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12012Trends in Acute Nonvariceal Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Dialysis PatientsYang, Ju-Yeh; Lee, Tsung-Chun ; Montez-Rath, Maria E.; Paik, Jane; Chertow, Glenn M.; Desai, Manisha; Winkelmayer, Wolfgang C.6156
22012An unusual case of jejunal choriocarcinoma detected by single-balloon endoscopyLI-HUI TSENG ; Tai, Y. -J.; Lee, T. -C.; Tseng, L. -H.; Wei, L. -H.; 李宗錞 journal article22
32012Neutrophil priming by hypoxic preconditioning protects against epithelial barrier damage and enteric bacterial translocation in intestinal ischemia/reperfusionLu, Yen-Zhen; LINDA CHIA-HUI YU ; Wu, Chi-Chin; Huang, Yi-Chen; Huang, Ching-Ying; Yang, Chung-Yi; Lee, Tsung-Chun ; Chen, Chau-Fong; Yu, Linda Chia-Hui journal article2927