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12019The 2018 Taipei Declaration for Ultimate Integration of Palliative CareHuang, Sheng-Jean; Huang, Chiao-Yu; LIN-CHUNG WOUNG ; Lee, Oscar Kuang-Sheng; Chu, Da-Chen; Huang, Tsun-Cheng; Kitazawa, Akihiro; Curtis, J Randalljournal article00
22019Difference in frequency and outcome of geriatric emergency department utilization between urban and rural areasKo, Ming-Chung; Lien, Hsin-Yi; LIN-CHUNG WOUNG ; Chen, Chin-Yi; Chen, Yu-Ling; Chen, Chu-Chiehjournal article00
32019Elevation of serum oxidative stress in patients with retina vein occlusionsChen, Kuan-Hsuan; Hsiang, En-Lin; Hsu, Min-Yen; Chou, Yueh-Ching; Lin, Tai-Chi; Chang, Yuh-Lih; Tsai, Ching-Yao; Li, Tzu-Hsuan; LIN-CHUNG WOUNG ; Chen, Shih-Jen; Peng, Chi-Hsien; Hwang, De-Kuangjournal article00
42019Artificial intelligence-based decision-making for age-related macular degenerationHwang, De-Kuang; Hsu, Chih-Chien; Chang, Kao-Jung; Chao, Daniel; Sun, Chuan-Hu; Jheng, Ying-Chun; A Yarmishyn, Aliaksandr; Wu, Jau-Ching; Tsai, Ching-Yao; Wang, Mong-Lien; Peng, Chi-Hsien; Chien, Ke-Hung; Kao, Chung-Lan; Lin, Tai-Chi; LIN-CHUNG WOUNG ; Chen, Shih-Jen; Chiou, Shih-Hwa; LIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article55
52019Clinical Course and Treatment Response of Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disease: An 8-Year ExperienceLin, Chao-Wen; Lin, I-Hung; TA-CHING CHEN ; Jou, Jieh-Ren; LIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article11
62018Acoustic waves improves retroviral transduction in human retinal stem cellsPeng, Chi-Hsien; LIN-CHUNG WOUNG ; Lu, Kai-Hsi; Tsai, Ching-Yao; Lee, Shou-Dong; Huang, Chi-Shan; Lin, Tai-Chi; Chien, Ke-Hung; Hwang, De-Kuangjournal article10
72018The 2017 Taipei Declaration for Health-Promoting Palliative CareHuang, Sheng-Jean; Huang, Chiao-Yu; LIN-CHUNG WOUNG ; Lee, Oscar Kuang-Sheng; Chu, Da-Chen; Huang, Tsun-Cheng; Wang, Ying-Wei; Guo, Ping; Harding, Richard; Kellehear, Allan; Curtis, J Randalljournal article00
82018Update on ocular myasthenia gravis in TaiwanLin, Chao-Wen; TA-CHING CHEN ; Jou, Jieh-Ren; LIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article00
92017Factors predicting a home death among home palliative care recipientsLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article13
102017Intraocular pressure monitoring by rebound tonometry in children with myopiaLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article00
112017Risk factors for myopia progression in second-grade primary school children in Taipei: A population-based cohort studyLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article1311
122017Intraocular lens opacification after Descemet's stripping automated endothelial keratoplastyLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article00
132016Regulatory SNPs alter the gene expression of diabetic retinopathy associated secretary factorsLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article64
142016Prevalence and risk factors for myopia in second-grade primary school children in Taipei: A population-based studyLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article139
152016Summary of the Neuro-Ophthalmology Symposium in the 31st Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress (APAO 2016)LIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article00
162016The predictability of eye diseases for Alzheimer's diseaseLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
172016Thermosensitive chitosan-based hydrogels for sustained release of ferulic acid on corneal wound healingLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article3330
1820162016 Taipei Declaration for Prevention of SufferingLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article22
192015Nanotechnology-based drug delivery treatments and specific targeting therapy for age-related macular degenerationLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article77
202015Socioeconomic disparities in preventable hospitalization among adults with diabetes in Taiwan: A multilevel modelling approachLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article46
212015Herpetic keratouveitis mixed with bilateral Pseudomonas corneal ulcers in vitamin A deficiencyLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article21
222015Subconjunctival herniated orbital fat mimicking adipocytic neoplasmLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
232015Stem cell therapy for corneal regeneration medicine and contemporary nanomedicine for corneal disordersLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article77
242014The generation of induced pluripotent stem cells for macular degeneration as a drug screening platform: Identification of curcumin as a protective agent for retinal pigment epithelial cells against oxidative stressLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article4137
252014Topiramate-induced bilateral secondary angle closure and myopia shiftLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article10
262014Proceedings of the neuro-ophthalmology symposium in the 54th annual meeting of the ophthalmological society of taiwan, november 30, 2013, taipei, taiwanLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article00
272013Clinical prospective study of visual function in patients with acute optic neuritisLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article22
282013Correlation between microRNA-34a levels and lens opacity severity in age-related cataractsLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article2119
292013A nine-year population-based cohort study on the risk of multiple sclerosis in patients with optic neuritisLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article43
302013Atypical Rosai-Dorfman disease with lacrimal gland involvementLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article31
312013Correlation of MicroRNA-145 levels and clinical severity of pterygiaLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article1517
322013Effect of diabetes on mortality and length of hospital stay in patients with renal or perinephric abscessLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article32
332013Implementation of community influenza centers and vaccination campaign in protecting healthcare workers and control of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 in Taipei City, TaiwanLIN-CHUNG WOUNG ; PO-REN HSUEH journal article22
342012A pilot study of the telecare medical support system as an intervention in dementia care: The views and experiences of primary caregiversLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article107
352012MicroRNAs and cataracts: Correlation among let-7 expression, age and the severity of lens opacityLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article4031
362012Inhibition of phosphorylated STAT3 by cucurbitacin I enhances chemoradiosensitivity in medulloblastoma-derived cancer stem cellsLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article2524
372012An empirical study on outpatients' health education needs and the effectiveness of e-learningLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article60
382012Engagement in e-learning opportunities: An empirical study on patient education using expectation confirmation theoryLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article1613
392012Risk of Alzheimer's disease in relation to diabetes: A population-based cohort studyLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article5958
402011Incidence of renal and perinephric abscess in diabetic patients: A population-based national studyLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article911
412011Bilateral bulbar subconjunctival hemorrhage associated with H1N1 vaccinationLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article00
422011HSV-1 in a case of intractable glaucoma with rapid progress of cataract after transscleral cyclophotocoagulationLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article00
432011Iritis and pupillary distortion after periorbital cosmetic alexandrite laserLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article1513
442011Letter from the chief editorLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article10
452011Non-adherence to antibiotic prescription guidelines in treating urinary tract infection of children: A population-based study in TaiwanLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article910
462011The educational model of the improvement diet-lifestyle state for the overweight/obese visually impaired peopleLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
472011A comparison of optic neuritis in Asian and in Western countriesLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article33
482010Celecoxib enhances radiosensitivity in medulloblastoma-derived CD133-positive cellsLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article2424
492010SirT1-A sensor for monitoring self-renewal and aging process in retinal stem cellsLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article2122
502010Healthcare costs associated with progressive diabetic retinopathy among National Health Insurance enrollees in Taiwan, 2000-2004LIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article97
512010Prevalence of metabolic syndrome and the diet and lifestyle of visually impaired adults in TaipeiLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
522009Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy associated with pegylated interferon therapy for chronic hepatitis CLIN-CHUNG WOUNG ; YI-HSUAN WEI journal article1512
532008Trends in blind and low vision registrations in Taipei CityLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
542008Optic neuritis among national health insurance enrollees in Taiwan, 2000-2004LIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article1515
552008Species and antimicrobial resistance of uropathogens isolated from patients with urinary catheterLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article1411
562008Visual outcomes and associated risk factors of cataract surgeries in highly myopic TaiwaneseLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article96
572008Healthcare utilization by patients with diabetes and diabetic retinopathy among national health insurance enrollees in TaiwanLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
582007Population-based study of cataract surgery among patients with type 2 diabetes in Kinmen, TaiwanLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article50
592006Visual outcomes and associated risk factors of cataract surgeries in highly myopic TaiwaneseLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article74
602006A clinical study of acupuncture and SSP (silver spike point) electro-therapy for dry eye syndromeLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article3631
612006Utilization of a decision tree for high expenditure patients in the emergency departmentLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
622005The current status of visual disability in the elderly population of TaiwanLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article2522
632005Ophthalmic manifestations of intracranial dural arteriovenous fistula - Report of four casesLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
642004Phacoemulsification for anisometropia associated with presenile cataracts in patients with high myopiaLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
652003Suprasellar dermoid cyst presenting as acquired exotropiaLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
662001Visual outcome of optic neuritis in childrenLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
672001Change in the area of laser posterior capsulotomy: 3 Month follow-upLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article1510
682000Digital retroilluminated photography to analyze posterior capsule opacification in eyes with intraocular lensesLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article4234
692000Correlation between anterior lens curvature and primary angle-closure glaucomaLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
702000Influence of laser posterior capsulotomy on anterior chamber depth, refraction, and intraocular pressureLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article2419
712000Modulation transfer function and critical flicker frequency in high- myopia patientsLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
722000Ptosis surgery on chronic myasthenia gravis.LIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
732000Scanning laser polarimetry in evaluation of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness for normal Taiwanese.LIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
741998Accommodation and pupillary response in early-onset myopia among schoolchildrenLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
751998Position of poly(methyl methacrylate) and silicone intraocular lenses after phacoemulsificationLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
761997Clinical study on ethambutol-induced optic nerve toxicityLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
771995Visual function in recovered ethambutol optic neuropathyLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article
781993Accommodative adaptation and age of onset of myopiaLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article2222
791993Critical flicker frequency in acute and recovered optic neuritisLIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article