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12021Transthyretin as a Biomarker to Predict and Monitor Major Depressive Disorder Identified by Whole-Genome Transcriptomic Analysis in Mouse ModelsYu, Sung-Liang; Chu, Selina Shih-Ting; Chien, Min-Hui; PO-HSIU KUO ; PAN-CHYR YANG ; Su, Kang-YiBiomedicines0
22021Differential co-occurring patterns between depressive symptomatology and sleep-wake-related disturbances in mood disordersChen S.-Y.; Chen C.-H.; Lo C.; Lu M.-L.; Hsu C.-D.; Chiu Y.-H.; Chen C.-H.; Lin S.-K.; Huang M.-C.; Chen H.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO Nature and Science of Sleep2
32021Treating toxic epidermal necrolysis with systemic immunomodulating therapies: A systematic review and network meta-analysisTsai T.-Y.; Huang I.-H.; Chao Y.-C.; Li H.; Hsieh T.-S.; Wang H.-H.; Huang Y.-T.; Chen C.-Y.; Cheng Y.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Huang Y.-C.; Tu Y.-K.Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology12
42021Association Study of Alcohol Dehydrogenase and Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Polymorphism With Alzheimer Disease in the Taiwanese PopulationWu Y.-Y.; Lee Y.-S.; Liu Y.-L.; Hsu W.-C.; Ho W.-M.; Huang Y.-H.; Tsai S.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Chen Y.-C.Frontiers in Neuroscience0
52021Premenstrual dysphoric symptoms and lifetime suicide experiences in patients with mood disorderChan J.-H.; Lo C.; Hsu C.-D.; Chiu C.-C.; Huang M.-C.; Liao S.-C.; Chen I.-M.; Chen W.-Y.; Chen H.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO General Hospital Psychiatry0
62021Prediction of lithium response using genomic dataPO-HSIU KUO Scientific Reports3
72020Association of polygenic score for major depression with response to lithium in patients with bipolar disorderPO-HSIU KUO Molecular Psychiatry16
82020Sex-specific autosomal genetic effects across 26 human complex traitsLin W.-Y.; Chan C.-C.; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Tsai S.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO Human molecular genetics3
92020Effects of perceived stress and resilience on suicidal behaviors in early adolescentsChen Y.-L.; PO-HSIU KUO European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry8
102020Interaction Between Prematurity and the MAOA Gene on Mental Development in Children: A Longitudinal ViewYao N.-J.; Hsieh W.-S.; Lin C.-H.; Tseng C.-I.; Lin W.-Y.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Yu Y.-T.; Chen W.J.; Jeng S.-F.Frontiers in Pediatrics0
112020Quantifying the level of difficulty to treat major depressive disorder with antidepressants: Treatment resistance to antidepressants evaluation scaleLiu T.-Y.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Lu M.-L.; Huang M.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Wu T.-H.; Wang S.; Mao W.-C.; Chen H.-C.PLoS ONE2
122020Use of Home- and Community-Based Services in Taiwan’s National 10-Year Long-Term Care PlanYu H.-W.; Tu Y.-K.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Chen Y.-M.Journal of Applied Gerontology5
132020Active cigarette smoking is associated with an exacerbation of genetic susceptibility to diabetesLin W.-Y.; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Tsai S.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO Diabetes4
142020Association between polygenic liability for schizophrenia and substance involvement: A nationwide population-based study in TaiwanWang S.-H.; Lai R.-Y.; Lee Y.-C.; Su M.-H.; Chen C.-Y.; Hsiao P.-C.; Yang A.C.; Liu Y.-L.; Tsai S.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO Genes, Brain and Behavior1
152020Using Genetic Risk Score Approaches to Infer Whether an Environmental Factor Attenuates or Exacerbates the Adverse Influence of a Candidate GeneLin W.-Y.; Lin Y.-S.; Chan C.-C.; Liu Y.-L.; Tsai S.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO Frontiers in Genetics0
162020Investigation of early and lifetime clinical features and comorbidities for the risk of developing treatment-resistant depression in a 13-year nationwide cohort studyHuang S.-S.; Chen H.-H.; Wang J.; Chen W.J.; Chen H.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO BMC Psychiatry2
172020Gene-Based Association Analysis Suggests Association of HTR2A With Antidepressant Treatment Response in Depressed PatientsKao C.-F.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Yu Y.W.Y.; Yang A.C.; Lin E.; Liu Y.-L.; Tsai S.-J.Frontiers in Pharmacology0
182020An examination of the quality and performance of the Alda scale for classifying lithium response phenotypesPO-HSIU KUO Bipolar Disorders10
192020An association study in the Taiwan Biobank reveals RORA as a novel locus for sleep duration in the Taiwanese PopulationHou S.-J.; Tsai S.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Lin E.; Lan T.-H.Sleep Medicine5
202020Gene polymorphisms of cognitive function in patients with bipolar disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysisChen JC; Cheng YC; Liu HC; PO-HSIU KUO ; Huang MC; Chen WYTaiwanese Journal of Psychiatry0
212020Prediction of antidepressant treatment response and remission using an ensemble machine learning frameworkLin E.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu Y.-L.; Yu Y.W.-Y.; Yang A.C.; Tsai S.-J.Pharmaceuticals7
222020Polygenic analysis of the effect of common and low-frequency genetic variants on serum uric acid levels in Korean individualsCho S.K.; Kim B.; Myung W.; Chang Y.; Ryu S.; Kim H.-N.; Kim H.-L.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Winkler C.A.; Won H.-H.Scientific Reports4
232020CUX2, BRAP and ALDH2 are associated with metabolic traits in people with excessive alcohol consumptionChen I.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Yang A.C.; Tsai S.-J.; Liu T.-H.; Liu H.-J.; Lan T.-H.; Chen H.-M.; Huang H.-N.; Chung R.-H.; Liu Y.-L.Scientific Reports3
242019A gene-ene interaction between the vascular endothelial growth factor a and brain-derived neurotrophic factor genes is associated with psychological distress in the Taiwanese populationLin E; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu YL; Yang AC; Tsai SJTaiwanese Journal of Psychiatry0
252019Polymorphisms of the DNA repair gene EXO1 modulate cognitive aging in old adults in a Taiwanese populationLin E.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Tsai S.-J.DNA Repair8
262019Sleep apnea may be associated with suicidal ideation in adolescentsTseng W.-C.; Liang Y.-C.; Su M.-H.; Chen Y.-L.; Yang H.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry9
272019LRRTM4 and PCSK5 Genetic Polymorphisms as Markers for Cognitive Impairment in A Hypotensive Aging Population: A Genome-Wide Association Study in TaiwanYi-Chun Chen; Yu-Li Liu; Shih-Jen Tsai; PO-HSIU KUO ; Shih-Sin Huang; Yun-Shien LeeJournal of Clinical Medicine4
282019Prenatal and childhood exposure to phthalate diesters and neurobehavioral development in a 15-year follow-up birth cohort studyHuang H.-B.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Su P.-H.; Sun C.-W.; Chen W.J.; Wang S.-L.Environmental Research21
292019Association and Interaction Effects of Interleukin-12 Related Genes and Physical Activity on Cognitive Aging in Old Adults in the Taiwanese PopulationLin E.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Tsai S.-J.Frontiers in Neurology10
302019Effect of probiotics on depressive symptoms: A meta-analysis of human studiesGoh K.K.; Liu Y.-W.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Chung Y.-C.E.; Lu M.-L.; Chen C.-H.Psychiatry Research21
312019Transcriptome changes in relation to manic episodeLee Y.-C.; Chao Y.-L.; Chang C.-E.; Hsieh M.-H.; Liu K.-T.; Chen H.-C.; Lu M.-L.; Chen W.-Y.; Chen C.-H.; Tsai M.-H.; Lu T.-P.; Huang M.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO Frontiers in Psychiatry6
322019Polygenic approaches to detect gene-environment interactions when external information is unavailableLin W.-Y.; Huang C.-C.; Liu Y.-L.; Tsai S.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO Briefings in Bioinformatics8
332019Genome-wide gene-environment interaction analysis using set-based association testsLin W.-Y.; Huang C.-C.; Liu Y.-L.; Tsai S.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO Frontiers in Genetics8
342019Integrative Genome-Wide Association Studies of eQTL and GWAS Data for Gout Disease SusceptibilityLee M.-T.G.; Hsu T.-C.; Chen S.-C.; Lee Y.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Yang J.-H.; Chang H.-H.; Lee C.-C.Scientific Reports10
352019The association between the sedative loads and clinical severity indicators in the first-onset major depressive disorderWang Y.-C.; Lin H.-T.; Lu M.-L.; Huang M.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Wu T.-H.; Wang S.; Mao W.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Chen H.-C.Frontiers in Psychiatry3
362019Performing different kinds of physical exercise differentially attenuates the genetic effects on obesity measures: Evidence from 18,424 Taiwan Biobank participantsLin W.-Y.; Chan C.-C.; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Tsai S.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO PLoS Genetics10
372019Exploration of microbiota targets for major depressive disorder and mood related traitsChung Y.-C.E.; Chen H.-C.; Chou H.-C.L.; Chen I.-M.; Lee M.-S.; Chuang L.-C.; Liu Y.-W.; Lu M.-L.; Chen C.-H.; Wu C.-H.; Huang M.-C.; Liao S.-C.; Ni Y.-H.; Lai M.-S.; Shih W.-L.; PO-HSIU KUO Journal of Psychiatric Research35
382019Moody microbiome: Challenges and chancesPO-HSIU KUO ; Chung Y.-C.E.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association10
392018Pre-diagnostic blood immune markers, incidence and progression of B-cell lymphoma and multiple myeloma: Univariate and functionally informed multivariate analysesVermeulen R.; Saberi Hosnijeh F.; Bodinier B.; Portengen L.; Liquet B.; Garrido-Manriquez J.; Lokhorst H.; Bergdahl I.A.; Kyrtopoulos S.A.; Johansson A.-S.; Georgiadis P.; Melin B.; Palli D.; Krogh V.; Panico S.; Sacerdote C.; Tumino R.; Vineis P.; Castagn? R.; Chadeau-Hyam M.; Botsivali M.; Chatziioannou A.; Valavanis I.; Kleinjans J.C.S.; de Kok T.M.C.M.; Keun H.C.; Athersuch T.J.; Kelly R.; Lenner P.; Hallmans G.; Stephanou E.G.; Myridakis A.; Kogevinas M.; Fazzo L.; De Santis M.; Comba P.; Bendinelli B.; Kiviranta H.; Rantakokko P.; Airaksinen R.; Ruokojarvi P.; Gilthorpe M.; Fleming S.; Fleming T.; Tu Y.-K.; Lundh T.; Chien K.-L.; Chen W.J.; Lee W.-C.; Kate Hsiao C.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Hung H.; Liao S.-F.; on behalf of the EnviroGenoMarkers Consortium Consortium membersInternational Journal of Cancer10
402018Association between low-grade inflammation and Breast cancer and B-cell Myeloma and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: Findings from two prospective cohortsPO-HSIU KUO Scientific Reports8
412018The possible mediating effect of alcohol dependence on the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and attempted suicideChen W.-Y.; Chen Y.-Y.; Liu H.-H.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Huang M.-C.Alcohol0
422018A deep learning approach for predicting antidepressant response in major depression using clinical and genetic biomarkersLin E.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu Y.-L.; Yu Y.W.-Y.; Yang A.C.; Tsai S.-J.Frontiers in Psychiatry58
432018Gene-based analysis of genes related to neurotrophic pathway suggests association of BDNF and VEGFA with antidepressant treatment-response in depressed patientsKao C.-F.; Liu Y.-L.; Yu Y.W.-Y.; Yang A.C.; Lin E.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Tsai S.-J.Scientific Reports10
442018Reliability and Factor Structure of the Chinese Version of Childhood Trauma Questionnaire-short Form in in Patients with Substance Use DisorerYC Cheng; CH Chen; KR Chou; PO-HSIU KUO ; MC HuangTaiwanese Journal of Psychiatry
452018No association of CYP2E1 genetic polymorphisms with alcohol dependence in Han Taiwanese populationHuang C.-Y.; Kao C.-F.; Chen C.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Huang M.-C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association2
462018Analysis of the influence of microRNAs in lithium response in bipolar disorderPO-HSIU KUO Frontiers in Psychiatry12
472018Association of polygenic score for schizophrenia and HLA antigen and inflammation genes with response to lithium in bipolar affective disorder: A genome-wide association studyPO-HSIU KUO JAMA Psychiatry68
482018Role of adiponectin gene variants, adipokines and hydrometry-based percent body fat in metabolically healthy and abnormal obesityChang C.-S.; Lu Y.-J.; Chang H.-H.; Hsu S.-H.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Shieh C.-C.; Yao W.-J.; Hsu M.-C.; Young K.-C.; Lin W.-Y.; Huang K.-C.; Wu C.-H.; Tsai Y.-S.Obesity Research and Clinical Practice7
492018Risk profiles of personality traits for suicidality among mood disorder patients and community controlsSu M.-H.; Chen H.-C.; Lu M.-L.; Feng J.; Chen I.-M.; Wu C.-S.; Chang S.-W.; PO-HSIU KUO Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica11
502018Effects of adjunctive fluvoxamine on metabolic parameters and psychopathology in clozapine-treated patients with schizophrenia: A 12-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studyLu M.-L.; Chen T.-T.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Hsu C.-C.; Chen C.-H.Schizophrenia Research21
512017Genetic loci associated with an earlier age at onset in multiplex schizophreniaWoolston A.L.; Hsiao P.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Wang S.-H.; Lien Y.-J.; Liu C.-M.; Hwu H.-G.; Lu T.-P.; Chuang E.Y.; Chang L.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Wu J.-Y.; Tsuang M.T.; Chen W.J.Scientific Reports4
522017Prediagnostic plasma concentrations of organochlorines and risk of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma in envirogenomarkers: a nested case-control studyKelly, Rachel S; Kiviranta, Hannu; Bergdahl, Ingvar A; Palli, Domenico; Johansson, Ann-Sofie; Botsivali, Maria; Vineis, Paolo; Vermeulen, Roel; Kyrtopoulos, Soterios A; Chadeau-Hyam, Marc; EnviroGenoMarkers project consortium; PO-HSIU KUO Environmental health : a global access science source10
532017A panel of 130 autosomal single-nucleotide polymorphisms for ancestry assignment in five Asian populations and in CaucasiansHwa H.-L.; Lin C.-P.; Huang T.-Y.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Hsieh W.-H.; Lin C.-Y.; Yin H.-I.; Tseng L.-H.; Lee J.C.-I.Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology6
542017Effects of circadian clock genes and healthrelated behavior on metabolic syndrome in a Taiwanese population: Evidence fromLin E.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Kao C.-F.; Tsai S.-J.PLoS ONE24
552017Evolving DNA methylation and gene expression markers of B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia are present in pre-diagnostic blood samples more than 10 years prior to diagnosisPO-HSIU KUO BMC Genomics7
562017Chronotype preference matters for depression in youthChiu W.-H.; Yang H.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO Chronobiology International19
572017Detection of susceptibility loci on APOA5 and COLEC12 associated with metabolic syndrome using a genome-wide association study in a Taiwanese populationLin E.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Tsai S.-J.Oncotarget14
582017Blood-based omic profiling supports female susceptibility to tobacco smoke-induced cardiovascular diseasesPO-HSIU KUO Scientific Reports14
592017The rs1277306 Variant of the REST Gene Confers Susceptibility to Cognitive Aging in an Elderly Taiwanese PopulationLin E.; Tsai S.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Kao C.-F.; Yang C.-H.Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders14
602017Impact of universal health coverage on suicide risk in newly diagnosed cancer patients: Population-based cohort study from 1985 to 2007 in TaiwanLin P.-H.; Liao S.-C.; Chen I.-M.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Shan J.-C.; Lee M.-B.; Chen W.J.Psycho-Oncology9
612017Smartphone-based support system (SoberDiary) coupled with a Bluetooth breathalyser for treatment-seeking alcohol-dependent patientsYou C.-W.; Chen Y.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Lee C.-H.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Huang M.-C.; Chu H.-H.Addictive Behaviors12
622017Modifier loci associated with age-at-onset and neurocognitive function of Schizophrenia in multiplex familiesLee JY; Hsiao PC; PO-HSIU KUO ; Lien YJ; Wang SH; Liu CM; Hwu HG; Chen CH; Wu JY; Chen WJEur Neuropsychopharmacol
632017Cortisol awakening response in patients with bipolar disorder during acute episodes and partial remission: A pilot studyHuang M.-C.; Chuang S.-C.; Tseng M.-C.M.; Chien Y.-L.; Liao S.-C.; Chen H.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO Psychiatry Research7
642017Time trends in first admission rates for schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders in Taiwan, 1998�V2007: a 10-year population-based cohort studyChiang C.-L.; Chen P.-C.; Huang L.-Y.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Tung Y.-C.; Liu C.-C.; Chen W.J.Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology12
652017Transforming growth factor-�] signaling pathway-associated genes SMAD2 and TGFBR2 are implicated in metabolic syndrome in a Taiwanese populationLin E.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Tsai S.-J.Scientific Reports14
662017Building a genetic risk model for bipolar disorder from genome-wide association data with random forest algorithmChuang L.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO Scientific Reports12
672017Association and interaction effects of Alzheimer's diseaseassociated genes and lifestyle on cognitive aging in older adults in a Taiwanese populationLin E.; Tsai S.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Kao C.-F.Oncotarget25
682017Evaluation of the interaction between genetic variants of GAD1 and miRNA in bipolar disordersChung Y.-C.E.; Chen S.-C.; Chuang L.-C.; Shih W.-L.; Chiu Y.-H.; Lu M.-L.; Chen H.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO Journal of Affective Disorders5
692017The ADAMTS9 gene is associated with cognitive aging in the elderly in a Taiwanese populationLin E.; Tsai S.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Kao C.-F.; Yang C.-H.PLoS ONE17
702017Effects of circadian clock genes and environmental factors on cognitive aging in old adults in a Taiwanese populationLin E.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Kao C.-F.; Tsai S.-J.Oncotarget14
712016Association between Suicide Risk and Healthcare Utilization in Medical PatientsWu CY; Chang HY; Lee MB; PO-HSIU KUO ; Tseng CLBAOJ Medical and Nursing
722016Identification of susceptible loci and enriched pathways for Bipolar II disorder using genome-wide association studiesKao C.-F.; Chen H.-W.; Chen H.-C.; Yang J.-H.; Huang M.-C.; Chiu Y.-H.; Lin S.-K.; Lee Y.-C.; Liu C.-M.; Chuang L.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Wu J.-Y.; Lu R.-B.; PO-HSIU KUO International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology0
732016Genetic variants associated with response to lithium treatment in bipolar disorder: A genome-wide association studyPO-HSIU KUO The Lancet169
742016Impact of universal health coverage on urban-rural inequity in psychiatric service utilisation for patients with first admission for psychosis: A 10-year nationwide population-based study in TaiwanChiang C.-L.; Chen P.-C.; Huang L.-Y.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Tung Y.-C.; Liu C.-C.; Chen W.J.BMJ Open16
752016Psychiatric genetics in China: Achievements and challengesLiu C.; Saffen D.; Schulze T.G.; Burmeister M.; Sham P.C.; Yao Y.-G.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Chen C.; An Y.; Dai J.; Yue W.; Li M.X.; Xue H.; Su B.; Chen L.; Shi Y.; Qiao M.; Liu T.; Xia K.; Chan R.C.K.Molecular Psychiatry12
762016Omics for prediction of environmental health effects: Blood leukocyte-based cross-omic profiling reliably predicts diseases associated with tobacco smokingGeorgiadis P.; Hebels D.G.; Valavanis I.; Liampa I.; Bergdahl I.A.; Johansson A.; Palli D.; Chadeau-Hyam M.; Chatziioannou A.; Jennen D.G.J.; Krauskopf J.; Jetten M.J.; Kleinjans J.C.S.; Vineis P.; Kyrtopoulos S.A.; Gottschalk R.; Van Leeuwen D.; Timmermans L.; De Kok T.M.C.M.; Botsivali M.; Bendinelli B.; Kelly R.; Vermeulen R.; Portengen L.; Saberi-Hosnijeh F.; Melin B.; Hallmans G.; Lenner P.; Keun H.C.; Siskos A.; Athersuch T.J.; Kogevinas M.; Stephanou E.G.; Myridakis A.; Fazzo L.; De Santis M.; Comba P.; Kiviranta H.; Rantakokko P.; Airaksinen R.; Ruokoj?rvi P.; Gilthorpe M.; Fleming S.; Fleming T.; Tu Y.-K.; Jonsson B.; Lundh T.; Chen W.J.; Lee W.-C.; Hsiao C.K.; Chien K.-L.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Hung H.; Liao S.-F.; The EnviroGenomarkers consortiumScientific Reports32
772016Association and interaction of APOA5, BUD13, CETP, LIPA and health-related behavior with metabolic syndrome in a Taiwanese populationLin E.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Liu Y.-L.; Yang A.C.; Kao C.-F.; Tsai S.-J.Scientific Reports33
782016Effects of age and body mass index on thoracolumbar spine X-ray for diagnosing osteoporosis in elderly women: Tianliao old people (TOP) study 07Chang Y.-F.; Chang C.-S.; Wang M.-W.; Wu C.-F.; Chen C.-Y.; Chang H.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Wu C.-H.PLoS ONE69
792015The metabolome profiling and pathway analysis in metabolic healthy and abnormal obesityChen, H-H; Tseng, Y. J.; Wang, S-Y; Tsai, Y-S; Chang, C-S; Kuo, T-C; Yao, W-J; Shieh, C-C; Wu, C-H; Kuo, P-H; PO-HSIU KUO ; YUFENG JANE TSENG International Journal of Obesity 5575
802015The metabolome profiling and pathway analysis in metabolic healthy and abnormal obesityChen H.-H.; Tseng Y.J.; Wang S.-Y.; Tsai Y.-S.; Chang C.-S.; Kuo T.-C.; Yao W.-J.; Shieh C.-C.; Wu C.-H.; PO-HSIU KUO International Journal of Obesity75
812015Genome-wide association study for autism spectrum disorder in taiwanese han populationPO-HSIU KUO ; Chuang L.-C.; Su M.-H.; Chen C.-H.; Chen C.-H.; Wu J.-Y.; Yen C.-J.; Wu Y.-Y.; Liu S.-K.; Chou M.-C.; Chou W.-J.; Chiu Y.-N.; Tsai W.-C.; Gau S.S.-F.; Esteban F.J.PLoS ONE17
822015A robust GWSS method to simultaneously detect rare and common variants for complex diseaseKao C.-F.; Liu J.-R.; Hung H.; PO-HSIU KUO PLoS ONE0
832015Explore the features of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in mood disordersYeh F.-C.; Kao C.-F.; PO-HSIU KUO PLoS ONE10
842015The Relationships of Obesity-Related Genetic Variants with Metabolic Profiles and Response to Metformin in Clozapine-Treated Patients with SchizophreniaChen P.-Y.; Lu M.-L.; Huang M.-C.; Kao C.-F.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Chiu C.-C.; Lin S.-K.; Chen C.-H.Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology5
852015The associations among unhealthy eating habits, bad eating experiences and depression in Taiwanese youthsChu P.-C.; Su M.-H.; Yang H.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO Taiwan Journal of Public Health0
862015Investigation of associations between NR1D1, RORA and RORB genes and bipolar disorderLai Y.-C.; Kao C.-F.; Lu M.-L.; Chen H.-C.; Chen P.-Y.; Chen C.-H.; Shen W.W.; Wu J.-Y.; Lu R.-B.; PO-HSIU KUO PLoS ONE18
872014Identification of novel loci for bipolar I disorder in a multi-stage genome-wide association studyPO-HSIU KUO ; Chuang, L C; Liu, J R; Liu, C M; Huang, M C; Lin, S K; Sunny Sun, H; Hsieh, M H; Hung, H; Lu, R BProgress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry21
882014Disordered Eating Behavior and Associated Risk Factors amongst Obese Outpatients at a Weight Management Clinic in a Medical CenterWu HY; Huang PC; PO-HSIU KUO ; Chang CS; Lee KT; Chen CY; Kuo SE; Tseng MCM; Yu L; Wu CHTaiwan Journal of Family Medicine0
892014Exploring the associations between genetic variants in genes encoding for subunits of calcium channel and subtypes of bipolar disorderJan W.-C.; Yang S.-Y.; Chuang L.-C.; Lu R.-B.; Lu M.-K.; Sun H.S.; PO-HSIU KUO Journal of Affective Disorders14
902014The relationship of family characteristics and bipolar disorder using causal-pie modelsChen Y.-C.; Kao C.-F.; Lu M.-K.; Yang Y.-K.; Liao S.-C.; Jang F.-L.; Chen W.J.; Lu R.-B.; PO-HSIU KUO European Psychiatry10
912014Variant GADL1 and response to lithium in bipolar I disordercorrection Hou L.; Heilbronner U.; Rietschel M.; Kato T.; PO-HSIU KUO ; McMahon F.J.; Schulze T.G.; Consortium on Lithium GeneticsNew England Journal of Medicine26
922014Association between dopamine D2 receptor (DRD2) genetic variants and alcohol dependence in Han Chinese in TaiwanTsai P.-C.; Chen C.-C.; Pan C.-H.; Jan W.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Huang M.-C.Psychiatry Research0
932014The genetic association of fto variants with metabolic traits in patients with schizophrenia may be modified by antipsychoticsHuang M.-C.; Kao C.-F.; Chiu C.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Chen P.-Y.; Lu M.-L.; Chen C.-H.Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology5
942014Risk and information evaluation of prioritized genes for complex traits: Application to bipolar disorderKao C.-F.; Chuang L.-C.; PO-HSIU KUO American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics4
952014Familiality and clinical outcomes of sleep disturbances in major depressive and bipolar disordersLai Y.-C.; Huang M.-C.; Chen H.-C.; Lu M.-K.; Chiu Y.-H.; Shen W.W.; Lu R.-B.; PO-HSIU KUO Journal of Psychosomatic Research25
962014Identifying Potential Regions of Copy Number Variation for Bipolar DisorderYi-Hsuan Chen; Ru-Band Lu; Hung Hung; PO-HSIU KUO Microarrays (Basel)0
972014Urinary metabolites of di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate relation to sperm motility, reactive oxygen species generation, and apoptosis in polyvinyl chloride workersHuang L.-P.; Lee C.-C.; Fan J.-P.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Shih T.-S.; Hsu P.-C.International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health31
982014Predicting factors of mortality among patients hospitalized for heart failureHsu C.-H.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Lin L.-J.; Lee S.-C.; Chen J.-H.; Li Y.-H.Experimental and Clinical Cardiology
992013Assessment of Response to Lithium Maintenance Treatment in Bipolar Disorder: A Consortium on Lithium Genetics (ConLiGen) ReportPO-HSIU KUO PLoS ONE92
1002013A robust rerank approach for feature selection and its application to pooling-based GWA studiesLiu J.-R.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Hung H.Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine1
1012013Pathway Analysis Using Information from Allele-Specific Gene Methylation in Genome-Wide Association Studies for Bipolar DisorderChuang L.-C.; Kao C.-F.; Shih W.-L.; PO-HSIU KUO PLoS ONE18
1022013Runs of Homozygosity Associated with Speech Delay in Autism in a Taiwanese Han Population: Evidence for the Recessive ModelLin P.-I.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Chen C.-H.; Wu J.-Y.; Gau S.S.-F.; Wu Y.-Y.; Liu S.-K.PLoS ONE20
1032013Epidemiological Survey of Quantitative Ultrasound in Risk Assessment of Falls in Middle-Aged and Elderly PeopleOu L.-C.; Sun Z.-J.; Chang Y.-F.; Chang C.-S.; Chao T.-H.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Lin R.-M.; Wu C.-H.PLoS ONE7
1042013Inverse relationship between central obesity and osteoporosis in osteoporotic drug naive elderly females: The tianliao old people (top) studyChang C.-S.; Chang Y.-F.; Wang M.-W.; Chen C.-Y.; Chao Y.-J.; Chang H.-J.; PO-HSIU KUO ; Yang Y.-C.; Wu C.-H.Journal of Clinical Densitometry29
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