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12021Chapter XX Antiviral Treatment and Cancer ControlWEI-LIANG SHIH ; Fang C.-T.; Chen P.-J.Recent Results in Cancer Research0
22020Enterovirus D68 seroepidemiology in Taiwan, a cross sectional study from 2017Lee J.-T.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Yen T.-Y.; Cheng A.-L.; Lu C.-Y.; Chang L.-Y.; Huang L.-M.PLoS ONE3
32019Exploration of microbiota targets for major depressive disorder and mood related traitsChung Y.-C.E.; Chen H.-C.; Chou H.-C.L.; Chen I.-M.; Lee M.-S.; Chuang L.-C.; Liu Y.-W.; Lu M.-L.; Chen C.-H.; Wu C.-H.; Huang M.-C.; Liao S.-C.; Ni Y.-H.; Lai M.-S.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Kuo P.-H.Journal of Psychiatric Research35
42019Enterovirus 71 seroepidemiology in Taiwan in 2017 and comparison of those rates in 1997, 1999 and 2007Lee J.-T.; Yen T.-Y.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Lu C.-Y.; Liu D.-P.; Huang Y.-C.; Chang L.-Y.; Huang L.-M.; Lin T.-Y.PLoS ONE7
52019Impact of low ambient temperatures on influenza-like illnesses-related hospital emergency visits: A time series analysisHuang Y.-C.; Lin Y.-J.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Fang C.-T.Taiwan Journal of Public Health0
62019Tumor-Infiltrating Leukocyte Composition and Prognostic Power in Hepatitis B- and Hepatitis C-Related Hepatocellular CarcinomasHsiao Y.-W.; Chiu L.-T.; Chen C.-H.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Lu T.-P.Genes15
72018Polymorphisms in enterovirus 71 receptors associated with susceptibility and clinical severityYen T.-Y.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Huang Y.-C.; Lee J.-T.; Huang L.-M.; Chang L.-Y.PLoS ONE5
82017Evaluation of the interaction between genetic variants of GAD1 and miRNA in bipolar disordersChung Y.-C.E.; Chen S.-C.; Chuang L.-C.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Chiu Y.-H.; Lu M.-L.; Chen H.-C.; Kuo P.-H.Journal of Affective Disorders5
92017Predicting severe enterovirus 71 infection: Age, comorbidity, and parental behavior matterHuang W.-C.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Yang S.-C.; Yen T.-Y.; Lee J.-T.; Huang Y.-C.; Li C.-C.; Hsieh Y.-C.; Lin T.-Y.; Chang L.-Y.; Huang L.-M.Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection9
102016Prevalence of antibodies against Ehrlichia spp. and Orientia tsutsugamushi in small mammals around harbors in TaiwanTsai K.-H.; Chang S.-F.; Yen T.-Y.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Chen W.-J.; Wang H.-C.; Yu X.-J.; Wen T.-H.; Wu W.-J.; Shu P.-Y.Parasites and Vectors6
112014Anti-viral treatment and cancer controlWEI-LIANG SHIH ; Fang C.-T.; Chen P.-J.Recent Results in Cancer Research0
122013Pathway Analysis Using Information from Allele-Specific Gene Methylation in Genome-Wide Association Studies for Bipolar DisorderChuang L.-C.; Kao C.-F.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Kuo P.-H.PLoS ONE18
132012Influences of tobacco and alcohol use on hepatocellular carcinoma survivalWEI-LIANG SHIH ; Chang H.-C.; Liaw Y.-F.; Lin S.-M.; Lee S.-D.; Chen P.-J.; Liu C.-J.; Lin C.-L.; Yu M.-W.International Journal of Cancer39
142012Incorporating information of microRNAs into pathway analysis in a genome-wide association study of bipolar disorderWEI-LIANG SHIH ; Kao C.-F.; Chuang L.-C.; Kuo P.-H.Frontiers in Genetics0
152011Hepatitis B viraemia: Its heritability and association with common genetic variation in the interferon γ signalling pathwayHuang H.-H.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Li Y.-H.; Wu C.-F.; Chen P.-J.; Lin C.-L.; Liu C.-J.; Liaw Y.-F.; Lin S.-M.; Lee S.-D.; Yu M.-W.Gut20
162009Evidence for association with hepatocellular carcinoma at the PAPSS1 locus on chromosome 4q25 in a family-based studyWEI-LIANG SHIH ; Yu M.-W.; Chen P.-J.; Wu T.-W.; Lin C.-L.; Liu C.-J.; Lin S.-M.; Tai D.-I.; Lee S.-D.; Liaw Y.-F.European Journal of Human Genetics15
172008Long-term tracking of hepatitis B viral load and the relationship with risk for hepatocellular carcinoma in menWu C.-F.; Yu M.-W.; Lin C.-L.; Liu C.-J.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Tsai K.-S.; Chen C.-J.Carcinogenesis67
182008Body-mass index and progression of hepatitis B: A population-based cohort study in menYu M.-W.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Lin C.-L.; Liu C.-J.; Jian J.-W.; Tsai K.-S.; Chen C.-J.Journal of Clinical Oncology82
192006Localization of a susceptibility locus for hepatocellular carcinoma to chromosome 4q in a hepatitis B hyperendemic areaWEI-LIANG SHIH ; Yu M.-W.; Chen P.-J.; Yeh S.-H.; Lo M.-T.; Chang H.-C.; Liaw Y.-F.; Lin S.-M.; Liu C.-J.; Lee S.-D.; Lin C.-L.; Hsiao C.K.; Yang S.-Y.; Chen C.-J.Oncogene14
202005Biomarkers of exposure, effect, and susceptibility of arsenic-induced health hazards in TaiwanChen C.-J.; Hsu L.-I.; Wang C.-H.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Hsu Y.-H.; Tseng M.-P.; Lin Y.-C.; Chou W.-L.; Chen C.-Y.; Lee C.-Y.; Wang L.-H.; Cheng Y.-C.; Chen C.-L.; Chen S.-Y.; Wang Y.-H.; Hsueh Y.-M.; Chiou H.-Y.; Wu M.-M.Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology146
212005Hepatitis B virus genotype and DNA level and hepatocellular carcinoma: A prospective study in menYu M.-W.; Yeh S.-H.; Chen P.-J.; Liaw Y.-F.; Lin C.-L.; Liu C.-J.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Kao J.-H.; Chen D.-S.; Chen C.-J.Journal of the National Cancer Institute413
222003Sibling recurrence risk ratio analysis of the metabolic syndrome and its components over time.Chen W.J.; Liu P.H.; Ho Y.Y.; Chien K.L.; Lo M.T.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Yen Y.C.; Lee W.C.BMC genetics7