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12022Bedtime routines and objectively assessed sleep in infantsSHAO-YU TSAI ; Lee C.-C.; Tsai H.-Y.; Tung Y.-C.Journal of Advanced Nursing11
22022Sleep pattern regularity and measures of infant weight and length during the first 6 monthsSHAO-YU TSAI ; Tung Y.-C.; Wu W.-W.; Lee C.-C.Journal of Pediatric Nursing0
32021Associations between daytime physical activity and sleep patterns in children with epilepsyLin Y.-Y.; Lee W.-T.; Yang H.-L.; Weng W.-C.; SHAO-YU TSAI Journal of Nursing00
42021Objective sleep efficiency but not subjective sleep quality is associated with longitudinal risk of depression in pregnant women: A prospective observational cohort studySHAO-YU TSAI ; Lee P.-L.; Gordon C.; Cayanan E.; Lee C.-N.International Journal of Nursing Studies10
52020Screen Time Exposure and Altered Sleep in Young Children With EpilepsyLin Y.-Y.; Lee W.-T.; Yang H.-L.; Weng W.-C.; Lee C.-C.; Jeng S.-F.; SHAO-YU TSAI Journal of Nursing Scholarship00
62020The nursing profession in a globalizing worldSHAO-YU TSAI Journal of Nursing10
72020Sleep in mothers of children with epilepsy and its relation to their children's sleepSHAO-YU TSAI ; Lee W.-T.; Lee C.-C.; Jeng S.-F.; Weng W.-C.Research in Nursing and Health11
82020Behavioral-educational sleep interventions for pediatric epilepsy: A randomized controlled trialSHAO-YU TSAI ; Lee W.-T.; Lee C.-C.; Jeng S.-F.; Weng W.-C.Sleep42
92019The Mediating Role of Exercise on Relationships Between Fatigue, Sleep Quality, and Quality of Life for Adolescents With CancerWu W.-W.; Jou S.-T.; Liang S.-Y.; SHAO-YU TSAI Cancer Nursing45
102019Sleep and Behavior Problems in Children With EpilepsySHAO-YU TSAI ; Lee W.-T.; Jeng S.-F.; Lee C.-C.; Weng W.-C.Journal of Pediatric Health Care65
112019Physical activity and objectively assessed sleep in 6-month-old infants in TaiwanWang Y.-C.; Chen L.-C.; Tung Y.-C.; Lee C.-C.; SHAO-YU TSAI Research in Nursing and Health1010
122018Infant sleep problems: The sleep characteristics of the “Don't Know” responseSHAO-YU TSAI ; Lee C.-C.; Chen L.-C.; Tung Y.-C.Journal of Advanced Nursing64
132018Sleep in children with epilepsy: The role of maternal knowledge of childhood sleepSHAO-YU TSAI ; Lee W.-T.; Lee C.-C.; Jeng S.-F.; Weng W.-C.Sleep99
142018Snoring and Blood Pressure in Third-Trimester Normotensive Pregnant WomenSHAO-YU TSAI ; Lee P.-L.; Lee C.-N.Journal of Nursing Scholarship00
152018Assessing Self-concept as a Mediator between Anger and Resilience in Adolescents with Cancer in TaiwanWu W.-W.; Chang J.T.; SHAO-YU TSAI ; Liang S.-Y.Cancer Nursing44
162018Association between sleep patterns and diurnal blood pressure variation and its predictors in women with systemic lupus erythematosusCheng Y.-C.; Huang C.-C.; Chen W.-S.; Huang D.-F.; Shun S.-C.; SHAO-YU TSAI Journal of Nursing10
172018Agreement Between Actigraphy and Diary-Recorded Measures of Sleep in Children With EpilepsySHAO-YU TSAI ; Lee W.-T.; Lee C.-C.; Jeng S.-F.; Weng W.-C.Journal of Nursing Scholarship55
182017Parental professional help-seeking for infant sleepHsu P.-W.; Wu W.-W.; Tung Y.-C.; Thomas K.A.; SHAO-YU TSAI Journal of Clinical Nursing43
192017Persistent and new-onset daytime sleepiness in pregnant women: A prospective observational cohort studySHAO-YU TSAI ; Lee P.-L.; Lin J.-W.; Lee C.-N.International Journal of Nursing Studies117
202017Meningeal seeding from glioblastoma multiforme treated with radiotherapy and?temozolomideKuo L.-T.; SHAO-YU TSAI ; Yang C.-Y.; Lin L.-W.Asian Journal of Surgery89
212016The experiences of adolescents with osteosarcoma during the one-year of treatment in TaiwanWu W.-W.; Liang S.-Y.; Hung G.-Y.; SHAO-YU TSAI ; Lee T.-Y.Journal of Child Health Care5
222016Sleep Hygiene and Sleep Quality of Third-Trimester Pregnant WomenSHAO-YU TSAI ; Lee C.-N.; Wu W.-W.; Landis C.A.Research in Nursing and Health1010
232016Validation of the Chinese Version of the Functional Outcomes of Sleep Questionnaire-10 in Pregnant WomenSHAO-YU TSAI ; Shun S.-C.; Lee P.-L.; Lee C.-N.; Weaver T.E.Research in Nursing and Health11
242016Sleep Disturbances and Symptoms of Depression and Daytime Sleepiness in Pregnant WomenSHAO-YU TSAI ; Lin J.-W.; Wu W.-W.; Lee C.-N.; Lee P.-L.Birth1814
252015The Mediating Role of Resilience on Quality of Life and Cancer Symptom Distress in Adolescent Patients With CancerWu W.-W.; SHAO-YU TSAI ; Liang S.-Y.; Liu C.-Y.; Jou S.-T.; Berry D.L.Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing4641
262015The Effectiveness of a Facebook-Assisted Teaching Method on Knowledge and Attitudes About Cervical Cancer Prevention and HPV Vaccination Intention Among Female Adolescent Students in TaiwanLai C.-Y.; Wu W.-W.; SHAO-YU TSAI ; Cheng S.-F.; Lin K.-C.; Liang S.-Y.Health Education and Behavior2123
272015Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between sleep and health-related quality of life in pregnant women: A prospective observational studySHAO-YU TSAI ; Lee P.-L.; Lin J.-W.; Lee C.-N.International Journal of Nursing Studies5153
282014Infant sleep problems: A qualitative analysis of first-time mothers' coping experienceSHAO-YU TSAI ; Hu W.-Y.; Lee Y.-L.; Wu C.-Y.Midwifery55
292014Psychometric evaluation of a Chinese version of the Lee Fatigue Scale-Short Form in women during pregnancy and postpartumSHAO-YU TSAI ; Shun S.-C.; Lai Y.-H.; Lee Y.-L.; Lee S.-Y.International Journal of Nursing Studies1314
302013Nighttime sleep, daytime napping, and labor outcomes in healthy pregnant women in TaiwanSHAO-YU TSAI ; Lin J.-W.; Kuo L.-T.; Lee C.-N.; Landis C.A.Research in Nursing and Health1313
312013Genetic and Epigenetic Alterations in Primary-Progressive Paired Oligodendroglial TumorsKuo L.-T.; SHAO-YU TSAI ; Chang C.-C.; Kuo K.-T.; Huang A.P.-H.; Tsai J.-C.; Tseng H.-M.; Kuo M.-F.; Tu Y.-K.PLoS ONE56
322013Reduced sleep duration and daytime naps in pregnant women in TaiwanSHAO-YU TSAI ; Kuo L.-T.; Lee C.-N.; Lee Y.-L.; Landis C.A.Nursing Research1511
332012Sleep disturbances and depressive symptoms in healthy postpartum women: A pilot studySHAO-YU TSAI ; Thomas K.A.Research in Nursing and Health1917
342012Daily sleep and fatigue characteristics in nulliparous women during the third trimester of pregnancySHAO-YU TSAI ; Lin J.-W.; Kuo L.-T.; Thomas K.A.Sleep4533
352012Daytime physical activity levels in school-age children with and without asthmaSHAO-YU TSAI ; Ward T.; Lentz M.J.; Kieckhefer G.M.Nursing Research2524
362012Light is beneficial for infant circadian entrainment: An actigraphic studySHAO-YU TSAI ; Thomas K.A.; Lentz M.J.; Barnard K.E.Journal of Advanced Nursing1716
372011Factors associated with sleep quality in pregnant women: A prospective observational studySHAO-YU TSAI ; Kuo L.-T.; Lai Y.-H.; Lee C.-N.Nursing Research1715
382011Gene expression profile in rat dorsal root ganglion following sciatic nerve injury and systemic neurotrophin-3 administrationKuo L.-T.; SHAO-YU TSAI ; Groves M.J.; An S.F.; Scaravilli F.Journal of Molecular Neuroscience65
392011Mother-infant activity synchrony as a correlate of the emergence of circadian rhythmSHAO-YU TSAI ; Barnard K.E.; Lentz M.J.; Thomas K.A.Biological Research for Nursing1717
402011Fornix hemorrhage after mild head injurySHAO-YU TSAI ; Tu Y.-K.; Kuo L.-T.Journal of Trauma - Injury, Infection and Critical Care11
412010Actigraphy as a measure of activity and sleep for infants: A methodologic studySHAO-YU TSAI ; Thomas K.A.Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine99
422010Clinical outcome of mild head injury with isolated oculomotor nerve palsyKuo L.-T.; Huang A.P.-H.; Yang C.-C.; SHAO-YU TSAI ; Tu Y.-K.; Huang S.-J.Journal of Neurotrauma117
432009Effect of external motion on correspondence between infant actigraphy and maternal diarySHAO-YU TSAI ; Burr R.L.; Thomas K.A.Infant Behavior and Development1718
442009Parent-Child Agreement in Report of Nighttime Respiratory Symptoms and Sleep Disruptions and QualityKieckhefer G.M.; Lentz M.J.; SHAO-YU TSAI ; Ward T.M.Journal of Pediatric Health Care1515
452009Twenty-four hours light exposure experiences in postpartum women and their 2-10-week-old infants: an intensive within-subject design pilot study.SHAO-YU TSAI ; Barnard K.E.; Lentz M.J.; Thomas K.A.International journal of nursing studies77
462008State change in preterm infants in response to nursing caregiving: possible gender effects.Thomas K.A.; SHAO-YU TSAI ; Brown S.N.Neonatal network : NN60
472008Brief report: Actigraphic sleep and daytime naps in adolescent girls with chronic musculoskeletal painSHAO-YU TSAI ; Labyak S.E.; Richardson L.P.; Lentz M.J.; Brandt P.A.; Ward T.M.; Landis C.A.Journal of Pediatric Psychology1818
482008Nighttime sleep and daytime nap patterns in school age children with and without asthmaKieckhefer G.M.; Ward T.M.; SHAO-YU TSAI ; Lentz M.J.Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics1616