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12019Adrenalectomy Improves the Long-Term Risk of End-Stage Renal Disease and Mortality of Primary AldosteronismChen, Ying-Ying; Lin, You-Hsien Hugo; Huang, Wei-Chieh; Chueh, Eric; Chen, Likwang; SHAO-YU YANG ; PO-CHIH LIN; LIAN-YU LIN ; YEN-HUNG LINjournal article
22019Decompressive Cranioplasty (Osteoplastic Hinged Craniectomy): A Novel Technique for Increased Intracranial Pressure-Initial Experience and OutcomeFU-REN XIAO ; LU-TING KUO ; JUI-CHANG TSAI ; Hsieh, Chia-Hung; Chen, Yung-Ming ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; SHAO-YU YANG ; Wu, Vin-Cent ; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Yang, Wei-Shiung ; Wu, Kwan-Dunjournal article
32019Potential target-organ protection of mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist in acute kidney diseaseYU-FENG LIN ; Chen, Likwang; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; YU-CHANG YEH ; Huang, Tao-Min; Chou, Yu-Hsiang; Chang, Fan-Chi; Chen, Yi-Ting; SHAO-YU YANG ; TAI-SHUAN LAI ; VIN-CENT WU ; TZONG-SHINN CHU ; Wu, Kwan-Dunjournal article
42018Higher Screening Aldosterone to Renin Ratio in Primary Aldosteronism Patients with Diabetes MellitusChang, Chia-Hui; Hu, Ya-Hui; KUO-HOW HUANG ; YEN-HUNG LIN ; Tsai, Yao-Chou; Wu, Che-Hsiung; SHAO-YU YANG ; Chang, Chin-Chen; CHING-CHU LU ; Wu, Kwan-Dun; VIN-CENT WU journal article
52018Effects of Statin Use in Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease PatientsHuang, Tao-Min; VIN-CENT WU ; YU-FENG LIN ; Wang, Jian-Jhong; Shiao, Chih-Chung; Chen, Likwang; Chueh, Shih-Chieh Jeff; Chueh, Eric; SHAO-YU YANG ; TAI-SHUAN LAI ; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; TZONG-SHINN CHU ; Wu, Kwan Dunjournal article
62018Update of pathophysiology and management of diabetic kidney diseaseLin, Yi-Chih; Chang, Yu-Hsing; SHAO-YU YANG ; Wu, Kwan Dun; TZONG-SHINN CHU journal article
72018Update of pathophysiology and management of diabetic kidney diseaseSHAO-YU YANG journal article
82018New-Onset Diabetes After Acute Kidney Injury Requiring DialysisYU-FENG LIN ; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; Huang, Tao-Min; SHAO-YU YANG ; TAI-SHUAN LAI ; Chen, Likwang; VIN-CENT WU ; TZONG-SHINN CHU ; Wu, Kwan Dunjournal article
92018miRNA-203 Modulates Aldosterone Levels and Cell Proliferation by Targeting Wnt5a in Aldosterone-Producing AdenomasPeng, Kang-Yung; Chang, Huang-Ming; YU-FENG LIN ; Chan, Chieh-Kai; Chang, Chia-Hui; Chueh, Shih-Chieh Jeff; SHAO-YU YANG ; KUO-HOW HUANG ; YEN-HUNG LIN ; VIN-CENT WU ; Wu, Kwan-Dunjournal article
102017Frail phenotype is associated with distinct quantitative electroencephalographic findings among end-stage renal disease patients: An observational studyHUNG-BIN TSAI ; CHIA-TER CHAO ; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; SHAO-YU YANG journal article
112017�C�ʵ�Ŧ�f�f�H���ͯ����ɥRSHAO-YU YANG journal article
122017The therapeutic effect of bromocriptine in combination with spironolactone in patients with primary aldosteronism: A hypothesis generating pilot studyVIN-CENT WU ; SHAO-YU YANG ; YA-WEN YANG journal article
132017The prevalence of CTNNB1 mutations in primary aldosteronism and consequences for clinical outcomesVIN-CENT WU ; YEN-HUNG LIN ; SHAO-YU YANG ; SHUO-MENG WANG journal article
142016Sirt1在腎臟中生理及病理的角色SHAO-YU YANG dissertation
152016Benefits and limitations of incretin-based therapies and sodium-glucose transporter 2 inhibitors on diabetic kidney diseaseSHAO-YU YANG journal article
162016A low-salt diet increases the expression of renal sirtuin 1 through activation of the ghrelin receptor in ratsYang, Shao-Yu ; VIN-CENT WU ; Lin, Shuei-Liong ; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; Hsieh, Chia-Hung; Chen, Yung-Ming ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; SHAO-YU YANG ; Wu, Vin-Cent ; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Yang, Wei-Shiung ; Wu, Kwan-Dunjournal article
172016Downregulation of angiotensin type 1 receptor and nuclear factor-κ B by sirtuin 1 contributes to renoprotection in unilateral ureteral obstructionLin, Chou-Han; VIN-CENT WU ; Yang, Shao-Yu ; Shu, Chin-Chung; Lin, Shuei-Liong ; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; Hsu, Chia-Lin; Chen, Yung-Ming ; Cheng, Shih-Lung; SHAO-YU YANG ; Wu, Vin-Cent ; Wang, Jann-Yuan; Yang, Wei-Shiung ; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Wu, Kwan-Dun; Yu, Chong-Jen; Lee, Li-Na; 李麗娜; 許嘉林; 余忠仁; 樹金忠; 王振源journal article
182015Prevalence and clinical correlates of somatic mutation in aldosterone producing adenoma-Taiwanese populationVIN-CENT WU ; KUO-HOW HUANG ; Peng, Kang-Yung; Tsai, Yao-Chou; Wu, Che-Hsiung; SHUO-MENG WANG ; SHAO-YU YANG ; LIAN-YU LIN ; CHIN-CHEN CHANG ; YEN-HUNG LIN ; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; TZONG-SHINN CHU ; Wu, Kwan Dunjournal article
192015Multidisciplinary care program for advanced chronic kidney disease: reduces renal replacement and medical costsChen, Ping Min; TAI-SHUAN LAI ; Chen, Ping Yu; CHUN-FU LAI ; SHAO-YU YANG ; VIN-CENT WU ; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Kao, Tze Wah; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; WEN-CHIH CHIANG ; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; KUAN-YU HUNG ; YUNG-MING CHEN ; TZONG-SHINN CHU ; MING-SHIOU WU ; Wu, Kwan Dun; TUN-JUN TSAI journal article
202015血液透析之檢體採集技術SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; SHAO-YU YANG journal article
212015Multidisciplinary care program for advanced chronic kidney disease: Reduces renal replacement and medical costsVIN-CENT WU; CHUN-FU LAI ; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; MING-SHIOU WU ; TAI-SHUAN LAI ; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; TUN-JUN TSAI ; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; WEN-CHIH CHIANG ; SHAO-YU YANG ; KUAN-YU HUNG ; YUNG-MING CHEN journal article
222015Prevalence and clinical correlates of somatic mutation in aldosterone producing adenoma-Taiwanese population.VIN-CENT WU ; Kuo-How Huang ; Kang-Yung Peng; Yao-Chou Tsai; Che-Hsiung Wu; Shuo-Meng Wan ; Shao-Yu Yang ; LIAN-YU LIN ; Chin-Chen Chang ; Yen-Hung Lin ; Shuei-Liong Lin ; Tzong-Shinn Chu ; Kwan-Dun Wujournal article
232013Uremic Pruritus, Dialysis Adequacy, and Metabolic Profiles in Hemodialysis Patients: A Prospective 5-Year Cohort StudyHSIEN-CHING CHIU; CHUN-FU LAI ; SHIOU-HWA JEE ; SHAO-YU YANG journal article
242013Role of D2 dopamine receptor in adrenal cortical cell proliferation and aldosterone-producing adenoma tumorigenesisVIN-CENT WU ; Chang, Hong-Wei; TZONG-SHINN CHU ; Huang, Chao-Yuan; CHAO-YUAN HUANG ; Yang, Shao-Yu; SHAO-YU YANG ; Wu, Vin-Cent; Chu, Tzong-Shinn; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Chen, Yung-Ming; Hsieh, Bor-Shen; Wu, Kwan-Dunjournal article
252013Twenty-four-hour urinary aldosterone predicts inappropriate left ventricular mass index in patients with primary aldosteronismVIN-CENT WU ; YEN-HUNG LIN ; YI-LWUN HO ; SHAO-YU YANG journal article
262013Peritoneal dialysis peritonitis caused by Enterococcus aviumCHIA-TER CHAO ; Chao, C. T.; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; Yang, S. Y.; Huang, J. W.; SHAO-YU YANG journal article
272012Preoperative proteinuria is associated with long-term progression to chronic dialysis and mortality after coronary artery bypass grafting surgeryVIN-CENT WU ; Wu, Vin-Cent ; CHUN-FU LAI ; Huang, Tao-Min; Wu, Pei-Chen; YU-FENG LIN ; CHIA-TER CHAO ; Wang, Wei-Jie; Chao, Chia-Ter ; YIN-YI HAN ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; Yang, Shao-Yu ; Shiao, Chih-Chung; SHAO-YU YANG ; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Hu, Fu-Chang; Lai, Chun-Fu ; Lin, Yu-Feng ; Han, Yin-Yi ; Chen, Yih-Sharng; Hsu, Ron-Bin ; Young, Guang-Huar; Wang, Shoei-Shen ; Tsai, Pi-Ru; Chen, Yung-Ming ; Chao, Ting-Ting; Ko, Wen-Je; Wu, Kwan-Dunjournal article
282011Amphotericin B的急性腎損傷SHAO-YU YANG journal article
292011急性腎損傷的支持性療法及併發症處理SHAO-YU YANG journal article
302011急性腎損傷--電解質平衡障礙SHAO-YU YANG journal article
312011Huge haematoma causing chest wall compression from rupture of arteriovenous fistulaCHIA-TER CHAO ; SHAO-YU YANG journal article
332010N-acetylcysteine for the management of anemia and oxidative stress in hemodialysis patientsCHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHAO-YU YANG journal article
342009腹膜透析方法介紹SHAO-YU YANG journal article
352009Atorvastatin increases erythropoietin-stimulating agent hyporesponsiveness in maintenance hemodialysis patients: Role of anti-inflammation effectsCHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHAO-YU YANG ; KUAN-YU HUNG journal article
362009Primary aldosteronism: Diagnostic accuracy of the losartan and captopril testsVIN-CENT WU ; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; KAO-LANG LIU ; YEN-HUNG LIN ; YI-LWUN HO ; WEI-CHOU LIN ; KUO-HOW HUANG ; SHAO-YU YANG ; SHUO-MENG WANG ; YUNG-MING CHEN journal article
372008Association of uraemic pruritus with inflammation and hepatitis infection in haemodialysis patientsCHUN-FU LAI ; SHAO-YU YANG journal article
382007Sleep disturbance in chronic hemodialysis patients: The impact of depression and anemiaCHUN-FU LAI ; SHAO-YU YANG journal article
392007Rosiglitazone in diabetes control in hemodialysis patients with and without viral hepatitis infection: Effectiveness and side effectsCHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHAO-YU YANG ; KUAN-YU HUNG journal article
402007Metabolic syndrome predicts hospitalization in hemodialysis patients: A prospective asian cohort studyCHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHAO-YU YANG ; KUAN-YU HUNG journal article
412006Emergency department presentation of chronic peritoneal dialysis patientsSHAO-YU YANG journal article
422005Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol: Association with mortality and hospitalization in hemodialysis patientsCHIH-KANG CHIANG ; TUN-JUN TSAI ; SHAO-YU YANG ; KUAN-YU HUNG ; TSAI, TUN-JEN; PAI, MEI-FEN; PENG, YU-SEN; HSU, SHIH-PING; CHIANG, CHIH-KANG journal article
432005Factors associated with increased plasma homocysteine in patients using an amino acid peritoneal dialysis fluidTZONG-SHINN CHU ; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; SHAO-YU YANG journal article
442005Pseudohyperchloraemia due to bromvalerylurea abuse [2]VIN-CENT WU ; CHENG-CHUNG FANG ; SHAO-YU YANG journal article
452005Subclinical Renal Tubular Dysfunction in Patients with Mild Essential Hypertension: Implications from a Prospective, Small Cohort Study on Urinary Enzymes ExcretionSHAO-YU YANG journal article
462004血脂異常與腎臟疾病SHAO-YU YANG journal article
472003血管緊縮素-Ⅱ受器拮抗劑對第二型糖尿病及高血壓患者的腎臟保護作用SHAO-YU YANG journal article
482002腎臟科:低鈣血症SHAO-YU YANG journal article
492001A Novel Chromosome Region Maintenance 1-independent Nuclear Export Signal of the Large Form of Hepatitis Delta Antigen That Is Required for the Viral AssemblyLee C.-H.; Chang, S.C. ; Wu C.H.H.; MING-FU CHANG; YI-LWUN HO ; WEI-CHOU LIN ; KUO-HOW HUANG ; SHAO-YU YANG ; SHUO-MENG WANG ; YUNG-MING CHEN Journal Article
501997紅血球增多症病人急性腰痛SHAO-YU YANG journal article