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12018Effects of perceived autonomy support and basic need satisfaction on quality of life in hemodialysis patientsChen, Mei-Fang; RAY-E CHANG ; HUNG-BIN TSAI ; Hou, Ying-Huijournal article43
22018Leisure time activities as mediating variables in functional disability progression: An application of parallel latent growth curve modelingYA-MEI CHEN ; YU-KANG TU ; Yu, Hsiao-Wei; Chiu, Tzu-Ying; TUNG-LIANG CHIANG ; DUAN-RUNG CHEN ; RAY-E CHANG 張睿詒 journal article00
32017Effects of perceived autonomy support and basic need satisfaction on quality of life in hemodialysis patients.HUNG-BIN TSAI ; RAY-E CHANG journal article43
42017Conservative management and health-related quality of life in end-stage renal disease: a?systematic?review.RAY-E CHANG journal article06
52017A nationwide survey of healthcare personnel's attitude, knowledge, and interest toward renal supportive care in TaiwanHUNG-BIN TSAI ; RAY-E CHANG ; CHIA-TER CHAO ; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; KUAN-YU HUNG journal article00
62017Conservative management and health-related quality of life in endstage renal disease: A systematic reviewRAY-E CHANG journal article
72017How business intelligence maturity enabling hospital agilityRAY-E CHANG journal article44
82016Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor use is not associated with acute pancreatitis in high-risk type 2 diabetic patients a nationwide cohort studyCHIA-HSUIN CHANG ; YI-CHENG CHANG ; JOU-WEI LIN ; LEE-MING CHUANG ; Chen, Shu-Ting; Lai, Mei-Shu; RAY-E CHANG journal article87
92016Influence of patient and provider factors on the workload of on-call physicians A general internal medicine cohort observational studyHsu, Nin-Chieh; Hsu, Nin-Chieh ; JIH-SHUIN JERNG ; Huang, Chun-Che; NIN-CHIEH HSU ; Jerng, Jih-Shuin ; Jerng, Jih-Shuin; CHONG-JEN YU ; Hsu, Chia-Hao; RAY-E CHANG ; Hsu, Chia-Hao; MING-CHIN YANG ; Yang, Ming-Chin ; Yang, Ming-Chin; Chang, Ray-E ; Ko, Wen-Je; Ko, Wen-Je; Yu, Chong-Jen ; Yu, Chong-Jenjournal article10
102015Effects of health intervention program on cardiometabolic risk profiles from health evaluation center in Asian population: A longitudinal study and propensity analysisRAY-E CHANG journal article11
112015Assessing the impact of budget controls on the prescribing behaviours of physicians treating dialysis-dependent patientsRAY-E CHANG journal article33
122014Mortality factors in major trauma patients: Nation-wide population-based research in TaiwanRAY-E CHANG journal article22
132014After-hours physician care for patients with do-not-resuscitate orders: An observational cohort studyCHIN-CHUNG SHU ; NIN-CHIEH HSU ; CHONG-JEN YU ; YU-FENG LIN ; HUNG-BIN TSAI ; RAY-E CHANG journal article21
142014Patient severity matters for night-shift workload for internal medicine residents in TaiwanNIN-CHIEH HSU ; RAY-E CHANG ; MING-CHIN YANG journal article11
152013Mortality factors in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients: A nationwide population-based study in TaiwanMATTHEW HUEI-MING MA; RAY-E CHANG journal article810
162012A pay-for-performance program in Taiwan improved care for some diabetes patients, but doctors may have excluded sicker onesRAY-E CHANG journal article4142
172012Application of the balanced scorecard to an academic medical center in Taiwan: The effect of warning systems on improvement of hospital performanceRAY-E CHANG journal article44
182012Pay-for-performance: The authors replyRAY-E CHANG journal article00
192011Factors influencing therapeutic strategy for patients with basal ganglia hemorrhage--could age play a potential role in final treatment decision?RAY-E CHANG journal article
202011Hospital competition and inpatient services efficiency in Taiwan: A longitudinal studyTUNG-LIANG CHIANG ; RAY-E CHANG ; CHU, CHIAO-LEE; CHIANG, TUNG-LIANG ; CHANG, RAY-E journal article34
212011Factors influencing therapeutic strategy for patients with basal ganglia hemorrhage - could age play a potential role in final treatment decision?RAY-E CHANG journal article
222011The effect of outpatient dialysis global budget cap on healthcare utilization by end-stage renal disease patientsRAY-E CHANG ; Chang, Ray-E. ; Hsieh, Chi-Jeng; Myrtle, Robert C.journal article1110
232010Dialysis Modality and Patient Survival: An Epidemiology PerspectiveRAY-E CHANG journal article
242010Managing nursing assistants with a web-based system: An empirical investigation of the mixed-staff strategyRAY-E CHANG journal article22
252010Age-related differences in the clinical presentation, associated metabolic abnormality, and estimated cardiovascular risks from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: A cross-sectional study from health evaluation center in TaiwanRAY-E CHANG ; LIU, CHUAN-CHUAN; HUNG, CHUNG-LIEH; SHIH, SHOU-CHUAN; WU, YIH-JER; YEH, HUNG-I; CHANG, RAY-E journal article76
262010Workload of attending physicians at an academic center in TaiwanRAY-E CHANG ; Chen, Hsueh-Fen; Lee, Chen-Hsen; Chang, Ray-E journal article1312
272010Are major medical centers better for stroke and myocardial infarction patients in Taiwan? A nationwide population-based studyRAY-E CHANG ; HARNOD, DORJI; CHOI, WAI-MAU; CHANG, RAY-E ; CHANG, CHU-HUIjournal article22
282009Assessing the quality of a web-based learning system for nursesRAY-E CHANG ; Chen, Chi-Yuan; Chang, Ray-E ; Hung, Ming-Chien; Lin, Mei-Hsin; CHEN, CHI-YUAN; CHANG, RAY-E ; HUNG, MING-CHIENjournal article2321
292009Determinants of left ventricular geometric alterations and related clinical and metabolic factors in a general populationRAY-E CHANG ; Chen, Pei-Lung; Fann, Cathy Shen-Jang; Shih, Shyang-Rong; Yang, Wei-Shiung; Chang, Tien-Chun; Chang, Tien-Chun ; 楊偉勛; 張天鈞; LIU, CHUAN-CHUAN; 陳沛隆; 施翔蓉; HUNG, CHUNG-LIEH; HOU, CHARLES JIA -YIN; YEH, HUNG-I; TSAI, CHENG-HO; SHIH, SHOU- CHUAN; CHANG, RAY-E journal article11
302009Factors associated with chronic kidney disease: Analysis of outreach community adult health examination dataRAY-E CHANG journal article
312007Variations of care quality for infectious pulmonary tuberculosis in Taiwan: A population based cohort studyChung, Wei-Sheng; Chung, WS; RAY-E CHANG ; Chang, RE; Chang, Ray-E ; Guo, How-Ran; Guo, HRjournal article109
322006A pilot study on applying prescription information to risk adjustment models in TaiwanRAY-E CHANG journal article
332006處方資訊用於台灣風險校正模型之初探RAY-E CHANG journal article00
342005Use of diagnosis-based risk adjustment models to predict individual health care expenditure under the National Health Insurance system in Taiwan.RAY-E CHANG journal article
352005建立台灣診斷基礎風險計價模式及模式妥適性評估之國際比較張睿詒; 張睿詒 report
362005市場結構與組織特性對醫院營運效率之影響RAY-E CHANG journal article00
372005Use of Diagnosis-Based Risk Adjustment Models to Predict Individual Health Care Expenditure under the National Health Insurance System in TaiwanChang, Ray-E ; RAY-E CHANG ; Lai, Chiu-Lingjournal article
382005基層醫師對實施總額預算初期成效之評價-以健保中區分局轄區為例RAY-E CHANG journal article00
392005Evaluating the preliminary achievements of the global budgeting payment system from the perspective of primary care physicians in central TaiwanRAY-E CHANG journal article
402005Patient and health system delays in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in Southern TaiwanRAY-E CHANG journal article
412004作業基礎成本法與相對值單位法之成本結構相關性比較-以牙科60項處置為例RAY-E CHANG ; 陳琇玲; 張睿詒 ; 戴復興journal article00
422004國軍醫院員工滿意度與對多元化經營模式之意見調查侯穎蕙; RAY-E CHANG ; 張睿詒 ; 張睿詒 ; 高森永; 高森永; 楊志良; 楊志良journal article00
432004Limitations of forehead infrared body temperature detection for fever screening for severe acute respiratory syndromeRAY-E CHANG journal article3628
442004Contrasting cost conponents of ABC and RVU for 60 dental proceduresRAY-E CHANG journal article
452004Risk adjuster: The basis for capitation paymentRAY-E CHANG journal article
462004A Comparison of HMO Efficiencies as a Function of Provider AutonomyRAY-E CHANG ; Brockett, Patrick L.; Chang, Ray E. ; Rousseau, John J.; Semple, John H.; Yang, Chuanhoujournal article
472004風險校正因子:論人計酬醫療費用預測之基礎RAY-E CHANG ; 張睿詒 ; 賴秋伶journal article00
482003Development of a risk-adjusted capitation model based on principal inpatient diagnoses in Taiwan.RAY-E CHANG journal article
492003探討台灣風險計價模式之選擇與效率誘因及其最適化之分析張睿詒; 張睿詒 report
502003資源管理基礎之病人護理照護分類系統初探張睿詒; 張睿詒 report
512003Development of a risk-adjusted capitation model based on principal inpatient diagnoses in TaiwanRAY-E CHANG journal article
522003Professional licensure of hospital administrator from the views of hospital executivesRAY-E CHANG journal article
532003Development of a Risk-Adjusted Capitation Model Based on Principal Inpatient Diagnoses in TaiwanLin, Wen-Der; TUNG-LIANG CHIANG ; Chang, Ray-E ; Hsieh, Chi-Jen; Yaung, Chih-Liang; Chiang, Tung-Liang journal article
542003以連續直接觀察法估計護理之家各類住民照護成本-以某醫院附設護理之家為例陳楚杰; RAY-E CHANG ; 張睿詒 ; 林壽惠; 吳玲娟journal article00
552003Development of a Risk-Adjusted Capitation Model Based on Principal Inpatient Diagnoses in TaiwanRAY-E CHANG journal article
562003不同醫師專科別間糖尿病門診照護品質之差異林文德; RAY-E CHANG ; 張睿詒 ; 楊志良journal article
572003台灣地區醫院預算制度之質性研究:以六家區域級以上醫院為例RAY-E CHANG ; 張睿詒 ; 李明純; 張怡秋; 陳楚杰journal article00
582003醫院高階主管對醫務管理師證照制度之看法RAY-E CHANG ; 張睿詒 ; 楊志良journal article00
592002Healthcare utilization patterns and risk adjustment under Taiwan's National Health Insurance system.RAY-E CHANG journal article
602002Healthcare utilization patterns and risk adjustment under Taiwan's National Health Insurance systemRAY-E CHANG journal article
612002護理之家住民照護活動項目及其成本之初探陳楚杰; RAY-E CHANG ; 林壽惠; 張睿詒 ; 吳玲娟journal article00
622001探討機率性環境下國內教學醫院技術無效率之誤差張睿詒; 張睿詒 report
632001省立醫院最佳經營典範探討-技術效率、分配效率與整體效率之評估RAY-E CHANG ; 張睿詒 ; 侯穎蕙journal article00
642000全民健保實施與醫院效率變動之探討張睿詒; 張睿詒 report
652000國內醫院推行成本會計制度與醫院效率關係之研究張睿詒; 張睿詒 report
662000某市立醫院民營規劃之財務影響評估-財務分析之應用張睿詒 ; YU-CHI TUNG ; RAY-E CHANG ; 侯穎蕙; 董鈺琪 ; 楊志良journal article00
672000綜合教學醫院推行品質管理與營運績效之關係研究YU-CHI TUNG ; RAY-E CHANG journal article00
682000台北市立綜合醫院員工對醫院民營化型式之看法及未來意向調查張睿詒 ; YU-CHI TUNG ; RAY-E CHANG ; 董鈺琪 ; 候穎蕙; 楊志良journal article00
692000Evaluationg the financial impact of privatizing a municipal hospital: An application of financial analysesRAY-E CHANG journal article
702000The relationship between implementation of quality management and operating performance of general teaching hospitalsRAY-E CHANG journal article
711999醫師團隊效率特質及團隊規模對醫師效率之影響張睿詒; 張睿詒 report
721999醫院技術效率與外部環境之探討張睿詒; 張睿詒 report
731999精省後省屬醫療機構的組織再造與歸屬RAY-E CHANG ; 張睿詒 journal article00
741998以競賽理論之方法探索不同權屬醫院之效率特質及競爭策略張睿詒; 張睿詒 report
751998Risk adjustment: A key to efficiency and equity in the health insurance marketRAY-E CHANG journal article
761998Assessing the performance of physician teams through a game theoretic approachRAY-E CHANG conference paper
771998Changes in the proportion of cross-region admissions in Taiwan, 1985-1995RAY-E CHANG journal article
781998臺灣醫療區跨區住院比例之變遷,1985-1995RAY-E CHANG journal article00
791998風險校正:健康保險市場的效率與公平之關鍵RAY-E CHANG journal article00
801994Switching rules for JIT purchasingRAY-E CHANG journal article