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12019Outcome assessment of apical surgery: A study of 234 teethLiao, Wan-Chuen; YUAN-LING LEE ; YI-LING TSAI ; Lin, Hseuh-Jen; Chang, Mei-Chi; Chang, Shu-Fang; SHU-HUI CHANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG journal article21
22014Urethane dimethacrylate induces cytotoxicity and regulates cyclooxygenase-2, hemeoxygenase and carboxylesterase expression in human dental pulp cellsYUAN-LING LEE ; YIN-LIN WANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; HSIAO-HUA CHANG journal article1819
32012Repairing invasive cervical root resorption by glass ionomer cement combined with mineral trioxide aggregateChang, Ya-Ching; YUAN-LING LEE ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Lin, Hsueh-Jen; Lee, Yuan-Ling ; Liu, Li-Chuan; Jeng, Jiiang-Huei journal article00
42010Major histocompatibility complex class II transactivator inhibits cysteine-rich 61 expression in osteoblastic cells and its implication in the pathogenesis of periapical lesionsYUAN-LING LEE ; SZE-KWAN LIN ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article44
52010Solid-state NMR study of geopolymer prepared by sol-gel chemistryChen, Yen-Fu; YUAN-LING LEE ; Tsai, Yi-Ling ; Hsieh, Min-Shu ; CHUN-CHUNG CHAN ; Hanna, John V.; Wu, Shang-Gin; Lee, Yuan-Ling ; Chang, Yih-Leong ; Smith, Mark E.; Yu, Chong-Jen ; Chan, Jerry C.C.; Yang, James Chih-Hsin; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Shih, Jin-Yuan ; 楊志新; 張逸良 ; 楊泮池 ; 余忠仁 ; 謝明書 ; 吳尚俊; 陳瑛芳; 施金元 journal article2422
62009An Extract of Green Tea, Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate, Reduces Periapical Lesions by Inhibiting Cysteine-rich 61 Expression in OsteoblastsLee, YL; Lin, Hsueh-Jen; YUAN-LING LEE ; SZE-KWAN LIN ; Hong, CY; Chang, Mei-Chi; Chang, Shu-Hui ; SANG-HENG KOK ; Kok, SH; Wu, Chen-Tsai; Hou, KL; Lin, YT; Tsai, Yi-Ling ; Chen, MH; Huang, Chih-Chia; Wang, CC; Chang, Shu-Fang; Lin, SK; Cheng, Ya-Wen; Chan, Chiu-Po; Jeng, Jiiang-Huei ; 鄭景暉 ; 張淑惠 journal article2819
72009Simvastatin as a Novel Strategy To Alleviate Periapical LesionsKok, Sang-Heng ; Lin, SK; YUAN-LING LEE ; SZE-KWAN LIN ; Kok, SH; Hou, Kuo-Liang; Lee, YL; SANG-HENG KOK ; Hong, Chi-Yuan; Chao, Ling-Hsiu; Hou, KL; Lin, YT; Lai, Eddie Hsiang-Hua; Wang, Han-Wei; Chen, MH; Wang, CC; Yang, Hsiang; Hong, CY; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Wang, Juo-Song; Lin, Sze-Kwan ; 洪志遠; 楊湘; 孫家棟 journal article3128
82009Structural model of rat dentin revisitedHuang, Shing-Jong; YUAN-LING LEE ; CHUN-CHUNG CHAN ; Tsai, Yi-Ling ; Lee, Yuan-Ling ; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Lin, Chun-Pin ; Chan, Jerry C. C.journal article2925
92008The effect of composition change in sol-gel synthesized PSCYUAN-LING LEE ; CHUN-PIN LIN journal article00
102008Synthesis of partial-stabilized cement (PSC) via sol-gel processYUAN-LING LEE ; CHUN-PIN LIN journal article55
112007Effects of EDTA on the hydration mechanism of mineral trioxide aggregateLee, YL; YUAN-LING LEE ; FH, Lin; CHUN-PIN LIN ; WH, Wang; HH, Ritchie; WH, Lan; CP, Linjournal article5146
122007Cytotoxicity of partial-stabilized cementYUAN-LING LEE ; CHUN-PIN LIN journal article87
132006Dentin-pulp complex responses to carious lesionsYUAN-LING LEE ; CHUN-PIN LIN journal article2324
142004Effects of root-end filling materials and eugenol on mitochondrial dehydrogenase activity and cytotoxicity to human periodontal ligament fibroblastsYUAN-LING LEE ; Lin, Chun-Pin ; Chen, Yi-Jane ; CHUN-PIN LIN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Lee, Yuan-Ling ; Wang, Juo-Song; BOR-RU LIN ; YI-JANE CHEN ; Chang, Mei-Chi; Lan, Wan-Hong; Chang, Hsiao-Hwa; Chao, William Ming-Wei; Tai, Tseng-Fang; Lee, Mon-Ying; Lin, Bor-Ru ; Jeng, Jiiang-Huei journal article3631
152004Effects of physiological environments on the hydration behavior of mineral trioxide aggregateLee, YL; YUAN-LING LEE ; Lee, BS; BOR-SHIUNN LEE ; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Lin, FH; Yun Lin, A; Lan, WH; Lin, CPjournal article159139
162003Cytotoxicity of conventional and modified glass ionomer cementsYUAN-LING LEE journal article
172003Bond strengths of orthodontic bracket after acid-etched, Er:YAG laser-irradiated and combined treatment on enamel surfaceYUAN-LING LEE journal article
182003Repair of perforating internal resorption with mineral trioxide aggregate: A case reportYUAN-LING LEE journal article