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12021In Vitro Bioactivity and Antibacterial Activity of Strontium-, Magnesium-, and Zinc-Multidoped Hydroxyapatite Porous Coatings Applied via Atmospheric Plasma SprayingLiu Y.-C.; Lee Y.-T.; Huang T.-C.; Lin G.-S.; YI-WEN CHEN ; Lee B.-S.; Tung K.-L.ACS Applied Bio Materials4
22020Microstructures and cell reaction of porous hydroxyapatite coatings on titanium discs using a novel vapour-induced pore-forming atmospheric plasma sprayingLiu, Yu Cheng; Lin, Geng Sheng; Lee, Ying Te; Huang, Tse Chiang; Chang, Tsang Wen; YI-WEN CHEN ; BOR-SHIUNN LEE; KUO-LUN TUNGSurface and Coatings Technology10
32020Baseline probing depth and interproximal sites predict treatment outcomes of non-surgical periodontal therapyChen M.-H.; Yin H.-J.; Chang H.-H.; Kao C.-T.; Tu C.-C.; YI-WEN CHEN Journal of Dental Sciences2
42020Flame-sprayed strontium- and magnesium-doped hydroxyapatite on titanium implants for osseointegration enhancementWang J.-Y.; Liu Y.-C.; Lin G.-S.; Chang H.-H.; Li Y.-T.; Yang Y.-C.; Matsuyama H.; Lee B.-S.; YI-WEN CHEN ; Tung K.-L.Surface and Coatings Technology9
52020Randomized controlled clinical effectiveness of adjunct 660-nm light-emitting diode irradiation during non-surgical periodontal therapyYI-WEN CHEN ; Hsieh O.; Chen Y.-A.; Chiou L.-L.; Chang P.-C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association4
62019Influence of adjacent teeth absence or extraction on the outcome of non-surgical periodontal therapyLin J.-H.; Tu C.-C.; YI-WEN CHEN ; Wang C.-Y.; Liu C.-M.; Kuo M.Y.-P.; Chang P.-C.International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health3
72019Association of initial mucogingival status with clinical outcome of non-surgical periodontal therapy: A retrospective analysis of 204 patientsChang P.-C.; YI-WEN CHEN ; Tu C.-C.; Yen-Ping Kuo M.; Liu C.-M.; Wang C.-Y.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association4
82018Significant association of rheumatoid arthritis-related inflammatory markers with non-surgical periodontal therapyYang N.-Y.; Wang C.-Y.; Chyuan I.-T.; Wu K.-J.; Tu Y.-K.; Chang C.-W.; Hsu P.-N.; Kuo M.Y.-P.; YI-WEN CHEN Journal of the Formosan Medical Association9
92018The potential of salivary biomarkers for predicting the sensitivity and monitoring the response to nonsurgical periodontal therapy: A preliminary assessmentLee C.-H.; YI-WEN CHEN ; Tu Y.-K.; Wu Y.-C.; Chang P.-C.Journal of Periodontal Research14
102018Surface property alterations and osteoblast attachment to contaminated titanium surfaces after different surface treatments: An in vitro studyLee B.-S.; Shih K.-S.; Lai C.-H.; Takeuchi Y.; YI-WEN CHEN Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research8
112016Controlled-release of tetracycline and lovastatin by poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide acid)-chitosan nanoparticles enhances periodontal regeneration in dogsLee B.-S.; Lee C.-C.; Wang Y.-P.; Chen H.-J.; Lai C.-H.; Hsieh W.-L.; YI-WEN CHEN International Journal of Nanomedicine49
122016A functional chitosan membrane with grafted epigallocatechin-3-gallate and lovastatin enhances periodontal tissue regeneration in dogsLee B.-S.; Lee C.-C.; Lin H.-P.; Shih W.-A.; Hsieh W.-L.; Lai C.-H.; Takeuchi Y.; YI-WEN CHEN Carbohydrate Polymers24
132015β-glycoprotein I-dependent anti-cardiolipin antibodies associated with periodontitis in patients with systemic lupus erythematosusWang C.-Y.; Chyuan I.-T.; Wang Y.-L.; Kuo M.Y.-P.; Chang C.-W.; Wu K.-J.; Hsu P.-N.; Nagasawa T.; Wara-Aswapati N.; YI-WEN CHEN Journal of Periodontology14
142015Osseous wound repair under inhibition of the axis of advanced glycation end-products and the advanced glycation end-products receptorTsai S.-C.; Jheng Y.-H.; Wang C.-Y.; YI-WEN CHEN ; Lin Y.-F.; Chen C.-C.; Chang P.-C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association4
152013Relationship between metabolic syndrome and diagnoses of periodontal diseases among participants in a large Taiwanese cohortTu Y.-K.; D'Aiuto F.; Lin H.-J.; YI-WEN CHEN ; Chien K.-L.Journal of Clinical Periodontology26
162013Butyrate induces reactive oxygen species production and affects cell cycle progression in human gingival fibroblastsChang M.-C.; Tsai Y.-L.; YI-WEN CHEN ; Chan C.-P.; Huang C.-F.; Lan W.-C.; Lin C.-C.; Lan W.-H.; Jeng J.-H.Journal of Periodontal Research54
172012Curcumin inhibits thrombin-stimulated connective tissue growth factor (CTGF/CCN2) production through c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase suppression in human gingival fibroblastsYI-WEN CHEN ; Yang W.-H.; Wong M.-Y.; Chang H.-H.; Kuo M.Y.-P.Journal of Periodontology10
182009Association between periodontitis and anti-cardiolipin antibodies in Buerger diseaseYI-WEN CHEN ; Nagasawa T.; Wara-Aswapati N.; Ushida Y.; Wang D.; Takeuchi Y.; Kobayashi H.; Umeda M.; Inoue Y.; Iwai T.; Ishikawa I.; Izumi Y.Journal of Clinical Periodontology27
192008Periodontitis May Increase the Risk of Peripheral Arterial DiseaseYI-WEN CHEN ; Umeda M.; Nagasawa T.; Takeuchi Y.; Huang Y.; Inoue Y.; Iwai T.; Izumi Y.; Ishikawa I.European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery80
202008Molecular mimicry of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans with β2 glycoprotein IWang D.; Nagasawa T.; YI-WEN CHEN ; Ushida Y.; Kobayashi H.; Takeuchi Y.; Umeda M.; Izumi Y.Oral Microbiology and Immunology20
212008An ultrastructural study of Porphyromonas gingivalis-induced platelet aggregationLi X.; Iwai T.; Nakamura H.; Inoue Y.; YI-WEN CHEN ; Umeda M.; Suzuki H.Thrombosis Research22
222007Synergistic contribution of CD14 and HLA loci in the susceptibility to Buerger diseaseChen Z.; Takahashi M.; Naruse T.; Nakajima T.; YI-WEN CHEN ; Inoue Y.; Ishikawa I.; Iwai T.; Kimura A.Human Genetics22
232007Elevated IgG titers to periodontal pathogens related to Buerger diseaseYI-WEN CHEN ; Iwai T.; Umeda M.; Nagasawa T.; Huang Y.; Takeuchi Y.; Ishikawa I.International Journal of Cardiology23