hsi ; Wang S.-T.International Journal of Infectious Diseases1412
582017Morbid obesity in Taiwan: Prevalence, trends, associated social demographics, and lifestyle factorsChang H.-C.; Yang H.-C.; Chang H.-Y.; Yeh C.-J.; Chen H.-H.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Pan W.-H.PLoS ONE107121
592017Higher disappearance rate of anti-HBs in Taiwanese freshers neonatally vaccinated with recombinant yeast hepatitis B vaccineHsu S.-H.; Chih A.-H.; Lee Y.-C.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; CHYI-FENG JAN Liver International87
602017A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to assess the efficacy and safety of ethyl-ester omega-3 fatty acid in Taiwanese hypertriglyceridemic patientsTA-CHEN SU ; HWANG, JUEY-JEN ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; FU-TIEN CHIANG ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; Wang K.-Y.; Charng M.-J.; Tsai W.-C.; LIAN-YU LIN ; Vige R.; Olivar J.E.R.; Tseng C.-D.Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis1411
612017Is sarcopenia associated with depression? A systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studiesKE-VIN CHANG ; Hsu T.-H.; WEI-TING WU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; DER-SHENG HAN Age and Ageing142129
622016Statins Improve Long Term Patency of Arteriovenous Fistula for HemodialysisHAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Chang Y.-K.; CHIA-WEN LU ; Huang C.-T.; Chien C.-T.; KUAN-YU HUNG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Hsu C.-C.Scientific Reports2624
632016Mediating pathways from central obesity to childhood asthma: A population-based longitudinal studyChih A.-H.; Chen Y.-C.; YU-KANG TU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; TAI-YUAN CHIU ; Lee Y.L.European Respiratory Journal1413
642016Association Between Sarcopenia and Cognitive Impairment: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisKE-VIN CHANG ; Hsu T.-H.; WEI-TING WU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; DER-SHENG HAN Journal of the American Medical Directors Association253235
652016Improving smoking cessation outcomes in secondary care: Predictors of hospital staff willingness to provide smoking cessation referralChang Y.-Y.; Yu S.-M.; Lai Y.-J.; Wu P.-L.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; HSIEN-LIANG HUANG Preventive Medicine Reports80
662016Multifeature analysis of an ultrasound quantitative diagnostic index for classifying nonalcoholic fatty liver diseaseLiao Y.-Y.; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; Lee M.-J.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Chen J.-D.; Yeh C.-K.Scientific Reports3030
672016High serum selenium levels are associated with increased risk for diabetes mellitus independent of central obesity and insulin resistanceCHIA-WEN LU ; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; Kuo C.-S.; Lee L.-T.; KUO-CHIN HUANG BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care5251
682016Longer duration and earlier age of onset of paternal betel chewing and smoking increase metabolic syndrome risk in human offspring, independently, in a community-based screening program in TaiwanYen A.M.-F.; Boucher B.J.; Chiu S.Y.-H.; Fann J.C.-Y.; Chen S.L.-S.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Chen, Tony Hsiu Hsi Circulation2121
692016Effectiveness of 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine on diabetic elderlyKuo C.-S.; CHIA-WEN LU ; Chang Y.-K.; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; Hung S.-H.; Yang M.-C.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Huang C.-T.; Hsu C.-C.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Medicine (United States)1313
702016The association between total protein and vegetable protein intake and low muscle mass among the community-dwelling elderly population in Northern TaiwanHuang R.-Y.; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Lee L.-T.; CHIA-WEN LU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Nutrients4038
712016The Relationship of Diabetes and Smoking Status to Hepatocellular Carcinoma MortalityCHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; CHIA-WEN LU ; Han H.-C.; Hung S.-H.; YI-HSUAN LEE ; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Medicine (United States)1617
722016General and abdominal adiposity and risk of death in HBV versus non-HBV carriers: A 10-year population-based cohort studyLin W.-Y.; Peng C.-Y.; Lin C.-C.; Davidson L.E.; Pi-Sunyer F.X.; Sung P.-K.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Medicine (United States)45
732016Relationship between chronic hepatitis B and metabolic syndrome: A structural equation modeling approachHuang C.-Y.; CHIA-WEN LU ; Liu Y.-L.; CHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; Lee L.-T.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Obesity2827
742016Women with abnormal screening mammography lost to follow-up An experience from TaiwanKuo C.-S.; Chen G.-R.; Hung S.-H.; Liu Y.-L.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; SHAO-YI CHENG Medicine (United States)21
752016Association of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease with Metabolic Syndrome Independently of Central Obesity and Insulin ResistanceKUEN-CHEH YANG ; Hung H.-F.; CHIA-WEN LU ; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Lee L.-T.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Scientific Reports8889
762015The immunogenicity and safety of zoster vaccine in Taiwanese adultsCHIEN-AN YAO ; Chen L.-K.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Vaccine54
772015The impacts of sarcopenia and obesity on physical performance in the elderlyChang C.-I.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Wu C.-H.; Lin C.-C.; Hsiung C.A.; Hsu C.-C.; Chen C.-Y.Obesity Research and Clinical Practice3332
792015Fracture risk after Bariatric surgery: A 12-year nationwide cohort studyCHIA-WEN LU ; Chang Y.-K.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; Kuo C.-S.; Huang C.-T.; Hsu C.-C.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Medicine (United States)12198
802015Vitamin D status and risk of metabolic syndrome among non-diabetic young adultsHuang C.-Y.; HAO-HSIANG CHANG ; CHIA-WEN LU ; FEN-YU TSENG ; Lee L.-T.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Clinical Nutrition3127
812015Syk is involved in NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated caspase-1 activation through adaptor ASC phosphorylation and enhanced oligomerizationLin Y.-C.; Huang D.-Y.; Wang J.-S.; Lin Y.-L.; Hsieh S.-L.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; WAN-WAN LIN Journal of Leukocyte Biology9992
822015Low Intensive Lifestyle Modification in Young Adults with Metabolic Syndrome A Community-Based Interventional Study in TaiwanLiu Y.-L.; CHIA-WEN LU ; Shi L.; Liou Y.-M.; Lee L.-T.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Medicine (United States)53
832015Plasma zinc α2-glycoprotein levels are elevated in smokers and correlated with metabolic syndromeJAW-SHIUN TSAI ; Chen S.-C.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Lue B.-H.; Lee L.-T.; TAI-YUAN CHIU ; Chen C.-Y.; FEI-RAN GUO ; LEE-MING CHUANG European Journal of Clinical Investigation1110
842015Higher blood aldosterone level in metabolic syndrome is independently related to adiposity and fasting plasma glucoseChiang J.-K.; CHI-LING CHEN ; FEN-YU TSENG ; Chi Y.-C.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG Cardiovascular Diabetology43
852015Serum Triglyceride Levels Independently Contribute to the Estimation of Visceral Fat Amount among Nondiabetic Obese AdultsHuang C.-Y.; HSIEN-LIANG HUANG ; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; Lee L.-T.; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; FEN-YU TSENG Medicine (United States)1319
862015Helicobacter Pylori Infection is Positively Associated with Metabolic Syndrome in Taiwanese Adults: A Cross-Sectional StudyChen T.-P.; Hung H.-F.; MENG KAN CHEN ; Lai H.-H.; WEN-FENG HSU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; KUEN-CHEH YANG Helicobacter5250
8720152015年美國糖尿病學會臨床治療指引摘要蘇騰葳; 王維理; 郭嘉昇(已離職) ; 盧佳文 ; 楊偉勛 ; 黃國晉 台北市醫師公會會刊
882015Subclinical hypothyroidism is associated with increased risk for cancer mortality in adult taiwanese-A 10 years population- Based cohortFEN-YU TSENG ; Lin W.-Y.; Li C.-I.; Li T.-C.; Lin C.-.C.; KUO-CHIN HUANG PLoS ONE3231
892015Combined association of chronic disease and low skeletal muscle mass with physical performance in older adults in the Sarcopenia and Translational Aging Research in Taiwan (START) studyLi C.-I.; Li T.-C.; Lin W.-Y.; Liu C.-S.; Hsu C.-C.; Hsiung C.A.; Chen C.-Y.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Wu C.-H.; Wang C.-Y.; Lin C.-C.; Sarcopenia; Translational Aging Research in Taiwan (START) TeamBMC Geriatrics3132
902015Supporting the callout for people first language in obesityWittert G.A.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Heilbronn L.K.Obesity Research and Clinical Practice1210
912014Opposite association between diabetes, dyslipidemia, and hepatocellular carcinoma mortality in the middle-aged and elderlyCHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; Lee L.-T.; Hung S.-H.; Lin W.-Y.; Hung H.-F.; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; Sung P.-K.; KUO-CHIN HUANG Hepatology4846
922014Pathway from central obesity to childhood asthma: Physical fitness and sedentary time are leading factorsChen Y.-C.; YU-KANG TU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; PAU-CHUNG CHEN ; Chu D.-C.; Lee Y.L.American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine7674
932014A service oriented tele-health promotion information system with mobile applicationSu, X.-Y.; Lin, F.-C.; Chen, L.; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; CHIA-WEN LU ; Chen, C.-Y.; Ho, T.-W.; FEI-PEI LAI Procedia Computer Science10
9420142014年美國糖尿病學會臨床治療指引摘要林特暐 ; 王維理; 李貫廷; 楊偉勛 ; 黃國晉 台北市醫師公會會刊
952014Tour leaders' knowledge of and attitudes toward rabies vaccination, TaiwanHuang C.-Y.; HSIEN-LIANG HUANG ; SHAO-YI CHENG ; CHIA-WEN LU ; Lee L.-T.; TAI-YUAN CHIU ; KUO-CHIN HUANG Emerging Infectious Diseases12
962014Association between metabolic factors and chronic hepatitis B virus infectionCHIEN-HSIEH CHIANG ; KUO-CHIN HUANG World Journal of Gastroenterology2019
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