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12021Squamous cell carcinoma in a Taiwanese mal de Meleda family with SLURP-1 mutation: A case reportWeng, Hao Jui; YI-HUA LIAO; Lin, Pei Jung; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Cheng, Yu Ping; Lee, Woan Ruoh; SHIOU-HWA JEEDermatologica Sinica0
22020Plasmacytoid dendritic cells suppress Th2 responses induced by epicutaneous sensitizationLin J.-Y.; Wu W.-H.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Liu I.-L.; Chiu H.-L.; Chen H.-W.; Tsai T.-L.; Huang Y.-L.; Wang L.-F.Immunology and Cell Biology11
32019Genetic alterations in primary melanoma in TaiwanSheen Y.-S.; Tan K.-T.; Tse K.-P.; Liao Y.-H.; Lin M.-H.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Liau J.-Y.; Tseng Y.-J.; Lee C.-H.; Hong C.-H.; Liao J.-B.; Chang H.-T.; Chu C.-Y.British Journal of Dermatology1411
42018Longitudinal Melanonychia: Differences in Etiology Are Associated with Patient Age at DiagnosisTseng Y.-T.; Liang C.-W.; Liau J.-Y.; Chang K.; Tseng Y.-H.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Liao Y.-H.Dermatology1313
52018miR-519d promotes melanoma progression by downregulating EphA4Hua K.-T.; Hong J.-B.; Sheen Y.-S.; Huang H.-Y.; Huang Y.-L.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Liao Y.-H.Cancer Research1211
62017A clinicopathological analysis of 153 acral melanomas and the relevance of mechanical stressSheen Y.-S.; Liao Y.-H.; Lin M.-H.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Liau J.-Y.; Tseng Y.-J.; Lee C.-H.; Chang Y.-L.; Chu C.-Y.Scientific Reports1714
72017Errata: Segmentation of nucleus and cytoplasm of a single cell in three-dimensional tomogram using optical coherence tomographyChang C.-K.; Tsai C.-C.; Hsu W.-Y.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Liao Y.-H.; Sheen Y.-S.; Hong J.-B.; Lin M.-Y.; Tjiu J.-W.; Huang S.-L.Journal of biomedical optics00
82017Segmentation of nucleus and cytoplasm of a single cell in three-dimensional tomogram using optical coherence tomographyChang C.-K.; Tsai C.-C.; Hsu W.-Y.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Liao Y.-H.; Sheen Y.-S.; Hong J.-B.; Lin M.-Y.; Tjiu J.-W.; Huang S.-L.Journal of Biomedical Optics106
92017Clinicopathological features and prognosis of patients with de novo versus nevusassociated melanoma in TaiwanSheen Y.-S.; Liao Y.-H.; Lin M.-H.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Liau J.-Y.; Liang C.-W.; Chang Y.-L.; Chu C.-Y.PLoS ONE87
102016Secondary neoplasms arising from nevus sebaceus: A retrospective study of 450 cases in TaiwanHsu M.-C.; Liau J.-Y.; Hong J.-L.; Cheng Y.; Liao Y.-H.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Sheen Y.-S.; Hong J.-B.Journal of Dermatology2522
112016Differential activation behavior of dermal dendritic cells underlies the strain-specific Th1 responses to single epicutaneous immunizationLee C.-H.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Chiu H.-C.; Hong C.-H.; Liu C.-Y.; Ta Y.-C.; Wang L.-F.Journal of Dermatological Science43
122015Dermal dendritic cells, but not Langerhans cells, are critical in murine single epicutaneous sensitizationLee C.-H.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Chiu H.-C.; Hong C.-H.; Liu C.-Y.; Ta Y.-C.; Clausen B.E.; Ho J.-C.; Wang L.-F.Experimental Dermatology66
132015An alternatively spliced IL-15 isoform modulates abrasion-induced keratinocyte activationLee T.-L.; Chang M.-L.; Lin Y.-J.; Tsai M.-H.; Chang Y.-H.; Chuang C.-M.; Chien Y.; Sosinowski T.; Wang C.-H.; Chen Y.-Y.; Lee C.-K.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Wang L.-F.; Kung J.T.; Ku C.-C.Journal of Investigative Dermatology44
142014Differential diagnosis of nonmelanoma pigmented skin lesions based on harmonic generation microscopyTsai M.-R.; Cheng Y.-H.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Sheen Y.-S.; Liao Y.-H.; Sun C.-K.Journal of Biomedical Optics1916
152013Composite hemangioendothelioma presenting as a scalp nodule with alopeciaLiau J.-Y.; Lee F.-Y.; Chiu C.-S.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Hsiao T.-L.Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology67
162012Transformation of myxofibrosarcoma into myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcomaChiu H.-Y.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Hsiao C.-H.; Tsai T.-F.Journal of Dermatology54
172012Epicutaneous sensitization with protein antigen induces Th9 cellsLin J.-Y.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Hsu C.-J.; Miaw S.-C.; Liu C.-Y.; Lee S.-J.; Chen P.-C.; Wang L.-F.Journal of Investigative Dermatology87
182011Subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma presenting with clinicopathologic features of dermatomyositisChiu H.-Y.; He G.-Y.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Hsiao P.-F.; Hsiao C.-H.; Tsai T.-F.Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology60
192010CD44-deficient mice do not exhibit impairment of epidermal langerhans cell migration to lymph nodes after epicutaneous sensitization with proteinMiaw S.-C.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Hsieh P.-C.; Liu C.-Y.; Chung M.-H.; Chen P.-C.; Chang M.-L.; Chen F.-L.; Kung J.T.; Wang L.-F.Journal of Investigative Dermatology12
202010Plexiform fibrohistiocytic tumor - Report of one case with regional lymph node metastasisChen Y.-C.; Hsiao C.-H.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Liao Y.-H.Dermatologica Sinica43
212009Low-energy visible light irradiation modulates immune responses induced by epicutaneous sensitization with protein antigenJAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Chiu H.-C.; Hsu C.-J.; Liu C.-Y.; Hsieh P.-C.; Miaw S.-C.; Yu H.-S.; Wang L.-F.Journal of Investigative Dermatology76
222009Antigen-driven bystander effect accelerates epicutaneous sensitization with a new protein allergenWang L.-F.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Hsu C.-J.; Liu C.-Y.; Yu J.-S.; Miaw S.-C.Journal of Biomedical Science910
232009Tumor-associated macrophage-induced invasion and angiogenesis of human basal cell carcinoma cells by cyclooxygenase-2 inductionTjiu J.-W.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Shun C.-T.; Lin S.-J.; Liao Y.-H.; Chu C.-Y.; Tsai T.-F.; Chiu H.-C.; Dai Y.-S.; Inoue H.; Yang P.-C.; Kuo M.-L.; Jee S.-H.Journal of Investigative Dermatology249246
242008Macular amyloidosis presenting in an incontinentia pigmenti-like pattern with subepidermal blister formationWu J.J.; Su Y.N.; Hsiao C.H.; Jee S.H.; Tjiu J.W.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology64
252007Defective adrenergic responses in patients with arsenic-induced peripheral vascular diseaseLee C.-H.; Chang H.-R.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Chen G.-S.; Yu H.-S.Angiology75
262007Quantitative multiphoton imaging for guiding basal-cell carcinoma removalLin S.-J.; Hsu C.-J.; Wu R.-J.; Kuo C.-J.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Chan J.-Y.; Lin W.-C.; Jee S.-H.; Dong C.-Y.Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE20
272006Monitoring photoaging by use of multiphoton fluorescence and second harmonic generation microscopySUNG-JAN LIN; SHIOU-HWA JEE; Chan, Jung Yi; Wu, Ruei Jr; Lo, Wen; Tan, Hsin Yuan; WEI-CHOU LIN; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Young, Tai-Horng; Hsu, Chih Jung; CHEN-YUAN DONGProgress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE0
282006Enhanced cell survival of melanocyte spheroids in serum starvation conditionLin S.-J.; Jee S.-H.; Hsiao W.-C.; Yu H.-S.; Tsai T.-F.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Hsu C.-J.; Young T.-H.Biomaterials3331
292006The effect of serum concentration on the spheroid forming activity and cell growth of human melanocytes on chitosan surfaceLin S.-J.; Hsiao W.-C.; Hsu C.-J.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Jee S.-H.; Tsai T.-F.; Yu H.-S.; Young T.-H.Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications00
302006Monitoring of collagen shrinkage by use of second harmonic generation microscopyLin S.-J.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Lo W.; Sun Y.; Chen W.-L.; Chan J.-Y.; Tan H.-Y.; Lin W.-C.; Hsu C.-J.; Young T.-H.; Jee S.-H.; Dong C.-Y.Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering10
312006Prediction of heat-induced Collagen shrinkage by use of second harmonic generation microscopyLin S.-J.; Lo W.; Tan H.-Y.; Chan J.-Y.; Chen W.-L.; Wang S.-H.; Sun Y.; Lin W.-C.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Hsu C.-J.; Tjiu J.-W.; Yu H.-S.; Jee S.-H.; Dong C.-Y.Journal of Biomedical Optics4846
322006Discrimination of basal cell carcinoma from normal dermal stroma by quantitative multiphoton imagingLin S.-J.; Jee S.-H.; Kuo C.-J.; Wu R.-J.; Lin W.-C.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Liao Y.-H.; Hsu C.-J.; Tsai T.-F.; Chen Y.-F.; Dong C.-Y.Optics Letters179158
332006Defective β1-integrins expression in arsenical keratosis and arsenic-treated cultured human keratinocytesLee C.-H.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Sun Y.-L.; Liao W.-T.; Zheng Y.-W.; Chai C.-Z.; Chen G.-S.; Yu H.-S.Journal of Cutaneous Pathology1713
342005Haberland syndromeChan C.-C.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Chu C.-Y.Dermatologica Sinica4
352005An asymptomatic nodule on the lower eyelidWu C.-C.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN Dermatologica Sinica0
362005Evaluating cutaneous photoaging by use of multiphoton fluorescence and second-harmonic generation microscopyLin S.-J.; Wu R.J.; Tan H.-Y.; Lo W.; Lin W.-C.; Young T.-H.; Hsu C.-J.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Jee S.-H.; Dong C.-Y.Optics Letters207186
372005A cervical congenital atrophic band with a nipplelike projectionChan C.-C.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Tsai T.-F.; Lin S.-J.Archives of Dermatology00
381996Silicone cream occlusive dressing – a novel noninvasive regimen in the treatment of keloidWong T.-W.; Chiu H.-C.; Chang C.-H.; Lin L.-J.; Liu C.-C.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN Dermatology3424
391996Human hair follicle dermal papilla cell, dermal sheath cell and interstitial dermal fibroblast characteristicsChiu H.-C.; Chang C.-H.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Jee S.-H.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association2830
401995Symptomatic Keloids in Two Children: Dramatic Improvement With Silicone Cream Occlusive DressingWong T.-W.; Chiu H.-C.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Lin L.-J.; Chang C.-C.Archives of Dermatology1212
411995Acquired genital smooth-muscle hamartoma: A case reportHsiao G.-H.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN American Journal of Dermatopathology3624
421992Cutaneous angiocentric T-cell lymphoma associated with Epstein-Barr virusTsai T.-F.; Su I.-J.; Lu Y.-C.; Cheng A.-L.; Yeh H.-P.; Hsieh H.-C.; Tien H.-F.; JAU-SHIUH CHEN ; Uen W.-C.Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology5654