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12021Differential effect of vaccine effectiveness and safety on COVID-19 vaccine acceptance across socioeconomic groups in an international sampleKerekes S.; Ji M.; Shih S.-F.; HAO-YUAN CHANG ; Harapan H.; Rajamoorthy Y.; Singh A.; Kanwar S.; Wagner A.L.Vaccines3
22021Changes in COVID-19 risk perceptions: methods of an internet survey conducted in six countriesZhang F.; Shih S.-F.; Harapan H.; Rajamoorthy Y.; HAO-YUAN CHANG ; Singh A.; Lu Y.; Wagner A.L.BMC Research Notes11
32021Impact of professional commitment on professional capability improvement and care quality dimensions: A multi-wave studyHAO-YUAN CHANG ; Huang T.-L.; Lee I.-C.; Shyu Y.-I.L.; Wong M.-K.; Lun-Hui H.; Tseng H.-W.; Teng C.-I.Journal of Clinical Nursing32
42021How Robots Help Nurses Focus on Professional Task Engagement and Reduce Nurses’ Turnover IntentionHAO-YUAN CHANG ; Huang T.-L.; Wong M.-K.; Ho L.-H.; Wu C.-N.; Teng C.-I.Journal of Nursing Scholarship22
52021Effects of inhaling essential oil on headache-related quality of life among nurses working in emergency and critical care unitsChen S.-J.; Chen C.-H.; HAO-YUAN CHANG Journal of Nursing00
62021The Frequency and Perceived Effectiveness of Pain Self-Management Strategies Used by Individuals with MigraineHAO-YUAN CHANG ; Yang C.-C.; Jensen M.P.; Lai Y.-H.Journal of Nursing Research00
72020Influence of headaches on nurse intentions to leave the profession and the hospital: a cross-sectional surveyHAO-YUAN CHANG ; Shyu Y.-I.L.; Wong M.-K.; Friesner D.; Chu T.-L.; Teng C.-I.Contemporary Nurse01
82019How career facilitators and barriers influence nurses’ professional turnover intention [职业促进因素和障碍如何影响护士的职业转换意愿]HAO-YUAN CHANG ; Huang T.-L.; Wong A.M.-K.; Ho L.-H.; Juan Y.-C.; Chen Y.-F.; Teng C.-I.Journal of Advanced Nursing77
92019How do career barriers and supports impact nurse professional commitment and professional turnover intention?HAO-YUAN CHANG ; Chang, H.-Y.; Chu, T.-L.; Liao, Y.-N.; Chang, Y.-T.; Teng, C.-I.Journal of Nursing Management924
102019The role of professional commitment in improving nurses’ professional capabilities and reducing their intention to leave: Two-wave surveysHAO-YUAN CHANG ; Chang, H.-Y.; Lee, I.-C.; Chu, T.-L.; Liu, Y.-C.; Liao, Y.-N.; Teng, C.-I.Journal of Advanced Nursing617
112019Effects of education and support groups organized by IBCLCs in early postpartum on breastfeedingHAO-YUAN CHANG ; Lee, Y.-H.; Chang, G.-L.; Chang, H.-Y.Midwifery18
122019Migraine-Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire Chinese version 2.1 (MSQv2.1-C): Psychometric evaluation in patients with migraineHAO-YUAN CHANG ; Chang, H.-Y.; Jensen, M.P.; Yang, C.-C.; Lai, Y.-H.Health and Quality of Life Outcomes03
132018Application of a fluorescent marker with quantitative bioburden methods to assess cleanlinessHAO-YUAN CHANG ; Hung, I.-C.; Chang, H.-Y.; Cheng, A.; Chen, A.-C.; Ting, L.; Chen, M.-W.; Lai, Y.-H.; Sheng, W.-H.Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology46
142018The impact of burnout on self-efficacy, outcome expectations, career interest and nurse turnoverHAO-YUAN CHANG ; Chang, H.-Y.; Friesner, D.; Chu, T.-L.; Huang, T.-L.; Liao, Y.-N.; Teng, C.-I.Journal of Advanced Nursing1225
152017How does burnout impact the three components of nursing professional commitment?HAO-YUAN CHANG Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences 814
162016Openness to experience, work experience and patient safetyHAO-YUAN CHANG Journal of Nursing Management 610
172016Professional practice environment scale-Chinese version: Development and psychometric testingHAO-YUAN CHANG Journal of Nursing Research 12
182016Hot flashes in breast cancer survivors: Frequency, severity and impactHAO-YUAN CHANG Breast 2027
192015Which Aspects of Professional Commitment Can Effectively Retain Nurses in the Nursing Profession?HAO-YUAN CHANG Journal of Nursing Scholarship 2939
202015Development and Psychometric Testing of a Chinese Version of Patient-Centered Care ScaleHAO-YUAN CHANG 顧客滿意學刊 
212013Service failure, time pressure, and conscientiousness of service providers: the dual processing model perspectiveHAO-YUAN CHANG Service Business 78
222012Impact of nurse agreeableness and negative mood of nursing supervisors on intention to help colleaguesHAO-YUAN CHANG Journal of Advanced Nursing 89
232011運動對於懷孕相關下背與骨盆疼痛之成效YA-LING YANG ; HAO-YUAN CHANG 臺灣醫學 00
242009Trend Analysis of Nursing Intervention Studies Published by Taiwan Nurses Association between 1954 and 2006HAO-YUAN CHANG The Journal of Nursing Research 
252009Trend analysis of nursing intervention studies published by Taiwan nurses association between 1954 and 2006.HAO-YUAN CHANG The journal of nursing research : JNR 
262007Development of Service Quality Scale for Surgical HospitalizationTeng, Ching-I; HAO-YUAN CHANG ; Ing, Ching-Kang; Chang, Hao-Yuan ; Chung, Kuo-Piao Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 
272007Development of service quality scale for surgical hospitalizationHAO-YUAN CHANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 
282007Moderating Effects of Professional Commitment on Hospital Nurses in TaiwanHAO-YUAN CHANG Journal of Professional Nursing 5246
292007Influence of personality on care quality of hospital nursesHAO-YUAN CHANG Journal of Nursing Care Quality 2019