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12024The impact of nontuberculous mycobacterial lung disease in critically ill patients: Significance for survival and ventilator useYING-CHUN CHIEN ; Chang, Chin-Hao; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; YUNG-HSUAN CHEN ; CHIA-JUNG LIU ; CHUNG-YU CHEN ; Wang, Ping-Huai; CHIN-CHUNG SHU ; LU-CHENG KUO ; JANN-YUAN WANG ; SHIH-CHI KU ; HAO-CHIEN WANG ; CHONG-JEN YU Journal of microbiology, immunology, and infection = Wei mian yu gan ran za zhi
22023Prognostic value of the post-exercise heart rate recovery and BHDE-index in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseSHIH-YU CHEN ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; Wu, Chia-Ling; Peng, Hui-Chuan; CHONG-JEN YU ; JUNG-YIEN CHIEN BMC pulmonary medicine00
32023Association between microcirculation in spontaneous breathing trial and extubation successShin, Ming-Hann; Hsu, Han-Shui; JUNG-YIEN CHIEN ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; LU-CHENG KUO ; Shun, Tien-Mei; Lin, Yi-Tsung; YU-CHANG YEH Microvascular research00
42023Perirenal IgG4-related diseaseWang, Wei; CHI-TING SU ; WEI-CHOU LIN ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; KAO-LANG LIU Kidney international00
52021Etiology-associated heterogeneity in acute respiratory distress syndrome: a retrospective cohort studySHENG-YUAN RUAN ; CHUN-TA HUANG ; YING-CHUN CHIEN ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; JUNG-YIEN CHIEN ; LU-CHENG KUO ; PING-HUNG KUO ; SHIH-CHI KU ; HUEY-DONG WU BMC pulmonary medicine64
62021Monitoring levels of vimentin-positive circulating cancer stem cells and tumor cells in patients with advanced EGFR-mutated non-small cell lung cancerCHIA-LIN HSU ; TZU-HSIU TSAI ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; CHING-YAO YANG ; WEI-YU LIAO ; CHAO-CHI HO ; SHENG-YUAN RUAN ; KUAN-YU CHEN ; JIN-YUAN SHIH ; PAN-CHYR YANG Lung cancer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)55
72021Application of transthoracic shear-wave ultrasound elastography in lung lesionsYAO-WEN KUO ; YEN-LIN CHEN ; HUEY-DONG WU ; YING-CHUN CHIEN ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; HAO-CHIEN WANG The European respiratory journal89
82021Diagnostic Effect of Attenuation Correction in Myocardial Perfusion Imaging in Different Coronary Arteries: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisJEI-YIE HUANG ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; YEN-WEN WU FRONTIERS IN CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE00
92021Long-term prognostic value of computed tomography-based attenuation correction on thallium-201 myocardial perfusion imaging: A cohort studyJEI-YIE HUANG ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; CHIA-JU LIU ; MEI-FANG CHENG ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; YEN-WEN WU PloS one32
102021Peak-Inspiratory-Flow-Rate Guided Inhalation Therapy Reduce Severe Exacerbation of COPDSHIH-YU CHEN ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; Peng, Hui-Chuan; HSING-CHEN TSAI ; Huang, Szu-Ying; CHONG-JEN YU ; JUNG-YIEN CHIEN Frontiers in pharmacology86
112020Kinetics of oxygen uptake during unassisted breathing trials in prolonged mechanical ventilation: a prospective pilot studyLee, I-Hsien; YAO-WEN KUO ; Lin, Feng-Ching; Wu, Chang-Wei; JIH-SHUIN JERNG ; PING-HUNG KUO ; Cheng, Jui-Chen; YING-CHUN CHIEN ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; HUEY-DONG WU Scientific Reports00
122020Diagnostic performance of FDG PET/CT in critically ill patients with suspected infection: A systematic review and meta-analysisCHUN-KAI HUANG ; JEI-YIE HUANG ; SHENG-YUAN RUAN ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN Journal of the Formosan Medical Association64
132020Inappropriate Peak Inspiratory Flow Rate with Dry Powder Inhaler in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseSHIH-YU CHEN ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; Peng H.-C.; CHONG-JEN YU ; JUNG-YIEN CHIEN Scientific Reports2021
142019Improved diagnostic accuracy of thallium-201 myocardial perfusion single-photon emission computed tomography with CT attenuation correctionJEI-YIE HUANG ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; Lee W.-C.; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; Hsu P.-Y.; MEI-FANG CHENG ; CHING-CHU LU ; YEN-HUNG LIN ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; YEN-WEN WU Journal of Nuclear Cardiology1110
152016Effects of acute critical illnesses on the performance of interferon-gamma release assayCHUN-TA HUANG ; SHENG-YUAN RUAN ; Tsai Y.-J.; PING-HUNG KUO ; SHIH-CHI KU ; PEI-LIN LEE ; LU-CHENG KUO ; CHIA-LIN HSU ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; CHING-YAO YANG ; YING-CHUN CHIEN ; JANN-YUAN WANG ; CHONG-JEN YU Scientific Reports1314
162016Diagnostic performance of attenuation-corrected myocardial perfusion imaging for coronary artery disease: A systematic review and meta-analysisJEI-YIE HUANG ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; Wu H.-Y.; YU-KANG TU ; MEI-FANG CHENG ; CHING-CHU LU ; KAI-YUAN TZEN ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; YEN-WEN WU Journal of Nuclear Medicine4239
172014Cautious application of pleural N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide in diagnosis of congestive heart failure pleural effusions among critically ill patientsYeh J.-H.; CHUN-TA HUANG ; Liu C.-H.; SHENG-YUAN RUAN ; Tsai Y.-J.; YING-CHUN CHIEN ; CHING-YAO YANG ; CHUN-KAI HUANG ; CHIA-LIN HSU ; LU-CHENG KUO ; PEI-LIN LEE ; SHIH-CHI KU ; PING-HUNG KUO ; CHONG-JEN YU ; HINT Study GroupPLoS ONE106