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12021Regeneration of critical-sized mandibular defect using a 3D-printed hydroxyapatite-based scaffold: An exploratory studyPO-CHUN CHANG ; Luo H.-T.; Lin Z.-J.; Tai W.-C.; Chang C.-H.; Chang Y.-C.; Cochran D.L.; Chen M.-H.Journal of Periodontology4
22021Preclinical evaluation of a 3D-printed hydroxyapatite/poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) scaffold for ridge augmentationPO-CHUN CHANG ; Luo H.-T.; Lin Z.-J.; Tai W.-C.; Chang C.-H.; Chang Y.-C.; Cochran D.L.; Chen M.-H.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association3
32021The treatment response of barrier membrane with amoxicillin-loaded nanofibers in experimental periodontitisHo M.-H.; Claudia J.C.; Tai W.-C.; Huang K.-Y.; Lai C.-H.; Chang C.-H.; Chang Y.-C.; Wu Y.-C.; Kuo M.Y.-P.; PO-CHUN CHANG Journal of Periodontology2
42021Comparison of regular- and slope-configured dental implants placed in the edentulous ridge with height discrepancy: A pilot randomized controlled trialTu C.-C.; Wang S.-H.; Hu C.-Y.; Chen M.-H.; Hsieh O.; PO-CHUN CHANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association0
52020Core-Shell poly-(D,L-Lactide-co-Glycolide)-chitosan Nanospheres with simvastatin-doxycycline for periodontal and osseous repairPO-CHUN CHANG ; Tai W.-C.; Luo H.-T.; Lai C.-H.; Lin H.-H.; Lin Z.-J.; Chang Y.-C.; Lee B.-S.International Journal of Biological Macromolecules7
62020Clinical outcomes of adjunctive indocyanine green-diode lasers therapy for treating refractory periodontitis: A randomized controlled trial with in vitro assessmentChiang C.-P.; Hsieh O.; Tai W.-C.; Chen Y.-J.; PO-CHUN CHANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association4
72020Randomized controlled clinical effectiveness of adjunct 660-nm light-emitting diode irradiation during non-surgical periodontal therapyChen Y.-W.; Hsieh O.; Chen Y.-A.; Chiou L.-L.; PO-CHUN CHANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association4
82020Combination of a biomolecule-aided biphasic cryogel scaffold with a barrier membrane adhering PDGF-encapsulated nanofibers to promote periodontal regenerationHuang R.-Y.; Tai W.-C.; Ho M.-H.; PO-CHUN CHANG Journal of Periodontal Research4
92019Association of initial mucogingival status with clinical outcome of non-surgical periodontal therapy: A retrospective analysis of 204 patientsPO-CHUN CHANG ; Chen Y.-W.; Tu C.-C.; Yen-Ping Kuo M.; Liu C.-M.; Wang C.-Y.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association4
102019Influence of adjacent teeth absence or extraction on the outcome of non-surgical periodontal therapyLin J.-H.; Tu C.-C.; Chen Y.-W.; Wang C.-Y.; Liu C.-M.; Kuo M.Y.-P.; PO-CHUN CHANG International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health3
112018The potential of salivary biomarkers for predicting the sensitivity and monitoring the response to nonsurgical periodontal therapy: A preliminary assessmentLee C.-H.; Chen Y.-W.; Tu Y.-K.; Wu Y.-C.; PO-CHUN CHANG Journal of Periodontal Research14
122018Salivary biomarker combination prediction model for the diagnosis of periodontitis in a Taiwanese populationWu Y.-C.; Ning L.; Tu Y.-K.; Huang C.-P.; Huang N.-T.; Chen Y.-F.; PO-CHUN CHANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association21
132018Preclinical alveolar ridge preservation using small-sized particles of bone replacement graft in combination with a gelatin cryogel scaffoldPO-CHUN CHANG ; Chang H.-C.; Lin T.-C.; Tai W.-C.Journal of Periodontology1
142018Modulation of periodontitis progression using pH-responsive nanosphere encapsulating metronidazole or N-phenacylthialzolium bromideLin J.-H.; Feng F.; Yu M.-C.; Wang C.-H.; PO-CHUN CHANG Journal of Periodontal Research18
152017Bone morphogenetic protein-2 loaded poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) microspheres enhance osteogenic potential of gelatin/hydroxyapatite/β-tricalcium phosphate cryogel composite for alveolar ridge augmentationChang H.-C.; Yang C.; Feng F.; Lin F.-H.; Wang C.-H.; PO-CHUN CHANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association19
162017A semi-automatic algorithm for preliminary assessment of labial gingiva and alveolar bone thickness of maxillary anterior teethChen S.-H.; Chan H.-L.; Lu Y.; Ong S.-H.; Wang H.-L.; Ko E.H.; PO-CHUN CHANG International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants1
172017Inhibition of periodontitis induction using a stimuli-responsive hydrogel carrying naringinPO-CHUN CHANG ; Chao Y.-C.; Hsiao M.-H.; Chou H.-S.; Jheng Y.-H.; Yu X.-H.; Lee N.; Yang C.; Liu D.-M.Journal of Periodontology18
182017Pdgf-metronidazole-encapsulated nanofibrous functional layers on collagen membrane promote alveolar ridge regenerationHo M.-H.; Chang H.-C.; Chang Y.-C.; Claudia J.; Lin T.-C.; PO-CHUN CHANG International Journal of Nanomedicine10
192016Amniotic membrane and adipose-derived stem cell co-culture system enhances bone regeneration in a rat periodontal defect modelWu P.-H.; Chung H.-Y.; Wang J.-H.; Shih J.-C.; Kuo M.Y.P.; PO-CHUN CHANG ; Huang Y.-D.; Wang P.-C.; Chang C.-C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association22
202016pH-responsive hydrogel with an anti-glycation agent for modulating experimental periodontitisYu M.-C.; Chang C.-Y.; Chao Y.-C.; Jheng Y.-H.; Yang C.; Lee N.; Yu S.-H.; Yu X.-H.; Liu D.-M.; PO-CHUN CHANG Journal of Periodontology8
212016Evaluation of 660?nm LED light irradiation on the strategies for treating experimental periodontal intrabony defectsTao C.-Y.; Lee N.; Chang H.-C.; Yang C.; Yu X.-H.; PO-CHUN CHANG Lasers in Medical Science5
222015Surgical site assessment for soft tissue management in ridge augmentation proceduresChao Y.-C.; PO-CHUN CHANG ; Fu J.-H.; Wang H.-L.; Chan H.-L.International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry0
232015Controlling periodontal bone levels with multiple LED irradiationsPO-CHUN CHANG ; Wang C.-Y.; Chong L.Y.Lasers in Medical Science2
242015Osseous wound repair under inhibition of the axis of advanced glycation end-products and the advanced glycation end-products receptorTsai S.-C.; Jheng Y.-H.; Wang C.-Y.; Chen Y.-W.; Lin Y.-F.; Chen C.-C.; PO-CHUN CHANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association4
252015Light-emitting diode irradiation promotes donor site wound healing of the free gingival graftWang C.-Y.; Tsai S.-C.; Yu M.-C.; Lin Y.-F.; Chen C.-C.; PO-CHUN CHANG Journal of Periodontology20
262015Evaluation of the osteogenic potential of growth factor-rich demineralized bone matrix in vivoYu S.-H.; Chan H.-L.; Chong L.-Y.; Jheng Y.-H.; PO-CHUN CHANG Journal of Periodontology9
272014Aminoguanidine inhibits the AGE-RAGE axis to modulate the induction of periodontitis but has limited effects on the progression and recovery of experimental periodontitis: A preliminary studyPO-CHUN CHANG ; Chong L.Y.; Tsai S.-C.; Lim L.P.Journal of Periodontology4
282014Sequential platelet-derived growth factor-simvastatin release promotes dentoalveolar regenerationPO-CHUN CHANG ; Chong L.Y.; Dovban A.S.M.; Lim L.P.; Lim J.C.; Kuo M.Y.-P.; Wang C.-H.Tissue Engineering - Part A20
292014N-phenacylthiazolium bromide inhibits the advanced glycation end product (AGE)-age receptor axis to modulate experimental periodontitis in ratsPO-CHUN CHANG ; Tsai S.-C.; Chong L.Y.; Kao M.-J.Journal of Periodontology14
302014Root coverage with a modified laterally positioned flap combined with a subepithelial connective tissue graft in advanced recessionLee C.-T.; PO-CHUN CHANG ; Touchan N.; Royzman D.Journal of Periodontal and Implant Science2
312014Soft-tissue wound healing by anti-advanced glycation end-products agentsPO-CHUN CHANG ; Tsai S.-C.; Jheng Y.-H.; Lin Y.-F.; Chen C.-C.Journal of Dental Research17
322014Combination of LED light and platelet-derived growth factor to accelerate dentoalveolar osteogenesisPO-CHUN CHANG ; Wang C.-Y.; Sheng-Chueh T.Journal of Clinical Periodontology5
332013Progression of periodontal destruction and the roles of advanced glycation end products in experimental diabetesPO-CHUN CHANG ; Chien L.-Y.; Yeo J.F.; Wang Y.-P.; Chung M.-C.; Chong L.Y.; Kuo M.Y.-P.; Chen C.-H.; Chiang H.-C.; Ng B.N.; Lee Q.Q.; Phay Y.K.; Ng J.R.; Erk K.Y.Journal of Periodontology44
342013Controlling the proliferation and differentiation stages to initiate periodontal regenerationChong L.Y.; Chien L.-Y.; Chung M.-C.; Liang K.; Lim J.C.-S.; Fu J.H.; Wang C.-H.; PO-CHUN CHANG Connective Tissue Research8
352013Determination of the dynamics of healing at the tissue-implant interface by means of microcomputed tomography and functional apparent moduliPO-CHUN CHANG ; Seo Y.-J.; Goldstein S.A.; Giannobile W.V.International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants7
362013Glycated matrix up-regulates inflammatory signaling similarly to Porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharidePO-CHUN CHANG ; Chien L.-Y.; Chong L.Y.; Kuo Y.-P.; Hsiao J..-K.Journal of Periodontal Research27
372013Dual delivery of PDGF and simvastatin to accelerate periodontal regeneration invivoPO-CHUN CHANG ; Dovban A.S.; Lim L.P.; Chong L.Y.; Kuo M.Y.; Wang C.-H.Biomaterials43
382013Irradiation by light-emitting diode light as an adjunct to facilitate healing of experimental periodontitis in vivoPO-CHUN CHANG ; Chien L.-Y.; Ye Y.; Kao M.-J.Journal of Periodontal Research18
392013A comparison of the thresholding strategies of micro-CT for periodontal bone loss: A pilot studyPO-CHUN CHANG ; Liang K.; Lim J.C.; Chung M-C.; Chien L-Y.Dentomaxillofacial Radiology21
402012PDGF-simvastatin delivery stimulates osteogenesis in heat-induced osteonecrosisPO-CHUN CHANG ; Lim L.P.; Chong L.Y.; Dovban A.S.M.; Chien L.-Y.; Chung M.-C.; Lei C.; Kao M.-J.; Chen C.-H.; Chiang H.-C.; Kuo Y.-P.; Wang C.-H.Journal of Dental Research14
412012Patterns of diabetic periodontal wound repair: A study using micro-computed tomography and immunohistochemistryPO-CHUN CHANG ; Chung M.-C.; Wang Y.-P.; Chien L.-Y.; Lim J.C.; Liang K.; Chong L.Y.; Kuo Y.-P.; Chen C.-H.; Chiang H.-C.Journal of Periodontology30
422012Biocompatibility of PDGF-simvastatin double-walled PLGA (PDLLA) microspheres for dentoalveolar regeneration: A preliminary studyPO-CHUN CHANG ; Chung M.-C.; Lei C.; Chong L.Y.; Wang C.-H.Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A18
432012Interrelationships of periodontitis and diabetes: A review of the current literaturePO-CHUN CHANG ; Lim L.P.Journal of Dental Sciences15
442012Functional assessment of dental implant osseointegrationPO-CHUN CHANG ; Giannobile W.V.International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry0
452010PDGF-B gene therapy accelerates bone engineering and oral implant osseointegrationPO-CHUN CHANG ; Seol Y.-J.; Cirelli J.A.; Pellegrini G.; Jin Q.; Franco L.M.; Goldstein S.A.; Chandler L.A.; Sosnowski B.; Giannobile W.V.Gene Therapy73
462010Functional apparent moduli as predictors of oral implant osseointegration dynamicsPO-CHUN CHANG ; Seol Y.-J.; Kikuchi N.; Goldstein S.A.; Giannobile W.V.Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials7
472010Preclinical methods for the evaluation of periodontal regeneration in vivo.Seol Y.J.; Pellegrini G.; Franco L.M.; PO-CHUN CHANG ; Park C.H.; Giannobile W.V.Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)0
482010Erratum: Functional apparent moduli as predictors of oral implant osseointegration dynamicsPO-CHUN CHANG ; Seol Y.-J.; Kikuchi N.; Goldstein S.A.; Giannobile W.V.Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials0
492010Evaluation of functional dynamics during osseointegration and regeneration associated with oral implantsPO-CHUN CHANG ; Lang N.P.; Giannobile W.V.Clinical Oral Implants Research68
502009Adenovirus encoding human platelet-derived growth factor-b delivered to alveolar bone defects exhibits safety and biodistribution profiles favorable for clinical usePO-CHUN CHANG ; Cirelli J.A.; Jin Q.; Seol Y.-J.; Sugai J.V.; D'Silva N.J.; Danciu T.E.; Chandler L.A.; Sosnowski B.A.; Giannobile W.V.Human Gene Therapy70
512007Tissue engineering bone formation in novel recombinant human bone morphogenic protein 2-atelocollagen composite scaffoldsHou L.-T.; Liu C.-M.; Liu B.-Y.; PO-CHUN CHANG ; Chen M.-H.; Ho M.-H.; Jehng S.-M.; Liu H.-C.Journal of Periodontology28
522007Bone tissue engineering with novel rhBMP2-PLLA composite scaffoldsPO-CHUN CHANG ; Liu B.-Y.; Liu C.-M.; Chou H.-H.; Ho M.-H.; Liu H.-C.; Wang D.-M.; Hou L.-T.Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A53
532007PDGF gene therapy to promote oral implant osseointegrationAbramson Z.R.; PO-CHUN CHANG ; Cirelli J.A.; Jin Q.; Sugai J.; Giannobile W.V.European Cells and Materials