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12020Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson Disease in TaiwanFann J.C.-Y.; Chang K.-C.; Yen A.M.-F.; Chen S.L.-S.; Chiu S.Y.-H.; Chen H.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU World Neurosurgery00
22020A 1.9-mW SVM Processor with On-Chip Active Learning for Epileptic Seizure ControlHuang S.-A.; Chang K.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Yang C.-H.IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits1510
32020Application of heart rate variability during blood pressure measurement in patients with somatic symptom disorderHuang W.-L.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Ouyang H.; Liao S.-C.Journal of Clinical Neuroscience10
42019The Mycobacterial Adjuvant Analogue TDB Attenuates Neuroinflammation via Mincle-Independent PLC-γ1/PKC/ERK Signaling and Microglial PolarizationMohanraj M.; Sekar P.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Chang S.-F.; Lin W.-W.Molecular Neurobiology1515
52019Down-regulation of natural resistance-associated macrophage protein-1 (Nramp1) is associated with 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP)/1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium (MPP + )-induced α-synuclein accumulation and neurotoxicityWu K.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lee C.-Y.; Lin C.-J.Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology1110
62019Premature white matter aging in patients with right mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: A machine learning approach based on diffusion MRI dataChen C.-L.; Shih Y.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Hsu Y.-C.; Lin F.-H.; Tseng W.-Y.I.NeuroImage: Clinical1213
72019Low ambient temperature as the only meteorological risk factor of seizure occurrence: A multivariate studyChang K.-C.; Wu T.-H.; Fann J.C.-Y.; Chen S.L.-S.; Yen A.M.-F.; Chiu S.Y.-H.; Liu F.-C.; Chen H.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Epilepsy and Behavior89
82019Static Magnetic Field Induced Neural Stem/Progenitor Cell Early Differentiation and Promotes MaturationHo S.-Y.; Chen I.-C.; Chen Y.-J.; Lee C.-H.; Fu C.-M.; Liu F.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Stem Cells International43
92019Electrical abnormalities in dopaminergic neurons of the substantia nigra in mice with an aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiencyHo S.-Y.; Chien Y.-H.; Tsai L.-K.; Muramatsu S.-I.; Hwu W.-L.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lee N.-C.Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience22
102018Erratum to ‘Leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) potentiates antinociception activity and inhibits tolerance induction of opioids’ [Br J Anaesth 2016; 117: 512–520] (S0007091217301733) (10.1093/bja/aew247))Tu H.J.; Kang K.H.; Ho S.Y.; Liou H.C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lin C.P.; Fu W.M.British Journal of Anaesthesia00
112018A 1.9MW SVM Processor with On-Chip Active Learning for Epileptic Seizure ControlHuang S.-A.; Chang K.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Yang C.-H.IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits, Digest of Technical Papers90
122018Cytokine MIF Enhances Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability: Impact for Therapy in Ischemic StrokeLiu Y.-C.; Tsai Y.-H.; Tang S.-C.; Liou H.-C.; Kang K.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Jeng J.-S.; Fu W.-M.Scientific Reports2319
132018Gradient Relationship between Increased Mean Corpuscular Volume and Mortality Associated with Cerebral Ischemic Stroke and Ischemic Heart Disease: A Longitudinal Study on 66,294 TaiwaneseWu T.-H.; Fann J.C.-Y.; Chen S.L.-S.; Yen A.M.-F.; Wen C.-J.; Lu Y.-R.; Chen H.-H.; Chiu S.Y.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Scientific Reports88
142018The Penetration Depth for Hanatoxin Partitioning into the Membrane Hydrocarbon Core Measured with Neutron ReflectivityHsieh M.-H.; Huang P.-T.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Liang P.-H.; Chen P.-M.; Holt S.A.; Yu I.F.; James M.; Shiau Y.-S.; Lee M.-T.; Lin T.-L.; Lou K.-L.Langmuir22
152017Antagonism of proteasome inhibitor-induced heme oxygenase-1 expression by PINK1 mutationSheng X.-J.; Tu H.-J.; Chien W.-L.; Kang K.-H.; Lu D.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lee M.-J.; Fu W.-M.PLoS ONE1113
162017The critical role of Nramp1 in degrading α-synuclein oligomers in microglia under iron overload conditionWu K.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Kao Y.-H.; Lee C.-Y.; Lin C.-J.Neurobiology of Disease1211
172017Measurement of Hanatoxin-Induced Membrane Thinning with Lamellar X-ray DiffractionHsieh M.-H.; Shiau Y.-S.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Jeng U.-S.; Lee M.-T.; Lou K.-L.Langmuir45
182017Hippocampal atrophy is associated with altered hippocampus-posterior cingulate cortex connectivity in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosisShih Y.C.; Tseng C.E.; Lin F.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Tseng W.Y.I.American Journal of Neuroradiology55
192017Differential protective effects of connective tissue growth factor against Aβ neurotoxicity on neurons and gliaYang C.-N.; Wu M.-F.; Liu C.-C.; Jung W.-H.; Chang Y.-C.; Lee W.-P.; Shiao Y.-J.; Wu C.-L.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lin S.-K.; Chan C.-C.Human Molecular Genetics1211
202017SDF-1/CXCR4 Signaling Maintains Stemness Signature in Mouse Neural Stem/Progenitor CellsHo S.-Y.; Ling T.-Y.; Lin H.-Y.; Liou J.T.-J.; Liu F.-C.; Chen I.-C.; Lee S.-W.; Hsu Y.; Lai D.-M.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Stem Cells International2426
212017Hanatoxin inserts into phospholipid membranes without pore formationLou K.-L.; Hsieh M.-H.; Chen W.-J.; Cheng Y.-C.; Jian J.-N.; Lee M.-T.; Lin T.-L.; Shiau Y.-S.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes23
222016Microglia-derived cytokines/chemokines are involved in the enhancement of LPS-induced loss of nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons in DJ-1 knockout miceChien C.-H.; Lee M.-J.; Liou H.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Fu W.-M.PLoS ONE3229
232016Leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) potentiates antinociception activity and inhibits tolerance induction of opioidsTu H.J.; Kang K.H.; Ho S.Y.; Liou H.C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lin C.P.; Fu W.M.British Journal of Anaesthesia78
242016Non-basic amino acids in the ROMK1 channels via an appropriate distance modulate PIP2 regulated pHi-gatingLee C.-H.; Huang P.-T.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lin M.-Y.; Lou K.-L.; Chen C.-Y.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications22
252016Growth hormone is increased in the lungs and enhances experimental lung metastasis of melanoma in DJ-1 KO miceChien C.-H.; Lee M.-J.; Liou H.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Fu W.-M.BMC Cancer1513
262016The Phosphorylation State of GSK3β Serine 9 Correlated to the Development of Valproic Acid-Associated Fetal Cardiac Teratogenicity, Fetal VPA Syndrome, Rescued by Folic Acid AdministrationYu W.-H.; Ho Y.-L.; Huang P.-T.; Chu S.-L.; Tsai H.-J.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Cardiovascular Toxicology1010
272016Hepatitis C virus infection as a risk factor for Parkinson diseaseTsai H.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Muo C.-H.; Lee C.-Z.; Yen R.-F.; Kao C.-H.Neurology4641
282016Re: Wangensteen et al. of a letter on ‘Hepatitis C virus infection: a risk factor for Parkinson's disease.'Chen H.-H.; Liu P.F.C.; Tsai H.-H.; Yen R.-F.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Journal of Viral Hepatitis23
292015Current treatment for generalized convulsive status epilepticus in adultsTsai L.-K.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Acta Neurologica Taiwanica00
302015Active and passive methods of detecting Parkinson's diseaseWen C.-J.; Yen A.M.-F.; Chiu S.Y.-H.; Chen S.L.-S.; Fann J.C.-Y.; Hwang Y.-C.; Chen T.-F.; Wen Y.-R.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Chen H.-H.Journal of the American Geriatrics Society00
312015Structural basis for cooperative oxygen binding and bracelet-assisted assembly of Lumbricus terrestris hemoglobinChen W.-T.; Chen Y.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Chao C.-Y.Scientific Reports87
322015Restless legs syndrome is associated with cardio/cerebrovascular events and mortality in end-stage renal diseaseLin C.-H.; Sy H.-N.; Chang H.-W.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lin C.-Y.; Wu V.-C.; Wu S.-L.; Chang C.-C.; Chiu P.-F.; Li W.-Y.; Lin S.-Y.; Wu K.-D.; Chen Y.-M.; Wu R.-M.European Journal of Neurology3332
332015Functional and structural deficits of the dentate gyrus network coincide with emerging spontaneous seizures in an Scn1a mutant dravet syndrome model during developmentTsai M.-S.; Lee M.-L.; Chang C.-Y.; Fan H.-H.; Yu I.-S.; Chen Y.-T.; You J.-Y.; Chen C.-Y.; Chang F.-C.; Hsiao J.H.; Khorkova O.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Yanagawa Y.; Lee L.-J.; Lin S.-W.Neurobiology of Disease3027
342015Local immunosuppressive microenvironment enhances migration of melanoma cells to lungs in DJ-1 knockout miceChien C.-H.; Lee M.-J.; Liou H.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Fu W.-M.PLoS ONE1514
352015Hepatitis C virus infection: A risk factor for Parkinson's diseaseWu W.Y.-Y.; Kang K.-H.; Chen S.L.-S.; Chiu S.Y.-H.; Yen A.M.-F.; Fann J.C.-Y.; Su C.-W.; Liu H.-C.; Lee C.-Z.; Fu W.-M.; Chen H.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Journal of Viral Hepatitis5954
362015Chronic hepatitis B infection presenting with chronic lymphocytic inflammation with pontine perivascular enhancement responsive to steroids (CLIPPERS): A case reportWeng C.-F.; Chan D.-C.; Chen Y.-F.; Liu F.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Journal of Medical Case Reports140
372014Pregabalin activates ROMK1 channels via cAMP-dependent protein kinase and protein kinase CLee C.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU European Journal of Pharmacology54
382014Phenytoin attenuates the hyper-exciting neurotransmission in cultured embryonic cortical neuronsChou M.-Y.; Lee C.-Y.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Pan C.-Y.Neuropharmacology99
392014Autism-associated gene Dlgap2 mutant mice demonstrate exacerbated aggressive behaviors and orbitofrontal cortex deficitsJiang-Xie L.-F.; Liao H.-M.; Chen C.-H.; Chen Y.-T.; Ho S.-Y.; Lu D.-H.; Lee L.-J.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Fu W.-M.; Gau S.S.-F.Molecular Autism5455
402014Association of candidate genetic variants with restless legs syndrome in end stage renal disease: A multicenter case-control study in TaiwanLin C.-H.; Chen M.-L.; Wu V.-C.; Li W.-Y.; Sy H.-N.; Wu S.-L.; Chang C.-C.; Chiu P.-F.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lin C.-Y.; Chang H.-W.; Lin S.-Y.; Wu K.-D.; Chen Y.-M.; Wu R.-M.European Journal of Neurology2119
412013Protection of dopaminergic neurons by 5-lipoxygenase inhibitorKang K.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Hour M.-J.; Liou H.-C.; Fu W.-M.Neuropharmacology3332
422013Theory of mind in patients with temporal lobe epilepsyLi Y.-H.; Chiu M.-J.; Yeh Z.-T.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Cheng T.-W.; Hua M.-S.Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society3634
432013GABAergic tonic inhibition is regulated by developmental age and epilepsy in the dentate gyrusLee C.-Y.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU NeuroReport88
442013Gene-wide tagging study of the effects of common genetic polymorphisms in the α subunits of the GABAA receptor on epilepsy treatment responseHung C.-C.; Chen P.-L.; Huang W.-M.; Tai J.J.; Hsieh T.-J.; Ding S.-T.; Hsieh Y.-W.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Pharmacogenomics1516
452013Enhancement role of host 12/15-lipoxygenase in melanoma progressionKang K.-H.; Ling T.-Y.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Huang Y.-K.; Hour M.-J.; Liou H.-C.; Fu W.-M.European Journal of Cancer1415
462012Protein kinase C mediated pHi-regulation of ROMK1 channels via a phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate-dependent mechanismHuang P.-T.; Lee C.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lou K.-L.Journal of Molecular Modeling55
472012Lovastatin modulates glycogen synthase kinase-3β pathway and inhibits mossy fiber sprouting after pilocarpine-induced status epilepticusLee C.-Y.; Jaw T.; Tseng H.-C.; Chen I.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU PLoS ONE3627
482012Association of polymorphisms in EPHX1, UGT2B7, ABCB1, ABCC2, SCN1A and SCN2A genes with carbamazepine therapy optimizationHung C.-C.; Chang W.-L.; Ho J.-L.; Tai J.J.; Hsieh T.-J.; Huang H.-C.; Hsieh Y.-W.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Pharmacogenomics5855
492012Effects of polymorphisms in six candidate genes on phenytoin maintenance therapy in Han Chinese patientsHung C.-C.; Huang H.-C.; Gao Y.-H.; Chang W.-L.; Ho J.-L.; Chiou M.-H.; Hsieh Y.-W.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Pharmacogenomics1412
502012Geographic variation in the age- and gender-specific prevalence and incidence of epilepsy: Analysis of Taiwanese National Health Insurance-based dataChen C.-C.; Chen L.-S.; Yen M.-F.; Chen H.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Epilepsia4847
512011Association of genetic variants in six candidate genes with valproic acid therapy optimizationHung C.-C.; Ho J.-L.; Chang W.-L.; Tai J.J.; Hsieh T.-J.; Hsieh Y.-W.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Pharmacogenomics5249
522011Painful neuropathy due to skin denervation after metronidazole-induced neurotoxicityTan C.-H.; Chen Y.-F.; Chen C.-C.; Chao C.-.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Hsieh S.-T.Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry2419
532011YC-1, a novel potential anticancer agent, inhibit multidrug-resistant protein via cGMP-dependent pathwayHung C.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Investigational New Drugs1717
542011A novel postoperative seizure classification for long-term mortality of patients with intractable epilepsy: Comparison with the engel systemShih Y.-H.; Yen A.M.-F.; Yen D.-J.; Hung L.-P.; Chen H.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Neurosurgery32
552011Carisbamate (RWJ-333369) inhibits glutamate transmission in the granule cell of the dentate gyrusLee C.-Y.; Lee M.-L.; Shih C.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Neuropharmacology108
562011Neuropsychological performance and seizure-related risk factors in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy: A retrospective cross-sectional studyWang W.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Chen C.-C.; Chiu M.-J.; Chen T.-F.; Cheng T.-W.; Hua M.-S.Epilepsy and Behavior3836
572010Impaired gist memory in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy and hippocampal sclerosisChiu M.-J.; Lin C.-W.; Chen C.-C.; Chen T.-F.; Chen Y.-F.; Liu H.-M.; Chu C.-P.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Hua M.-S.Epilepsia66
582010Cellular localization of the organic cation transporters, OCT1 and OCT2, in brain microvessel endothelial cells and its implication for MPTP transport across the blood-brain barrier and MPTP-induced dopaminergic toxicity in rodentsLin C.-J.; Tai Y.; Huang M.-T.; Tsai Y.-F.; Hsu H.-J.; Tzen K.-Y.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Journal of Neurochemistry8874
592010Effect of acupressure and trigger points in treating headache: A randomized controlled trialHsieh L.L.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lee L.-H.; Chen T.H.-H.; Yen A.M.-F.American Journal of Chinese Medicine2222
602010Clinical presentations and skin denervation in amyloid neuropathy due to transthyretin Ala97SerYang N.C.-C.; Lee M.-J.; Chao C.-C.; Chuang Y.-T.; Lin W.-M.; Chang M.-F.; Hsieh P.-C.; Kan H.-W.; Lin Y.-H.; Yang C.-C.; Chiu M.-J.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Hsieh S.-T.Neurology6354
612009Sibutramine-induced recurrent seizuresHuang B.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Epilepsy and Behavior32
622009Clinical efficacy and cognitive and neuropsychological effects of levetiracetam in epilepsy: An open-label multicenter studyWu T.; Chen C.-C.; Chen T.-C.; Tseng Y.-F.; Chiang C.-B.; Hung C.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Epilepsy and Behavior3431
632009Levetiracetam inhibits glutamate transmission through presynaptic P/Q-type calcium channels on the granule cells of the dentate gyrusLee C.-Y.; Chen C.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU British Journal of Pharmacology7870
642009Prevalence and risk factors of somatic and autonomic neuropathy in prediabetic and diabetic patientsHsu W.-C.; Yen A.M.-F.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Wang H.-C.; Chen T.H.-H.Neuroepidemiology1411
652009Different prevalence rates of parkinson's disease in urban and rural areas: A population-based study in TaiwanChen C.C.; Chen T.F.; Hwang Y.C.; Wen Y.R.; Chiu Y.H.; Wu C.Y.; Chen R.C.; Tai J.J.; Chen T.H.H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Neuroepidemiology3433
662009Mortality of Parkinson's disease by Hoehn-Yahr stage from community-based and clinic series [keelung Community-based Integrated Screening (KCIS) no. 17)]HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Wu C.-Y.; Chiu Y.-H.; Yen A.M.-F.; Chen R.-C.; Chen T.-F.; Chen C.-C.; Hwang Y.-C.; Wen Y.-R.; Chen T.H.-H.Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice76
672008Functional evaluation of polymorphisms in the human ABCB1 gene and the impact on clinical responses of antiepileptic drugsHung C.-C.; Chen C.-C.; Lin C.-J.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Pharmacogenetics and Genomics5045
682008Natural history and effectiveness of early detection of Parkinson's disease: Results from two community-based programmes in Taiwan (KCIS no. 11)HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Wu C.-Y.; Chiu Y.-H.; Yen A.M.-F.; Chen R.-C.; Chen T.-F.; Chen C.-C.; Hwang Y.-C.; Wen Y.-R.; Chen T.H.-H.Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice76
692008Association of galactose single-point test levels and phenytoin metabolic polymorphisms with gingival hyperplasia in patients receiving long-term phenytoin therapyLin C.-J.; Yen M.-F.; Hu O.Y.-P.; Lin M.-S.; Hsiong C.-H.; Hung C.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Pharmacotherapy76
702008Paraquat inhibits postsynaptic AMPA receptors on dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra pars compactaLee C.-Y.; Lee C.-H.; Shih C.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Biochemical Pharmacology2018
712008Lamotrigine inhibits postsynaptic AMPA receptor and glutamate release in the dentate gyrusLee C.-Y.; Fu W.-M.; Chen C.-C.; Su M.-J.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Epilepsia7162
722008Functional and structural characterization of PKA-mediated pHi gating of ROMK1 channelsLee C.-H.; Huang P.-T.; Lou K.-L.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling44
732008PKA-mediated phosphorylation is a novel mechanism for levetiracetam, an antiepileptic drug, activating ROMK1 channelsLee C.-H.; Lee C.-Y.; Tsai T.-S.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Biochemical Pharmacology1617
742008Mossy fiber sprouting in pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus rat hippocampus: A correlative study of diffusion spectrum imaging and histologyKuo L.-W.; Lee C.-Y.; Chen J.-H.; Wedeen V.J.; Chen C.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Tseng W.-Y.I.NeuroImage3837
752008Gabapentin activates ROMK1 channels by a protein kinase A (PKA)-dependent mechanismLee C.-H.; Tsai T.-S.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU British Journal of Pharmacology57
762008Effects of sodium azide, barium ion, d-amphetamine and procaine on inward rectifying potassium channel 6.2 expressed in Xenopus oocytesKung F.-L.; Tsai J.-L.; Lee C.-H.; Lou K.-L.; Tang C.-Y.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lu K.-L.; Chen Y.-H.; Wang W.-J.; Tsai M.-C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association22
772008d-Amphetamine inhibits inwardly rectifying potassium channels in Xenopus oocytes expression systemLee C.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lu K.-L.; Shen Y.-C.; Tsai M.-C.NeuroToxicology22
782007Bilateral subthalamotomy for advanced Parkinson diseaseTseng H.-M.; Su P.C.; Liu H.-M.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Yen R.-F.Surgical Neurology2824
792007Simplified electrodiagnostic criteria of diabetic polyneuropathy in field study (KCIS No. 14)Hsu W.-C.; Chiu Y.-H.; Chen W.-H.; Chiu H.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Chen T.H.-H.Neuroepidemiology109
802007Interaction between nicotine and MPTP/MPP+ in rat brain endothelial cellsHORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Hsu H.-J.; Tsai Y.-F.; Shih C.-Y.; Chang Y.-C.; Lin C.-J.Life Sciences1413
812007Association of polymorphisms in NR1I2 and ABCB1 genes with epilepsy treatment responsesHung C.-C.; Tai J.J.; Kao P.-J.; Lin M.-S.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Pharmacogenomics5447
822006Population-based survey on prevalence of adult patients with epilepsy in Taiwan (Keelung community-based integrated screening no. 12)Chen C.-C.; Chen T.-F.; Hwang Y.-C.; Wen Y.-R.; Chiu Y.-H.; Wu C.-Y.; Chen R.-C.; Chen T.H.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Epilepsy Research3329
832006Molecular and clinical analyses of 84 patients with tuberous sclerosis complexHung C.-C.; Su Y.N.; Chien S.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Chen C.-C.; Chen P.-C.; Hsieh C.-J.; Chen C.-P.; Lee W.-T.; Lin W.-L.; Lee C.-N.BMC Medical Genetics5250
842006Bayesian random-effect model for predicting outcome fraught with heterogeneity: An illustration with episodes of 44 patients with intractable epilepsyYen A.M.-F.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lin H.-L.; Chen T.H.-H.Methods of Information in Medicine33
852006A common polymorphism in the SCN1A gene associates with phenytoin serum levels at maintenance doseTate S.K.; Singh R.; Hung C.-C.; Tai J.J.; Depondt C.; Cavalleri G.L.; Sisodiya S.M.; Goldstein D.B.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Pharmacogenetics and Genomics9078
862005Health related quality of life in adult patients with epilepsy compared with a general reference population in TaiwanHORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Chen R.-C.; Chen C.-C.; Chiu M.-J.; Chang Y.-Y.; Wang J.-D.Epilepsy Research6461
872005Mortality in adult patients with epilepsy in TaiwanChen R.-C.; Chang Y.-C.; Chen T.H.-H.; Wu H.-M.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Epileptic Disorders1919
882005Complex haplotypic effects of the ABCB1 gene on epilepsy treatment responseHung C.-C.; Tai J.J.; Lin C.-J.; Lee M.-J.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Pharmacogenomics114101
892005Two-stage community-based screening model for estimating prevalence of diabetic polyneuropathy (KCIS No. 6)Hsu W.-C.; Chiu Y.-H.; Chiu H.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Jeng Y.-C.; Chen T.H.-H.Neuroepidemiology129
902004Dosage recommendation of phenytoin for patients with epilepsy with different CYP2C9/CYP2C19 polymorphismsHung C.-C.; Lin C.-J.; Chen C.-C.; Chang C.-J.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Therapeutic Drug Monitoring11090
912004Interaction between Anticonvulsants and Human Placental Carnitine TransporterWu S.-P.; Shyu M.-K.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Gau C.-S.; Lin C.-J.Epilepsia3828
922004Estimation of prevalence and incidence of infantile spasms in Taiwan using capture-recapture methodChen C.-C.; Chen T.-F.; Lin H.-C.; Oon P.-C.; Wu H.-M.; Wang P.-J.; Chen T.H.-H.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Epilepsy Research1010
932004Community-Based Multiple Screening Model: Design, Implementation, and Analysis of 42,387 Participants Taiwan Community-Based Integrated Screening GroupChen T.H.-H.; Chiu Y.-H.; Luh D.-L.; Yen M.-F.; Wu H.-M.; Chen L.-S.; Tung T.-H.; Huang C.-C.; Chan C.-C.; Shiu M.-N.; Yeh Y.-P.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Liao C.-S.; Lai H.-C.; Chiang C.-P.; Peng H.-L.; Tseng C.-D.; Yen M.-S.; Hsu W.-C.; Chen C.-H.Cancer130135
942003A possible molecular mechanism of hanatoxin binding-modified gating in voltage-gated K+-channelsLou K.-L.; Huang P.-T.; Shiau Y.-S.; Liaw Y.-C.; Shiau Y.-Y.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Journal of Molecular Recognition1415
952003Treatment of advanced Parkinson's disease by subthalamotomy: One-year resultsSu P.C.; Tseng H.-M.; Liu H.-M.; Yen R.-F.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Movement Disorders6444
962003Structural Basis of Binding and Inhibition of Novel Tarantula Toxins in Mammalian Voltage-Dependent Potassium ChannelsShiau Y.-S.; Huang P.-T.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Liaw Y.-C.; Shiau Y.-Y.; Lou K.-L.Chemical Research in Toxicology3431
972002Structural influence of hanatoxin binding on the carboxyl terminus of S3 segment in voltage-gated K+-channel Kv2.1Huang P.T.; Chen T.Y.; Tseng L.J.; Lou K.L.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lin T.B.; Spatz H.C.; Shiau Y.Y.Receptors and Channels1113
982002Structural determinants and specificities for ROMK1-phosphoinositide interactionZeng W.-Z.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Murali Krishna U.; Falck J.R.; Huang C.-L.American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology3330
992002Subthalamotomy for advanced Parkinson diseaseSu P.C.; Tseng H.-M.; Liu H.-M.; Yen R.-F.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Journal of Neurosurgery4641
1002002Molecular simulation reveals structural determinants of the hanatoxin binding in Kv2.1 channelsShiau Y.-S.; Lin T.-B.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Huang P.-T.; Lou K.-L.; Shiau Y.-Y.Journal of Molecular Modeling1112
1012002Postural asymmetries following unilateral subthalamotomy for advanced Parkinson's diseaseSu P.C.; Tseng H.-M.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Movement Disorders2218
1022001Attenuation of paraquat-induced dopaminergic toxicity on the substantia nigra by (-)-Deprenyl in vivoHORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Chen R.-C.; Chen T.H.-H.; Tsai Y.-F.; Tsai M.-C.Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology2824
1032001Seizure frequency affects event-related potentials (P300) in epilepsyChen R.-C.; Tsai S.-Y.; Chang Y.-C.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Journal of Clinical Neuroscience87
1042001Prevalence, incidence, and mortality of PD: A door-to-door survey in Ilan County, TaiwanChen R.C.; Chang S.F.; Su C.L.; Chen T.H.H.; Yen M.F.; Wu H.M.; Chen Z.Y.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU Neurology11194
1052001Risk factors associated with infantile spasms: A hospital-based case-control study in TaiwanHORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Oon P.-C.; Lin H.-C.; Wang P.-J.; Chen T.H.-H.Epilepsy Research85
1062001Modulation of protein kinase A activation by fibronectin matrix proteins at developing neuromuscular synapses in Xenopus laevis cell culturesHORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Lin W.; Liou H.-C.; Huang T.-F.; Fu W.-M.Molecular Pharmacology54
1072001Collaboration of fibronectin matrix and neurotrophin in regulating spontaneous transmitter release at developing neuromuscular synapses in Xenopus cell culturesFu W.-M.; HORNG-HUEI LIOU ; Wang C.-L.Neuroscience Letters77
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