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12019NLRP3 inflammasome is attenuated in patients with Mycobacterium avium complex lung disease and correlated with decreased interleukin-1β response and host susceptibilityWu M.-F.; Shu C.-C.; Wang J.-Y.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Lai H.-C.; Chiang B.-L.; Wu L.S.-H.; Yu C.-J.Scientific Reports45
22019Differed IL-1 Beta Response between Active TB and LTBI Cases by Ex Vivo Stimulation of Human Monocyte-Derived Macrophage with TB-Specific AntigenLee M.-R.; Chang L.-Y.; Chang C.-H.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Wang J.-Y.; Lin W.-H.Disease Markers11
32018Functional domains of SP110 that modulate its transcriptional regulatory function and cellular translocationLeu J.-S.; Chang S.-Y.; Mu C.-Y.; Chen M.-L.; BO-SHIUN YAN Journal of Biomedical Science33
42018Sp110 polymorphisms are genetic markers for vulnerability to latent and active tuberculosis infection in TaiwanChang S.-Y.; Chen M.-L.; Lee M.-R.; Liang Y.-C.; Lu T.-P.; Wang J.-Y.; BO-SHIUN YAN Disease Markers46
52017SP110b controls host immunity and susceptibility to tuberculosisLeu J.-S.; Chen M.-L.; Chang S.-Y.; Yu S.-L.; Lin C.-W.; Wang H.; Chen W.-C.; Chang C.-H.; Wang J.-Y.; Lee L.-N.; Yu C.-J.; Kramnik I.; BO-SHIUN YAN American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine1213
62017Rapid Sputum Multiplex Detection of the M. tuberculosis Complex (MTBC) and Resistance Mutations for Eight Antibiotics by Nucleotide MALDI-TOF MSSu K.-Y.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Chiu H.-C.; Yu C.-J.; Chang S.-Y.; Jou R.; Liu J.-L.; Hsueh P.-R.; Yu S.-L.Scientific Reports44
72014Sorafenib relieves cell-intrinsic and cell-extrinsic inhibitions of effector T cells in tumor microenvironment to augment antitumor immunityChen M.-L.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Lu W.-C.; Chen M.-H.; Yu S.-L.; Yang P.-C.; Cheng A.-L.International Journal of Cancer5562
82014Shisa3 is associated with prolonged survival through promoting β-catenin degradation in lung cancerChen C.-C.; Chen H.-Y.; Su K.-Y.; Hong Q.-S.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Chen C.-H.; Pan S.-H.; Chang Y.-L.; Wang C.-J.; Hung P.-F.; Yuan S.; Chang G.-C.; Chen J.J.W.; Yang P.-C.; Yang Y.-C.; Yu S.-L.American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine2224
92013Inhibition of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis reserpine-sensitive efflux pump augments intracellular concentrations of ciprofloxacin and enhances susceptibility of some clinical isolatesHuang T.-S.; Kunin C.M.; Wang H.-M.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Huang S.-P.; Chen Y.-S.; Shin-Jung Lee S.; Syu W.-J.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association98
102012Susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim and their combination over a 12 year period in TaiwanHuang T.-S.; Kunin C.M.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Chen Y.-S.; Lee S.S.-J.; Syu W.Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy3937
112011Enterovirus-induced miR-141 contributes to shutoff of host protein translation by targeting the translation initiation factor eIF4EHo B.-C.; Yu S.-L.; Chen J.J.W.; Chang S.-Y.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Hong Q.-S.; Singh S.; Kao C.-L.; Chen H.-Y.; Su K.-Y.; Li K.-C.; Cheng C.-L.; Cheng H.-W.; Lee J.-Y.; Lee C.-N.; Yang P.-C.Cell Host and Microbe105103
122009Multigenic control of tuberculosis resistance: Analysis of a QTL on mouse chromosome 7 and its synergism with sst1Sissons J.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Pichugin A.V.; Kirby A.; Daly M.J.; Kramnik I.Genes and Immunity1716
132009Novel CD8+ Treg suppress EAE by TGF-β- and IFN-γ-dependent mechanismsChen M.-L.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Kozoriz D.; Weiner H.L.European Journal of Immunology6661
142009Lung carcinogenesis induced by chronic tuberculosis infection: The experimental model and genetic controlNalbandian A.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Pichugin A.; Bronson R.T.; Kramnik I.Oncogene6664
152009Dominant role of the sst1 locus in pathogenesis of necrotizing lung granulomas during chronic tuberculosis infection and reactivation in genetically resistant hostsPichugin A.V.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Sloutsky A.; Kobzik L.; Kramnik I.American Journal of Pathology6664
162008Latency-associated peptide identifies a novel CD4 +CD25 + regulatory T cell subset with TGFβ-mediated function and enhanced suppression of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitisChen M.-L.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Bando Y.; Kuchroo V.K.; Weiner H.L.Journal of Immunology106106
172008Heme oxygenase-1-derived carbon monoxide induces the Mycobacterium tuberculosis dormancy regulonKumar A.; Deshane J.S.; Crossman D.K.; Bolisetty S.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Kramnik I.; Agarwal A.; Steyn A.J.C.Journal of Biological Chemistry148155
182007Progression of pulmonary tuberculosis and efficiency of bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccination are genetically controlled via a common sst1-mediated mechanism of innate immunityBO-SHIUN YAN ; Pichugin A.V.; Jobe O.; Helming L.; Eruslanov E.B.; Gutiérrez-Pabello J.A.; Rojas M.; Shebzukhov Y.V.; Kobzik L.; Kramnik I.Journal of Immunology3534
192006Genetic architecture of tuberculosis resistance in a mouse model of infectionBO-SHIUN YAN ; Kirby A.; Shebzukhov Y.V.; Daly M.J.; Kramnik I.Genes and Immunity3333
202005Ipr1 gene mediates innate immunity to tuberculosisPan H.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Rojas M.; Shebzukhov Y.V.; Zhou H.; Kobzik L.; Higgins D.E.; Daly M.J.; Bloom B.R.; Kramnik I.Nature323300
212004The host resistance locus sst1 controls innate immunity to Listeria monocytogenes infection in immunodeficient miceBoyartchuk V.; Rojas M.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Jobe O.; Hurt N.; Dorfman D.M.; Higgins D.E.; Dietrich W.F.; Kramnik I.Journal of Immunology2724
222000Characterization of a strain-specific monoclonal antibody to hepatitis delta virus antigenHsu S.-C.; Lin H.-P.; Wu J.-C.; Ko K.-L.; Sheen I.-J.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Chou C.-K.; Syu W.-J.Journal of Virological Methods1212
231999Localization of isoprenylated antigen of hepatitis delta virus by anti-farnesyl antibodiesLin H.-P.; Hsu S.-C.; Wu J.-C.; Sheen I.-J.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Syu Jr. W.Journal of General Virology2525
241998Self-association of the C-terminal domain of the hepatitis-C virus core proteinBO-SHIUN YAN ; Tam M.H.; Syu Jr. W.European Journal of Biochemistry2425
251997A monoclonal antibody reacts with maltose-binding protein of Escherichia coli and related enteric bacteriaHsu S.-C.; BO-SHIUN YAN ; Pan J.-M.; Syu W.-J.Journal of Immunological Methods98
261996Characterization of monoclonal antibodies to the 26-kDa glutathione S- transferase of Schistosoma japonicumBO-SHIUN YAN ; Lee K.-M.; Liu S.-H.; Syu W.-J.Hybridoma1011
271994Truncating the putative membrane association region circumvents the difficulty of expressing hepatitis C virus protein E1 in Escherichia coliBO-SHIUN YAN ; Liao L.-y.; Leou K.; Chang Y.-C.; Syu W.-J.Journal of Virological Methods1718