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12022Deterioration and predictive values of semantic networks in mild cognitive impairmentChang H.-T.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen T.-F.; Liu M.-Y.; Fan W.-C.; Cheng T.-W.; Lai Y.-M.; Hua M.-S.Journal of Neurolinguistics0
22021Three month inhalation exposure to low-level PM2.5 induced brain toxicity in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse modelLee S.-H.; Chen Y.-H.; Chien C.-C.; Yan Y.-H.; Chen H.-C.; Chuang H.-C.; Hsieh H.-I.; Cho K.-H.; Kuo L.-W.; Chou C.C.-K.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Tee B.L.; Chen T.-F.; Cheng T.-J.PLoS ONE1
32021Investigation of the Number of Tests Required for Assaying Plasma Biomarkers Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease Using Immunomagnetic ReductionLiu H.-C.; Chen H.-H.; Ho C.-S.; Chang J.-F.; Lin C.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen T.-F.; Hu C.-J.; Yan S.-H.; Sun Y.; Yang S.-Y.Neurology and Therapy0
42021An Exploration of the Own-Age Effect on Facial Emotion Recognition in Normal Elderly People and Individuals with the Preclinical and Demented Alzheimer's DiseaseChuang Y.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen T.-F.; Chang Y.-L.; Lai Y.-M.; Cheng T.-W.; Hua M.-S.Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD1
52021Boundary extension as a tool for detection of cognitive change among individuals with mild cognitive impairment: A preliminary studyChang H.-T.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen T.-F.; Hsu Y.-T.; Wang H.-F.; Yang Y.-C.; Lien H.-T.; Hua M.-S.Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics0
62021Synergistic Association between Plasma Aβ1-42and p-tau in Alzheimer's Disease but Not in Parkinson's Disease or Frontotemporal DementiaMING-JANG CHIU ; Yang S.-Y.; Chen T.-F.; Lin C.-H.; Yang F.-C.; Chen W.-P.; Zetterberg H.; Blennow K.ACS Chemical Neuroscience0
72021Prognostic Features of Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: An Analysis of Taiwan's Nationwide SurveillanceSun Y.; Fan L.-Y.; Huang C.-T.; Liu C.-C.; Chen T.-F.; Lu C.-J.; Guo W.-Y.; Chang Y.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU Journal of the American Medical Directors Association0
82021Integrated 18F-T807 Tau PET, Structural MRI, and Plasma Tau in Tauopathy Neurodegenerative DisordersLi C.-H.; Chen T.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Yen R.-F.; Shih M.-C.; Lin C.-H.Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience1
92020Assessment of neuropathology of Alzheimer's disease brain with high-resolution, label-free multi-harmonic generation microscopyChakraborty S.; Wu P.-C.; Chen S.-T.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Sun C.-K.Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE0
102020Classifications of neurodegenerative disorders using a multiplex blood biomarkers-based machine learning modelLin C.-H.; Chiu S.-I.; Chen T.-F.; Jang J.-S.R.; MING-JANG CHIU International Journal of Molecular Sciences66
112020Frontal variant of Alzheimer's disease with asymmetric presentation mimicking frontotemporal dementia: Case report and literature reviewLi C.-H.; Fan S.-P.; Chen T.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Yen R.-F.; Lin C.-H.Brain and Behavior41
122020Development of an assay of plasma neurofilament light chain utilizing immunomagnetic reduction technologyLiu H.-C.; Lin W.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Lu C.-H.; Lin C.-Y.; Yang S.-Y.PLoS ONE55
132020Additive-color multi-harmonic generation microscopy for simultaneous label-free differentiation of plaques, tangles, and neuronal axonsChakraborty S.; Chen S.-T.; Hsiao Y.-T.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Sun C.-K.Biomedical Optics Express9
142020Stability of Plasma Amyloid-β 1-40, Amyloid-β 1-42, and Total Tau Protein over Repeated Freeze/Thaw CyclesLiu H.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Lin C.-H.; Yang S.-Y.Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Extra6
152020Incidence of and mortality due to human prion diseases in taiwan: A prospective 20-year nationwide surveillance study from 1998 to 2017Sun Y.; Liu C.-C.; Fan L.-Y.; Huang C.-T.; Chen T.-F.; Lu C.-J.; Guo W.-Y.; Chang Y.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU Clinical Epidemiology2
162020Nanoparticle-based immunomagnetic assay of plasma biomarkers for differentiating dementia and prodromal states of Alzheimer's disease – A cross-validation studyMING-JANG CHIU ; Chen T.-F.; Hu C.-J.; Yan S.-H.; Sun Y.; Liu B.-H.; Chang Y.-T.; Yang C.-C.; Yang S.-Y.Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine66
172020Predictors and associating factors of nasogastric tube removal: Clinical and brain imaging data analysis in post-stroke dysphagiaHsueh H.-W.; Chen Y.-C.; Chang C.-F.; Wang T.-G.; MING-JANG CHIU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1
182020Composite Scores of Plasma Tau and β-Amyloids Correlate with Dementia in down SyndromeFang W.-Q.; Hwu W.-L.; Chien Y.-H.; Yang S.-Y.; Chieh J.-J.; Chang L.-M.; Huang A.-C.; Lee N.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ACS Chemical Neuroscience22
192020The contribution of vascular risk factors in neurodegenerative disorders: From mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's diseaseCheng Y.-W.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen Y.-F.; Cheng T.-W.; Lai Y.-M.; Chen T.-F.Alzheimer's Research and Therapy56
202020Author response: Blood NfL: A biomarker for disease severity and progression in Parkinson diseaseLin C.-H.; MING-JANG CHIU Neurology1
212019An one-pot two-step automated synthesis of [18F]T807 injection, its biodistribution in mice and monkeys, and a preliminary study in humansHuang Y.-Y.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. PLoS ONE12
222019Age-Dependent Relationship Between Plasma Aβ40 and Aβ42 and Total Tau Levels in Cognitively Normal SubjectsLue L.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience14
232019Corrigendum: Age-Dependent Relationship Between Plasma A?40 and A?42 and Total Tau Levels in Cognitively Normal Subjects (Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, (2019), 11, 10.3389/fnagi.2019.00222)Lue L.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience0
242019The Social Functioning Scale for Alzheimer's Disease: A Short Informant-based Measure of Functional Status in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease in TaiwanLu Y.-J.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen T.-F.; Cheng T.-W.; Chen H.-Y.; Hua M.-S.Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology00
252019Mild cognitive impairment in combination with comorbid diabetes mellitus and hypertension is negatively associated with health-related quality of life among older persons in TaiwanLiu H.-Y.; Tsai W.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Tang L.-Y.; Lee H.-J.; Shyu Y.-I.L.Quality of Life Research57
262019Relationships Between Cognitive Dysfunction and Health-Related Quality of Life Among Older Persons in Taiwan: A Nationwide Population-Based SurveyLiu H.-Y.; Tsai W.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Tang L.-Y.; Lee H.-J.; Shyu Y.-I.L.; Wang W.-S.American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias22
272019Blood NfL: A biomarker for disease severity and progression in Parkinson diseaseLin C.-H.; Li C.-H.; Yang K.-C.; Lin F.-J.; Wu C.-C.; Chieh J.-J.; MING-JANG CHIU Neurology3457
282019Cognitive dysfunction predicts worse health-related quality of life for older stroke survivors: a nationwide population-based survey in TaiwanKuo L.-M.; Tsai W.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Tang L.-Y.; Lee H.-J.; Shyu Y.-I.L.Aging and Mental Health12
292019Long-Term Storage Effects on Stability of Aβ1-40, Aβ1-42, and Total Tau Proteins in Human Plasma Samples Measured with Immunomagnetic Reduction AssaysMING-JANG CHIU ; Lue L.-F.; Sabbagh M.N.; Chen T.-F.; Chen H.H.; Yang S.-Y.Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Extra9
302019Predicting Neurodegenerative Diseases Using a Novel Blood Biomarkers-based Model by Machine LearningChiu S.-I.; Lin C.-H.; Lim W.S.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen T.-F.; Jang J.-S.R.Proceedings - 2019 International Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence, TAAI 20190
312019Plasma ps129-α-synuclein is a surrogate biofluid marker of motor severity and progression in parkinson’s diseaseLin C.-H.; Liu H.-C.; Yang S.-Y.; Yang K.-C.; Wu C.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU Journal of Clinical Medicine6
322018Association of polypharmacy with mild cognitive impairment and cognitive ability: A nationwide survey in TaiwanCheng C.-M.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry108
332018Diminution of context association memory structure in subjects with subjective cognitive declineFan L.-Y.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Human Brain Mapping77
342018Task-switching performance improvements after Tai Chi Chuan training are associated with greater prefrontal activation in older adultsWu M.-T.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience23
352018Diagnostic accuracy of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living for dementia in community-dwelling older adultsMao H.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Age and Ageing1817
362018Association between Helicobacter pylori infection and cognitive impairment in the elderlyHan M.-L.; Chen J.-H.; Tsai M.-K.; Liou J.-M.; Chiou J.-M.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen Y.-C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association67
372018The effect of lifestyle on late-life cognitive change under different socioeconomic statusWeng P.-H.; Chen J.-H.; Chiou J.-M.; Tu Y.-K.; Chen T.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Tang S.-C.; Yeh S.-J.; Chen Y.-C.PLoS ONE1618
382018Plasma Amyloid-β (Aβ42) Correlates with Cerebrospinal Fluid Aβ42 in Alzheimer's DiseaseTeunissen C.E.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Yang C.-C.; Yang S.-Y.; Scheltens P.; Zetterberg H.; Blennow K.Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD4257
392018Visualization and Sonification of Long-Term Epilepsy Electroencephalogram MonitoringLin J.-W.; Chen W.; Shen C.-P.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Kao Y.-H.; Lai F.; Zhao Q.; Cichocki A.Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering5
402018The relation between brain amyloid deposition, cortical atrophy, and plasma biomarkers in amnesic mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's DiseaseFan L.-Y.; Tzen K.-Y.; Chen Y.-F.; Chen T.-F.; Lai Y.-M.; Yen R.-F.; Huang Y.-Y.; Shiue C.-Y.; Yang S.-Y.; MING-JANG CHIU Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience37
412018Practice variability combined with task-oriented electromyographic biofeedback enhances strength and balance in people with chronic strokeTsaih P.-L.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Luh J.-J.; Yang Y.-R.; Lin J.-J.; Hu M.-H.Behavioural Neurology45
422018Eight-channel AC magnetosusceptometer of magnetic nanoparticles for high-throughput and ultra-high-sensitivity immunoassayChieh J.-J.; Wei W.-C.; Liao S.-H.; Chen H.-H.; Lee Y.-F.; Lin F.-C.; Chiang M.-H.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Horng H.-E.; Yang S.-Y.Sensors (Switzerland)77
432018Plasma β-Amyloids and Tau Proteins in Patients with Vascular Cognitive ImpairmentTang S.-C.; Yang K.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Yang S.-Y.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Wu C.-C.; Jeng J.-S.NeuroMolecular Medicine37
442018Assay of plasma phosphorylated tau protein (threonine 181) and total tau protein in early-stage Alzheimer's diseaseYang C.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen T.-F.; Chang H.-L.; Liu B.-H.; Yang S.-Y.Journal of Alzheimer's Disease4958
452018Plasma biomarkers differentiate Parkinson's disease from atypical parkinsonism syndromesLin C.-H.; Yang S.-Y.; Horng H.-E.; Yang C.-C.; Chieh J.-J.; Chen H.-H.; Liu B.-H.; MING-JANG CHIU Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience18
462018失智症照護的創新生活科技傅立成(Fu, L.-C.); 許永真(Hsu, Y.-J.); 陳淑惠(Chen, S.-H.); 洪一平(Hung, Y.-P.); 陳佳慧(Chen, C.-H.); 廖峻鋒(Liao, C.-F.); 吳治勳(Wu, C.-H.); 陳錫中(Chen, H.-C.); 彭熙寧(Peng, H.-N.); 莊雯莉(Chuang, W.-L.); 陳達夫(Chen, T.-F.); 邱銘章(Chiu, M.-J.); MING-JANG CHIU 福祉科技與服務管理學刊0
472017Modest Overweight and Healthy Dietary Habits Reduce Risk of Dementia: A Nationwide Survey in TaiwanLee C.-Y.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. The journal of prevention of Alzheimer's disease34
482017Comorbidity and dementia: A nationwide survey in TaiwanChen T.-B.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. PLoS ONE3836
492017Plasma levels of Aβ42 and Tau identified probable Alzheimer's dementia: Findings in two cohortsLue L.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience50
502017Analytical performance of reagent for assaying tau protein in human plasma and feasibility study screening neurodegenerative diseasesYang S.-Y.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Scientific Reports2927
512017Effect of Kidney Dysfunction on Cerebral Cortical Thinning in Elderly PopulationChen C.-H.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Scientific Reports517
522017Blood beta-amyloid and tau in down syndrome: A comparison with Alzheimer's diseaseLee N.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience31
532017UB-311, a novel UBITh? amyloid β peptide vaccine for mild?Alzheimer's?diseaseWang C.Y.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Alzheimer's and Dementia: Translational Research and Clinical Interventions0
542017GA-SVM modeling of multiclass seizure detector in epilepsy analysis system using cloud computingShen C.-P.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Soft Computing8
552017Detection of Plasma Biomarkers Using Immunomagnetic Reduction: A Promising Method for the Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s DiseaseYang S.-Y.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen T.-F.; Horng H.-E.Neurology and Therapy37
562017Plasma α-synuclein predicts cognitive decline in Parkinson's diseaseLin C.-H.; Yang S.-Y.; Horng H.-E.; Yang C.-C.; Chieh J.-J.; Chen H.-H.; Liu B.-H.; MING-JANG CHIU Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry5370
572017Plasma tau levels in cognitively normal middle-aged and older adultsMING-JANG CHIU ; Fan L.-Y.; Chen T.-F.; Chen Y.-F.; Chieh J.-J.; Horng H.-E.Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience12
582017From mild cognitive impairment to subjective cognitive decline: Conceptual and methodological evolutionCheng Y.-W.; Chen T.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment55
592017Dual-Task Gait Speeds Better Differentiate Patients with Cognitive Impairment from Cognitively Normal Older Adults than Single-Task Gait Speed朱育秀(Yu-Hsiu Chu); 湯佩芳(Pei-Fang Tang); 邱銘章(Ming-Jang Chiu); 陳達夫(Ta-Fu Chen); MING-JANG CHIU 物理治療0
602017酒精相關的認知功能損害杜恩年(En-Nien Tu); 簡意玲(Yi-Ling Chien); 葉寶專(Bao-Juan Yeh); 胡海國(Hai-Gwo Hwu); 邱銘章(Ming-Jang Chiu); 黃偉烈(Wei-Lieh Huang); MING-JANG CHIU 台灣醫學0
612016A single nucleotide TDP-43 mutation within a Taiwanese family: A multifaceted demonCheng Y.-W.; Lee M.-J.; Chen T.-F.; Cheng T.-W.; Lai Y.-M.; Hua M.-S.; MING-JANG CHIU Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Degeneration46
622016Predictors for Successful Endovascular Intervention in Chronic Carotid Artery Total OcclusionChen Y.-H.; Leong W.-S.; Lin M.-S.; Huang C.-C.; Hung C.-S.; Li H.-Y.; Chan K.-K.; Yeh C.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Kao H.-L.JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions4736
632016Development of an ultra-high sensitive immunoassay with plasma biomarker for differentiating Parkinson disease dementia from Parkinson disease using antibody functionalized magnetic nanoparticlesYang S.-Y.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Lin C.-H.; Horng H.-E.; Yang C.-C.; Chieh J.-J.; Chen H.-H.; Liu B.-H.Journal of Nanobiotechnology2737
642015Improvement of cerebral glucose metabolism in symptomatic patients with carotid artery stenosis after stentingKao H.-L.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Clinical Nuclear Medicine44
652015Hippocampal atrophy but not white-matter changes predicts the long-term cognitive response to cholinesterase inhibitors in Alzheimer's diseaseCheng Y.-W.; Chen T.-F.; Cheng T.-W.; Lai Y.-M.; Hua M.-S.; Chen Y.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU Alzheimer's Research and Therapy35
662015Memory for gist and detail information in patients with Parkinson's diseaseYu R.-L.; Tan C.-H.; Wu Y.-R.; Wu R.-M.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Hua M.-S.BMJ open00
672015Delirium, Subsyndromal Delirium, and Cognitive Changes in Individuals Undergoing Elective Coronary Artery Bypass Graft SurgeryLi H.-C.; Chen Y.-S.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Fu M.-C.; Huang G.-H.; Chen C.C.-H.Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing2322
682015Regional cingulum disruption, not gray matter atrophy, detects cognitive changes in amnestic mild cognitive impairment subtypesChang Y.-L.; Chen T.-F.; Shih Y.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Yan S.-H.; Tseng W.-Y.I.Journal of Alzheimer's Disease1615
692015Marital status, lifestyle and dementia: A nationwide survey in TaiwanFan L.-Y.; Sun Y.; Lee H.-J.; Yang S.-C.; Chen T.-F.; Lin K.-N.; Lin C.-C.; Wang P.-N.; Tang L.-Y.; MING-JANG CHIU PLoS ONE1422
702015Epileptic EEG visualization and sonification based on linear discriminate analysisChen W.; Shen C.-P.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Zhao Q.; Cichocki A.; Lin J.-W.; Lai F.Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS40
712015Distinct patterns and clinical implications of semantic memory deterioration among patients with MCIChang H.-T.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen T.-F.; Cheng T.-W.; Hua M.-S.Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders55
722014A nationwide survey of mild cognitive impairment and dementia, including very mild dementia, in TaiwanSun Y.; Lee H.-J.; Yang S.-C.; Chen T.-F.; Lin K.-N.; Lin C.-C.; Wang P.-N.; Tang L.-Y.; MING-JANG CHIU PLoS ONE132137
732014Plasma Aβ but not tau is related to brain PiB retention in early Alzheimer's diseaseTzen K.-Y.; Yang S.-Y.; Chen T.-F.; Cheng T.-W.; Horng H.-E.; Wen H.-P.; Huang Y.-Y.; Shiue C.-Y.; MING-JANG CHIU ACS Chemical Neuroscience6474
742014Cingulum correlates of cognitive functions in patients with mild cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer's disease: A diffusion spectrum imaging studyLin Y.-C.; Shih Y.-C.; Tseng W.-Y.I.; Chu Y.-H.; Wu M.-T.; Chen T.-F.; Tang P.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU Brain Topography3539
752014Systemic infections may cause cognitive deterioration and neurodegenerationMING-JANG CHIU Critical Care Medicine02
762014Combotherapy and current concepts as well as future strategies for the treatment of Alzheimer's diseaseFan L.-Y.; MING-JANG CHIU Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment25
772014Plasma tau as a window to the brain-negative associations with brain volume and memory function in mild cognitive impairment and early alzheimer's diseaseMING-JANG CHIU ; Chen Y.-F.; Chen T.-F.; Yang S.-Y.; Yang F.-P.G.; Tseng T.-W.; Chieh J.-J.; Chen J.-C.R.; Tzen K.-Y.; Hua M.-S.; Horng H.-E.Human Brain Mapping8289
782014Lack of C9orf72 repeat expansion in Taiwanese patients with mixed neurodegenerative disordersLin C.-H.; Chen T.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Lin H.-I.; Wu R.-M.Frontiers in Neurology14
792013Association of the recovery of objective abnormal cerebral perfusion with neurocognitive improvement after carotid revascularizationHuang C.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Journal of the American College of Cardiology3026
802013A Physiology-Based Seizure Detection System for Multichannel EEGShen C.-P.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. PLoS ONE2520
812013Combined plasma biomarkers for diagnosing mild cognition impairment and Alzheimer's diseaseMING-JANG CHIU et al. ACS Chemical Neuroscience82
822013Epilepsy analytic system with cloud computingShen C.-P.; Zhou W.; Lin F.-S.; Sung H.-Y.; Lam Y.-Y.; Chen W.; Lin J.-W.; Pan M.-K.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Lai F.Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS0
832013Ultra-fast epileptic seizure detection using EMD based on multichannel electroencephalogramChen W.; Lam Y.-Y.; Shen C.-P.; Sung H.-Y.; Lin J.-W.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Lai F.13th IEEE International Conference on BioInformatics and BioEngineering, IEEE BIBE 20130
842013Dose-dependent folic acid and memantine treatments promote synergistic or additive protection against Aβ(25-35) peptide-induced apoptosis in SH-SY5Y cells mediated by mitochondria stress-associated death signalsChen T.-F.; Tang M.-C.; Chou C.-H.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Huang R.-F.S.Food and Chemical Toxicology1314
852013A Diagnostic Model Incorporating P50 Sensory Gating and Neuropsychological Tests for SchizophreniaShan J.-C.; Liu C.-M.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Liu C.-C.; Chien Y.-L.; Hwang T.-J.; Lin Y.-T.; Hsieh M.H.; Jaw F.-S.; Hwu H.-G.PLoS ONE98
862013Classification of schizophrenia using Genetic Algorithm-Support Vector Machine (GA-SVM)Hiesh M.-H.; Lam Andy Y.-Y.; Shen C.-P.; Chen W.; Lin F.-S.; Sung H.-Y.; Lin J.-W.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Lai F.Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS110
872013High-performance seizure detection system using a wavelet-approximate entropy-fSVM cascade with clinical validationShen C.-P.; Chen C.-C.; Hsieh S.-L.; Chen W.-H.; Chen J.-M.; Chen C.-M.; Lai F.; MING-JANG CHIU Clinical EEG and Neuroscience30
882013Theory of mind in patients with temporal lobe epilepsyLi Y.-H.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Yeh Z.-T.; Liou H.-H.; Cheng T.-W.; Hua M.-S.Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society31
892013Effect of a warm footbath before bedtime on body temperature and sleep in older adults with good and poor sleep: An experimental crossover trialLiao W.-C.; Wang L.; Kuo C.-P.; Lo C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Ting H.International Journal of Nursing Studies1818
902012Differentiation of schizophrenia patients from healthy subjects by mismatch negativity and neuropsychological testsLin Y.-T.; Liu C.-M.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Liu C.-C.; Chien Y.-L.; Hwang T.-J.; Jaw F.-S.; Shan J.-C.; Hsieh M.H.; Hwu H.-G.PLoS ONE2718
912012New assay for old markers-plasma beta amyloid of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's diseaseMING-JANG CHIU et al. Current Alzheimer Research5248
922012Cognitive stimulation during hospitalization improves global cognition of older Taiwanese undergoing elective total knee and hip replacement surgeryCheng C.-M.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Wang J.-H.; Liu H.-C.; Shyu Y.-I.L.; Huang G.-H.; Chen C.C.-H.Journal of Advanced Nursing1414
932012Carotid stenting improves cognitive function in asymptomatic cerebral ischemiaChen Y.-H.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. International Journal of Cardiology32
942012Response to letter regarding article "neurocognitive improvement after carotid artery stenting in patients with chronic internal carotid artery occlusion and cerebral ischemia"Lin M.-S.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Li H.-Y.; Kao H.-L.Stroke0
952012Auditory event-related potential of subjects with suspected pre-psychotic state and first-episode psychosisHsieh M.H.; Shan J.-C.; Huang W.-L.; Cheng W.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Jaw F.-S.; Hwu H.-G.; Liu C.-C.Schizophrenia Research46
962012Advanced Theory of Mind in patients at early stage of Parkinson's diseaseYu R.-L.; Wu R.-M.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Tai C.-H.; Lin C.-H.; Hua M.-S.Parkinsonism and Related Disorders34
972012Age-related vulnerabilities along the hippocampal longitudinal axisTa A.T.; Huang S.-E.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Hua M.-S.; Tseng W.-Y.I.; Chen S.-H.A.; Qiu A.Human Brain Mapping29
982011Neuropsychological performance and seizure-related risk factors in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy: A retrospective cross-sectional studyWang W.-H.; Liou H.-H.; Chen C.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen T.-F.; Cheng T.-W.; Hua M.-S.Epilepsy and Behavior34
992011Assessment of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia by family caregiversKwok Y.-T.; Chen C.-Y.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Tang L.-Y.; Leung K.-K.Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics5
1002011Time-frequency analysis of mismatch negativity in schizophrenia patients in TaiwanHsu J.-L.; Hsieh M.H.; Tseng Y.-L.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Liu C.-M.; Jaw F.-S.; Hwu H.-G.Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications0
1012011Changes in dietary folate intake differentially affect oxidised lipid and mitochondrial DNA damage in various brain regions of rats in the absence/presence of intracerebroventricularly injected amyloid β-peptide challengeChen T.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Huang C.-T.; Tang M.-C.; Wang S.-J.; Wang C.-C.; Syu Huang R.-F.British Journal of Nutrition15
1022011Frontotemporal dementia and motor neuron disease: Report of 3 cases in Taiwan and literature reviewChen K.-H.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Cheng T.-W.; Su J.-J.Acta Neurologica Taiwanica0
1032011Rhombencephalitis as an initial manifestation of primary Sj?gren's syndrome: A case report and review of the literaturesChen S.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Su J.-J.Acta Neurologica Taiwanica0
1042011Clinical phenotype of G206D mutation in the presenilin 1 gene in pathologically confirmed familial Alzheimer's diseaseWu Y.-Y.; Cheng I.H.-J.; Lee C.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Lee M.-J.; Chen T.-F.; Hsu J.-L.Journal of Alzheimer's Disease7
1052011rs5848 variant of progranulin gene is a risk of Alzheimer's disease in the Taiwanese populationLee M.-J.; Chen T.-F.; Cheng T.-W.; MING-JANG CHIU Neurodegenerative Diseases31
1062011Epileptic seizure detection for multichannel EEG signals with support vector machinesShen C.-P.; Chan C.-M.; Lin F.-S.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Lin J.-W.; Kao J.-H.; Chen C.-P.; Lai F.Proceedings - 2011 11th IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering, BIBE 20110
1072011Biofunctionalized magnetic nanoparticles for specifically detecting biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease in vitroYang C.-C.; Yang S.-Y.; Chieh J.-J.; Horng H.-E.; Hong C.-Y.; Yang H.-C.; Chen K.H.; Shih B.Y.; Chen T.-F.; MING-JANG CHIU ACS Chemical Neuroscience80
1082011Patterns of cognitive change in elderly patients during and 6 months after hospitalisation: A prospective cohort studyChen C.C.H.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen S.-P.; Cheng C.-M.; Huang G.-H.International Journal of Nursing Studies26
1092011Multi-channel squid-based ultra-high-sensitivity in-vitro detections for bio-markers of alzheimer's disease via immunomagnetic reductionMING-JANG CHIU et al. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity30
1102011Neurocognitive improvement after carotid artery stenting in patients with chronic internal carotid artery occlusion and cerebral ischemiaLin M.-S.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Wu Y.-W.; Huang C.-C.; Chao C.-C.; Chen Y.-H.; Lin H.-J.; Li H.-Y.; Chen Y.-F.; Lin L.-C.; Liu Y.-B.; Chao C.-L.; Tseng W.-Y.I.; Chen M.-F.; Kao H.-L.Stroke57
1112010Clinical presentations and skin denervation in amyloid neuropathy due to transthyretin Ala97SerYang N.C.-C.; MING-JANG CHIU et al. Neurology5851
1122010Bio-signal analysis system design with support vector machines based on cloud computing service architectureShen C.-P.; Chen W.-H.; Chen J.-M.; Hsu K.-P.; Lin J.-W.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Chen C.-H.; Lai F.2010 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC'10140
1132010More evidence to support the role of S2 in P50 studiesShan J.-C.; Hsieh M.H.; Liu C.-M.; MING-JANG CHIU ; Jaw F.-S.; Hwu H.-G.Schizophrenia Research1111
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