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12021Genome-wide epigenetic landscape of lung adenocarcinoma links HOXB9 DNA methylation to intrinsic EGFR-TKI resistance and heterogeneous responsesSu S.-F.; Liu C.-H.; Cheng C.-L.; Ho C.-C.; Yang T.-Y.; Chen K.-C.; Hsu K.-H.; Tseng J.-S.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chang G.-C.; Yu S.-L.; Li K.-C.JCO Precision Oncology43
22021DNA methylome and transcriptome landscapes of cancer-associated fibroblasts reveal a smoking-associated malignancy indexSu S.-F.; Ho H.; Li J.-H.; Wu M.-F.; Wang H.-C.; Yeh H.-Y.; Kuo S.-W.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Ho C.-C.; Li K.-C.Journal of Clinical Investigation33
32021The M1/M2 spectrum and plasticity of malignant pleural effusion-macrophage in advanced lung cancerWu M.-F.; Lin C.-A.; Yuan T.-H.; Yeh H.-Y.; Su S.-F.; Guo C.-L.; Chang G.-C.; Li K.-C.; Ho C.-C.; HUEI-WEN CHEN Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy1414
42021Tumor microenvironment-based screening repurposes drugs targeting cancer stem cells and cancer-associated fibroblastsLee P.-J.; Ho C.-C.; Ho H.; Chen W.-J.; Lin C.-H.; Lai Y.-H.; Juan Y.-C.; Chu W.-C.; Lee J.-H.; Su S.-F.; Chen H.-Y.; Chen J.J.W.; Chang G.-C.; Li K.-C.; Yang P.-C.; HUEI-WEN CHEN Theranostics00
52021A combined microRNA and target protein-based panel for predicting the probability and severity of uraemic vascular calcification: a translational studyChao C.-T.; Yeh H.-Y.; Tsai Y.-T.; Chiang C.-K.; HUEI-WEN CHEN Cardiovascular research79
62020Determination of synthetic cathinone α-pyrrolidinovalero-phenone and its metabolite in urine using solid-phase extraction and gas chromatography–mass spectrometryCheng K.-W.; Hsieh C.-M.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chi P.-C.; Yang D.-P.; Chan S.-H.; Chen J.-Y.; Hwa H.-L.; Fang C.-C.; Weng T.-I.; Chen P.-S.Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry44
72020Proteogenomics of Non-smoking Lung Cancer in East Asia Delineates Molecular Signatures of Pathogenesis and ProgressionChen Y.-J.; Roumeliotis T.I.; Chang Y.-H.; Chen C.-T.; Han C.-L.; Lin M.-H.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chang G.-C.; Chang Y.-L.; Wu C.-T.; Lin M.-W.; Hsieh M.-S.; Wang Y.-T.; Chen Y.-R.; Jonassen I.; Ghavidel F.Z.; Lin Z.-S.; Lin K.-T.; Chen C.-W.; Sheu P.-Y.; Hung C.-T.; Huang K.-C.; Yang H.-C.; Lin P.-Y.; Yen T.-C.; Lin Y.-W.; Wang J.-H.; Raghav L.; Lin C.-Y.; Chen Y.-S.; Wu P.-S.; Lai C.-T.; Weng S.-H.; Su K.-Y.; Chang W.-H.; Tsai P.-Y.; Robles A.I.; Rodriguez H.; Hsiao Y.-J.; Chang W.-H.; Sung T.-Y.; Chen J.-S.; Yu S.-L.; Choudhary J.S.; Chen H.-Y.; Yang P.-C.; Chen Y.-J.Cell7469
82020Astaxanthin counteracts vascular calcification in vitro through an early up-regulation of SOD2 based on a transcriptomic approachChao C.-T.; Yeh H.-Y.; Tsai Y.-T.; Yuan T.-H.; Liao M.-T.; Huang J.-W.; HUEI-WEN CHEN International Journal of Molecular Sciences98
92020Landscape of mitochondria genome and clinical outcomes in stage 1 lung adenocarcinomaRaghav L.; Chang Y.-H.; Hsu Y.-C.; Li Y.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Yang T.-Y.; Chen K.-C.; Hsu K.-H.; Tseng J.-S.; Chuang C.-Y.; Lee M.-H.; Wang C.-L.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yu S.-L.; Su S.-F.; Yuan S.-S.; Chen J.J.W.; Ho S.-Y.; Li K.-C.; Yang P.-C.; Chang G.-C.; Chen H.-Y.Cancers66
102020Predicting the associations between meridians and chinese traditional medicine using a cost-sensitive graph convolutional neural networkYeh H.-Y.; Chao C.-T.; Lai Y.-P.; HUEI-WEN CHEN International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health43
112019Comparison of two-and three-dimensional nuclear to cytoplasm ratios in analyzing lung cancer cell linesHuang H.-C.; Chiang S.-J.; Wen S.-H.; Lee P.-J.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chen Y.-F.; Dong C.-Y.Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE20
122019Three-dimensional nucleus-to-cytoplasm ratios provide better discrimination of normal and lung adenocarcinoma cells than in two dimensionsHuang H.-C.; Chiang S.-J.; Wen S.-H.; Lee P.-J.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chen Y.-F.; Dong C.-Y.Journal of Biomedical Optics33
132019EGFR-Mutant SCLC Exhibits Heterogeneous Phenotypes and Resistance to Common Antineoplastic DrugsLin C.-A.; Yu S.-L.; Chen H.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Lin S.-U.; Chang C.-C.; Yu C.-J.; Yang P.-C.; Ho C.-C.Journal of Thoracic Oncology96
142019Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist induces downregulation of tensin 1 in women with endometriosisRahmawati E.; Yang W.-C.V.; Lei Y.-P.; Maurya P.K.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Tzeng C.-R.Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica46
152019Natural and non-natural antioxidative compounds: potential candidates for treatment of vascular calcificationChao C.-T.; Yeh H.-Y.; Tsai Y.-T.; Chuang P.-H.; Yuan T.-H.; Huang J.-W.; HUEI-WEN CHEN Cell Death Discovery2223
162019High PD-L1 expression correlates with primary resistance to EGFR-TKIs in treatment na?ve advanced EGFR-mutant lung adenocarcinoma patientsHsu K.-H.; Huang Y.-H.; Tseng J.-S.; Chen K.-C.; Ku W.-H.; Su K.-Y.; Chen J.J.W.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yu S.-L.; Yang T.-Y.; Chang G.-C.Lung Cancer4439
172019MicroRNA-125b in vascular diseases: An updated systematic review of pathogenetic implications and clinical applicationsChao C.-T.; Yeh H.-Y.; Yuan T.-H.; Chiang C.-K.; HUEI-WEN CHEN Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine2324
182019Cancer-associated fibroblasts produce netrin-1 to control cancer cell plasticitySung P.-J.; Rama N.; Imbach J.; Fiore S.; Ducarouge B.; Neves D.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Bernard D.; Yang P.-C.; Bernet A.; Depil S.; Mehlen P.Cancer Research3332
192019Decreased level of neurotrophic factor neuritin 1 in women with ovarian endometriosis after receiving gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist treatmentRahmawati E.; Yang W.-C.V.; Lei Y.-P.; Maurya P.K.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Tzeng C.-R.International Journal of Molecular Sciences32
202019Risk factors associated with altered circulating microRNA-125B and their influences on uremic vascular calcification among patients with end-stage renal diseaseChao C.-T.; Yuan T.-H.; Yeh H.-Y.; Chen H.-Y.; Huang J.-W.; HUEI-WEN CHEN Journal of the American Heart Association1314
212018Dilute-and-shoot enhances sensitivity of phthalate urinary concentrations for assessing the exposure in childrenLien G.-W.; Chen J.-H.; Tien F.-W.; Chen P.-C.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Hwa H.-L.; Fang C.-C.; Weng T.-I.; Chen P.-S.Journal of Hazardous Materials66
222018The Association of Acquired T790M Mutation with Clinical Characteristics after Resistance to First-Line Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor in Lung AdenocarcinomaHuang, Yen-Hsiang; Hsu, Kuo-Hsuan; Tseng, Jeng-Sen; Chen, Kun-Chieh; Hsu, Chia-Hung; KANG-YI SU; Chen, Jeremy J W; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; SUNG-LIANG YU; Yang, Tsung-Ying; Chang, Gee-ChenCancer research and treatment : official journal of Korean Cancer Association3534
232018The Association of Acquired T790M Mutation with Clinical Characteristics after Resistance to First-Line Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor in Lung AdenocarcinomaHuang, Yen-Hsiang; Hsu, Kuo-Hsuan; Tseng, Jeng-Sen; Chen, Kun-Chieh; Hsu, Chia-Hung; KANG-YI SU; Chen, Jeremy J W; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; SUNG-LIANG YU; Yang, Tsung-Ying; Chang, Gee-ChenCancer research and treatment : official journal of Korean Cancer Association3534
242018The association of acquired T790M mutation with clinical characteristics after resistance to first-line epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor in lung adenocarcinomaHuang Y.-H.; Hsu K.-H.; Tseng J.-S.; Chen K.-C.; Hsu C.-H.; Su K.-Y.; Chen J.J.W.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yu S.-L.; Yang T.-Y.; Chang G.-C.Cancer Research and Treatment3534
252017Cancer cells increase endothelial cell tube formation and survival by activating the PI3K/Akt signalling pathwayCheng H.-W.; Chen Y.-F.; Wong J.-M.; Weng C.-W.; Chen H.-Y.; Yu S.-L.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yuan A.; Chen J.J.W.Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research6664
262017AC-93253 iodide, a novel Src inhibitor, suppresses NSCLC progression by modulating multiple Src-related signaling pathwaysLai Y.-H.; Lin S.-Y.; Wu Y.-S.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chen J.J.W.Journal of Hematology and Oncology79
272017Circulating MicroRNA-125b Predicts the Presence and Progression of Uremic Vascular CalcificationChao C.-T.; Liu Y.-P.; Su S.-F.; Yeh H.-Y.; Chen H.-Y.; Lee P.-J.; Chen W.-J.; Lee Y.-M.; Huang J.-W.; Chiang C.-K.; Hung K.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology3538
282017EGFR mutation, smoking, and gender in advanced lung adenocarcinomaTseng C.-H.; Chiang C.-J.; Tseng J.-S.; Yang T.-Y.; Hsu K.-H.; Chen K.-C.; Wang C.-L.; Chen C.-Y.; Yen S.H.; Tsai C.-M.; Huang M.-S.; Ho C.-C.; Yu C.-J.; Tsai Y.-H.; Chen J.-S.; Chou T.-Y.; Tsai M.-H.; Chen H.-Y.; Su K.-Y.; Chen J.J.W.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yu S.-L.; Liu T.-W.; Chang G.-C.Oncotarget420
292017Low oxygen tension increases mitochondrial membrane potential and enhances expression of antioxidant genes and implantation protein of mouse blastocyst cultured in vitroMa Y.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Tzeng C.-R.Journal of Ovarian Research3230
302016205P: Visualizing ZO-1-mediated coupled migration between cancer and stromal cells in lung cancer metastasis via a 5-dimensional cell imaging systemLu H.-H.; Chen B.-C.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Ho C.-C.; Yu C.-J.Journal of Thoracic Oncology00
312016Urocortin treatment improves acute hemodynamic instability and reduces myocardial damage in post-cardiac arrest myocardial dysfunctionHuang C.-H.; Wang C.-H.; Tsai M.-S.; Hsu N.-T.; Chiang C.-Y.; Wang T.-D.; Chang W.-T.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chen W.-J.PLoS ONE86
322016Predilection of contralateral upper lung metastasis in upper lobe lung adenocarcinoma patientsHuang Y.-H.; Hsu K.-H.; Tseng J.-S.; Chen K.-C.; Su K.-Y.; Chen H.-Y.; Chang C.-S.; Chen J.J.W.; Yu S.-L.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yang T.-Y.; Chang G.-C.Journal of Thoracic Disease22
332016Acquisition of tumorigenic potential and enhancement of angiogenesis in pulmonary stem/progenitor cells through Oct-4 hyperexpressionGu S.-Y.; Ho C.-C.; Huang Y.-K.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Wang Y.-C.; Kuo C.-Y.; Teng S.-C.; Fu W.-M.; Yang P.-C.; Wu C.-W.; Peng F.-C.; Ling T.-Y.Oncotarget32
342015Viridans streptococci in peritoneal dialysis peritonitis: Clinical courses and long-term outcomesChao C.-T.; Lee S.-Y.; Yang W.-S.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Fang C.-C.; Yen C.-J.; Chiang C.-K.; Hung K.-Y.; Huang J.-W.Peritoneal Dialysis International1715
352015Prolonged cooling duration mitigates myocardial and cerebral damage in cardiac arrestTsai M.-S.; Huang C.-H.; Yu P.-H.; Tsai C.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Cheng H.-J.; Chang W.-T.; Wang T.-D.; Chen W.-J.American Journal of Emergency Medicine43
362015Hypothermia treatment preserves mitochondrial integrity and viability of cardiomyocytes after ischaemic reperfusion injuryHuang C.-H.; Chiang C.-Y.; Pen R.-H.; Tsai M.-S.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Hsu C.-Y.; Wang T.-D.; Ma M.H.-M.; Chen S.-C.; Chen W.-J.Injury1616
372015Activation of mitochondrial STAT-3 and reduced mitochondria damage during hypothermia treatment for post-cardiac arrest myocardial dysfunctionHuang C.-H.; Tsai M.-S.; Chiang C.-Y.; Su Y.-J.; Wang T.-D.; Chang W.-T.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chen W.-J.Basic Research in Cardiology2729
382015Rhodomycin A, a novel Src-targeted compound, can suppress lung cancer cell progression via modulating Src-related pathwaysLai Y.-H.; Chen M.-H.; Lin S.-Y.; Lin S.-Y.; Wong Y.-H.; Yu S.-L.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yang C.-H.; Chang G.-C.; Chen J.J.W.Oncotarget107
392015R331W missense mutation of oncogene YAP1 is a germline risk allele for lung adenocarcinoma with medical actionabilityChen H.-Y.; Yu S.-L.; Ho B.-C.; Su K.-Y.; Hsu Y.-C.; Chang C.-S.; Li Y.-C.; Yang S.-Y.; Hsu P.-Y.; Ho H.; Chang Y.-H.; Chen C.-Y.; Yang H.-I.; Hsu C.-P.; Yang T.-Y.; Chen K.-C.; Hsu K.-H.; Tseng J.-S.; Hsia J.-Y.; Chuang C.-Y.; Yuan S.; Lee M.-H.; Liu C.-H.; Wu G.-I.; Hsiung C.A.; Chen Y.-M.; Wang C.-L.; Huang M.-S.; Yu C.-J.; Chen K.-Y.; Tsai Y.-H.; Su W.-C.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chen J.J.W.; Chen C.-J.; Chang G.-C.; Yang P.-C.; Li K.-C.Journal of Clinical Oncology6864
402015Opposite Effects of M1 and M2 Macrophage Subtypes on Lung Cancer ProgressionYuan A.; Hsiao Y.-J.; Chen H.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Ho C.-C.; Chen Y.-Y.; Liu Y.-C.; Hong T.-H.; Yu S.-L.; Chen J.J.W.; Yang P.-C.Scientific Reports200191
412015Rapid label-free determination of ketamine in whole blood using secondary ion mass spectrometryLiao H.-Y.; Chen J.-H.; Shyue J.-J.; Shun C.-T.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Liao S.-W.; Hong C.-K.; Chen P.-S.Talanta55
422014Differentiation of lung stem/progenitor cells into alveolar pneumocytes and induction of angiogenesis within a 3D gelatin - Microbubble scaffoldLing T.-Y.; Liu Y.-L.; Huang Y.-K.; Gu S.-Y.; Chen H.-K.; Ho C.-C.; Tsao P.-N.; Tung Y.-C.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Cheng C.-H.; Lin K.-H.; Lin F.-H.Biomaterials3332
432014Combination of intravenous ascorbic acid administration and hypothermia after resuscitation improves myocardial function and survival in a ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrest model in the ratTsai M.-S.; Huang C.-H.; Tsai C.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Cheng H.-J.; Hsu C.-Y.; Chang W.-T.; Chen W.-J.Academic Emergency Medicine1617
442014Hinokitiol induces DNA damage and autophagy followed by cell cycle arrest and senescence in gefitinib-resistant lung adenocarcinoma cellsLi L.-H.; Wu P.; Lee J.-Y.; Li P.-R.; Hsieh W.-Y.; Ho C.-C.; Ho C.-L.; Chen W.-J.; Wang C.-C.; Yen M.-Y.; Yang S.-M.; HUEI-WEN CHEN PLoS ONE4840
452014Acinetobacter peritoneal dialysis peritonitis: A changing landscape over timeChao C.-T.; Lee S.-Y.; Yang W.-S.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Fang C.-C.; Yen C.-J.; Chiang C.-K.; Hung K.-Y.; Huang J.-W.PLoS ONE109
462014Cancer-associated fibroblasts regulate the plasticity of lung cancer stemness via paracrine signallingChen W.-J.; Ho C.-C.; Chang Y.-L.; Chen H.-Y.; Lin C.-A.; Ling T.-Y.; Yu S.-L.; Yuan S.-S.; Louisa Chen Y.-J.; Lin C.-Y.; Pan S.-H.; Elizabeth Chou H.-Y.; Chang G.-C.; Chu W.-C.; Lee Y.-M.; Lee J.-Y.; Lee P.-J.; Li K.-C.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yang P.-C.Nature Communications254248
472014Snail regulates Nanog status during the epithelial-mesenchymal transition via the Smad1/Akt/GSK3β signaling pathway in non-small-cell lung cancerLiu C.-W.; Li C.-H.; Peng Y.-J.; Cheng Y.-W.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Liao P.-L.; Kang J.-J.; Yeng M.-H.Oncotarget6363
482013Non-Cytotoxic Nanomaterials Enhance Antimicrobial Activities of Cefmetazole against Multidrug-Resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeaeLi L.-H.; Yen M.-Y.; Ho C.-C.; Wu P.; Wang C.-C.; Maurya P.K.; Chen P.-S.; Chen W.; Hsieh W.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN PLoS ONE3626
492013Focal amplification of HOXD-harboring chromosome region is implicated in multiple-walled carbon nanotubes-induced carcinogenicityWu P.; Yuan S.-S.; Ho C.-C.; Hsieh W.-Y.; Hong Q.-S.; Yu S.-L.; Chen W.; Chen H.-Y.; Wang C.-D.; Li K.-C.; Yang P.-C.; HUEI-WEN CHEN Nano Letters109
502013The HLJ1-targeting drug screening identified Chinese herb andrographolide that can: Suppress tumour growth and invasion in non-small-cell lung cancerLai Y.-H.; Yu S.-L.; Chen H.-Y.; Wang C.-C.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chen J.J.Carcinogenesis3633
512013Curcumin suppresses metastasis via Sp-1, FAK inhibition, and E-cadherin upregulation in colorectal cancerChen C.-C.; Sureshbabul M.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Lin Y.-S.; Lee J.-Y.; Hong Q.-S.; Yang Y.-C.; Yu S.-L.Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine6339
522013Peritoneal dialysis peritonitis by anaerobic pathogens: A retrospective case seriesChao C.-T.; Lee S.-Y.; Yang W.-S.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Fang C.-C.; Yen C.-J.; Chiang C.-K.; Hung K.-Y.; Huang J.-W.BMC Nephrology99
532013Citrobacter peritoneal dialysis peritonitis: Rare occurrence with poor outcomesChao C.-T.; Lee S.-Y.; Yang W.-S.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Fang C.-C.; Yen C.-J.; Chiang C.-K.; Hung K.-Y.; Huang J.-W.International Journal of Medical Sciences1311
542012MicroRNA regulation via DNA methylation during the morula to blastocyst transition in miceLee Y.-M.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Maurya P.K.; Su C.-M.; Tzeng C.-R.Molecular Human Reproduction1616
552012Circulating cell-free DNA levels correlate with postresuscitation survival rates in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patientsHuang C.-H.; Tsai M.-S.; Hsu C.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Wang T.-D.; Chang W.-T.; Ma M.H.M.; Chien K.-L.; Chen S.-C.; Chen W.-J.Resuscitation2625
562012Single-walled carbon nanotubes induce airway hyperreactivity and parenchymal injury in miceHsieh W.-Y.; Chou C.-C.; Ho C.-C.; Yu S.-L.; Chen H.-Y.; Chou H.-Y.E.; Chen J.J.W.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yang P.-C.American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology2723
572012The difference in myocardial injuries and mitochondrial damages between asphyxial and ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrestsTsai M.-S.; Huang C.-H.; Tsai S.-H.; Tsai C.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Cheng H.-J.; Hsu C.-Y.; Wang T.-D.; Chang W.-T.; Chen W.-J.American Journal of Emergency Medicine2923
582011Clustered genomic alterations in chromosome 7p dictate outcomes and targeted treatment responses of lung adenocarcinoma with EGFR-activating mutationsYuan S.; Yu S.-L.; Chen H.-Y.; Hsu Y.-C.; Su K.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chen C.-Y.; Yu C.-J.; Shih J.-Y.; Chang Y.-L.; Cheng C.-L.; Hsu C.-P.; Hsia J.-Y.; Lin C.-Y.; Wu G.; Liu C.-H.; Wang C.-D.; Yang K.-C.; Chen Y.-W.; Lai Y.-L.; Hsu C.-C.; Lin T.-C.; Yang T.-Y.; Chen K.-C.; Hsu K.-H.; Chen J.J.W.; Chang G.-C.; Li K.-C.; Yang P.-C.Journal of Clinical Oncology2624
592011Curcumin induces EGFR degradation in lung adenocarcinoma and modulates p38 activation in intestine: The versatile adjuvant for gefitinib therapyLee J.-Y.; Lee Y.-M.; Chang G.-C.; Yu S.-L.; Hsieh W.-Y.; Chen J.J.W.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yang P.-C.PLoS ONE9572
602011Ascorbic acid mitigates the myocardial injury after cardiac arrest and electrical shockTsai M.-S.; Huang C.-H.; Tsai C.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Lee H.-C.; Cheng H.-J.; Hsu C.-Y.; Wang T.-D.; Chang W.-T.; Chen W.-J.Intensive Care Medicine3834
612011miRNA-34b as a tumor suppressor in estrogen-dependent growth of breast cancer cellsLee Y.-M.; Lee J.-Y.; Ho C.-C.; Hong Q.-S.; Yu S.-L.; Tzeng C.-R.; Yang P.-C.; HUEI-WEN CHEN Breast Cancer Research5953
622010Acute cardiac dysfunction after short-term diesel exhaust particles exposureHuang C.-H.; Lin L.-Y.; Tsai M.-S.; Hsu C.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Wang T.-D.; Chang W.-T.; Cheng T.-J.; Chen W.-J.Toxicology Letters2825
632009Antiapoptotic cardioprotective effect of hypothermia treatment against oxidative stress injuriesHuang C.-H.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Tsai M.-S.; Hsu C.-Y.; Peng R.-H.; Wang T.-D.; Chang W.-T.; Chen W.-J.Academic Emergency Medicine2319
642009Cardioprotective effect of therapeutic hypothermia for postresuscitation myocardial dysfunctionHsu C.-Y.; Huang C.-H.; Chang W.-T.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Cheng H.-J.; Tsai M.-S.; Wang T.-D.; Yen Z.-S.; Lee C.-C.; Chen S.-C.; Chen W.-J.Shock5240
652008Lercanidipine-induced chyloperitoneum in patients on peritoneal dialysisYang W.-S.; Huang J.-W.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.Peritoneal Dialysis International150
662008Anticancer effects of tanshinone I in human non-small cell lung cancerLee C.-Y.; Sher H.-F.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Liu C.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Lin C.-S.; Yang P.-C.; Tsay H.-S.; Chen J.J.W.Molecular Cancer Therapeutics10499
672008Intra-abdominal adhesion formation induces anti-oxidative injury, enhances cell proliferation, and prevents complement-mediated lysisYu S.-L.; Singh S.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chen H.-Y.; Chen J.J.W.; Chen W.-J.; Chen H.-S.; Chen S.-C.Wound Repair and Regeneration44
682008Combined differential gene expression profile and pathway enrichment analyses to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of uterine leiomyoma after gonadotropin-releasing hormone treatmentHUEI-WEN CHEN ; Liu J.C.C.; Chen J.J.W.; Lee Y.-M.; Hwang J.-L.; Tzeng C.-R.Fertility and Sterility1210
692008Single-walled carbon nanotubes can induce pulmonary injury in mouse modelChou C.-C.; Hsiao H.-Y.; Hong Q.-S.; Chen C.-H.; Peng Y.-W.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yang P.-C.Nano Letters265229
702008Curcumin inhibits lung cancer cell invasion and metastasis through the tumor suppressor HLJ1HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Lee J.-Y.; Huang J.-Y.; Wang C.-C.; Chen W.-J.; Su S.-F.; Huang C.-W.; Ho C.-C.; Chen J.J.W.; Tsai M.-F.; Yu S.-L.; Yang P.-C.Cancer Research190179
712008TREM-1 expression in tumor-associated macrophages and clinical outcome in lung cancerHo C.-C.; Liao W.-Y.; Wang C.-Y.; Lu Y.-H.; Huang H.-Y.; Chen H.-Y.; Chan W.-K.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yang P.-C.American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine106103
722008MicroRNA Signature Predicts Survival and Relapse in Lung CancerYu S.-L.; Chen H.-Y.; Chang G.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Singh S.; Cheng C.-L.; Yu C.-J.; Lee Y.-C.; Chen H.-S.; Su T.-J.; Chiang C.-C.; Li H.-N.; Hong Q.-S.; Su H.-Y.; Chen C.-C.; Chen W.-J.; Liu C.-C.; Chan W.-K.; Chen W.J.; Li K.-C.; Chen J.J.W.; Yang P.-C.Cancer Cell707662
732007Erythropoietin improves the postresuscitation myocardial dysfunction and survival in the asphyxia-induced cardiac arrest modelHuang C.-H.; Hsu C.-Y.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Tsai M.-S.; Cheng H.-J.; Chang C.-H.; Lee Y.-T.; Chen W.-J.Shock2726
742006Titanium dioxide nanoparticles induce emphysema-like lung injury in miceHUEI-WEN CHEN ; Su S.-F.; Chien C.-T.; Lin W.-H.; Yu S.-L.; Chou C.-C.; Chen J.J.W.; Yang P.-C.FASEB Journal287228
752006Applications of microarray in reproductive medicineHUEI-WEN CHEN ; Tzeng C.-R.Chang Gung Medical Journal6
762005Matrix remodeling and endometriosisYang W.-C.V.; Au H.-K.; Chang C.-W.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chen P.-H.; Chen C.-C.; Tang Y.-L.; Wang I.-T.; Tzeng C.-R.Reproductive Medicine and Biology50
772005Transcriptome analysis in blastocyst hatching by cDNA microarrayHUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chen J.J.W.; Yu S.-L.; Li H.-N.; Yang P.-C.; Su C.-M.; Au H.-K.; Chang C.-W.; Chien L.-W.; Chen C.-S.; Tzeng C.-R.Human Reproduction2923
782005Gene expression profiles in hypoxic preconditioning using cDNA microarray analysis: Altered expression of an angiogenic factor, carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 1Chen W.-J.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yu S.-L.; Huang C.-H.; Wang T.-D.; Chen J.J.W.; Chien C.-T.; Chen H.-Y.; Yang P.-C.; Lee Y.-T.Shock3634
792004Anti-Invasive Gene Expression Profile of Curcumin in Lung Adenocarcinoma Based on a High Throughput Microarray AnalysisHUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yu S.-L.; Chen J.J.W.; Li H.-N.; Lin Y.-C.; Yao P.-L.; Chou H.-Y.; Chien C.-T.; Chen W.-J.; Lee Y.-T.; Yang P.-C.Molecular Pharmacology10095
802004Serum and endometrial markersYang W.-C.V.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Au H.-K.; Chang C.-W.; Huang C.-T.; Yen Y.-H.; Tzeng C.-R.Best Practice and Research: Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology3527
812004Dynamic changes of gene expression profiles during postnatal development of the heart in miceHUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yu S.-L.; Chen W.-J.; Yang P.-C.; Chien C.-T.; Chou H.-Y.; Li H.-N.; Peck K.; Huang C.-H.; Lin F.-Y.; Chen J.J.W.; Lee Y.-T.Heart3836
822004Differential gene expression in gram-negative and gram-positive sepsisYu S.-L.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yang P.-C.; Peck K.; Tsai M.-H.; Chen J.J.W.; Lin F.-Y.American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine6554
832002Global analysis of differentially expressed genes in early gestational decidua and chorionic villi using a 9600 human cDNA microarrayHUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chen J.J.W.; Tzeng C.-R.; Li H.-N.; Chang S.-J.; Cheng Y.-F.; Chang C.-W.; Wang R.-S.; Yang P.-C.; Lee Y.-T.Molecular Human Reproduction3532
842002Cyclosporine A regulate oxidative stress-induced apoptosis in cardiomyocytes: Mechanisms via ROS generation, iNOS and Hsp70HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chien C.-T.; Yu S.-L.; Lee Y.-T.; Chen W.-J.British Journal of Pharmacology9586
852001Effect of alisol B acetate, a plant triterpene, on apoptosis in vascular smooth muscle cells and lymphocytesHUEI-WEN CHEN ; Hsu M.-J.; Chien C.-T.; Huang H.-C.European Journal of Pharmacology2828
862001Nitric oxide as a regulator in preimplantation embryo development and apoptosisHUEI-WEN CHEN ; Jiang W.-S.; Tzeng C.-R.Fertility and Sterility8477
871998The possible mechanisms of the antiproliferative effect of fullerenol, polyhydroxylated C60, on vascular smooth muscle cellsLu L.-H.; Lee Y.-T.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chiang L.Y.; Huang H.-C.British Journal of Pharmacology7064
881998Effect of curcumin on cell cycle progression and apoptosis in vascular smooth muscle cellsHUEI-WEN CHEN ; Huang H.-C.British Journal of Pharmacology207187
891994Effects of baicalein and esculetin on transduction signals and growth factors expression in T-lymphoid leukemia cellsHuang H.-C.; Hsieh L.-M.; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Lin Y.-S.; Chen J.-S.European Journal of Pharmacology: Molecular Pharmacology5751