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12019Mosaic paternal haploidy in a patient with pancreatoblastoma and Beckwith-Wiedemann spectrumCHENG-TING LEE ; YI-CHING TUNG ; WUH-LIANG ??HWU ; JIN-CHUNG SHIH; WEN-HSI LIN; MU-ZON WU; KUAN-TING KUO; YUNG-LI YANG ; HUEY-LING CHEN; Chen, Ming; Su, Yi-Ning; Jong, Yiin-Jeng; SHIH-YAO LIU ; WEN-YU TSAI ; NI-CHUNG LEE journal article11
22019The spectrum of 45,X/46,XY mosaicism in Taiwanese children: The experience of a single centerHuang, Yen-Chun; CHENG-TING LEE ; MU-ZON WU; SHIH-YAO LIU ; YI-CHING TUNG ; HONG-NERNG HO; WEN-YU TSAI journal article43
32017Clinical characteristics of type 1 diabetes mellitus in Taiwanese children aged younger than 6 years: A single-center experienceYI-CHING TUNG ; SHIH-YAO LIU ; CHENG-TING LEE ; WEN-YU TSAI journal article66
42017SHOX deficiency in short Taiwanese children: A single-center experienceNI-CHUNG LEE ; YI-CHING TUNG ; SHIH-YAO LIU ; CHENG-TING LEE ; WUH-LIANG HWU ; WEN-YU TSAI journal article11
52017Nutritional rickets in Taiwanese children: Experiences at a single centerYI-CHING TUNG ; SHIH-YAO LIU ; CHENG-TING LEE ; WEN-YU TSAI journal article22
62016Clinical characteristics and long-term outcome of Taiwanese children with congenital hyperinsulinismYI-CHING TUNG ; Lee, Cheng-Ting ; Liu, Shih-Yao ; SHIH-YAO LIU ; Tung, Yi-Ching ; CHENG-TING LEE ; Chiu, Pao-Chin; WEN-YU TSAI ; Wu, Mu-Zon; Tsai, Wen-Yu journal article33
72016Clinical characteristics of Taiwanese children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency detected by neonatal screeningYI-CHING TUNG ; SHIH-YAO LIU ; CHENG-TING LEE ; YIN-HSIU CHIEN ; WUH-LIANG HWU ; WEN-YU TSAI journal article33
82014Endocrine dysfunction in Taiwanese children with human chorionic gonadotropin-secreting germ cell tumorsLin, Chien-Ming; DONG-TSAMN LIN ; Lee, Cheng-Ting ; SHIANN-TARNG JOU ; YI-CHING TUNG ; Tung, Yi-Ching ; Wu, Mu-Zon; YUNG-LI YANG ; KAI-HSIN LIN ; Tsai, Wen-Yu ; Yang, Yung-Li ; MU-ZON WU; CHENG-TING LEE ; Lu, Meng-Yao ; Jou, Shiann-Tarng ; MENG-YAO LU ; Lin, Dong-Tsamn ; WEN-YU TSAI ; Lin, Kai-Hsin journal article21
92014Cyclic pamidronate infusion for neonatal-onset Osteogenesis imperfectaNI-CHUNG LEE ; Lin, Chia-Hsuan; YI-CHING TUNG ; Chien, Yin-Hsiu ; CHENG-TING LEE ; Peng, Shinn-Forng; YIN-HSIU CHIEN ; Tsai, Wen-Yu ; Tung, Yi-Ching ; WUH-LIANG HWU ; Lee, Cheng-Ting ; WEN-YU TSAI ; Chien, Chun-Ching; Hwu, Wuh-Liang ; Lee, Ni-Chung ; �^�H�{journal article23
102013Clinical characteristics of central diabetes insipidus in taiwanese childrenMENG-FAI KUO; Liu, Shih-Yao ; YI-CHING TUNG ; Tung, Yi-Ching ; Lee, Cheng-Ting ; SHIH-YAO LIU ; CHENG-TING LEE ; Liu, Hon-Man; MU-ZON WU; Peng, Shinn-Forng; HON-MAN LIU; Wu, Mu-Zon; WEN-YU TSAI ; Tsai, Wen-Yu ; ?^?H?{journal article96
112010Cushings disease in children: Report of three casesYI-CHING TUNG ; CHENG-TING LEE ; MU-ZON WU; Yong-Kwang Tu; WEN-YU TSAI journal article22
122010Clinical Characteristics of Taiwanese Children With Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Caused by 21-Hydroxylase Deficiency in the Pre-screening EraYI-CHING TUNG ; CHENG-TING LEE ; WEN-YU TSAI journal article87
132010Premature thelarche in Taiwanese girlsCHENG-TING LEE journal article
142009β-Cell Autoantibodies and Their Function in Taiwanese Children With Type 1 Diabetes MellitusYI-CHING TUNG ; CHENG-TING LEE ; WEN-YU TSAI journal article97
152009Etiology and clinical features of isosexual precocious puberty in Taiwanese girls: Twenty-three years' experience in National Taiwan University HospitalCHENG-TING LEE journal article
162008Transient pseudohypoparathyroidism as a cause of late-onset hypocalcemia in neonates and infantsYI-CHING TUNG ; YONG-KWEI TSAU ; CHENG-TING LEE ; WEN-YU TSAI ; LEE, CHENG-TING; TSAI, WEN-YU; TUNG, YI- CHING; TSAU, YONG-KWEIjournal article159
172008Spontaneous Multiseptated Cystic Pneumomediastinum in a Term NewbornSUH-FANG JENG; WU-SHIUN HSIEH ; HUNG-CHIEH CHOU ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG; CHENG-TING LEE ; PO-NIEN TSAO ; CHIEN-YI CHEN journal article60